4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)

19. nov.. 2020
3 209 706 Ganger

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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
Proof - notown.info/two/video/n9ClqIiYp6SPytE.html


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  • The Kevin Malone Challenge

    Karen BeatrizKaren Beatriz33 minutter siden
  • I bet it only tastes good at the first 10 mouths

    Kev Is OnlineKev Is Online39 minutter siden
  • couldn’t you just weigh one m&m and multiply it by 4404 instead of count every one

    pessimisticbastardpessimisticbastard44 minutter siden
  • Всем интересно почему он не стал жирным?


    Alson ShreeshAlson ShreeshTime siden
  • Swallowing M&M😱😱

    Alson ShreeshAlson ShreeshTime siden
  • could have just weighed 1000..................

    Ma LaMa LaTime siden
  • that would make me so sick

    JackTastickkJackTastickkTime siden
  • Imagine how colorful his poop 💩 is ❤️💛💚💜♥️💙

    Jeuti MedhiJeuti MedhiTime siden
  • A quien más les gusta este estilo de videos?

    EMI_ BARIBA86EMI_ BARIBA862 timer siden
  • Where did the chewing part go!!! @@

    bipana lamabipana lama2 timer siden
  • Lol he is not chewing but sallowing directly 😂fek

    abhishek sharmaabhishek sharma2 timer siden
  • Hope your fine! Take good care of your health. It might affect you when you get older.

    Jelaine LabusonJelaine Labuson2 timer siden
  • Im worrying about his health rn

    Jelaine LabusonJelaine Labuson2 timer siden
  • How do you not have diabetes

    CarmthekidCarmthekid2 timer siden
  • That was a good challenge ..but your way of eating mnm's are soo unsatisfying🤣😅

    race uff Rayeerace uff Rayee2 timer siden
  • Imagine someone laugh at the background while his mouth is full🤣🤣🤣

  • I like the Ikea bowl (grey one)

    AxasAxas3 timer siden

    azzynazzyn3 timer siden
  • Rainbow poop is coming

    Ronel BandaRonel Banda3 timer siden
  • After this he would be shitting like goat.🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Saksham ChhahhiyaSaksham Chhahhiya3 timer siden
  • Counting master

    Lim Kee CheeLim Kee Chee4 timer siden
  • how the fuck is this guy so lean after stuffing so much shit

    Aditya SuryawanshiAditya Suryawanshi4 timer siden
  • Hey man I'm actually concerned about your health I know this can be entertaining and brings in the views but ya gotta think about your future and loved ones too. Or try healthier food challenges at least...

    Urael KUrael K4 timer siden
  • U make me hungry

    Han YTHan YT4 timer siden
  • at 9:20...thats how Matt's poop gonna come out

    Muhd IrshatMuhd Irshat4 timer siden
  • Why didnt you just weigh em😐

    Kalbong KabayoKalbong Kabayo4 timer siden
  • Good

    SAD _HitlerSAD _Hitler4 timer siden
  • Ouch I felt that in my stomach

    PewDiePie Kids HutPewDiePie Kids Hut5 timer siden
  • I know you do this for a living but how can this possibly be good for your body? I watch these challenges and asmr videos every now and then but you guys are regular people eating unhealthy amounts of food for every video. I’m not judging like if it’s what y’all wanna do then do you but it can’t be healthy doing this every day or week . It’s kind of concerning for me watching people each insane amounts of junk food. At least do a challenge of eat insane amounts of fruit or something healthy every once in a while u know? I’m just concerned . Love ya

    Amy ChavarriAmy Chavarri5 timer siden
  • every m&m drops his brother : *aaaaaaaa*

    AB sadik'sAB sadik's5 timer siden
  • I'd lose my count on 6

    shahida yasmeenshahida yasmeen5 timer siden
  • Bu yediklerinin çıkışı nasıl oluyor

    Semih ArıSemih Arı6 timer siden
  • I challenge you to eat aloe Vera's

    Redjen LeeRedjen Lee7 timer siden
  • U won't see this sadly but the same reason y dogs die to eating chocolate can happen to people also but it takes alot more chocolate for us than dogs I don't recommend eating soo much chocolate in a little time

    supernova clashsupernova clash7 timer siden
  • Cobain jengkol bang

    Wahyu bWahyu b7 timer siden
  • Padahal tinggal diitung satu bungkus isi berapa, ntar tinggal dikalikan, emang niat mas mas satu ini 👍

    Wahyu bWahyu b7 timer siden
  • Wtf Matt, what are you doing? Why are you just swallowing it like a pills? Hahahahaha.

    AgelastAgelast7 timer siden
  • My stomach be like.. (btw, I watch this while I am eating)

    Enjoyable LifeEnjoyable Life7 timer siden
  • Tonsilitis!

    Johnleonil mejiaJohnleonil mejia7 timer siden
  • Diabetess!!!

    Johnleonil mejiaJohnleonil mejia7 timer siden
  • So MuCh ChOcLaTe 👇🏻

  • Diabetes: Am I a freaking joke to u💀

    Angelica PereaAngelica Perea8 timer siden
  • That had to take hours to take

    Allmighty JenkinsAllmighty Jenkins8 timer siden
  • I'm waiting for CHUBYEMU to react on your foods. Lol.

    Grsya LGrsya L8 timer siden
  • Imagine if it was sleeping pill challenge

    Magical QueenXMagical QueenX8 timer siden
  • All the M&M lovers: Dis is ez... sign me up🤝

    Cam MikeCam Mike8 timer siden
  • Oh you have plenty M&Ms left, wanna share? Me: 3:01

    YKYK9 timer siden
  • Matt should just put ice cream in it its way tastier and easy to eat

    AlastorAlastor9 timer siden
  • Can we appreciate the fact that this dude really counted all them M&Ms

    ɢᴏᴏseɢᴏᴏse10 timer siden
  • Is it just me or does mart have sponsors every video

    Comb0 NationComb0 Nation10 timer siden
  • Rip teeth

    Ashish BAshish B10 timer siden
  • I would have just weighed an M&M and then weighed out the total amount of M&Ms and figure out how many are there.

    WasabiWasabi11 timer siden
  • I realize, Matt had no flavor for the chocolate as he swallowed them like pills 🤫

    TylerTyler11 timer siden
  • Seeing this makes me want some M&Ms Sugar Party Fiesta until I'm overdosed with sugars and diabetes.

    Tianchris _______Tianchris _______11 timer siden
  • All you had to do was count out ten, weight them, and then measure out the weight and mulitiply it accordingly 😂

    Christian HaydenChristian Hayden12 timer siden
  • Wow the way he eats it kinda looks like he swalloweing pils

    Popxp _Popxp _12 timer siden
  • wow

    El Ayuwoki OficialEl Ayuwoki Oficial12 timer siden
    • Plz give me a shoutout well I said plz now u have too😂😂

      Mr FluffMr Fluff11 timer siden
    • Tangena mo

      unknownunknown12 timer siden
  • He gonna be pooping out rainbows lmao

    Cross FireCross Fire12 timer siden
  • 13.1 m wow

    Malique WilkersonMalique Wilkerson12 timer siden
  • Did he just swallow it ? Not chewing it ? Lol 😅

    Ray ReeRay Ree12 timer siden
  • Imagine the diabetes on this one.

    Nguyen Anh VuNguyen Anh Vu12 timer siden
  • How the hell do you not get Diabetes from that!?

    GrowlzGrowlz13 timer siden
  • Diabetes: Am I joke to you? Matt:yes

    Mark elmer PonceMark elmer Ponce13 timer siden
  • Omg he didn't taste them at all 🤣🤣

    RA ARA A13 timer siden
  • 🌈 💩

    RA ARA A13 timer siden
  • Hey Matt Joey Chestnut did the world's largest walking Dorito can you do it

    Anthony EdwardsAnthony Edwards13 timer siden
  • Was he... swallowing them? I just saw him grab a handful of M&M's and drink water a second afterwards without chewing..

    iiDerpy _ WolfiiDerpy _ Wolf13 timer siden
  • And you still say you have a sweet tooth...

    gLItcH8955_1gLItcH8955_113 timer siden
  • This kinda lame as you pretty much didn’t eat any jus swallowed 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    Sweater DaySweater Day14 timer siden
  • Wait he swallowed them like pills?? Wtf

    Brandon HendrieBrandon Hendrie14 timer siden
  • Matt stonie pls talk about me in one of your vids pls

    Nicholas RunfolaNicholas Runfola14 timer siden
  • I don’t think he even bothered to swallow it

    League Of Legends Akali PlayzYTLeague Of Legends Akali PlayzYT14 timer siden
  • Ok now do the same thing, but with peanut M&Ms

    Bacta WorkBacta Work15 timer siden

    Rafael CaetanoRafael Caetano15 timer siden
  • Here comes cavities

    The Draco DragonThe Draco Dragon15 timer siden
  • Now I know not to eat over 1000 m&m’s in one sitting. Thanks 🙏

    Jrocka7xJrocka7x15 timer siden
  • Matt’s friends: hey do you guys wanna split these leftover M&Ms? Matt: I have a better idea 😏

    Garrett NanceGarrett Nance15 timer siden
  • Oml the cavities

    lol gurl24lol gurl2415 timer siden
  • How about you weight how much one has and then put all in and weight again 😂 and devide

    SebaSeba15 timer siden
  • I would just have weighed 5 M&M's found the average and multiplied that by 4044 and done the count by weight but that's just me.

    Eduardo JerezEduardo Jerez16 timer siden
  • You're taking the M&Ms like how we used to pretend TicTacs were pills. LOL.

    asioe kiouasioe kiou16 timer siden
  • I feel like stomach ache ryt now

    LordLTLordLT16 timer siden
  • How deep is that bowl to fit that much

    John Joseph BorbonJohn Joseph Borbon16 timer siden
  • Do tacos from Taco Bell

    Arturo AzurinArturo Azurin17 timer siden
  • Me, seeing him swallow the first handful: NO, GOD, NO. OH GOD WHY

    abusethesunabusethesun17 timer siden
    • Basically, you become a sandbag yes?

      asioe kiouasioe kiou16 timer siden
  • Need to run this back and finish it

    Jeremy HJeremy H17 timer siden
  • You needed @soytiet to count all of those!

    Jeremy HJeremy H17 timer siden
  • Good! Glad you finally "gave up" for health!!!!

    TheRealDealTheRealDeal18 timer siden
  • This video is sponsored by diabetes.

    Rocky GamingRocky Gaming18 timer siden
  • WTF WHAT IS THIS... you need MILK with M&M not water...

    Toaster NOIRToaster NOIR18 timer siden
  • M&M count : is there beef with mrbeast? Matt : oooooooh ...... no

    Toaster NOIRToaster NOIR18 timer siden
  • I can't count that many i might die🥴

    Flaminia ManaloFlaminia Manalo18 timer siden
  • You should do some pizza rolls for your next video

    Vampire Queen1718Vampire Queen171818 timer siden
  • This looks seriously dangerous.

    Planted BasedmanPlanted Basedman18 timer siden
  • 1477 left

    BigRarsclartFetwynBigRarsclartFetwyn18 timer siden
  • 1477 left

    BigRarsclartFetwynBigRarsclartFetwyn18 timer siden
  • @cerenyilmaz :) woooww

    Öznur SavaşkanÖznur Savaşkan18 timer siden
  • Matt: count until 4044 Me: cant count until 20

  • Basically, you become a sandbag yes?

    KnightKnight18 timer siden