A Day in the Life of my 15 yr old Son!

21. april. 2021
234 977 Ganger

School, exercise, hanging out with friends - my teenage son is a busy guy! Thank you to Google for sponsoring a portion of this video! Sign-in to Google's (free) Applied Digital Skill and start learning today! bit.ly/3n1B8Id
Teaching My Son How To Drive! notown.info/two/video/yMqro2pme8uSrM0.html
What's inside My Son's Backpack? notown.info/two/video/sbKRnJx0ltWel6M.html
Winning the Farmers Insurance Pro Am! notown.info/two/video/3p6ApJ1ppreaz80.html
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  • Golf vlogs please

    Drone ProductionsDrone Productions7 timer siden
  • Yes golf vlogs

    caden Gutmancaden Gutman14 timer siden
  • School must be so happy in Utah if you are that motivated to take extra classes. School drained me mentally by the first day of middle school.

    Matthew HallerMatthew HallerDag siden
  • Golf vlog plz

    Lola WissingLola WissingDag siden
  • Having books backwards is next level tilting. You live in a home not a display home.

    No SignalNo SignalDag siden
  • Can we please get a golf update video like every week or two???

    C0NFLUXC0NFLUXDag siden
  • Yes golfing would be great it’s my favourite thing to do

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  • Yes can waite for Lincoln golf coming up in the year

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  • Y’all should make a golf channel

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  • as a kid i watched lincoln grow

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  • Please a lot of golf vlogs

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  • Yes on the golf vlogs

    Zach SorberZach Sorber4 dager siden
  • What type of hat does Lincoln have?

    Daniel HughesDaniel Hughes4 dager siden
  • When did he meet his gf then 🧐🧐

    Nitish GoelNitish Goel4 dager siden
  • Lincoln and I are the same age. What month was he born it? Mine is august.

    Ryder SchuchRyder Schuch5 dager siden
  • I want to learn how to setup my school day like this

    Miguel PirelaMiguel Pirela5 dager siden
  • Lincoln is in high school!? Wow.

    MindSETMindSET6 dager siden
  • i want to see golf tournaments!!!!!!!!!

    Statton WilsonStatton Wilson6 dager siden
  • Travail and golf and teach

    Nicholas YetmingNicholas Yetming6 dager siden
  • my school starts at 8:38 and im in middle school holy crap 6:45????

    CreeperDuDE 89CreeperDuDE 896 dager siden
  • You should create a new channel called 'whats inside sports

    Leighton HopkinsonLeighton Hopkinson7 dager siden
  • why do i feel so poor? oh wait...

    ItzTheNameItzTheName7 dager siden
  • So glad to see Lincoln is trying to get school done early. There's no reason you need to spend 8 consecutive hours in school every single day and college proves that. In college, I have so much time flexibility to get my work done on my own time . I probably spend a total of 9-10 hours in actual lectures each week, that's it.

    Josh AguirreJosh Aguirre7 dager siden
  • More golf vlogs. I play golf in Florida and in a sophomore in high school and would like the content

    Nicholas RoseNicholas Rose7 dager siden
  • yes we want golf vlogs but can you post it on family channel

    Anton AntonyAnton Antony7 dager siden
  • 3:11 where is that hoodie from?

    rednax xdrednax xd7 dager siden
  • Yes please do his matches I love watching them

    Rylan UhrichRylan Uhrich8 dager siden
  • I play jr golf too

    Hudson HildHudson Hild8 dager siden
  • Vlog the golf tournaments!

    Ricardo FaubertRicardo Faubert8 dager siden
  • Plz !Can U answer this question what is your political stand point.

    Notorious N.A.T.ENotorious N.A.T.E8 dager siden
  • DONT let James Charles see this video.

    Anthony LopezAnthony Lopez8 dager siden
    • lol why

      Zac DrawsZac Draws7 dager siden
  • Lincoln - PGA Tour 2026

    Romashan PillayRomashan Pillay8 dager siden
  • Them fillers rlly do not do her any good

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  • I play gold so yes i would want to see his gold tournaments

    Variant AnxietyVariant Anxiety8 dager siden
  • "Amigas"

    ArticstaffArticstaff8 dager siden

    PulsePulse8 dager siden
  • Please do more Golf video's!!!!!

    Beckham RusselBeckham Russel8 dager siden
  • This kid is damaged... He spent an entire day without cranking one out before going to bed like a champ.

    YoRHa 2BYoRHa 2B8 dager siden
  • Do course vlogs

    Mason clickMason click8 dager siden
  • I will want to see some golf even tho I do not play it

    TTVNDOG34_YT idkTTVNDOG34_YT idk9 dager siden
  • ayyy Alaska golf would be great

    David RadoszewskiDavid Radoszewski9 dager siden
  • Yes to golf vlogs. That would be awesome.

    Hector MejiaHector Mejia9 dager siden
  • golf vlogsssss

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  • Lincoln should dye his hair brown 🥸

    evalee cetinaevalee cetina9 dager siden
  • Now We Need A Leslie Day In The Life

    Kadens VlogsKadens Vlogs9 dager siden
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      Dianne VanderberghDianne Vanderbergh9 dager siden
  • Thanks for the laughs.

    YEEETyonkYEEETyonk9 dager siden
  • I’d like to really see a Golf 101 for people who have no idea about golf from you guys :)

    George Florin TauscherGeorge Florin Tauscher9 dager siden

    Liam HurleyLiam Hurley9 dager siden
  • Whats Inside Spanish 😂😂😂

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  • 10k th like

    QuintenQuinten9 dager siden
  • “... when my kids went back to school in august.” me: damnnnnn the schools in my area just opened in march😂😂😂

    Shea LyonsShea Lyons9 dager siden
  • Golf vids brotha

    Nicklaus UmmelNicklaus Ummel9 dager siden
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    study timestudy time9 dager siden
  • Would love seeing those golf tournaments

    Bart Van leeuwenBart Van leeuwen9 dager siden
  • Im the same age as lincoln and he has a personal trainer???? I only have a personal computer

    PxlPxl10 dager siden
  • I literally forget he ISNT AN ONLY CHILD. Like where tf does his sisters go???

    Solo RatunacevaSolo Ratunaceva10 dager siden

    HyperdynamiteHyperdynamite10 dager siden
  • Sun setting earlier is better than -50° (I’m from Midwest winter SUCKS)😂

    Lincoln PerezLincoln Perez10 dager siden
  • I'm also 15 and I need to wait next year to drive legally

    Jareth MarroquínJareth Marroquín10 dager siden
  • So he does nothing all week long ?

    Agustin Villa BarzonAgustin Villa Barzon10 dager siden
  • My brother is the same age

    XD VanceXD Vance10 dager siden
  • Who Lincoln the flag football cheater😄

    Josiah LandrineJosiah Landrine10 dager siden
  • Make a golf channel

    Ethan MenzelEthan Menzel10 dager siden
  • Dang when I'm 15 ill be working at some store

    Masen DonovanMasen Donovan10 dager siden
  • Yes golf vlogs

    Max RobertsMax Roberts10 dager siden
  • Thank you so much for this! Yes pls post travel vlogs etc. I would love to see that!

    S FS F10 dager siden
  • I haven’t watched you guys for more than a year and didn’t know Lincoln was as old as my older brother

  • I hate the golf vlogs

    Guy GendellGuy Gendell10 dager siden
  • Pls film the golf

    TOX cptTOX cpt10 dager siden
  • More golf stuff for sure

    Ray Bazan-LindsayRay Bazan-Lindsay10 dager siden
  • he spends 0percent of his time playing video games like what i cant live without video games hes a very good kid

    kwaku Tabirikwaku Tabiri10 dager siden
  • Linkon: I want to be like Phil Nickerson Everyone else: PHIL SWIFT!

    Jacob KaczmarekJacob Kaczmarek10 dager siden
  • Girlfriend?

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  • Golf vlogs

  • #more golf

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  • Dude works hard. He's gonna get to where he's going for sure.

    Miguel V.Miguel V.10 dager siden
  • More like "A Day in the Life of Dan waffling on about my 15yr old Son!". More Lincoln please!

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  • Your wife finally swore someone should frame this momentb😂

    HabashyGamingHabashyGaming11 dager siden
  • Him in 9th grade: already halfway done with high school Me in 9th grade: hardly passing core classes and already forced to do summer school this year

    Epic Gamer 22Epic Gamer 2211 dager siden
    • Why is this me in the 8th grade

      Jaxson OvermanJaxson Overman10 dager siden
  • I still have a deeper voice than Lincoln. but I’m 13

    Non-Certified G2A UserNon-Certified G2A User11 dager siden
  • Yes, golf blogs please

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  • YESSSSS GOLF VIDS PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ i loved last years videos

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  • Video starts 2:04

    Joshua MostJoshua Most11 dager siden
  • I thought I was like 3 years older than him turn out I’m just 1

    Jibby • 25 years agoJibby • 25 years ago11 dager siden
  • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    DerpyDino 210DerpyDino 21011 dager siden
    • John 3:16

      DerpyDino 210DerpyDino 21011 dager siden
  • Yes I want to see Lincoln crush the golf tourneys.

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  • Definitely more golf videos

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  • I love this family.. 😂😂

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  • Lincoln quit bending your back so much

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  • "I'm liking Elon ALOT"

    CovirzCovirz11 dager siden
  • More golf videos

    EliEli11 dager siden
  • I started watching you guys when I was Maybe 10 and in 8 months I’ll be 15 I even watched some of your first videos

    IR3X_SpYd3R_01IR3X_SpYd3R_0111 dager siden
  • Make more videos with Lincoln!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fesfes the Gaming starFesfes the Gaming star11 dager siden
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