7 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting Mythic+ Dungeons

7. okt.. 2020
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Hit the ground running for mythic plus in Shadowlands! These are the lessons I would pass down to myself if I was starting all over again. Don't forget to like and subscribe so that you're notified of my new videos! Read more below:
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Wow Healer UI Video: notown.info/two/video/3MeLrXpnfaR11po.html
I aim to create high level, yet easy to understand content for healers in M+ keystones for current World of Warcraft and into the new Shadowlands expansion. If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for new videos - I'd love to hear it in the comments.
0:00 Intro
0:43 Don't release
2:01 You can't always play for score
3:38 You make more mistakes than you think
5:21 The in-between time is important
6:50 Damage matters
9:13 Be willing to experiment
11:28 Enjoy your time on the bench

  • it’s crazy that people are still joining keys without knowing the added boss mechanics and what affixes do. they think it’s just a harder heroic...

    KimortalKimortal10 timer siden

    Čuti i PrićajČuti i PrićajDag siden
  • What happened to tanks spinning mobs so we can hit their backs? 2021 the age of tanks pulling mobs JUST outside of ground puddles so we have to eat their frontal cone

  • what u do do is is.. im tryna break myself of that habit so i focus on it so much lolol

  • Fuck raider io man , that thing , ppl worship that damn add on , idiots even need score to join a plus 10 key , not even for high keys , garbage

    Omar BablyOmar Bably12 dager siden
  • The fact that "don't release" had to take a slot tells a lot about how dumb people are. The number of times people release when I'm 7 seconds through my mass rez

    1un4cy1un4cy14 dager siden
  • The best thing about mythic plus is that if I get kicked, I know a new person can’t enter the dungeon so everyone else can’t finish with just 4 people anyways so we sort of all got kicked.

    TheGamingBluejayTheGamingBluejay18 dager siden
  • The way you say “growl”, jeebus KappaPride

    JackalJackal19 dager siden
  • Also, don't invite ANYONE from Ragnaros to your PUG. Let those monkeys fend for themselves.

    Andrew RodriguezAndrew Rodriguez19 dager siden
  • Stop saying "the thing is is," or "the problem is is," I appreciated the tips and you're very knowledgeable. But i couldnt finish the video cause im in a bad mood and it irritated me even more. lol.

    VoicePandaVoicePanda23 dager siden
  • Im always on the bench :/

    SæsiBSæsiB23 dager siden
  • What kind of bullshit was that speech about being good to be on bench? dude, stfu, ofc it's horrible, try to play as main that is not meta

    Seeker PlaysSeeker Plays25 dager siden
  • What addons do you use for healing?

    Mikkel AagaardMikkel Aagaard27 dager siden
  • I agreed with mostly everything except when you said stay away from people who only do keys that give them score. Nobody is playing a game to waste time on something that wont progress them. 40 minutes just for something that doesnt benefit you makes 0 sense. + you won't be making friends in pug groups so it still doesnt matter to do them

    DevynnDevynnMåned siden
  • Nobody is going to take mythic + serious, because M+ is not a rewarding loot distribution. I went from M+4 to M+13 without a single drop.

    Craig With a WigCraig With a WigMåned siden
  • very informative and good video! allthought i do have a question: how do you deal with tyrannical weeks? for most part it feels like people refuse to do dungeons on tyrannical weeks, especielly when there is really nasty affixes like necrotic and bolstering. Is there a way to motivate people to do keys in despite of this? I was pushing a bit in BFA (only got to +19s done with pugs, didnt have a dedicated team) and even then for example most people werent too hyped about trying to push during tyrannical weeks. any advice or thoughts on this?

    A random swede playsA random swede playsMåned siden
  • 8.stop blaming the healer, if you forced your healer to use not needed CDS, its YOUR fault if the team wipe

    orc roboorc roboMåned siden
  • Just discovered this video and your channel and it all makes sense honestly, the acceptance of the bench is something a lot of newer players won’t understand and to a point that’s a good thing, nothing was worse in vanilla/tbc than sitting on the bench as my hunter unable to leave or log off and I just had to sit outside waiting to be called up, no playing alts nothing, the one thing I will never miss about vanilla

    Calethal TTVCalethal TTVMåned siden
  • Can someone please provide me a list of which addons he is using here? Specifically the bars above the mobs, and the unit frames for healing?

    Slug NastySlug NastyMåned siden
  • What addons and WA are you using?

    Calvin MCalvin MMåned siden
  • i agree on many points of this video, except the number 2... i mean u can do a dungeon u already did just for fun or to farm a piace of gear but apart from that i always try to do new staff but i only queque for dungeons if i know i can tank it, i would never try a key that i'm not 100% sure i can handle. The thing is that if u don't play dh rn u are not allowed to tank in pug and so if me and a dh has the same rio they will pick him and so his score will go higher and so they will keep taking him... it's very frustrating... Today i spent 2 hors in oribos trying to go into a 17 with 2 17s done and all the 16s... so fun :)

    Domenico FunaroDomenico FunaroMåned siden
  • I ran a 16 with you last year and it was insane how much damage you were doing as the healer it hella carried us lmao

    ArchArchMåned siden
    • corruptions were dope

      1un4cy1un4cy14 dager siden
  • i dont understand the people that join a +5 and dont even know the boss fights. no shame

    Itwasbert MoehahaItwasbert MoehahaMåned siden
  • Mythic is trash. Neckbeard tryhards den

    Kšyštof GiliunKšyštof GiliunMåned siden
  • Great tips man this is my first xpac doing mythic+ I started WoW during legion have not done 10’s yet got 8’s and 9’s plan to step it up soon I started on 2’s and moved up slowly on every dungeon

    Jesus LJesus LMåned siden
  • LoL I said avoid Azralon player. They are the dumbest player of all and will always rage quit and leave your key. Same goes for rag and Illidan server. They want people who are above ilvl to carry them. 😄🤣😂😆😄

    N YangN YangMåned siden
  • Even tho all my friends play wow a'd we re always chillin on discord, most of the time i play solo mythic + like it doesnt really bother to play with new people everytime i think it's so much fun. Good video +1 sub 😁

    ramzi zeroualramzi zeroualMåned siden
  • ppl leave after 1 wipe

    wojciech piosikwojciech piosikMåned siden
  • Last night was my first key (we didn't clear) I learned just how little damage I do 😂 but hey the guild was ok with it being a learning run

    CruznKnFuznCruznKnFuznMåned siden
  • What UI do you use ?

    DerekDerekMåned siden
    • The cooldown UI in the center

      DerekDerekMåned siden
  • Growls advice on M+: just do the thing

    GibbsatronGibbsatronMåned siden
  • "Enjoy ur time on the bench" nope thats not my cup of tea.

    raxzarraxzarMåned siden
  • As funny as it might sound I think I make less mistake than I think I do, I am decently new to the game, I’ve only started playing since shadowlands launch, I am a healer main, and since I’m new, when every time someone dies I always think it’s my fault. I always apologizes. Until some of my guild member started telling me that it’s those people’s fault for prioritizing dps over dodging ability......

    Tim ChouTim ChouMåned siden
  • In "Damage matters" i notice you tried too much to explain it, I think a good way to say it is basicly: if the objective die faster, it won't be able to kill you. It literally happened to me yesterday doing DOE with the gnomes, after doing it with literally 3 groups and all of them failing on killing them until someone left (we couldn't stun the female gnome when casting the bombs), we finnally did it when I decide to use my last drums because none of us had hero, so instead of actually stop her casting we just killed her. So they cannot kill you if they're dead :)

    J DelascioJ Delascio2 måneder siden
  • Have you always pugged to push your score ? And do you think it’s easier or harder as a healer to get into high keys compared to dps?

    Christian GruberChristian Gruber2 måneder siden
  • Perma benched :(

    JonasJonas2 måneder siden
  • So you’re telling me I’m wrong for playing Surv hunter? 😔

    Skyler BeachSkyler Beach2 måneder siden
  • Nice video

    Andrew DavisAndrew Davis2 måneder siden
  • Im coming back after a 6 year break. Thanks for this video.

    I am only meI am only me2 måneder siden
  • Hi! I liked what you said about the damage and how it all matters. As a resto shaman, I feel as if I could be doing more damage but Im not certain how to approach it. Usually, I try to keep flame shock, lava burst, and chain lightning in the rotation as much possible. Any tips? Is there a significant difference in the potential damage output from different healer specs? Say, holy paladin vs resto shaman?

    Chase DitmansonChase Ditmanson2 måneder siden
  • Liked and subscribed, great attitude

    Mark NorthernMark Northern2 måneder siden
  • Yo very healthy video man! I really appreciate you view about the game! Improving, having fun, learning and not pointing fingers! Thank you!

    Rafa BenRafa Ben2 måneder siden
  • Here's a tip. Don't have alts. Keep that io stacked up on one character

    snack pupsnack pup2 måneder siden
    • @Kyle true. but the avg person would get further if they only did mythic + on one character instead of several

      snack pupsnack pup2 måneder siden
    • Why not it’s fun to play other classes

      KyleKyle2 måneder siden
  • Xd

    Orichalcum UrusOrichalcum Urus2 måneder siden
  • if you pug a key and ask if you shall release because you do not know the dungeon, you basically disband the group :/

    ShinrakShinrak2 måneder siden
  • "but the thing is is.."

    benjixboybenjixboy2 måneder siden
  • Need to put myself out of my comfort zone? Got it....going to try new talents instead of getting advice from icy veins.

    MatthewMatthew2 måneder siden
    • I feel like the experimenting thing applies more if you have a fixed group, ruining some random's key as a tank by pulling way too much or weird pulls doesn't help anyone

      JobJob2 måneder siden
  • The thing is is

    AstrognatAstrognat2 måneder siden
  • im now to the game, how do i even start playing mythic dungeons? I only see heroic and normal dungeons

    KylethefishKylethefish2 måneder siden
    • you have to manually make a group and list it or search for M-0 in custom groups u will get a +2 key after u complete a m-0 GL its a steep learning curve from heroic

      Capn SmashyCapn Smashy2 måneder siden
  • PvE players, the biggest gate keeping nerds of all time.

    Dante LaBellaDante LaBella2 måneder siden
  • While I find this very helpful, none of this matters if your main source of keys is through dungeon finder and you can't really make progress. Just yesterday I spent 4 hours looking at dungeon finder and applying to almost all +10-11 groups without getting into any of them. I play meta dps and my score should be more than enough for average group leader (I avoided those elitist kind of groups since they are always a waste of time). And it wasn't even that I would get instant declined like last week, but there is so many dps players trying to find a group that unless you are super high ilvl or score, it's nearly impossible to even get in.

    ZarrowZarrow2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for these principles/advice. What I would like to know is the name of the object underneath (and/or surrounding) your druid healers that shows "wild growth" in the center of it? It looks cool -- does it take much effort?

    Bill EddyBill Eddy2 måneder siden
    • Its a weakaura package, you can find more info from this vid here: notown.info/two/video/ta2Aa6OSibdnlKs.html

      yumytvyumytv2 måneder siden
  • 8th rule, don't pull if you are not the tank. That said, I'm a tank and it is often frustrating having some players which think we can go faster and pull. When I wait a few seconds as a tank, this is with the intention to wait that a cd for a proper pull is coming up again. E.g pulling as a port pala out having my shield of avenger on cd is a very bad idea, especially in larger groups. same for other cds. 9th rule, please look around not pulling accidentally patrol groups that are not on the list. This often causes a wipe or one or more players need to use cds that are planned for another purpose. So, I think sometimes it's better to wipe than having cds for the next tyrannical boss. What do you think?

    Joachim KJoachim K2 måneder siden
  • See thumbnail and think it says "IQ". "Wow 7000 IQ, this guy must be really smart."

    Raymond OllivierRaymond Ollivier2 måneder siden
  • A great number of us have been playing since 2005 and evolved with the game. It’s a time investment. If you want high io, you have to sacrifice time and money. I love my guild. We have pushed keys and I’ve gotten in good pug groups too. I just don’t have all day to play like when I was 16. Thanks for helping the new guys out.

    Timothy HillTimothy Hill2 måneder siden
  • Hazelnuttygames makes short and sweet (3-4 mins) mythic dungeon guides and it's been an invaluable tool. Having a general idea of what the mechanics are is..key.

    MrLightlike78MrLightlike782 måneder siden
  • low key dont really need to watch this but know dmg matters...

    Kenneth KwonKenneth Kwon2 måneder siden
  • Is there a mythic guild that focuses on it?

    The Persian GamerThe Persian Gamer2 måneder siden
  • Very good video. Very educational. Thank you for taking the time to make this. It sure helped a lot. As a tank player, myself, having to take the second part of BFA off for business reasons, coming back to the game felt a bit overwhelming. It's videos and content like this that I like consuming to catch up to speed and also recommend to the people I start playing with to get them up to speed and see who is serious and who is not.

    Bogdan CabaBogdan Caba2 måneder siden
  • Trying to get better at the game instead of mindlessly doing things. I appreciate your video.

    Travis BathoryTravis Bathory2 måneder siden
  • I love what you're doing. :) The more people getting into serious M+, the better for everyone who likes M+.

    Evelyn AffonsoEvelyn Affonso2 måneder siden
  • I hate M+.... It's one of the worst thing that happened to WOW... Too many narcissistic and toxic people out there.

    302yt302yt2 måneder siden
  • enjoy your time on the bench resonated a lot with me was pushing myself for no reason at the times ty

    Иван БанныхИван Банных2 måneder siden
  • what's the addon for the circle around your cursor? (gcd)

    Borbély SzabolcsBorbély Szabolcs2 måneder siden
    • My cursor WA is available here: wago.io/cbJBOwkmy

      yumytvyumytv2 måneder siden
  • I can’t get past the heavy mouth breathing and crackling of the sinuses. Maybe blow your nose, use some Flonase before recording a video.

    MichelleMichelle2 måneder siden
  • the thing is is...

    Sim GSim G2 måneder siden
  • How often does releasing put you at a graveyard in mythic+? I mostly get spawned at a previous boss kill or the beginning of the dungeon (which sometimes would be too far away). I still very much enjoyed a video actually giving advice on improving!

    PhoenixianRosePhoenixianRose2 måneder siden
    • When I use the word "graveyard" I'm referring to wherever you respawn, whether its the beginning or where a boss dies. From what I can tell its mostly random, some bosses update your respawn and others don't. It takes a bit of knowledge to know where this is going to happen

      yumytvyumytv2 måneder siden
  • I hate healing mythic + But guildies always drag me to them lol. Tanks just get hit like trucks, stresses me out.

    jet44444jet444442 måneder siden
  • my M+ experience: refresh the list for 100+ times, try to get into random keys with way better gear than i need to complete the key.... get rejected, for hrs.... srsly... i have 186 GS and get rejected for +5 keys, because these idiot community just looks for RIO and i am no person that grinds 20+ keys for my RIO, i learn the dungeons in 1-2 tries, and play them pretty ok but nobody cares...

    MeikoMeiko2 måneder siden
    • Yup. Hard to get io up when noone will take you to raise it to begin with...

      Nathaniel RacoonNathaniel Racoon2 måneder siden
    • Same bro lol, I literally get declined at 192ilvl for 5s

      LL IIITZURLL IIITZUR2 måneder siden
  • trying hard to learn tank, just started a week or so into shadowlands for first time in forever. first time actually pushing content with a focused mind i think too. thanks man.

    ᴀꜱᴛᴀʀᴇꜱᴀꜱᴛᴀʀᴇꜱ2 måneder siden
  • The bench comment is really good. Especially as someone who really only plays with guildies.

    gkcgkc2 måneder siden
  • What is that "Do you want to release your spirit?" addon or WA?

    MarkusMarkus2 måneder siden
    • Its a weakaura you can find here: wago.io/a9QDHhkCJ

      yumytvyumytv2 måneder siden
  • I once asked for a res because i know the run is far and ressing is faster. I got called a lazy jerk by the healer. Funny stuff.

    Kukun GamingKukun Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Help each other be kind and have fun.

    matthew sargentmatthew sargent2 måneder siden
  • @yumytv can you shere me your weakauras for holy paladin? They are awesome

    Leonardo VasquezLeonardo Vasquez2 måneder siden
  • The thing is is...

    bootsybootsy2 måneder siden
  • Resto druid here, can you explain why you're not using Efflorescence during some of these clips? I thought that plus Lifebloom and Rejuv always needed to be on the tank. as I was typing this you said "Maybe I didnt have Efflorescence on the ground" as an example of bad play NVM lol

    really dont carereally dont care2 måneder siden
  • Can you please tell me how you sorted your UI?

    Gilles De SchuyterGilles De Schuyter2 måneder siden
  • The problem isis isis that you dont need to say isis, cause really all it isis isis an excuse to not say "The problem is, however".

    Twitch TwinkyTwitch Twinky2 måneder siden
  • Just came back to WoW after a long absence and Jesus what a mess the game is in. Tanks having to run from trash packs? Getting turned down for runs because of a score on a website even though I'm geared? The insane amount of daily and weekly garbage I have to do just to keep up? And the toxicity has gone off the bloody charts. The game has gone downhill in a major way. I play games to relax and have a good time, not to try and beat a timer and get yelled at constantly. I tank because I want to be the guy going toe to toe with the big ass monster, not so I can run for my life from trash mobs. And for the love of god just because something takes forever doesn't mean its fun. Torghast is torture, I'm in no danger at all but it takes hours to finish.

    Dan the ManDan the Man2 måneder siden
  • Dear Tanks PLEASE take your healers mana into consideration! We dont mind being dragged through the mythic, but we gotta drink sometimes! js lol

    Homebrew 1Homebrew 12 måneder siden
  • Fantastic video! Thank you!

    Brandon BoranBrandon Boran2 måneder siden
  • THanks for your work, could I ask what you are using on the left hand side of enemy nameplates please? It's tracking enemy cast icons I think?

    SoulsastaticSoulsastatic2 måneder siden
  • the competitive part of this game is way to gatekept..

    LawlzillaLawlzilla2 måneder siden
  • So you're telling me you think people didn't know to not release when they're starting mythic +? I thought there was going to be relevant information in here, not tips so basic that this video is just a waste of harddrive space... >

    Matt OrlandoMatt Orlando2 måneder siden
  • you want me to play M+ seriously... well i do what i want so

    TheIrishraven14TheIrishraven142 måneder siden
  • "The thing is, is" once you hear it you can't unhear it. Thanks for the video; very informative

    Tim EarlTim Earl2 måneder siden
  • How do you get a circle around your pointer?

    JaredJared3 måneder siden
  • is is is is is is is isssssssss

    soocl0sesoocl0se3 måneder siden
  • so its the transmog right?

    nejc tušeknejc tušek3 måneder siden
  • Play for the fun not for a 3rd party score... I dont even know why blizzard didnt implemented a mythic+ score system. I guess they just dont give a damn about improving the game anymore.

    zsoca921zsoca9213 måneder siden
  • I think for a lot of people interested in trying out M+ the idea of being timed stresses them out.

    TheRedBaronTheRedBaron3 måneder siden
    • @Greg its normal to feel that way, the best thing to do is to find a group of friends/guildies who feel the same way and go about keys at your own pace, even if you don't time them you can improve together!

      TheRedBaronTheRedBaron2 måneder siden
  • I am 1:20 into the video and you're already wrong. 70% of the time you should just release. Mythic+ timer doesn't wait for a rez. release and get your ass back to the group asap. Only -don't- if you are unsure the path will be clear. You also certainly -can- only play for score.

    Joker 119Joker 1193 måneder siden
  • Pugging m+ is dead in shadowlands good luck within a few months finding a tank willing to run you through a m+15 for zero reward. Once most tanks are 213 I'll you wont find any to pug m+ with.

    hvd ivhvd iv3 måneder siden
  • Holy crap, they squished the characters!? My Druid was 91 😭45 now

    alwaysyouramandaalwaysyouramanda3 måneder siden
  • 1st one is wrong most of time u should release bcs respawn on most of bosses after u kill it is

    Dragutin RozankovicDragutin Rozankovic3 måneder siden
  • I've never done these because I've never done these. Can't get a group without already knowing how.

    ThatOneDude702ThatOneDude7023 måneder siden
  • Releasing is a habit I got over the years, because while lvl'ing in dungeons, people who don't release are frown upon and seen as lazy, so I often see myself release 0.0000000000000000000000000001 seconds after I die and just facepalm because that was stupid.

    M BM B3 måneder siden
  • What do you use to record yourself?

    Michael M.Michael M.3 måneder siden
  • 1:33 😂😂

    FatCatPTFatCatPT3 måneder siden