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What's up dawgs! I hope you're having the most splendid day. Today we are performing and teaching 3 SUPER EASY card tricks that you can do RIGHT NOW with virtually NO SKILL. Enjoy!
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  • Im do all magick in youseen real i me your fans

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  • 1:35 is it normal that i got the exact same card as him taking it out randomly from the deck? 4:26 no way i got the same card twice in a row

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  • Hi brother my name is magic lathif i also join you i want your phone number I also no magic sone your phone number

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  • I learned a lot from you😃😃

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  • Sean is cool

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  • I can't not do one magic

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  • You must have been working very hard

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  • He look likes spider man s Friend'

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  • I love his magic tricks but his enthusiasm in every video is what’s got my mind blown. So fun bro🤩

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    • @jonjas Johnsam I am doing fine, thanks for asking. How are you?

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  • Omg I love these tutorials thanks Sean

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  • Yo bro you got a new lights there pretty cool agh👍👍

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  • This may be cringe but he seems so nice that he could hold someone's drink for them

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  • 2:13 bro that was cleeeeann

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  • I love these tricks!!!! They r cooll

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  • dude i honeslty love the way you shuffle the cards...😭♥️♥️♥️

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  • This guy got me wanting to learn magic

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  • I love the led lights

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  • Bro what the hack is that!!!!! 2:12

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  • Sean, I got you,... 👍👍👍👍 You so cool Man, I HAhah, ok, hey Man, thanks for your cool magic tricks, I like the way you explain them haha Love, them,

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  • you are so good magician

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  • Cat

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  • There is a lot of hand speed involved in these card tricks. You need some practice to master the quickness, because if you try this the first time on people with little practice people are gonna see through it because you're too know or not smoothie enough. You do some great stuff man. "I GOT YOU"

    RobbelainRobbelain2 måneder siden
  • Do I know the vibe tho?........ yeah I do

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  • All are easy nice work live from india

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  • sean

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  • I want to make this is the school :D Nice video, NEW sub

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  • Today I came first time in ur channel & I liked this channel a lot

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  • Can you do some to impress our crush?But for a smaller age.🥰🥰

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    • Please please

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  • Im watching dis at feb 20 at feb 14 u are just at 600k Now u are at 1 mil congrats

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  • This might be the first day.... I don’t know the bibe

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  • I think you are cute. Every girl that will reject you is just weird and i realy like your vids

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  • The second one confused me

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  • I remember this video notown.info/two/video/zqqqmmZ3jKSm1dk.html

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  • What about blue lives Matter

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  • i am a 10 year old boy and my dad was a magician when he was 13 and his parents didnot like it so he brought all the magic stuff to uk and now i took a deck of cards bec my dada let me and i learnt so many tricks thx lov u and i might do them on my channel sub me at magic london

  • why are you so cute?

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  • I love how he says in reality SOOOO much

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  • I didn't learn anything but I just put the thumbs up.

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  • If I was you I would go on America's got talent

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  • The illusion at the end of the magic trick on the end of the video I use that on my grandpa he realized it

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  • the hindu card force shuffle illusion

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  • U and mr beast are the only people I watch during quarantine

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  • Dude you're such a legend do you mean meet you inspired my everything and I just want you to know to give me a shout out and I can't learn any magic from you anybody and thank you so much for what you do just a shout out because I used to see you from and the thank you for inspiring me me under thank you so much thank you I want the water magic from you from my childhood and now I keep in pressing everybody and I love magic

    ايهم للتصاميم و المنتاجايهم للتصاميم و المنتاج8 måneder siden
  • Hey Bro wat is up I just want to say that u are my fav youtube and plz stay safe in corona u inspired me to make my own channel named GalaxyGamerz It would be my pleasure if u help me out with youtube career by liking and subing I would like that :)

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  • Hey Bro wat is up I just want to say that u are my fav youtube and plz stay safe in corona u inspired me to make my own channel named GalaxyGamerz It would be my pleasure if u help me out with youtube career by liking and subing I would like that :)

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  • Him: The card tricks use no skill Me: Wait does that mean I have no skill ........😔

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  • 1:39 - That pinky-break😬😬😬😬

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  • It's me nelson from kenya and I love you show

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