A Wild North Atlantic Crossing - Jan Mayen to Iceland- Chapter 3.

23. okt.. 2020
460 933 Ganger

Join my wild raid across the furosious oceans from the incredible Jan Mayen to Iceland, another huge vulcanic spectacle in the cold North Atlantic!
360 NM claused hauled for 3 days takes its toll on most of us. But when facing adversity, remember its there to make you stronger, so you might as well embrace it and go head on.
Suit up, jump onboard, and lets go! :)

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  • I like u as u r a great guy but so so brave / crazy 😜

    Jackie LilleyJackie Lilley8 timer siden
  • Erik... Acabei de assistir (Maio/2021) da minha cidade de Curitiba - Pr. (Brasil) sua aventura de travessia do Mar do Atlântico Norte da Noruega à Seydisfjordur (Islândia)! Fiquei agradavelmente surpreso com a cidade, e com a "Rainbow Street", pavimentada com cores, e suas Casas de Arte & Restaurantes...Gostei de sua narrativa fácil e descontraída. Fiquei impressionado como foi editada a suas filmagens! Perfeito... Parabéns! Sempre fui aficionado por velejar (solitário) pelos Oceanos, embora nunca ter tido um barco...Mas faz parte de meus sonhos, apesar de já estar no "crepúsculo da vida"...Espero que tenhas ainda, muitas oportunidades de novos projetos... Obrigado. Sou seu fã!

    Walter Paulo RickertWalter Paulo Rickert12 timer siden
  • Such a great spirit Erik ⭐️

    Lorenzo PoliLorenzo Poli21 time siden
  • Fantastic video!

    bernt johanssonbernt johansson2 dager siden
  • Hi Eri!, I am following with great interest your trips that I find amazing. Congratulations!!!. I sail in a small lake in Argentina and I would like if you could, comment on the wind knots and the trim of the sails. to know how a ship is carried in those seas. Thanks and good winds !!!!

    Ricardo SpátolaRicardo Spátola4 dager siden
  • hola marinero, me emocionan sus viajes, creamelo.....que tenga buen viaje marinero abrazo

    Manuel RodriguezManuel Rodriguez5 dager siden
  • Hi again. This morning we watched you fighting withe ocean. I had think at some sort of simple propeller and two pumping piston osmosis pump for drinking attachable in back of your superb boat. Thank you once again.

    Petru Răzvan PopPetru Răzvan Pop5 dager siden
  • Pease mind the black rocks river, buy an geiger meter. Best regards

    Petru Răzvan PopPetru Răzvan Pop5 dager siden
  • What boat is this, name and model

    akash boseakash bose7 dager siden
  • Amazing sailing man!

    Business Automated!Business Automated!7 dager siden
  • What size boat is that

    Tone LeeTone Lee7 dager siden
  • What sort of boat do you have? Greetings from sweden! I've actually been in Haugesund, by sailboat. I tried to cross the north sea, but the weather was to rough, so I ended up crossing it a few days later. Arrived in Lerwick about 6 days later.

    Arvid RehnbergArvid Rehnberg8 dager siden
  • This is my first time watching you sail and im AMAZED at you sailing skills. Your dedication and passion to press on, taking the bad days as a blessing and making every day a incredible journey for us to follow along with you. All the while filming, editing and posting videos. You have really got your shit together brother and i cant wait to see whats next. Thank you so much for all that you do in making it possible for us to experience your lifes journey ! Today you have gained a new best fan ! God bless and fair winds my friend !

    Ricky TimmsRicky Timms9 dager siden
  • de verdad tiraste el filtro del cigarrillo al mar así como si nada cara de verg4?

    Rodrigo GBRodrigo GB13 dager siden
  • this hands down the best channel on NOtown

    Kara LouisKara Louis14 dager siden
  • eric it allways makes me think are youulikely to follow your namesake and go all the way to newfoundland it was eric the red's son that found newfoundlandLief I hope I have spelt his name right ( forgive a poor crippled old man who refuses to be told he cn not sail little do they know HAHAI have been out on a bendy toy 40 with and without the owner / cos hes a scardy cat and is affraid of deep water what a wimpthe boat is fully kitted out with ais auto pilot life jackets with eperbs so I do not see what he is affraid of it makes no sense to my logical hesd I admire you and your viking heritage

    Simon JonesSimon Jones14 dager siden
  • you got great video, Love how you do them from far apart you got good camera

    chris alexaschris alexas16 dager siden
  • One day when I grow up I want to be like you. Lol epic. I need to learn how to do this.

    Yes, Minister!Yes, Minister!16 dager siden
  • Respect Erik!!

    Fred BrandFred Brand19 dager siden
  • What boat are u on and what's the loa?

    Pete MorrisonPete Morrison22 dager siden
  • Erik, you have a stove. Why do you eat your canned food ice cold ? Is the sea just too rough for the gimble stove to handle ? Can you immerse the can into your electric kettle and boil the water ? "Hot Meals are for Chickens ?!" LOL.

    James ChenJames Chen26 dager siden
  • Erik dalı gevrektir Sevgili erik yegenim

    Arda ÇubukçuArda Çubukçu27 dager siden
  • wow what a beating from the waves! Great shots and camera work, amazing!

    Derek PDerek P28 dager siden
  • Brilliant! you got yourself a new fan here!

    Jesús ChittyJesús ChittyMåned siden
  • Hey Erik, great video and content, wondering what is the drone that you are using, should be something pretty bold to hold the strong wind. Thanks for sharing!!

    maoarismaoarisMåned siden
  • Not only are u a great sailor but ur color grading is amazing makes the viewer really appreciate the sail.

    Matt OMatt OMåned siden
  • You are one big fucker....bet u could take the boat under your arm and move it along......An old retired coastie (Bosn' mate) (US Coast Guard) here!!

    Deckie DeckieDeckie DeckieMåned siden
  • Don't know squat about cinematography.....but I love to watch the people who challenge the elements...

    Deckie DeckieDeckie DeckieMåned siden
  • Ahoi Sailor! 1. time I watch you. Amazing story very well told. Viking blood and balls of steel:) A1

    Daniela TrinklDaniela TrinklMåned siden
  • cinematography is beautiful tho

    Burak MelekBurak MelekMåned siden
  • What a story! 🙌🏻🌊⛵

    Outdoor GirlOutdoor GirlMåned siden
  • How do you determine the throttle you give when running on engines? is there a certain RPM you aim for?

    Mike CappsMike CappsMåned siden
    • 2200 is Nice🙌

      Erik AanderaaErik AanderaaMåned siden
  • Mate, amazing video , beautiful adventure , comments is simple and smart, excellent drone job I was enjoying in every minute of your video ....keep your positive attitude a long time. Fair winds and big hug from Melbourne !!!

    Su MSu MMåned siden
  • I have no sailing experience, but I served in the Northern Fleet.

    Михаил АстафьевМихаил АстафьевMåned siden
  • ou're doing fine. Good luck. I don't have a sailboat, but I really want to buy one. Your videos are overwhelming. You are doing a very good job. Take me as a sailor on your boat.

    Михаил АстафьевМихаил АстафьевMåned siden
  • You are an experienced sailor. When the restrictions end, then I ask you to be included in the team and reach the North Kapp. You are welcome.

    Михаил АстафьевМихаил АстафьевMåned siden
  • Just picked up your channel, what a lovely guy, superb narrator, love the testosterone. boys can still be boys. be safe. just subscribed after one video.

    Lee DLee DMåned siden
  • How come you're not using your Hydrovane? Great vid btw

    Tim ButlerTim ButlerMåned siden
  • what's the name of your boat mate?

    Yaqeen DanialYaqeen DanialMåned siden
  • erik waiting for your uploads mate.

    Yaqeen DanialYaqeen DanialMåned siden
  • Make a good cup of coffee..and...😂😂😂

    Amjad IAmjad IMåned siden
  • admiro muito esse seu espírito guerreiro de um verdadeiro vick gosto muito dos seus vídeo

    Luiz FernandoLuiz FernandoMåned siden
  • You're a badass Viking amigo. I am hoping to one day sail to my family's hometown of Stonehaven in northern Scotland from my current frosty Canadian waters. You are an inspiration to everyone. Awesome drone work and cinematography as always. Keep up the awesome life.👍

    T CT C2 måneder siden
  • erick great appreciation how hard you are

    Grzegorz PorczyńskiGrzegorz Porczyński2 måneder siden
  • You can make spectulair movies when you are retired. You are young. But later maybe. Its a beautiful trip you make. Best greetings Vlasta Leistikow

    Vlasta LeistikowVlasta Leistikow2 måneder siden
  • Hardway I mean

    Vlasta LeistikowVlasta Leistikow2 måneder siden
  • Amazing! When I became 17, I wanted to travel and did that for 6 years on my own. Loved it but I also learn the hatdway. Thats the beauty of life. You go one with your beautiful soul around the world. You are made for it. Best greetings from Vlasta Leistikow

    Vlasta LeistikowVlasta Leistikow2 måneder siden
  • An amazing journey. You’re one master sailor and hardy soul!! How you were able to maintain safe sailing in theses rough seas and still put together a good film is remarkable (fancy tech tools don’t hurt!). 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

    Christopher StevensonChristopher Stevenson2 måneder siden
  • I was a professional firefighter for 30 years and have experienced many difficult situations. But I think your balls are even harder! .-) I like the way you stay calm in troubled situations. Thanks for your video!

    Kay HerrmannKay Herrmann2 måneder siden
  • absolutely amazing thank you so much for displaying the video, what a journey your so lucky t able to do that, take care mate

    Gary WinkworthGary Winkworth2 måneder siden
  • I was thinking about your drone issues and had an idea...buy some sort of foam pieces like the "noodles" that kids use in pools, they're round pieces with hole in the center. Cut them and fit them to the drone arms, figure out the minimum amount needed to float your drone. If you apply them right you shouldn't see any flight control problems. I think?! It's worth a shot!

    Mister BeeMister Bee2 måneder siden
  • Brasil, Natal - Wondreful

  • great video mate

    Mario RatkovicMario Ratkovic2 måneder siden
  • Sua ousadia, se mescla à sua necessária e sábia autossuficiência, ao ir à proa pra consertar o mastro e toda àquela loucura. Faz ainda cinema, para nossos olhos embasbacados com toda sua sana sandice.. Obrigada viking, você é genial. 👏😉🔥💝(Revendo os vídeos, são lindos demais. Hoje é dia 28/02/2021).

    Patrícia Martins FerreiraPatrícia Martins Ferreira2 måneder siden
  • EPIC!

    Ian SteunenbergIan Steunenberg2 måneder siden
  • There is nothing growing on the bottom of Tessie.

    Tony deBruyneTony deBruyne2 måneder siden
  • Woooww,amazing👍👍👍💪

    Yohanis JacobYohanis Jacob2 måneder siden
  • How can anybody not love your videos? These are amazing! Thank you for creating and sharing. A lot of time went into these and I appreciated Your work.

    brenz311brenz3112 måneder siden
  • Jesus loves you guys, build a relationship with him:)

    sam knappsam knapp2 måneder siden
  • Some of the best footage I've seen on land or sea. You've mastered the art of filming with a drone. More importantly, you've mastered the art of storytelling on film. Really amazing work! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Darrell StynerDarrell Styner2 måneder siden
  • as usual, beautiful camera work. you mention charging your batteries. do you run your diesel while heeled over hard while sailing? are you staying within the design limits for the motor running while heeled over at an angle?

    Michael CyrMichael Cyr2 måneder siden
    • @Erik Aanderaa if you ran your main halyard back to the cockpit you could easily drop the main sail, furl the jib, and run on the motor while charging. Periodically idling to charge is also not good for the motor because it doesn't heat up properly. You may show adequate oil pressure while running heeled hard but the engine also relies on the rod journals splashing into the oil sump. Good luck!

      Michael CyrMichael Cyr2 måneder siden
    • Yes If Im very low on batt, probably not healthy👀 Thanks!

      Erik AanderaaErik Aanderaa2 måneder siden
  • Very Nice trip, the conditions are Very diffents from Brasil, my country...

    Eduardo WeissEduardo Weiss2 måneder siden
  • To my American ears you are the Werner Herzog of the seas! Beautifully documented adventure. You make me want to get off the couch and do something.

    Danno_STDanno_ST2 måneder siden
  • Spectacularly good sailing film. Extraordinary beauty of nature, superb mastery of boat and tools. I hope the world situation has not grounded you.

    awumaawuma2 måneder siden
  • Great video,keep it up,!

    Cristina Lexy Reef TankCristina Lexy Reef Tank2 måneder siden
  • Ahoy for flying the drone in that wind alone whilst sailing Sir you are a king!

    Swift AdzSwift Adz3 måneder siden
  • 19:41 LOL

    Truth Will PrevailTruth Will Prevail3 måneder siden
  • Thank you Eric for releaving me. Such a beautiful nature, so wild and untamed. Like the Ocean it self. Looking forward to visit Norway and Iceland some day and see it for my self… Very talented Filmmaker 👍

    H. ButKaH. ButKa3 måneder siden
  • Cool Sailor that Erick Amazing footage

    ROBIN BROWNROBIN BROWN3 måneder siden
  • 7:44 I like how you hang your radar scanner on some sort of gimbal (?) so that it stays horizontal as your boat rolls. What a great idea! I never thought about it before, but on a small boat, it would be pointing into the sea or the sky half the time if you didn't do that!

    Poly HexamethylPoly Hexamethyl3 måneder siden
  • Wonderful. Just beautiful how she goes in those waves. I like it very much. For me, that's way I love sailing. Amazing.

    osiris1802osiris18023 måneder siden
  • Amazing. in so many ways. Subbed.

    Alf LovvoldAlf Lovvold3 måneder siden
  • I am very happy to have found your channel👍 Some people may like the bikinis and baby's etc🤔 But if you want to see adventure and battling the elements then your channel seems to be the place to be! Not sure if in this PC world it is safe to say this, but you are what we would call a mans man, someone who you would want on your team and good company when the beer is flowing!! Wishing you all the best and following seas, even though you seem to be good as it is👍

    Roger BlackwoodRoger Blackwood3 måneder siden

    Emmanuel SamarasEmmanuel Samaras3 måneder siden
  • What a beautiful adventure. Absolutely spectacular!

    Esteban A. MirallesEsteban A. Miralles3 måneder siden
  • bro i would go with you in a heart beat i have a 36 grand banks & got caught in 16ft seas& 54 mph winds, columbia river astoria had a blast lol my 33 yo son shit himself lol

    KaileyKailey3 måneder siden
  • what size boat?

    KaileyKailey3 måneder siden
  • Oh man, this is incredibly amazing, Norse spirit in action! You have a wonderful soul and your videos are always like a story. I tip my hat to you sir, thank you for taking us with you on your journeys, and congratulations on your huge achievement! Milestone of a lifetime :)

    root9065root90653 måneder siden
  • Hey Erik whats next?

    nick sullivannick sullivan3 måneder siden
    • The Hebrides in March😎

      Erik AanderaaErik Aanderaa3 måneder siden
  • I love you! huggz from germany. great respect!

    V intronixV intronix3 måneder siden
  • Do people actually support these sailors with money that they work every day for while these sailors have fun?

    Time AllenTime Allen3 måneder siden
  • Greetings from Ottawa, Canada, I would trust you to teach me to sail!

    Anna TothAnna Toth3 måneder siden
  • You sure are brave!

    Anna TothAnna Toth3 måneder siden
  • HOW DO YOU CATCH THE DRONE IN SUCH WINDY WEATHER? TELL US PLEASE! H O W? IT'S CRAZY SKILL I BET And thank you for your work of course. You are amazing!

    totally Tubetotally Tube3 måneder siden
  • How do you accommodate the film crew, and do they eat a lot? Where do you land/keep the helicopter? LOL! Its beyond me how you do this alone, the drone work at 25 knots, and walking around filming like its dead calm in 5m waves. And the color grading, love it!! Mad respect man!! Regards aspiring sailor. Please keep it up!! Thank you.

    Trond AadnesenTrond Aadnesen3 måneder siden
  • Well thats amazing! Not only sailing adventure but also video editing is great! Cinematic views make me live the action and your feelings!

    Tunahan ŞenTunahan Şen3 måneder siden
  • Friday night NBJS time

    RaphaëlRaphaël3 måneder siden
  • I commend you an admire all your hard work in making these vids for us. I solo sail as well and know the effort needed. You are a modern day viking..❤️ Keep up your adventures.

    Kim GoodwinKim Goodwin3 måneder siden
  • Erik this is brilliant mate, i now need to watch your channel from the start. Love the NBJS!🤣

    Sailing Foxy LadySailing Foxy Lady3 måneder siden
  • You have me on the edge of my seat watching this ! Camera angles are awesome , you get a feel for the danger involved. You da man!!

    Patrick WPatrick W3 måneder siden
  • What a man!

    george Lamgeorge Lam3 måneder siden
  • The Real Millennial Viking. Proud of you

    Weidy HartonoWeidy Hartono3 måneder siden
  • This is so beautiful.

    Nithin 235Nithin 2353 måneder siden
  • Brave move. What kind of vessel are you in? Sounds solid as a rock, just what you need in this kind of sea. More when possible. Tx

    Affonso Junqueira Jr.Affonso Junqueira Jr.3 måneder siden
  • Que bien ... !

    Vernon BelliniVernon Bellini3 måneder siden
  • Mann - that was one helluva easy peasy sailing ! SALUTATIONS !!....loved the photography, filming of camera angles, drone shots on the high rough seas and lastly but not the least excellent editing ! you bring exhilaration and joy to the viewers.

    M RobinM Robin3 måneder siden
  • Detailed comments would be repetitive. Just superb work from a sailing madman.

    Ben JonesBen Jones4 måneder siden
  • Great Vid as always .Respect from Irelands West Islands .

    David GannonDavid Gannon4 måneder siden
  • Video should be titled I sailed in a circle on a plane

    Worf814Worf8144 måneder siden
  • You put together very good video, These vids have a(???) calming effect, great views, calm narration. good job! & thanks for your contribution. I can see you expanding and growing substantially. Keep this channel the way it is though!! But, maybe add a channel and do other interesting topics, some type of technical marine stuff, maybe behind scenes of coast guard, or pilot boat operation. stuff like that.? Or not!! lol. I'm bored and talking Bs here!, I need to get back to work!!

    Barteau MotorsportsBarteau Motorsports4 måneder siden