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minecraft vid inna couple weeks. hopefully

  • Fearless please come back i love you

    daniel hampton jrdaniel hampton jr41 minutt siden
  • I like the fact that the fish that defined I do with the watermelon head is on there

    You sus OkYou sus OkTime siden
  • Why does everyone ignore his GODLY EDiTS

    NoahTheTri 148NoahTheTri 148Time siden
  • Why are there so many v bucks scams damn

    Lolcat YTLolcat YT2 timer siden
  • i am so happy that you are posting its been 10 months!!!!

    Maria HernandezMaria Hernandez2 timer siden
  • made 2020 into a better year

    Adam YerimaAdam Yerima2 timer siden
  • dude its funny how all famous youtubers saying like HES BACK (no offense)

    Armando IdontknowArmando Idontknow3 timer siden
  • 1:33

    tamara bonnertamara bonner3 timer siden
  • Uploadless

    NoobBlox10 ShortsNoobBlox10 Shorts4 timer siden
  • So he is not dead

    Heather PettyHeather Petty4 timer siden
  • ur mortal

    Mary GraysonMary Grayson5 timer siden
  • Honestly you could go pro

    RegiRegi5 timer siden
  • Who else thought he was dead

    Island N1njaIsland N1nja5 timer siden
  • 6:09 made me laugh so hard

    Cyclic ArtistCyclic Artist5 timer siden
  • Bro fearless you make my day so much better when I watch your videos. Plz post video plzzzzzz

    Riccardo MancusoRiccardo Mancuso5 timer siden
  • come back fe4r

    zac saulzac saul6 timer siden
  • I liked the brutus one that was funny

    Jeremiah GarciaJeremiah Garcia6 timer siden
  • When’s that rap with Carlos comin out my guy

    Sean AverySean Avery6 timer siden
  • Day 1 of commenting till Fearless uploads

    Florin GoagaFlorin Goaga6 timer siden
  • What h as prned

    Kelly CyganKelly Cygan7 timer siden
    • What hapened

      Kelly CyganKelly Cygan7 timer siden
  • 3:11 After effects be like

    Junior On 60fpsJunior On 60fps7 timer siden
  • Can I get gift by you my id is LSTANLEY702

    ROMAN fortnite i play fortniteROMAN fortnite i play fortnite8 timer siden
  • Fe4rlesss with the rrrrrrrrr in the end

    R341 TUTORIAL16;*R341 TUTORIAL16;*9 timer siden
  • Fearless Camed Back With a lot of love

    DogPhood Aka ColdSoupDogPhood Aka ColdSoup9 timer siden
  • That coaches dog water

    Randi RouseRandi Rouse9 timer siden
  • I love you too ;) 4:30

    Watch VideoWatch Video10 timer siden
  • Fortrnite 2020: fearless 2 good we have to do something. Fortnite 2021: Lets just remove snipers.

    MR MurgasMR Murgas10 timer siden
  • fe4rless sheeshh

    legend.x2legend.x211 timer siden
  • fearless uploads me: havent heard that in years

    Mr AverageMr Average11 timer siden

    Cobra Kai GANGCobra Kai GANG12 timer siden
    • Miguel is goated ngl

      Florin GoagaFlorin Goaga6 timer siden
  • I love how he’s just acting like wasn’t gone for the last year

    TinTraxImoTinTraxImo13 timer siden
  • Did he die he barley uploads

    Jocelyn PandasJocelyn Pandas13 timer siden
  • i love the default

    Mohd Hamdi Mohd AzmeeMohd Hamdi Mohd Azmee13 timer siden
  • Fearless pls make more videos

    Araceli AlanisAraceli Alanis13 timer siden
  • 4:30 there's no ready up.its Ily,say it back and or imma get mad 😂😂😂

    MartinMartin14 timer siden
  • i found abdul in a math problem Abdul sells hot apple cider at the Hendersonville Apple Festival each year. For a batch of cider that makes 25 servings, Abdul uses 2 tablespoons of cinnamon. How much cinnamon is in each serving of cider? Write your answer as a proper fraction or mixed number. tablespoons

    Hassan ArisHassan Aris14 timer siden
  • Pls come back pls

    AdityaAditya15 timer siden
  • Bruh fearless it's been 4 months why isn't there any new video

    meer nawazmeer nawaz16 timer siden
  • 😁🥰 was sad today thanks for making it better lover your vids

    Danielle GrimesDanielle Grimes17 timer siden
  • U coming back because Ily to much for u to leave

    DarkCreeper42DarkCreeper4217 timer siden
  • Hi. Fe4

    Elliottnoel MunozElliottnoel Munoz18 timer siden
  • I watch all the AIMBOT videos like more then 10000000 times and so as ur other vids

    Marvel ScientistMarvel Scientist19 timer siden
  • subscribe to his shorts dchannel

    Veer TawarVeer Tawar19 timer siden
  • Fe4Less For me you are One of the best player in the world. Who you can do this trick shorts???

    deku_128deku_12820 timer siden
  • Fe4r: poor kitty Me: ur the one that killed him

    Jayden NguyenJayden Nguyen21 time siden

    Sarah ByrneSarah Byrne21 time siden
  • I will Mary fe4rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    King gamer124 EbrahimKing gamer124 Ebrahim22 timer siden
  • He posted it meanwhile Season 5 with a Season 4 thumbnail but the video is on season 3

    ShadeShade22 timer siden
  • Yooo pleas come back:(

    DarkyyDarkyy23 timer siden
  • U need to upload when you hit 10 million

    godzilla 2021godzilla 202123 timer siden
  • Wach him swazzy

    Question mark ClanQuestion mark Clan23 timer siden
  • When I’ve watched so much dreamsmp content that even fearless sounds like dream now

    Bacon03 GamingBacon03 GamingDag siden
  • Is it just me but 4 months later I saw a mouse pointer

    Dallas BocanegraDallas BocanegraDag siden
  • Jimmy: *REVIVE MEEEEEEE* Me: *Dying of laughter*

    Chelsea GonzalezChelsea GonzalezDag siden
  • Defect

    Siwar AbduSiwar AbduDag siden
  • Keep yo head up(load) bro

    DaGamer5T3wDaGamer5T3wDag siden
  • Fe4rless sorry I sawed a video and I chow you're face I KNOW YOURE FACE Sorry I know now youre face

    xxdarckxsweatxx correaxxdarckxsweatxx correaDag siden
  • I gave my guy a fade number 3

    Trevor BeamonTrevor BeamonDag siden
  • R6S new season operation carry default

    XpexXpexDag siden
  • Ceeday and fear wHAT IF they PLANNING TO COME BACK BUT TOGETHER 👁👄👁

    IlmayralIIlmayralIDag siden
    • Omg

      Ausitn RutledgeAusitn RutledgeDag siden
    • Omf

      Ausitn RutledgeAusitn RutledgeDag siden
  • Coral cruiser omg that funny as fu-

    Hopeless 1Hopeless 1Dag siden
  • Fearless come back

    Mushy loves techyMushy loves techyDag siden
  • WOW I CANT believe this was 4 months ago

    elten primoelten primoDag siden
  • he took out the I LIKE UR CUT G

  • 2:57 NOOOOOOO

    ItsSonicItsSonicDag siden
  • YO

    Splitz VoidSplitz VoidDag siden
  • You have no idea how many times I’ve watched this vid it’s insane. Pls come back to us fe4rless 😇 we want u

    Zero ClanZero ClanDag siden
    • fax

      Adrian WilsonAdrian Wilson21 time siden
  • I miss your videos

    Fitzgerald GANGFitzgerald GANGDag siden
  • 4:29 its says I love you say it back where it should say ready up

    hyperZ 22hyperZ 22Dag siden
  • Ngl fearless has the best editor

    Gen TofanelliGen TofanelliDag siden
  • We need you back

    mario gameingmario gameingDag siden
  • Pls uplode we miss u pls

    M AcostaM AcostaDag siden
  • dont matter what the haters say keep your heap up cuh

    GG GamersGG GamersDag siden
  • 360 Ooga Booga Booga

    John SandersJohn SandersDag siden
  • That lugh 3:22

    saad alastorahsaad alastorahDag siden
  • AYO 30 MILLION?!?!?!?!?!?!?! VIEWSSS

    OutRaplOutRaplDag siden
  • This editing is so good mans spent 8 months on this lol

    Angelica AvalosAngelica AvalosDag siden
  • Who watched the vid more than 3times

    GA MaStErGA MaStErDag siden
  • Hope your happy Charlie fans . 😢😢 That he was less subs 🙏😭. I miss you Fearless

    Isaiah GuerraIsaiah GuerraDag siden
  • If fornite had aimassits 1BILLION this would be it

    Spoken_TripzzeSpoken_TripzzeDag siden
  • this was in chapter 2 season 3

    HeyitsmerudymYT1HeyitsmerudymYT1Dag siden
  • pls upload

    HeyitsmerudymYT1HeyitsmerudymYT1Dag siden
  • 1,6M like what

    Remo & DodoRemo & DodoDag siden
  • 6 dec 2020 best day in history

    Ludvig VilladsenLudvig VilladsenDag siden
  • Yo fearless wish you the best bro if u come back to NOtown we will be here if not we still support you

    Jouse GonzalezJouse GonzalezDag siden
    • @lvcely i appreciate it

      Jouse GonzalezJouse Gonzalez17 timer siden
    • aww i love this comment

      lvcelylvcelyDag siden
  • U should play cod warzone

    Rayyaan GamingRayyaan GamingDag siden
  • Bruh I love Watching These vidS OVER AND OVER AGain @Fe4RLess pls upload u make my day when you upload

    SimplifySimplifyDag siden
  • 555669 comment hehehe

    Ford SchwisowFord SchwisowDag siden
  • 1:26

    blessedwydblessedwydDag siden
  • 9:20

    Braulio MarinBraulio MarinDag siden
  • Come back pls I love your content

    Mathias PachecoMathias PachecoDag siden
  • Try not to cry put my cat is dead😭

    Jasper ÜidikJasper ÜidikDag siden
  • F4r is your nue code in the item shop

    Jasper ÜidikJasper ÜidikDag siden

    Arbaaz KhaliqArbaaz KhaliqDag siden
  • Jimmy ITS noob

    aim basseaim basseDag siden
  • We miss you bro please make a video of why you were gone so long so we know

    Aj BranhamAj BranhamDag siden
  • The defaults probably has skins but there saying they don’t have skins.

    RyeGuyPlaysRyeGuyPlaysDag siden
  • Bro I thought he was going to say “this is my first win with ...... a big year old”

    Ace Clan gamingAce Clan gamingDag siden
  • THAT coach is noob v

    Arkan Nerazzurra AstanaArkan Nerazzurra AstanaDag siden
  • 0:53

    Quinten WegmanQuinten WegmanDag siden