After Sitting 20 years will this Big old Wheel Loader Drive 3 miles home!?!? Pt.2

3. april. 2021
791 110 Ganger

Lin Boucher- Artist
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  • Hey yall! I know there is a few rough spots in the audio! I apologize for that, not sure what went wrong but please bare with me it doesn't last long. Hope ya like it!!!

    Diesel CreekDiesel Creek7 dager siden
    • Ya I really like it and I like how you topped off all the fluid

      Maddie BoroskeyMaddie Boroskey13 timer siden
    • yeah when you got it moving the audio started to crackle a lot every time the engine would rev.

    • Nice try mate

      Penijamini SilimaibauPenijamini Silimaibau2 dager siden
    • Good job my bro

      Penijamini SilimaibauPenijamini Silimaibau2 dager siden
    • It’s fine

      quill6211quill62113 dager siden
  • I guessed 545 550

    Braiden FranklinBraiden Franklin16 minutter siden
  • Okay big machine pretty decent size hydraulic lines so I'm going to say between 400 to 700

    ArgofinArgofinTime siden
  • I really enjoyed this . Applause from 🇬🇧

    Patrick WillimentPatrick Williment3 timer siden
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    Carmine DonaCarmine Dona4 timer siden
  • You’ve got that whole massive area yet you had to kill that tree that survived against the odds. Thumbs down for this video.

    xerxel69xerxel696 timer siden
    • Plus the whole point of removing it was to clean the place up and use the driveway

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek3 timer siden
    • @xerxel69 they don’t stay tiny....

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek3 timer siden
    • @Diesel Creek LOL! there was a huge loader there for 20 years but a tiny tree takes up too much space!?! 😂

      xerxel69xerxel693 timer siden
    • You mean the tree that was growing right in the middle of their driveway??? Ya it had to go?? You gonna let one grow up through your driveway??? Get real

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek3 timer siden
  • Oh thats a good price, you would probably have to pay close to like $10.000 for a loader this size in Sweden.

    Bluezero75Bluezero757 timer siden
  • Never let your jealous girlfriend get her hands on this baby!!!

    John DunstanJohn Dunstan7 timer siden
  • $543.17 is my guess

    Scoots TayScoots Tay8 timer siden
  • "Buy once cry once!" Love that!

    C LoC Lo9 timer siden
  • I was number 39000. Hoorah

    tommy andersontommy anderson10 timer siden
  • make sure ya fix the brakes too lol whoever buys it, or you for that matter wants a running vehicle that they can stop.... nice job!!

    IAMdevilwomenIAMdevilwomen10 timer siden
  • Like the vw in the back

    Roy MinielRoy Miniel10 timer siden
  • I'd like to buy it seriously ship it to the bahamas

    mr hitzmr hitz10 timer siden
  • I want that loader so bad!

    Raymond ChammasRaymond Chammas11 timer siden
  • Wow! that's cool

    Frein HoweFrein Howe11 timer siden
  • If it can't uproot the little it really a good loader?

    Early CEarly C11 timer siden
    • or is it a money pit?

      Early CEarly C11 timer siden
  • I'm with you all the way, l really hate to see good machines scrapped just because of it's age, lf it can still do the job then go for it.

    john gardinerjohn gardiner12 timer siden
  • Valve appears to be dirty, I'll just hold it in my mouth.

    Fuel InjectionFuel Injection12 timer siden
  • Rebuild or sell?

    Deflo KodingDeflo Koding13 timer siden
  • it's actually 19 years+ not 20years+!

    musographymusography13 timer siden
  • What year is it?

    Shannon L. FrengShannon L. Freng14 timer siden
  • Its worth more than 1500 just for scrap not including the engine. Safe price for sure.

    Eric ChapmanEric Chapman14 timer siden
  • I've never driven anything bigger than my car but I can feel his excitement at getting it moving - what a beast that is. Great vid

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    Jennifer WatsonJennifer Watson14 timer siden
  • For view of foreign mechanics check out HOI XE MIEN TAY.

    don weeksdon weeks14 timer siden
  • When he sped up the video the loader sounded like a sports car

    Ryan MartinRyan Martin15 timer siden
  • Why there is clear windows?? After 20years!

    sammyfanisammyfani16 timer siden
  • My guess is $560 Because I just made two lines Similar size with JIS fittings on them for a machine tool *edit: oh i was close!!! Looks like west Michigan rubber & ur vendor are right on par for price.......

    Jason AndersonJason Anderson18 timer siden
  • that's awesome man! haha that was a long 3 miles though!

    Chris DishmanChris Dishman19 timer siden
  • For a second I was sure I heard the "shake hands with danger" riff at the beginning of the video :D

    Деян ХаустовДеян Хаустов19 timer siden
  • Post a video of the new paint job and TLC, theres currently a john deere 844 front end loader here i want to get a hold of, it starts but it doesnt run. Nice job man, motivating me to do the same thing

    Anthony BarrAnthony Barr19 timer siden
  • Good buy cant lose

    ben gearhartben gearhart20 timer siden
  • One man's junk is another man's treasure

    Ali OzturkAli Ozturk20 timer siden
  • Hilarious to see the mini come in there to take the little tree out. What a powerhouse u resurrected!

    dusty2206dusty220620 timer siden
  • Congrats on 200k man! Love the content.

    Mac PariseMac Parise21 time siden
  • I figured 5K but for $1500 I would have disassembled it in the yard and taken it in pieces if it didn't run.

    Power to the SheeplePower to the Sheeple22 timer siden
  • And nothing compares to the sound of an old engine starting up

    UPRailfanUPRailfan22 timer siden
  • Nothing compares to the smell of fuel!!

    UPRailfanUPRailfan22 timer siden
  • 1500$ wow I would have ran to that too!!!

    Stephen BrewerStephen Brewer22 timer siden
  • Awesome video - Matt you are the real deal! Most people would have been happy just getting it running, but then they would have given up with all the other problems. You had a great balance of reality mixed with patience and determination - it was priceless seeing that thing rolling down the road to your shop! Great job and keep the videos coming!

    itsa67itsa6722 timer siden
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    Brian SegoviaBrian Segovia22 timer siden
  • Didn’t guess but I was going to say 285 each on the hoses. I have to make them at my job periodically and know the stuff is pricey

    Stephen BrewerStephen Brewer23 timer siden
  • Mean machine! Mean machine !mean machine !mean machine !mean machine 🤣

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel RodriguezDag siden
  • I too love seeing old iron come alive. Great job. 👍

    Robert SchmidtRobert SchmidtDag siden
  • 23:40 Omg! In my country (iraq) It will cost you about less than 50 $ Nice work my friend

    Hisham DuskiHisham DuskiDag siden
  • Maquina vs naguraleza

    enrique paes orozcoenrique paes orozcoDag siden
  • Salió de su prisión terrenal

    enrique paes orozcoenrique paes orozcoDag siden
  • Awesome job to the fix on your tire. Those split-ring rims can be extremely dangerous if they happen to fly off, I've seen them break legs and even worse. Good call there friend.

    Norman JonesNorman JonesDag siden
  • Definitely a gem in the rough. Sure enough a keeper..

    Norman JonesNorman JonesDag siden
  • 500 for thoes lines? wow, what a rip off. i said 80 bucks. lol

  • Love it!!!

    Mike RMike RDag siden
  • I don't know why, but this video put a smile on my face. Especially as it started to move.

    IndepthCarDetailingIndepthCarDetailingDag siden
  • Big ol dirty tonka lookin thang !!!

    Travis N.Travis N.Dag siden
  • bjutiful

    David KanikDavid KanikDag siden
  • Watching you get out of that hole was so exciting! It's like you woke it up!

    Vibes 89Vibes 89Dag siden
  • You should restore it

    Ryan MohrRyan MohrDag siden
  • I would have guessed you paid $5k. Very cool.

    D11RDozerD11RDozerDag siden
  • Your place looks like a junk yard!! clean the shit up.

    Rob ReulerRob ReulerDag siden
  • awesome job with the machine, you seem like a good down to earth dude, new sub, honestly i would like to see you keep the machine and use it

    David SteckleyDavid SteckleyDag siden
  • I also only know this because I saw the landmarks in the video

    Nasty NickNasty NickDag siden
  • I wonder how long before this becomes a "farm vehicle" like the quick flip crane

    daniel hosekdaniel hosekDag siden
  • 1500 bucks for something that will make that back ina few weeks on a farm or a small biz......worth it.

    Douglas PriceDouglas PriceDag siden
  • Subbed! Great video

    Michael LawsonMichael LawsonDag siden
  • Lets see something crazy. Your at 208k as I type/

    MikeZ32TTMikeZ32TTDag siden
  • Nice

    MikeZ32TTMikeZ32TTDag siden
  • You were talking about the high cost, wait u til you start buying tires they’ll tear a hole in your pocket

    Bill AdamsBill AdamsDag siden
  • If someone comes along and is willing to go $6K as is then might as well unload it now. See what I did there ? "unload" it ? I am so witty I think I will like my own comment now too.

    Vancouver Island WaterjetVancouver Island WaterjetDag siden
  • Something crazy for 200k - give the loader away for free!

    peerage1peerage1Dag siden
  • 1500$ no way. that's it! That's cheap as hell. My grandfather years ago woulda probably paid 5000$

    Ryan LindenRyan LindenDag siden
  • You should paint it army green

    jordan smithjordan smithDag siden
  • Daughter of Christine? lol

    James HookJames HookDag siden
  • Looking forward for a good power washer, for that baby.

    Joevip76Joevip76Dag siden
  • Bargain fix it up make $ :-)

    Rab KRab KDag siden
  • You need t o hook up with WHISTLIN DIESEL for some REEEAAAL FUN

    fladave99 Millsfladave99 MillsDag siden
  • Just found your channel and i love it!

    Kartonnen DoosKartonnen DoosDag siden
  • BIIIIIIIGGGGGGG BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    atom satom sDag siden
  • WTF ! At 37:22 you ran a stop sign. You could have killed a bus load of kids ! Check yourself with that speedy POS..

    Steve ChamberlainSteve ChamberlainDag siden
  • fyi, at about 31min when you were showing us the new trans line, there was a steady drip in the back ground

    macklandtubemacklandtubeDag siden
  • those damn hoses can be pricey, there was this younger kid on my job one day who hooked the lines up through the damn claw after taking off a hyd compactor. Ripped BOTH 14 foot lines right off my favorite 352f cat.. the amount of fluid that leaked out

    Lp12 NosLp12 NosDag siden
  • Cool video DC.

    Karl CarnevaleKarl CarnevaleDag siden
  • How those 2 pipes cost that much I sell idraulic pipes in Italy and 2 like those costs like 150€ total!!!

    Stefano DellantonioStefano DellantonioDag siden
  • That mans smiling on ya from down above watching his machine back to life

    Lp12 NosLp12 NosDag siden
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    M Bot5M Bot5Dag siden
  • those tires look almost flat from the top.. either replace e'm when the time comes or get them regrooved enough to get some more grip.

    Edward SethEdward SethDag siden
  • $1500? man. we would never get machinery like that here in the UK, people want stupid money for machinery that is just scrap!

    ChasinsunsetsChasinsunsetsDag siden
  • 600.00 for the hoses. You told me what the price was before I could finish typing.. Money well spend.

    edmcwvedmcwvDag siden
  • The leak was at the bottom but now you've driven it, the leak is at the top. Problem solved, that's why it's better.

    b00mzxb00mzxDag siden
  • Looks like Clarksville, TN

    M BM BDag siden
  • I would buy it and keep it and it and i would sell it for about $7,99.98 have a nice day man

    dalton schalzdalton schalzDag siden
  • Great deal.

    Pieter de BeerPieter de BeerDag siden
  • I think you should keep it!!! Never know when you need this brute!!! And then you have to rent one...while you had it in the first place!!!

    ZerokillerOppel1ZerokillerOppel1Dag siden
  • Machines are like people it's not healthy to sit to long..No cusing or Volker language that's unusual these days

    My Two CentsMy Two CentsDag siden
  • ...loving the old loader❣️👌

    Soylent GreenSoylent GreenDag siden
  • I would say about $60 dollars for them 2 lines

    dalton schalzdalton schalzDag siden
  • $1500......thats a steal!!

    flava flavflava flavDag siden
  • put some new meat on that sucker,,,,,$$$$$$$

    flava flavflava flavDag siden
  • Great Pastel of the Truck - for sure. That ol' Beast wants to run, that is a fact. ~2 mile run home and she didn't give you a lick of problems??!!! Let's see, it's the 8th of April, we need to start a pool. As noted in other comments, I'm going to wager that you hang on to her. (I know I would.)

    Dan AitchDan AitchDag siden
  • is there antifreeze in the tires you have to put fluid and air right

    William RockhillWilliam RockhillDag siden
  • why so many thumbs down,,,,,,,this shit is hella kool

    flava flavflava flavDag siden