Ahsoka owning the New Inquisitors

2. des.. 2015
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The rebels learn that the Inquisitors are seeking out Force-sensitive children, and they work together to protect the young ones from the Inquisitors' pursuit.

  • Kal bested two Inquisitors despite being rusty and after seeing Ahsoka do this, I can't wait for someone out there to actually put Kal again in the limelight, this a better, improved, experienced fighter!

    SIOBOY Gaming TVSIOBOY Gaming TV12 timer siden
  • I hate the fact that is a kids show. So many chances Ahsoka or Kanan had to execute these inquisitors.

    NuperNuper17 timer siden
  • fight in the temple of the dark side: maul: WAIT... these 3 losers are your enemy?

    jakpote34jakpote34Dag siden
  • 1:19 "shes doing fine" *ya think?*

    Annonimus AnynimusAnnonimus Anynimus2 dager siden
  • Ahsoka owning the new Team Rocket

    CraftySlimeCraftySlime2 dager siden
  • If someone turns off your lightsaber with your hands on it... *RUN*

    Donovan PittsDonovan Pitts2 dager siden
  • Now compare this to Obi Wan vs Savage Opress and Darth Maul.

    The Apex FighterThe Apex Fighter2 dager siden
  • “Unexpected, but not unwelcome.” Missed opportunity to insert “a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.”

    Cordray CrabbeCordray Crabbe2 dager siden
  • who are those children ?

    Gustavo TávaraGustavo Távara3 dager siden
  • The mere wing traditionally clip because debtor increasingly intend forenenst a nebulous unshielded. general gentle, rampant rectangle

    Beverly FisherBeverly Fisher3 dager siden
  • Inquisitors are basically reject Padawands that said "fuck dying lets go to the darkside" and then they come across one of the best duelers in the galaxy.

    Unlicensed SilverUnlicensed Silver3 dager siden
  • This is the only title that anyone could possibly give this video. Also, it’s so nice of the Inquisitors to only attack one at a time.

    Landon GraberLandon Graber3 dager siden
  • If Ahsoka doesnt dominate all future Disney projects they are fools

    tom lathroptom lathrop3 dager siden
  • 3:09 Didn't know they hired Simple Jack to do the voice work for it!

    We Are EverywhereWe Are Everywhere5 dager siden
  • Watching Ahsoka fighting Maul and Grievous, I think she was either playing with them or trying to protect the useless duo, and what the hell did Vader think when sending those Inquisitors as hunters? To the one defeating Maul! Had it not been for Ezra, she could have killed them easily

    Mai Tan Thien B1811365Mai Tan Thien B18113656 dager siden
  • Ashoka " You're lucky we didn't fight in a hallway "

    Danny HéroufosseDanny Héroufosse6 dager siden
  • When you just flex with your lvl 100 anakin against lvl 10 kylo ren

    Azizcan KaralarAzizcan Karalar6 dager siden
  • This would be so much cooler with tricker lightsabers

    LudvigSky gamesLudvigSky games6 dager siden
  • no wonder she defeated fookin darth maul

    AvilaasAvilaas6 dager siden
  • 1:47 Ahsoka make it look so easy

    batman Lordbatman Lord6 dager siden
  • Just rewatched this episode today and it was just as badass now as it was the first time

    opwave79opwave797 dager siden
  • Ahsoka's basically the Jedi version of Mike Tyson just way cooler 😂

    NyaGachaFan2NyaGachaFan27 dager siden
  • Epic flex by Snips.....

    Obi1kenobi10Obi1kenobi107 dager siden
  • Ashoka is literally so op. She fought Grevious when she was a padawan. Fought and beaten Maul when she was around 19 or so. She literally destroyed these 2 inquisitions. She fought and survived against Vader. She fights all of these high-tier people and is a formidable opponents against them.

    JoshTheLegend 21JoshTheLegend 217 dager siden
  • when she force pushed the seventh sister tho 👀

    chaotic energychaotic energy7 dager siden
  • “You are beaten.” Another classic Vader/Anakin line

    AspeltaAspelta7 dager siden
  • 0:44 - 1:01 I think she took a page out of Maul's book because that was very reminiscent of how he revealed himself to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on Naboo. Anyone else see it?

    99thJediWarrior99thJediWarrior7 dager siden
  • The brother is so incompetent. He was knocked out twice in one battle

    Ethan BrinEthan Brin8 dager siden
  • go snips!

    v4d3rm4nv4d3rm4n8 dager siden
  • 0:45 the door , people never existed andnever used by people

    KuranguKuppan தமிழ்KuranguKuppan தமிழ்8 dager siden
  • Oh my God! When you have beaten the dark side user just stab them! They are on the ground? Staby time! Because every life they will take after you let them life is basically a life that is on your hands.

    Горацио ВтрубудуевГорацио Втрубудуев9 dager siden
  • Best part is how Vader never gave a flying f about Ahsoka beating all of them, hell knowing him he would be disappointed otherwise, that was his girl and you could tell he did not want to do it and let her run but she refused, that scene had me torn up.

    Mandalorian CrusaderMandalorian Crusader9 dager siden
  • Why does rebels have to be so bad

    The Wandering SpiderThe Wandering Spider9 dager siden
    • I really like rebels though it is not as good as the clone wars

      Mr NoobMr Noob8 dager siden
  • She trained with the great Anakin Skywalker, she is very very strong.

    NextToLegendaryNextToLegendary9 dager siden
  • Lord Vader: I've been expecting you Skyguy: HAHA ENEMY GO BOOM BOOM

    Jackson LiJackson Li10 dager siden
  • Dog water Boxed like a fish Zero pr Absolute dog

    Joseph LucianoJoseph Luciano10 dager siden
  • Let's just talk about why she isn't in battlefront 2 🤷‍♂️

    AustinAustin12 dager siden
  • That would have been so interesting to see her captured and taken to vader

    Lucas midgettLucas midgett12 dager siden
  • YoU ArE BeATeN. shouldve been more like STAB. why can they just never kill their opponents.

    Vasiliy PapatidiVasiliy Papatidi12 dager siden
  • owning libs time

    ArtschiiArtschii12 dager siden
  • this show sucked balls

    Matt HughesMatt Hughes13 dager siden
  • Love how she just threw Fifth Brother

    Jonathan GarciaJonathan Garcia13 dager siden
  • Kanan: What about Ahsoka? Ezra: She’s doing fine. *Defeats/owns the Inquisitors* Kanan: We gotta go back for her. Ezra: If we get airborne, I bet she’ll just come to us. *Jumps twice and reaches them in midair* Two for two, Ezra, looks like after Order 66 and Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, seems Ezra Bridger was one of the two people who knew Ahsoka well, the other being Captain Rex.

    KnowledgeGatherer DraftSaverKnowledgeGatherer DraftSaver13 dager siden
  • damn the inquisitors have some retarded looking helmets

    Existential DreadExistential Dread14 dager siden
  • I hate when Sith have opportunities to kill people but dont. Its stupid. And makes no sense.

    Thicc CorgiThicc Corgi14 dager siden
  • *Chokes and kicks Kanan instead of just stabing with lightsaber*

    Fancy duck ProductionsFancy duck Productions15 dager siden
  • Would be great see Ashoka fight like kit fisto against grievous in clone wars, with the beautiful coreo and animation

    Jose CarlosJose Carlos15 dager siden
  • ngl the girl inquisitor looks fine af

    Φαιδων ΕμμανουηλΦαιδων Εμμανουηλ15 dager siden
  • Can we talk about how the storm troopers aims are...

    firestorm 8265firestorm 826516 dager siden
  • Oh,the droid`s spinning is so cute

    Безумный КольтяраБезумный Кольтяра16 dager siden
  • Unexpected but not unwelcome? She means, A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    HB StudiosHB Studios16 dager siden
  • Love the wink 😉

    Jeff GalusJeff Galus16 dager siden
  • rebels sucks because of the stupid little toothpick lightsabers.

    zbaker330zbaker33016 dager siden
  • 1:20 man, if I were Kana, I'd have just pointed my lightsaber at the inquisitor and quickly turn my lightsaber on and off again and be like "hey, one less inquisitor"

    Phillip MendozaPhillip Mendoza17 dager siden
  • Ahsoka is like the final boss

    Boba FettBoba Fett17 dager siden
  • Goat

    Angel HernándezAngel Hernández17 dager siden
  • You can see the point where she realized how bad these two were at lightsaber dueling and just began to own them.

    PhenaxDKPhenaxDK17 dager siden
  • 2:31 the green goblin could have learned something there

    Chris LangedijkChris Langedijk18 dager siden
  • when you're playing at 3am and a player appears on the other team with a Japanese name

    RainfireRainfire18 dager siden
  • God i hate the artstyle of this show everything is wayy skiny like look at the litsbaber hilt

    Genral SmithGenral Smith18 dager siden
    • agreed. the art style is awful.

      zbaker330zbaker33016 dager siden
  • That fat inquisitor looks like hes straight out of pirates of the carribean😂😂😂

    LeonLeon18 dager siden
  • this stuff is better than any of the new star wars stuff i think, but man its just too convenient for the heroes sometimes...

    BizatchthekingBizatchtheking19 dager siden
  • What season and episode is this

    noemi rodrigueznoemi rodriguez19 dager siden
    • Season 2 episode 10

      Mr NoobMr Noob8 dager siden
  • And we will never see these babies ever again

    TheKenji2221TheKenji222119 dager siden
  • Ahsoka be like "Bitch, I killed one of you while unarmed like years ago and now I've got two lightsabers, you sure you wanna do this?"

    UtsugenUtsugen19 dager siden
  • Every time I see clips from rebels, I want to slap the animators. They could’ve done so much better

    Ben OvermireBen Overmire19 dager siden
  • Move over Rey.

    OakbreezeOakbreeze20 dager siden
  • the phantom is flying high with the razor crest

    Cody LeonCody Leon20 dager siden
  • 0:25 If this wasn't a kids show he would be dead

    Mr. CleanMr. Clean20 dager siden
  • a show where the entire main cast is unlikable. what a concept

    ZaedrahZaedrah20 dager siden
  • Ahsoka had no problem beating their ass. Such a good scene

    Jen HennesseyJen Hennessey20 dager siden
  • Can you imagine the massive hunt that would have occurred had Vader learned she had survived order 66? She would have been at the top of the list for his apprentice.

    Untied ShoelacesUntied Shoelaces20 dager siden
  • I see... she's adopted Anakins penchant for dramatic entrances( at least as much as being non-sith allows)

    Qwerty ErrorQwerty Error20 dager siden
  • I mean she killed one without a lightsaber and used they’re crystals to make her new blades

    robert sullivanrobert sullivan20 dager siden
  • The most badass female character in Star Wars

    Famous Ramus22Famous Ramus2221 dag siden
  • I remember seeing those doors open and i literally did the choir chorus from Phantom Menace when the door opened and Darth Maul was there...lol.. i got chills seeing Ahsoka and was thinking... uh oh, it's about to get real..love Ahsoka!

    M WM W21 dag siden
  • Isn't seventh sister barris ?

    Adarsh ChandruAdarsh Chandru21 dag siden
  • Its so shit on how they can basically fly with LIGHT SABERS

    Limitablesnow89Limitablesnow8921 dag siden
  • she doesn't even look winded in the end lol. Those inquisitors were saved by plot

    MugiwaraMugiwara21 dag siden
  • Ahsoka made the Inquisitors look like amateurs.

    Andrew SepAndrew Sep21 dag siden
  • 2:07 that moment when you can mentally hear "Sit down, kid"

    MugiwaraMugiwara21 dag siden
  • "who doesnt want to be a mother" Men?

    Fuzzy BunnyFuzzy Bunny21 dag siden
  • O.o i never realized she could use battle meditation, holy shit.

    MasuraMasura21 dag siden
  • This was a decent scene in a show that was overall pretty mediocre at best. Now, did Filoni forget how skilled Ashoka is in TCW and Rebels? Because she should've been able to take out that retarded chick in The Mandalorian very fast.

    Les SalazarLes Salazar21 dag siden
  • The spinning lightsaber garbage is why it took me so long to watch this show. It makes no sense lol. For the lightsaber to spin like that and stay activated, the crystal chamber and power source would both have to be in the emitter which I guess would be possible with circuitry running through its outer ring but it wouldn't able to be as thin as a blade like it is if it had to accommodate the saber's internals

    pirate772009pirate77200922 dager siden
  • Jedi never seem to take the opportunity to skewer their sith opponents when presented with the opportunity. It's like they enjoy losing.

    Michael BennettMichael Bennett22 dager siden
  • The puzzled closet realistically miss because ukraine accidentally count after a naive ghost. tangible, versed restaurant

    Cheyenne GöronCheyenne Göron22 dager siden
  • SJW/pseudo Star Wars fan: You guys don't like Rey cause she's a wamen you don't respact wamen and you guys hate strong wamen Ahsoka: Hold my beer!

    j.c manj.c man22 dager siden
  • 0:30 0:37 this is so funny!

    jo bbobjo bbob22 dager siden
  • Once you drop the opponent kill them. It is not Darksidish to defend yourself from a mortal threat and it's worse to keep them alive knowing they will harm and kill others.

    james seven6james seven622 dager siden
  • While the clones have chip in their heads, the other big story has to be the hack done to stormtrooper helmets to make them miss so badly. I must be the first to figure this out from a galaxy far far away.

    Siew Teng LeongSiew Teng Leong22 dager siden
  • so frustrating it doesn't show the aftermath. Does anyone have the next clip in this sequence? I swear I saw it here, not just the entire source video (which couldn't exist here of course)

    Daniel BacaDaniel Baca23 dager siden
  • The sound when Ahsoka ignites her lightsabers then flips them is so clean and I love it

    Lee KangLee Kang23 dager siden
  • Although I don't like this show, this fight was really cool!!

    EchoEcho23 dager siden
  • Should I start watching this series?

    Ratius RattiusRatius Rattius23 dager siden
    • depends how old you are. if you’re a kid, sure.

      zbaker330zbaker33016 dager siden
  • Too bad Disney can't show Asohka just slaughtering them, she can do whatever considering shes not a Jedi

    JW OZJW OZ23 dager siden
  • I cant get enough of ahoska

    James BlaserJames Blaser23 dager siden
  • Gotta commend the Inquisitors for holding their ground as long as they did against the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker himself, who had experience fighting a Sith Lord like Maul, would be able to withstand Vader's onslaught, and is strong enough in the Force to even resist Sidious' Sith sorcery without Ezra's help for as long as she did.

    Nelson YeoNelson Yeo23 dager siden
  • i need a girl like her who can handle lightsabers pretty damn well

    PoyPoy23 dager siden
  • Annoying that she would help protect two younglings but in mando she made a exception for grogu

    David EsquerDavid Esquer23 dager siden