1,100hp Integra GSR vs. a Big Block Police Car ’67 Cuda, Import/Domestic Battle! // This vs. That

3. mai. 2021
492 373 Ganger

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This right here, is about as classic as you can get. Import vs. Domestic, RWD vs. FWD, NA big block vs. turbo 4 cylinder. And it’s not some bush league matchup we’re talking about here, both of these dudes are super experienced in making their cars go full beans in the ¼ mile, between this fully built out Integra and a ’67 Cuda “Police Car”.
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    Vito InostrozaVito Inostroza2 dager siden
    • @Chb2 Crypto Bitcoin Bitclout Fort Lauderdale No, but you could if you want to.

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    • @Atticus Caden Yup, I've been using flixzone for years myself :)

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    • pro tip : you can watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching all kinds of movies lately.

      Atticus CadenAtticus Caden2 dager siden
    • Lit

      Elmer GaudElmer Gaud2 dager siden
    • In California do you have to wear your mask outside

      Chb2 Crypto Bitcoin Bitclout Fort LauderdaleChb2 Crypto Bitcoin Bitclout Fort Lauderdale2 dager siden
  • I would so bloody appreciate if they'd pop up the metric measurements. Gotta frickin' pause the video and calculate with these vids. Loving them though.

    MrMonssterMrMonsster15 minutter siden
  • y’all GOT to do the awd tt escalade vs somthing

    Kaleb Johnson 92Kaleb Johnson 92Time siden
  • Auto that sux

    A MA MTime siden
  • They agreed for him to get the hit and then they took off at the same time?! WTF

    Doctor SpazzDoctor Spazz3 timer siden
  • Whole thing is suspicious af. 675 to the rear wheels? Or does the integra really have 1100😳

    Doctor SpazzDoctor Spazz3 timer siden
  • are You blind ? You wrote : Acura Integra 4 speed automatic . it's a manual transmision , can't You see the guy shifting gears

    Jason BlackForestJason BlackForest3 timer siden
  • V8 power😁

    Bernardo TorresBernardo Torres3 timer siden
  • Cuda owner claims 635 hp at the wheels. Add 100 or more for crank hp. Then 200 hp for the nitrous. That's getting close to 1,000 hp. Not so much a lie as putting emphasis on lowest possible number.

    herman452herman4523 timer siden
  • Don't trust a ken.

    Miko SaucedoMiko Saucedo5 timer siden
  • Damn! That Cuda is ugly, but sounds incredible.

    Jon HillJon Hill5 timer siden
  • Who is the crackhead that put in the specs the integra has an Automatic transmission???

    Doctork24aDoctork24a6 timer siden
  • The masks make you guy look totoal pu***es!!!! Stop looking like a snowflakes!!! Your not going to get more views from wearing masks guys common now!!! It's your show you don't have to foloo e the dumb a**rules

    Alex the RussianAlex the Russian6 timer siden
  • Are we ever going to see daily transmission again

    Jacob PascoJacob Pasco6 timer siden
  • 7:10!!

    Victor CardosoVictor Cardoso7 timer siden
  • It made 600hp and then continued to make more up until redline lol so he wasn’t lyin

    Cj 327Cj 3277 timer siden
  • Will y’all ever stop wearing masks outside in summer...hate to be that guy but it’s just stupid

    Alec StrakerAlec Straker7 timer siden
  • What's with the masks? Nobody in Florida has been wearing masks for almost a year.🤔 Especially outside...Not to be off topic. Just seems really bazaar.

  • Where the hell is that integra allowed to runs 8’s with that cage ?

    Stubbington MarigoldStubbington Marigold8 timer siden
  • Spinning aint winning! Go AWD!

    Sam VangSam Vang8 timer siden
  • V8 sounds gooood

    Ichigo 15Ichigo 159 timer siden
  • A body represeting

    Joshua MillerJoshua Miller9 timer siden
  • It's not the HP that gets you to 1000ft It's the torque.

    mbsnydercmbsnyderc9 timer siden
  • anybody know the beat at the end?

    MegaHolymolyMegaHolymoly9 timer siden
  • Sent to gapplebees

    GoodJoint TVGoodJoint TV9 timer siden
  • I use to bash the 4 cylinder cars but a stock 2.3 with a turbo in my 2021 Ranger and a 10 speed auto in a 4 door truck is just as fast as a stock 90s foxbody 5.0!! Very impressed with my new ranger just got a tuner waiting on a tune 80 hp 100 lb ft tq more tune only , 340 hp 410 lb ft tq at the crank. I will dyno before tune and after to verify numbers. I plan on 3 inch inner and outer charge cooler pipes. Catted downpipe catback exhaust and stage 4 turbo but one item at a time dynoing before and after each part is installed if youd like to see that hit thumbs up and ill do it. After all the mods i should be in the 400 hp range to the tires.

    Randy BeuttellRandy Beuttell10 timer siden
  • cuda runnin 1200whp lmaoo

    El TigreEl Tigre10 timer siden
  • Horsepower VS Hamsterpower

    Panthere NoirePanthere Noire10 timer siden
  • So can someone tell me the conversion factor to convert 1100 Japanese horsepower, into American? Guessing it's around 0.4 🤷‍♂️

    TwobarpsiTwobarpsi10 timer siden
  • Vtec didn't kick in yo!

    Maks CinematixMaks Cinematix10 timer siden
  • That is a barracuda, not a cuda and it's lame to have either one looking like a police car.

    Stan LeeStan Lee10 timer siden
  • Can we get boostedboiz minivan vs something on here

    pricey110393pricey11039310 timer siden
  • We Need a rematch of a v8 vs honda, but get a AWD swapped honda , maybe even a mini van 🤷‍♂️

    Bradley HarrellBradley Harrell10 timer siden
  • disapoointed noo one made the blues brothers cop car joke

    Maarten van den bergeMaarten van den berge10 timer siden
  • Stop with the masks

  • Imagine wearing a mask outside with ur buddies. Brainwashed

    Lucas MatthewsLucas Matthews11 timer siden
  • Wearing fucking masks still. Fellow car guys, you are better than that.

    christian graveschristian graves11 timer siden
  • no way they used a meme from a VERY British TV show.

    Sharpee GamingSharpee Gaming11 timer siden
  • Bro the mand on the blue car is stoopid for putting a 4 speed auto in a drag car

    C4ctus_69 ._.C4ctus_69 ._.12 timer siden

  • The Barracuda is the SWEETEST muscle car ever

  • shiit!! five-o run!!!!

    bu kwokbu kwok13 timer siden
  • Nads got that old man run down.

    Chris KuersChris Kuers14 timer siden
  • Y'all should get big chief from street outlaws on the show for some racing

    MR BEEMERMR BEEMER14 timer siden
  • It would be alot better of a vid. If you all took them mask off!!

    Focker80Focker8014 timer siden
  • Y’all have to find some real Honda race cars and drivers

    9Block Performance9Block Performance15 timer siden
  • JEZZA!!!

    Rob BrownecoleRob Brownecole15 timer siden
  • That's a 900HP MOPAR if I ever seen one. The 13:1 and 2 1/4 (5000 RPM+) primary tells all, the cam duration he must be running is NASCAR Spec. with CNC Heads, and a 1100 CFM carb. sounded like he rev'd to around 8K.

    yizzer2yizzer216 timer siden
  • Why do you guys have your masks on outside?

    John CharmleyJohn Charmley16 timer siden
  • Good old "something happened, I need the hit or 3 cars" hahaha

    ironmanhulkbusterironmanhulkbuster16 timer siden
  • One word.... Torque

    Jakub PogorzelskiJakub Pogorzelski17 timer siden
  • LA ST Database In short the LA STD...

    DJ BASHCOMDJ BASHCOM17 timer siden
  • *Damn, I had the Honda* all day. That 'Cuda is a _maniac._

    Vaff angoolVaff angool17 timer siden
  • I just came here for the 'Cuda. • Was not disappointed!

    TM PTM P17 timer siden
  • Finally this is really FAST challenge not like previous

    Bohdan McClaneBohdan McClane17 timer siden
  • I can build you 72 400 572 kick some dirt up

    lonny selflonny self17 timer siden
  • 68 Cuda at mile high on stock wheels fastest stock auto of its time in the 1/4 I think stock bias-ply tire if my memory serves me

    lonny selflonny self18 timer siden
  • I’d love to see the Baltic Racing Supra on this. Makes 1600 hp runs 7s 😍🤤

    Jorge DiazJorge Diaz18 timer siden
  • Lmao that cuda has like 1000hp

    True 5.0True 5.018 timer siden
  • Yer outside! Drop the Masks

    Michael GfMichael Gf18 timer siden
  • I predict the Honda ( Acura) will breakdown on just spin.. these high hp cars very rarely are able to put all that power down

    the onethe one18 timer siden
  • I NEED TO KNOW What is the outro song?

    J WJ W18 timer siden
  • Ricers Add, Racers Sub

    luv2mxluv2mx19 timer siden
  • .

    Arham MeherArham Meher19 timer siden
  • Cop car totally understated his power output. Maybe the 600hp was w/o the 200 shot

    Gerald Good IIIGerald Good III19 timer siden
  • Racing to 1,000 ft is pointless

    RAWK ONERAWK ONE19 timer siden
  • That cuda tho🥶🥶🥶

    AHAH20 timer siden
  • Usual story, Honda claims big 1100hp numbers, loses to lower numbers with more weight. Awesome video

    ZeroyonZeroyon20 timer siden
  • NGL I thought the Integra was going to rip the Cuda apart just because of the massive power difference

    Jy Walker1603Jy Walker160320 timer siden
  • No FWD except a handful can usefully put anything north of 600HP to the ground. Boost by gear and letting it all hand out at top is the only way. All FWD racers have special skills for sure to not spin. Barracuda racecar...hard, linear pull to redline with constant foward motion every time. No turbos.

    Paul MPaul M20 timer siden
  • Boomers know fast alright, I'll give em that

    BeniBeni21 time siden

    Sam HainSam Hain21 time siden
  • 7:07 😂😂😂

    Marcus HerboldMarcus Herbold21 time siden
  • Mopar or no car.

    gebezeiragebezeira21 time siden
  • Basically yeah, the civic has go 600ish bhp an the muscle cars got the 1100 must of been typo 😂😂

    BreakingBABreakingBA21 time siden
  • you either love Nads or you hate him. i love nads.

    Ob scuredOb scured21 time siden
  • that D8 is fire they should do a rematch again my $ is on the d8

    Zflow FabZflow Fab22 timer siden
  • 9 minutes of waffle 3 minutes of racing 🥱🥱🥱

    Sam KentSam Kent22 timer siden
  • How about the hoonicorn vs the Kawasaki h2r

    Gabriel GalvezGabriel Galvez23 timer siden
  • インテグラー‼︎

    Last Generation-XLast Generation-X23 timer siden
  • Gosh dammit, but of course the Honda had issues 🤷

    H3ntairicanH3ntairican23 timer siden
  • Why y’all clowns wearing masks outside 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

    Denver DinosaurDenver Dinosaur23 timer siden
  • 12:11 what?

    Behrad K. FarahaniBehrad K. Farahani23 timer siden
  • Racing starts at 9:40

    Aaron KraemerAaron Kraemer23 timer siden
  • What is that banger drum and bass track at 8:46

    Michael KMichael KDag siden
  • v8 baby

    NunechkaNunechkaDag siden
  • *Getting pulled over by a random person* Random person:excuse me officer is this cop car sto- Officer:yes!

    Just some random DudeJust some random DudeDag siden
  • Fucking Robert bro!! So wild to see this ish on here lol

    Its BR33ZY babyIts BR33ZY babyDag siden
  • maybe if yall would take those dumbass masks off outside we could hear what ur saying better 😂😂

    chillin n grillinchillin n grillinDag siden
  • And thats the backup engine :O

    Mr. LOSERMr. LOSERDag siden
  • Integra NEEDS a sequential box

    BiancoBiancoDag siden
  • love how the cuda just went like "bye dude." gotta love it

    trongamer56trongamer56Dag siden
  • why the colour look so dull

    Michael HayesMichael HayesDag siden
  • I personally think he won because of the 4speed auto. But a win is a win

    Black TakumiBlack TakumiDag siden
  • Holy Hell That Cuda Is So Sick I Never Seen One Like That Ever !!!

    Chase BrunnerChase BrunnerDag siden
  • RWD 4 LIFE

    George CupacGeorge CupacDag siden
  • Fastest integra in the world?! Ya fucken right! That thing is slow as shit then dog shit

    Dustin NewtonDustin NewtonDag siden
  • Next time get a real Honda that all wheel drive

    Jaquim OrtizJaquim OrtizDag siden
  • Rerun another Honda race to see what it takes to beat this cop car.

    SiR ZoeProSiR ZoeProDag siden
  • How do you build a dope Barracuda and not put a gen 2 426 in it?

    Ryan VignognaRyan VignognaDag siden