$1.5M Meltwater Champions Chess Tour: New In Chess Classic | Finals Day 2 | P.Leko & T.Sachdev

2. mai. 2021
221 397 Ganger

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen & 15 more elite players compete in the New In Chess Classic, the 5th event on the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Peter Leko and Tania Sachdev commentate live on Day 2 of the Finals. Watch the games: chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/meltwater-champions-chess-tour-new-in-chess-classic-knockout#live
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  • Sachdev, why so rude and talking down.

    Fabian RamFabian Ram3 timer siden
  • Congrats GOAT

    Lucas KowalskiLucas KowalskiDag siden
  • Instead of calculations how about you talk about the reason of the move and why it's a good move. It's just annoying that mediocre players try to calculate a top level player. In any sport it would be annoying... just talk about the play.. not what a lower level player would do.

    RidouRidou2 dager siden
    • @Andrew Gerrand he probably wants to see some NMs cheering for Hikaru

      Dhanushka JayaweeraDhanushka Jayaweera2 dager siden
    • Lmao mediocre?? Do you even know who these people are?

      Andrew GerrandAndrew Gerrand2 dager siden
    • Mediocre? Swidler is a super GM

      Dhanushka JayaweeraDhanushka Jayaweera2 dager siden
  • I could not appreciate a game of 2 legends because of commentators hogging the game. Chess24 how about you get real commentators... not chess players that just continuously calculate over the game saying what they would play. We didnt come to watch the commentators play..we came for live feed of Nakamura and Carlsen.. in your channel we cannot see the matches over all these "calculations"... @chess24

    RidouRidou2 dager siden
    • What do you expect? Commentators like in football game?

      Lucas KowalskiLucas Kowalski21 time siden
  • at the last minute you remove the live view to the view of commentator ASSUMING the game. It's very annoying. Please last minute do not ASSUME what they will play and let them play... gosh you're not playing the game for a reason and I came here to watch NAKAMURA and CARLSEN... not the commentators... find something else to talk about...

    RidouRidou2 dager siden
  • is commentary and predicting players moves really necessary? it seems pointless to me

    Cpt DankCpt Dank2 dager siden
  • Svidler is brilliant, but as others said, it's painful to watch someone behaving like they are the only one who have something of value to say, interrupting others like they're background noise.

    Nebojsa ZdravkovicNebojsa Zdravkovic2 dager siden
  • YESSIRRRRRR been a minute

    Josiah BradyJosiah Brady3 dager siden
  • Champus Carlsen is back

    Blue NinjaBlue Ninja3 dager siden
  • Great content. Feedback for improvements. - Biggest improvement: Use one board only. Make analysis and live moves separated clear with colors, and "ghost" pieces. Context switching the eyes between different boards is a big thing i think holds chess videos back. - If having air quality information, have it for everyone. - One host and one main expert, is probably enough. Transitions in more guests at points during the show. - Show the host and the expert at all time. - Use better transitions between segments, the cut-offs was a little off. - When talking moves with notation. Highlight on board more. The beginners get put off quite easy with notation. - What colors they are playing is not needed if the names are on the same side that the color. - Show more stock fish data, not just evaluation bar. Having lines and analysis is just cool, and gives more context to talk about. Can be segments. To bring in "What do computer say" Fun, to get the reaction at times when everyone is wrong. Thanks.

    meme memememe meme3 dager siden
  • Thank you sooooo much for inviting Svidler. Best commentator hands down. Yasser comes close, but Svidler is just the man.

    IZn0g0uDatAllIZn0g0uDatAll3 dager siden
  • Tania is a winner! Period!

    Bojan BoskovicBojan Boskovic3 dager siden
  • Svidler is a good guy but, unfortunately, ruined this stream. His longwinded, windingly pedantic blatherings that slowly whither out to nothing clashes completely with Leko's clear, cutting observations.

    Sean AdamsSean Adams3 dager siden
    • He is probably the best and most insightful commentator - on top of being a brilliant human being - but ok.

      IZn0g0uDatAllIZn0g0uDatAll3 dager siden
    • totally agreed

      Shadman SakibShadman Sakib3 dager siden

      shinbu121shinbu1213 dager siden
    • Oh please.

      IZn0g0uDatAllIZn0g0uDatAll3 dager siden
  • HAHAHA BYE BYE HIKARU! BYE BYEEE!!!! scrub garbage gtfo wack ass

    Hester_PrynneHester_Prynne3 dager siden
  • This Piter for koment geme

    Jusuf HasaJusuf Hasa3 dager siden
  • The commentators voices were so annoying that I had to mute the video

    Michael SmithMichael Smith3 dager siden
    • Well, in regards to audio engineering they’re all complete amateurs YouTubing from their kitchen... compare with the pro sound from the Oslo studio. But I still prefer the Sachdev-Leko dynamics.

      PerMagnus LindborgPerMagnus Lindborg3 dager siden
    • I like Svidler voice. Tanya and Leko, on the other hand...

      IZn0g0uDatAllIZn0g0uDatAll3 dager siden
  • why are there two streams on chess24?? One has Leko and Tania and the other has David Howell and some others. competing with each other.

    Mike McCormickMike McCormick3 dager siden
    • @T Rex OK then it is only Kaja. I was interested in knowing but didn't bother doing the research.

      EBHAE 1EBHAE 13 dager siden
    • @EBHAE 1 jovanka is an IM with a rating over 2300. she knows chess

      T RexT Rex3 dager siden
    • Because the Howell one are for beginners. The women Howell are surrounded with barely knows chess.

      EBHAE 1EBHAE 13 dager siden
  • What Magnus meant by luck is when his opponent did not see the best move in the position.

    Dan KDan K3 dager siden
  • Great job NAKA, proud of you.

    DJ39DJ393 dager siden
    • He doesn't care

      Dhanushka JayaweeraDhanushka Jayaweera2 dager siden
    • what? he lost ... well i mean he got into the finals at least

      Raymond Christopher TantoRaymond Christopher Tanto3 dager siden
  • Now Hikaru viewers will spend 5 or 6 days waiting for his tantrum to go down until he streams again.

    klefdnbklefdnb3 dager siden
    • @Lucas Kowalski yes it is wrong but since it is widely used i literally don't even care 😂

      Mrigank ShuklaMrigank Shukla2 timer siden
    • @Mrigank Shukla it doesnt mean its right if they use it. Most of the black people use “ I likes it “ it doesnt mean it is right for grammar. In IELTS, lots of american score badly as well as in SAT. Thats why :) You cant use” he dont” its just wrong

      Lucas KowalskiLucas Kowalski3 timer siden
    • @Lucas Kowalski from which country are you? in America and England both he doesn't and he don't is used i am from india but i have seen a lot of American and english movies

      Mrigank ShuklaMrigank Shukla3 timer siden
    • @Mrigank Shukla nope, he = doesnt I/we/they = dont Learn english

      Lucas KowalskiLucas Kowalski3 timer siden
    • @Lucas Kowalski both are correct

      Mrigank ShuklaMrigank Shukla18 timer siden
  • Finally MC won it

    Rahul SarkarRahul Sarkar3 dager siden
  • Svidler should just get a separate stream. He's eating up all the stream sidelining Leko

    ChillOnceChillOnce3 dager siden
    • True, it's like they want to one up each other by making more right predictions lol it's painful to watch

      shinbu121shinbu1213 dager siden
  • Timestamp 1:24:14 Indian Qualifier announced 1:24:45 Players announced

    Man MohanMan Mohan3 dager siden
  • Turning point is not eating during the matches.

    AirbenderAirbender3 dager siden
  • I should in theory be enjoying these magus vs hikaru matches on chess24 but every time tania and peter (leko) manage to ruin it. For goodness sake guys please sort your audio. Every time it sounds like you're shouting in a cave. Consistently the worst audio out of all the presenters on chess24 in every event.

    Tony HawkTony Hawk3 dager siden
    • Tania and Peter, please each buy a good audio interface, a cloudlifter, and a Shure SM7B

      mateomateo3 dager siden
    • Yep, Tania's high pitched voice with bad mic quality is just painful 😖

      Jacob SJacob S3 dager siden
    • Agreed, chess24 really should invest in better microphones.

      DJPDJP3 dager siden
    • @Krish Hz maybe they're using the anti-shouting-in-a-cave audio plugin. If they care to share that (or if tania and peter fix their audio setup) I'll gladly listen to them.

      Tony HawkTony Hawk3 dager siden
    • Lmao..actually this has more views than other presenters

      Krish HzKrish Hz3 dager siden
  • Confusing when you remove the live board

    Larry LittlefieldLarry Littlefield4 dager siden
  • nice to see magnus win one

    mister klugemister kluge4 dager siden
  • 1:54:45 the turning point where Hikaru chickened out. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy ;)

    je5je54 dager siden
  • Total destruction gg well played

    Bumble BeastBumble Beast4 dager siden
  • notown.info/two/video/xah9fGWlgL2msKM.html

    pedro gamerpedro gamer4 dager siden
  • Magnus just said he won because of luck. Yes, he can be arrogant but he also doesn't give himself credit where he thinks he doesn't deserve, and he also takes his losses really nicely.

    Shajid HasanShajid Hasan4 dager siden
    • And its not luck he won 3-1 in both days

      Lucas KowalskiLucas Kowalski21 time siden
    • He needs to be arrogant. Fischer and kasparov was waaaay more arrogant

      Lucas KowalskiLucas Kowalski21 time siden
    • That's why he deserve to be world champion

      GunslingerGunslinger3 dager siden
    • Does not matter luck or not. Magnus will always win Hikaru.

      Deng aiDeng ai3 dager siden
  • Go hikaru

    Amrad JaydenAmrad Jayden4 dager siden
    • He really “ went “

      Lucas KowalskiLucas Kowalski21 time siden
  • First!

    MaxMax4 dager siden
  • Big up Magnus 💪

    Dhairya AgarwalDhairya Agarwal4 dager siden
    • Thanks for the immediate spoiler 😅

      Sanx BileSanx Bile3 dager siden
    • @pedro gamer ??

      Krish HzKrish Hz4 dager siden
    • notown.info/two/video/xah9fGWlgL2msKM.html

      pedro gamerpedro gamer4 dager siden