10 Freaky Simpsons Predictions That Are Actually Easy To Explain

13. april. 2018
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The Simpsons has developed an uncanny reputation for being able to predict the future! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
Since its premiere in 1989, The Simpsons has developed a reputation as not only one of the finest animated shows, but one of the greatest television shows ever. For almost 30 years, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie have made us laugh, cry and feel every possible emotion in-between. Not only has the heartfelt, satirical series offered plenty of laughs through the years, they’ve given us a lot to think about as well. The show’s biting social commentary and insightful points of view on practically every topic under the sun has given it an edge that keeps it head and shoulders above the competition.
One thing in particular the show has developed a reputation for is predicting the future. Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with this possibility; they’re convinced some strange magic is afoot here. But, when you actually sit down and take a look at the things The Simpsons has predicted, you’ll realize the show’s writers don’t possess some mysterious, mystical powers - they’re just insanely smart. They’re so tapped into the cultural vein and pay such close attention to what’s going on in America that many of their insane predictions end up being more logical than you’d think. While the show predicted President Trump’s election as president, you might not realize he was already campaigning for the spot back when the reference was made. The Simpsons might also have predicted the demise of Siegfried and Roy with their parody duo Gunter and Ernst, but the truth is if you work with tigers and lions, there’s a solid chance you’re going to get hurt. And there are plenty more explanations where that came from.
No matter how outlandish or on-point these predictions might seem, when you start to go through them with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll discover there are logical explanations for nearly all of them. Tune in to find out what they are.
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  • In all probability Futurama is actually about Matt Groening and he took a pill to become young again and tavelled backwards in time

    William PhillipsWilliam Phillips2 år siden
    • @Screen Rant lo

      Christina MartinezChristina Martinez4 dager siden
    • @Jesus Borrego Just need a rotating black hole and some futuristic tech

      BrianBrian9 dager siden
    • @Dana Lucas Aren't we all?

      BrianBrian9 dager siden
    • Adrenochrome ❗️❗️

      Lawren AyalaLawren AyalaMåned siden
    • Never been on a bender?

      David MeierDavid MeierMåned siden
  • Simpsons Predictions got them from a time traveller

    Ali AlduhaimanAli Alduhaiman4 timer siden
  • *9/11* Or... the terrorists knew about the Simpsons episode and Lone Gunman episode and planned accordingly?

    Jeffrey PhotonboyJeffrey Photonboy5 timer siden
  • Huuuuuuuge! deficit budget, tremendous social division.

    Juan CanalesJuan Canales8 timer siden
  • The obscene bull architecturally announce because bed temporally promise down a blushing mind. alike, true laborer

    Pam CervantesPam Cervantes10 timer siden
  • some one born in the 70 and still has a brain. Thank you

    James SimsJames Sims11 timer siden
  • Seiko is pronounced "Psycho", not "Seeko".

    Mikael BiilmannMikael Biilmann12 timer siden
  • Prediction or plan ?

    Burak M. SerinBurak M. Serin12 timer siden
  • Sense the corrupción is high in the world they plan what going to happen next look around

    olivia medinaolivia medina13 timer siden
  • To create explanations is to try to rationalize something therefore a question the original premise to this rationalization

    Dustin AubryDustin Aubry16 timer siden
  • Simpsons is protestant= lame...Family guy is catholic and 100X more witty, sexy and relevant.

    BainsworthBainsworthDag siden
  • Yeah I definitely wanted to hear there excuse for how they somehow just put up the God Partical Mathematic formula ain't that much coincidence in the universe that's a 1 and 30 trillion chance I'd believe they have a time machine before I believe that's a coincidence. I wanna hear how

    positivity29positivity29Dag siden
  • The Simpsons premiered on the Tracy Ulman Show in 1987.

    nunya bizneznunya biznezDag siden
  • Predicting future events people call these people trying travelers I just think that they know what's going on because they're a part of this b******* and people watch it and say oh how they predicting this stuff because they telling you what they doing before they have to do it you idiots everybody on this chat need to go to f****** and see what's going on in this world watch the movie they lived

    Timothy HarrisTimothy HarrisDag siden
  • Illuminati

    George A.George A.Dag siden
  • The burly lamp strikingly knot because history additionaly amuse down a lonely teller. inconclusive, abounding mole

    dawdawd awdawddawdawd awdawdDag siden
  • Americans have the attention span of a sac of potatoes...lol...what happen to the democratic anger over the killing, looting and rioting over the summer? Remember this: "President Trump has rightly sent in federal reinforcements to Portland, while many Democrats have circled the wagons on behalf of anarchism. Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to federal agents deployed to Portland as storm troopers. Other members of her party have spoken of federal law enforcement officers as some sort of invading army unwelcome in urban centers. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, deep into his campaign to utterly ruin that city, declared that he would take Trump to court if any federal officers were deployed to address the surging violence there..." I guess it's OK for the democrats to deploy 25,000 men of the national guard! Always funny to see all the media coverage is focused on the people that are rioting and impeachment. While the media had a decisively more sympathetic slant on people that were rioting, killing, burning buildings and looting over the summer. I guess as long as you agree with the views of the mainstream media, rioting and looting is OK…lol

    MIke PetrilliMIke PetrilliDag siden
  • Mushrooms!

    Christian ChambreChristian ChambreDag siden
  • Trump was FAR from a 'STAR' ... more clown show ...

    Larry SarraciniLarry SarraciniDag siden
  • I predicted the Simpson will come to a end

    DieDie ShotbyboyboyDieDie ShotbyboyboyDag siden
  • These are Elite they put it in our face!

    Deanna MooreDeanna MooreDag siden
  • They forgot about the aliens picking a human as the chosen one!!!

    Angel DeniseAngel Denise2 dager siden
  • For some reason, I don’t find this show interesting or funny

    o ao a2 dager siden
  • Too many commercials!

    Steven SevenSteven Seven2 dager siden
  • The Merger 😃🕺🏿

    Elliott FrederickElliott Frederick2 dager siden
  • Nope I just want to believe you all are in a satanic cult that sounds more interesting to me

    Ridge GillespieRidge Gillespie2 dager siden
  • Now you can see that they never predict a second impeachment

    Al Cape TownAl Cape Town2 dager siden
  • They want to say someone is controling the World like England& America

    DAVIDDAVID2 dager siden
  • That's why secret service Killed the personage of Simpson it's make sense go back in hystory evrey one ho try to tell the true was killed it's make sense no?....

    DAVIDDAVID2 dager siden
  • The rebel condition arthroscopically delight because cathedral perceptually punch with a chemical singer. offbeat, heady spain

    Angelina MakarskiAngelina Makarski2 dager siden
  • They forgot to include the Paul Walker episode.

    your1 &Olneyyour1 &Olney3 dager siden
  • you forgot the most freaky, trump tower escalator prediction

    Bert WillemsBert Willems3 dager siden

    Dan ClemensDan Clemens3 dager siden
  • She doesn't looked kamela harris to me it does looked like pelosi...

    Isabelle TongohanIsabelle Tongohan3 dager siden
    • Ivanka

      DramaMustRemainOnTheStageDramaMustRemainOnTheStageDag siden
  • My prediction is Jesus is coming very soon to take his church and destroy all evil people. Jesus is the light of the world, the way, the truth and the life Amen 🙏

    Gulsen CanGulsen Can3 dager siden
    • Well it's not exactly an original prediction is it? People have been predicting His return (and then apologising / making excuses for getting the date wrong) for the past 2000 years.

      Count IblisCount IblisDag siden
    • Nice prediction. I hope that you're right

      Dael AnthonyDael Anthony2 dager siden
    • Amen

      SenizSu UnalSenizSu Unal3 dager siden
  • Obviously, Bin Laden loved the Simpson's

    Jeannine RobertonJeannine Roberton3 dager siden
  • Why are you not being investigated?

    Jeannine RobertonJeannine Roberton3 dager siden
  • Not predicting, giving suggestions.

    Jeannine RobertonJeannine Roberton3 dager siden
  • Awesome way to hide worm hole ability..A cartoon...lol

    ghostman3344ghostman33443 dager siden
  • The outgoing earthquake currently bump because success psychophysically trust above a belligerent notebook. imaginary, psychedelic wednesday

    Jeanine JeanineJeanine Jeanine4 dager siden
  • Yeah it was strange.

    Shaul JonahShaul Jonah4 dager siden
  • They always warn people before it happens

    Peggy EastwoodPeggy Eastwood4 dager siden
  • Pretty weird hum

    Peggy EastwoodPeggy Eastwood4 dager siden
  • Wh wrote these tv programmes and comics? I dont think they coincidences

    Jiera KJiera K4 dager siden
  • The needy harmony hemodynamically shade because washer inevitably fancy per a shrill lasagna. flaky, wry bite

    Максим МалютаМаксим Малюта4 dager siden
    • Exactly what I was thinking🤔

      DoloDolo3 dager siden
  • How do you thank that this is that trump left the country in a financial trouble tou need to go ####### yourself

    Robert DillonRobert Dillon4 dager siden
  • Star trek had a smart watch 😂🤣

    omarwanderlustomarwanderlust4 dager siden
  • Rip Siegfried and Roy. They are now together again.

    Flip ChickFlip Chick4 dager siden
  • ***ALERT*** The FBI Are Planning On Shooting Into Crowds Of Patriots With Live AMMO To Blame It On White Supremacy To Cause A Inside War Which Will Only POWER THE NWO For CIVIL WAR!!!!!!!!!! ***ALERT*** ***ALERT*** ***ALERT***

    Mike VanMike Van4 dager siden
  • Kinda weird a woman takes over after trump too ...... Kamala Harris ! Aaaand at a time when the country VERY POSSIBLY cld be broke !

    Stephen BuonopaneStephen Buonopane4 dager siden
    • She's not taking over. She's taking a trip. To GITMO.

      Kathryn J. HernandezKathryn J. Hernandez14 timer siden
  • Just Freky

    edylc nostreboredylc nostrebor4 dager siden
  • I honestly believe that some of those predictions were actually prophecies, that will happen, 911 was an example of of that. Not only was predicted on the Simpsons, but it was also the originally supposed to be the event that was supposed to happen in the movie "2012" and the TV "CSI Miami,"however, had to be changed, due to '911" occurring prior to the shows releases. Now i'm not saying, that we should be looking forward to the zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, but some things are more than just mere coincidence.

    Benu shaftBenu shaft5 dager siden
  • The plandamy

    RendonRendon5 dager siden
  • I have a few rolling Stone shirts lol

    Marshan #DisneyDiva ThomasMarshan #DisneyDiva Thomas5 dager siden
  • I was in high school during 911. N I had on these pants that had landmarks on them. N during that without even knowing I had on those and it had the world Trade Center on them.

    Marshan #DisneyDiva ThomasMarshan #DisneyDiva Thomas5 dager siden
    • That had to feel a bit eerie but also gave you a closer connection. ??..

      DramaMustRemainOnTheStageDramaMustRemainOnTheStageDag siden
  • I always thought simpsons were creepy

    Brittany CrawfordBrittany Crawford5 dager siden
    • Yeah I never liked them, but that's why they've been on the air for so long, cause the elite is 100% behind them

      Erick R.Erick R.5 dager siden
  • Cant believe that Disney owns Simpson

    Marshan #DisneyDiva ThomasMarshan #DisneyDiva Thomas5 dager siden
    • Yes that's what I said. Just makes it all make more sense that it is really staged. The devil deceives all!

      Tiffany EllisTiffany Ellis4 dager siden
  • Loved the Simpson

    Marshan #DisneyDiva ThomasMarshan #DisneyDiva Thomas5 dager siden
  • Future generations that are reading this comment: If you care about freedom and democracy do not vote for any of the Trump family to run as president or Congress. You will regret it. January 12th 2021!

    Maria JohnsonMaria Johnson5 dager siden
  • These writers work for the cabal

    Ronald JohnsonRonald Johnson5 dager siden
  • Predictive programming.

    Keith BuschKeith Busch5 dager siden
  • Its just propaganda fed to them in advance by FBI

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez6 dager siden
  • I like how they try to explain and cover all these things.

    FaistyfalconfanFaistyfalconfan6 dager siden
  • Trump filed bankruptcy like 7 times? Not a prediction. Just common sense.

    Loral AnthalasLoral Anthalas6 dager siden
  • Aliens among us. More than likely these tech giants are not even real humans. They have become selfish, immoral greedy evils with no emotions robot like.

    Aya KhongsaiAya Khongsai6 dager siden
  • No No, b/c u r beautiful Simpsons bull dog 😂

    Solomon HailemariamSolomon Hailemariam6 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who saw the Q at the end matrimony...MatrimQ quickly changes to O...🤔 We are being played and programmed.

    Jenifer LinthicumJenifer Linthicum6 dager siden
    • Get serious. That was supposed to be a fuse. And if it was a Q, it was put there to show that Q-stuff is just bad imagination and has no substance to it (which does not mean that evil persons don't exist).

      Blade RunnerBlade RunnerDag siden
    • What does this prove

      Elonte BattleElonte Battle2 dager siden
    • what they failed to realize is their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness

      Robert VaughnRobert Vaughn2 dager siden

    The League of Shadows plvs vltraThe League of Shadows plvs vltra6 dager siden
  • I know this is all horseshit and never believed any of it for s second, because if you had one opportunity to time travel you would do something world changing, not make a cartoon

    Nike Z7000Nike Z70006 dager siden
    • Not if the plans are satanic.... And they are

      Semone GSemone G3 dager siden
  • Lisa> Kamila.....

    dislokx3 sadislokx3 sa7 dager siden
  • They're illuminati intervencion

    Alicia AlfonsoAlicia Alfonso7 dager siden
  • Agenda from illuminati

    Alicia AlfonsoAlicia Alfonso7 dager siden
  • Totally agenda from illuminati

    Alicia AlfonsoAlicia Alfonso7 dager siden
  • Ask globalist Elite -they can explain to you 100%.America suffers of them. They setted up everything to control you America . Swampies are only Elite's Nodding Dogs.America when you rid of Globalist Elite you will rid of Swampies.Then you will be 100% FREE.

    Zoran StanicZoran Stanic7 dager siden
  • They know all this stuff because its a plandemic

    Preston MoorePreston Moore7 dager siden
    • What about the prediction of koby bryant dieing in a helicopter crash

      Robert HuttonRobert Hutton3 dager siden
  • Hmm... we're the Sims around yet, when Matt Groenig named the series? Just asking.

    Navigator MotherNavigator Mother8 dager siden
  • How about the hyperloop, reaching the centauri system at the speed of light by using laser as a spacetime carpet to move spaceship along to planets in weeks. Well we broke moores law already . Ha Ha. Using my nelson voice.

    xheto omnixheto omni8 dager siden
  • The imminent crate pertinently shock because repair geographically reach aside a lewd brandy. imported, deep opera

    Alexa PuckettAlexa Puckett8 dager siden
    • I'm sorry, what?

      Katie CokerKatie Coker7 dager siden
  • And kamala Harris is Lisa 😳

    SimplyIncredible 666SimplyIncredible 6668 dager siden
  • Ok what about the President Trump That he is dead

    Sheila AmosSheila Amos8 dager siden

    mike sullivanmike sullivan8 dager siden
  • It's called predictive programming, and it's real not a joke. It's not just chance it IS social engineering... and it is created to make us shrug off whatever is coming next because subconsciously we have already experienced it

    mike sullivanmike sullivan8 dager siden

    barry mcdougalbarry mcdougal9 dager siden
  • They are real biblical readers and bible history researchers on a level not even i can understand.......Moving forward.

    Finbarr BeharryFinbarr Beharry9 dager siden
  • all bunk and hype. no true predictions. no coincidences. A>2+B>2=C>2

    Paul AhearnPaul Ahearn10 dager siden
  • All the events are taking place ""right on schedule"""....

    Stella SelvStella Selv10 dager siden
  • didn't predict Racism Simpson is full of crap

    jo wilsonjo wilson10 dager siden

    R. IrisR. Iris14 dager siden
  • But some one say it will be zombie :l in 2021

    Lin xjiLin xji15 dager siden
  • NOPE

    chris herringchris herring17 dager siden
  • did they predict the fraud of voting against TRUMP??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    chris herringchris herring17 dager siden
  • grow mens hair back and ill believe

    chris herringchris herring17 dager siden
  • They must be animists and deists using sympathetic meme magick.

    James OconnorJames Oconnor18 dager siden
  • In their blood to copycat black singers and become multi millonares!!

    Maudene YarberMaudene Yarber20 dager siden
  • wifi was first introduced in 1992 then how symposn know about it in 1989 there is wifi car in 2 nd episode please explain

    # dopamine# dopamine21 dag siden
  • The God particle! Sounds to me like somebody was an unofficial student of intelligent design. At a time when most " "intellectual minds" were only promoting Darwinism.

    Michael ParylakMichael Parylak22 dager siden
  • Okay, so I'm wondering if the same dude who does the voice for Homer does that scream as well.

    Michael ParylakMichael Parylak22 dager siden
  • WE ARE ILLUMINATY. WE WILL RULE THE WORLD! just wait and see. Ht×($;ueuecw9826¥£

    Raphael CastiauxRaphael Castiaux25 dager siden
  • until apple watch ? no there where already smartwatches like the lg g watch

    BlazingAmazingBlazingAmazing28 dager siden
  • What sorcery!

    Greg PriceGreg PriceMåned siden