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25. juni. 2018
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Battle of Gaugamela Scene | Alexander (2004)
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Starring: Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Jared Leto, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Hopkins
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  • ❤️

    Eva SchiffhauerEva Schiffhauer7 timer siden
  • Literally THE most acurate battle scene ever done, perfect tempo fact, Alexander over slept the night before and that is why the battle started pass noon with meny macedonians perfectly rested and great contrast their oponents had being in formation for several hours in the hot sun just waiting for them...the balls to pull that tho

    Devastation OfMankindDevastation OfMankind7 timer siden
  • Jesus is coming soon Jesus is the only savior and judge Psalms 50chapter 15. And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

    yh yyh y3 dager siden
  • 3:34 the POV somehow make me dizzy

    Untuk KepentinganUntuk Kepentingan6 dager siden
  • 3:21 Agrianes, ever the friend of the Sarrisa.

    Jonathan LundkvistJonathan Lundkvist6 dager siden
  • This battle took place in my city Erbil in Kurdistan. That’s why it is called battle of Arabela. The name Erbil comes from Arbela

    Mohammad FarhadMohammad Farhad6 dager siden
    • Good luck to you from UK

      g barkieg barkieDag siden
  • Archer arrows were not this effective against the pike phalanx. This is why the phalanx was so effective against Persian battle tactics, particularly their cavalry archers. The arrows would largely be deflected by the ranks of pikes that were held at varying angles over their heads. Only if they were shot at it from the flanks or from behind were they vulnerable.

    DMC12GaugeDMC12Gauge7 dager siden
  • Nothing lasts forever but to create a single moment in time that will be remembered for thousands of years. *Glorious.*

    marsmars9 dager siden
  • Playing an Alexander campaign on Rome II Divide et Impera right now, and I modded the unit scale to almost twice the normal size so the numbers of men are historically accurate. I can literally mock this battle if I want to I LOVE IT!!!

    John GallagherJohn Gallagher9 dager siden
  • 1:27 Camel family reunion turns into a disaster

    Brick Assault ProductionsBrick Assault Productions13 dager siden
  • 0:32 I like the guy with the sword he keeps on moving it hand back and foward

    Brick Assault ProductionsBrick Assault Productions13 dager siden
  • 3 years later legends says they still running at each other lol

    Emanuel RuizEmanuel Ruiz13 dager siden
  • It should be the best way to shoot fire arrows from cavalry against the Macedonian square

    fio fiofio fio13 dager siden
  • Welcome to Assyria and Armenia 😌

    Յալեն ՆժդեհՅալեն Նժդեհ15 dager siden

    United MacedoniaUnited Macedonia16 dager siden
  • He was not Greek

    Rambo RamboRambo Rambo16 dager siden
  • It's not that the movie is bad or the actor doesn't fit the role. It's that making a movie about the King of Kings is extremely challenging . Great scene though!

    Alexandros RAlexandros R16 dager siden
  • Enyalios for those who were wondering what the Macedonians Soldiers chanting. "En-y-a-li-os" Learn this from a good acquaintance who study Hellenic history and culture.

    Romellenios Daemos Λανσε ランスRomellenios Daemos Λανσε ランス17 dager siden
  • من طرف محمد الروقي ء

    العنزي االعنزي ا18 dager siden
  • No movie is historically perfect but this movie did serious attempt to portray a realistic battle - using macedonian tactics, something the average viewer is not familiar with!

    William PittWilliam Pitt19 dager siden
  • 0:23 that 4th extra in the first rank is very excited lol

    Generic Legionary RecruitGeneric Legionary Recruit19 dager siden
  • Unstoppable!

    Thermal GeothermalThermal Geothermal20 dager siden
  • For the freedom and glory of Greece

    George mourGeorge mour22 dager siden
  • Alexander 🇲🇰 ❤️

    МакедонијаМакедонија22 dager siden
  • For once I just wanna see arrows bounce off or embed themselves in armor like they're supposed to instead of penetrating.

    Joseph Satri Cleofe VillanuevaJoseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva23 dager siden
  • Finally, an army worthy of Mordor.

    John TJohn T27 dager siden
  • when alexander the great was a king of Bulgarians lands from tribe Dulo, country with the name Macedonia not exist yet.False history.He never not have the title Macedonian. Always was with the title the Great! You can see the hats of a warriors are of Dacians on the movie .they are is called romania.The war with Persia was with my people bulgarians on the Bulgarians lands.Plutarch write about this and many documents proves this what i speak. Greeks never have a war with Persians. They stole the Bulgarian history from us and they burned all Bulgarians books in Alexandria. I am historian and you cant lie me with this false Holywood movie. Everyboby knows that Bulgaria is the most old country on the world. Bulgarians are the Great Nation blessed from God the Creator! Nobody cant change this.

    UrantiaUrantia28 dager siden
  • So this is how Spartans trained since the age of 7?

    Name's OMEGAName's OMEGA28 dager siden
  • i still wonder if alexander could have outwitted the romans

    unitor699unitor699Måned siden
  • The costume still not accurate and the color is too bright .

    Perseus IXPerseus IXMåned siden
  • You can hear Alexander's Army while marching spelling "Ecim Para " which in Arberesh- Albanian means "We're going forward " Pretty strange ALBANIAN Dialect spelling in Ancient years which is confusing

    Maverick GMaverick GMåned siden
  • 2:58 Sick!

    Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnMåned siden
  • 4:48 Someone tripped.

    Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnMåned siden
  • It would be really hard to stop arrows with that 1 ton shield while carrying an equally heavy pike at the same time. The Persians should've stuck to firing arrows to weaken the phalanx then sent their manpower to destroy the macedonians.

    Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnMåned siden
  • Fake history there's no Alexander the great . If you go from Greece to Indian today it will take 2 years with horse . If you want to fight from Greece to Indian I will take you 5000years . It's fake don't wast your time

    Tamim NooriTamim NooriMåned siden
    • Bruh he did exist. It’s just your peanut sized brain that makes you very dumb in history😂

      Khilij NeroKhilij NeroMåned siden
    • Do me a favour and tell me what kind of drugs are you on?

      Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnMåned siden
  • Makedonia 🇬🇷☦️💪🏻

    ?? Tz1mas?? Tz1masMåned siden
  • Best battle scene ever made

  • Do the Soldiers saying Ecim Para .If So .Ecim para mean Go ahead in Albanian Leanguage

    George XhumariGeorge XhumariMåned siden
  • Unfortunately blades on the wheels of chariots don't quite work like that

    WeebSlayerWeebSlayerMåned siden
  • It would have been more accurate if the actors recreating the ancient greek macedonians(including Alexander) were mediterranean people instead of germanic-british looking actors ; but other than that this scene is awesome.

    Paikuhan SenseiPaikuhan SenseiMåned siden
    • yup

      Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnMåned siden
  • Alexander the Great was Greek.

    Armor Of GodArmor Of GodMåned siden
  • Wait until the Peloponnesian War starts Sparta + Persia + discounted League members Vs Athens and some other City states and why didn't the Persians kept on firing there bows they were effective

    Brick Assault ProductionsBrick Assault ProductionsMåned siden
    • ikr

      Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnMåned siden
  • 🐐🐏🦅 Hello Alexander is Albanian and the name is the same as him (Skenderbeu) is Albania, Dardania illyria is all Albania hears the soldiers speak Albanian - ECIM PARA ECIM PARA - because the truth will come out very soon and that Macedonia belongs to the Albanians and they are free tribes - these fictional films come, come, watch well where Illyria and Macedonia go. shie the Hunza tribe is exactly the same as the Albanian people are those Hunza tribes left in the wars of Alexander the Great Leka the Great. but do not invent the story but the facts that come out of the ground are showing otherwise illyria 🇦🇱

    Murati HajrushMurati HajrushMåned siden
  • 1:17 Anyone knows why the fighters are all talking in today's albanian language?

    Stop InjorancesStop InjorancesMåned siden
    • @JohnDoe 1 what's seems to you instead?

      Stop InjorancesStop InjorancesMåned siden
    • It onlt sounds albanian in your ears lmao

      JohnDoe 1JohnDoe 1Måned siden
  • So if you are a soldier during the ancient times , there are 0.00000001% of you surviving a war.

    kaustabhkaustabhMåned siden
  • 알렉산더의 창 전술 정말 대단했음

    비서실장비서실장Måned siden
  • This movie is seriously underrated. Especially if you know the history, and even more so if you watch the director's cut.

    bASD TURDbASD TURDMåned siden
  • 3:53 name song?

    LennyLennyMåned siden
  • This amazing movie and Alejandro's spirit of exploration encouraged me to make my first trip abroad, from Spain to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, the best trip of my life.

    Cimmerian DragonCimmerian DragonMåned siden
  • I just love Alexander’s tactics

    Green dragon Oh yeahGreen dragon Oh yeahMåned siden
  • Because of the horses phycology it wont run into a wall of spears

    Советскии АЌЦИИ Soveit stonksСоветскии АЌЦИИ Soveit stonksMåned siden
  • Watch this movie again makes me want to play Total War: Rome 2 agian.

    Song ToanSong ToanMåned siden
  • 3:53 Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices ^_^

    kaziqtakaziqtaMåned siden
    • @Lenny please use google to find out more about the topic

      kaziqtakaziqtaMåned siden
    • Name song?

      LennyLennyMåned siden
  • 4:09 Alexander holding a spear 4:17 Alexander holding a sword 4:27 Alexander holding nothing

    General Poslije BitkeGeneral Poslije Bitke2 måneder siden
    • @El Sueno Great eye. My mistake. I believe it is Cassander (Jonathan Meyer). Shown in 4:12 .

      General Poslije BitkeGeneral Poslije Bitke3 dager siden
    • 4:17 isn't Alexander. He was wearing a black plume. Alexander uses red plume.

      El SuenoEl Sueno3 dager siden
  • Todays military would be running for the hills if they had to fight like this. Patton was nothing compared to the great alexander

    earl Vineyearl Viney2 måneder siden
  • Bloody Battle

    The WolfThe Wolf2 måneder siden
  • Lucifer Bright Morning Star Light Bearer Is Allah

    Stephen DominguezStephen Dominguez2 måneder siden
    • And who even asked?

      Khilij NeroKhilij NeroMåned siden
  • The thing I liked about this sequence was I could never quite grasp from the old maps/diagrams of the battle what it was that Alexander was doing. But seeing it on screen, and the dust being kicked up by the Macedonian Horse, which in turn hid the presence of the light infantry, that is a seriously boss move by Alexander.

    cs3473cs34732 måneder siden
  • Although not 100% accurate, the story of this film is still good especially the battle scenes. It is just the writing that is bad.

    W OW O2 måneder siden
  • In 2.13 it looked like Alexander was behind one of his soldiers

    Green dragon Oh yeahGreen dragon Oh yeah2 måneder siden
  • The music in 1.49 was intimidating

    Green dragon Oh yeahGreen dragon Oh yeah2 måneder siden

  • I think this is one of the best battle scenes in movie and television history. It shows tactics, accurate equipment, formations clashing against each other. Hell, the protagonist is wearing a helmet. Quite different from the other movies where the named characters all fight with heads exposed just to show their faces to the camera, the armies just bash one another without thought, the battle line turns into a giant line of duels. You can see light infantry pestering the enemy, heavy infantry pinning them in place, cavalry maneuvering and concealing movement of troops, you can see officers trying to maintain cohesion... hell, it's brilliant.

    Luis JoaquimLuis Joaquim2 måneder siden
    • Man you put that all so brilliant, this movie is worth buying for the 2 battle scenes alone

      swae rodswae rod2 måneder siden
    • The only thing missing was seeing arrows being deflected by upright sarissas of the rear phalangites.

      Luis JoaquimLuis Joaquim2 måneder siden
  • 1:58 - 2:12 one of my favourite shots in Cinema.

    Baron NishiBaron Nishi2 måneder siden
  • za makedonia

    Matej KrstevskiMatej Krstevski2 måneder siden

    • Argenti Anguis Well he's not wrong because Alexander has Illyrian units.

      Your none existence FatherYour none existence Father3 dager siden
    • Perhaps you Albanians need acoustic treatment. They either shout "Νικηφόρος" (nikiforos in English) which means "victorious" in ancient and modern Greek, or ΕΝΥΑΛΙΟΣ (enyalios/enialos in English) which is the son of Ares, the God of War.

      Argenti AnguisArgenti AnguisMåned siden
  • Cool outro bro

    Rens VictorRens Victor2 måneder siden
  • Alexander is nephew of illyrian-albanian

    Wilson PachinoWilson Pachino2 måneder siden
  • TRULY,TRULY ALL ABSOLUTELY BEYOND UNIMAGINABLY UNIMAGINABLE TRANSCENDENT TRANSCENDENTAL BOUNDLESSNESS LEVELS OF AMAZINGLY AMAZING AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE,VERY NICE.

    Tenebros Forsetti.Tenebros Forsetti.2 måneder siden
    • TRULY,TRULY ALL ABSOLUTELY BEYOND UNIMAGINABLY UNIMAGINABLE TRANSCENDENT TRANSCENDENTAL BOUNDLESSNESS LEVELS OF AMAZINGLY AMAZING AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE,VERY NICE.

      Tenebros Forsetti.Tenebros Forsetti.2 måneder siden
  • Besides Outlaw King, one of the most accurate battle scenes in film history. Well done, Oliver Stone.

    Knight of the New JerusalemKnight of the New Jerusalem2 måneder siden
  • Can anyone tell me what the song is at the end?

    brad mahrbrad mahr2 måneder siden
  • Can anyone help me by the name of the Music used at 4:56 - It's Way fabulous 😍😍😍

    Hamann ShaikhHamann Shaikh2 måneder siden
  • "No animals were hurt or injured on the making of these scenes...only humans"

    Gecko IGecko I2 måneder siden
  • If only the rest of the movie wasn’t literal dogshit

    Commander CodyCommander Cody2 måneder siden
  • Those persians that were running to meet the greeks. By the time they arrive they would be exhausted. And thus slain.

    Harold FamHarold Fam2 måneder siden
  • Jebac pis :)

    lulek marchewaskilulek marchewaski2 måneder siden
  • Oh god they better take cover bc of those stupid archers

    Jesse Ortiz-MargaritoJesse Ortiz-Margarito2 måneder siden
    • @dark_panda The Macedonians are the soldiers with the long pikes, and the Persians are the men with the chariots.

      Bullet-Tooth TonyBullet-Tooth Tony2 måneder siden
    • can u say wich team the persians are and wich team the Macedonians are pls react fast its for homework

      dark_pandadark_panda2 måneder siden
  • I was totally sure for years that Dario III was Joseph Fiennes. Thanks to internet I know now he's not.

    Chris CrockerChris Crocker2 måneder siden
  • Aryan vs Aryan

    Pranati SethiPranati Sethi2 måneder siden
  • This is the most realistic battle scene in any movie. Imo

    NothingToo SpiffyNothingToo Spiffy2 måneder siden
  • the music in this sounds so cheap like a tv movie

    NebulousNebulous2 måneder siden
    • I never thought of it but i can see what your saying. This is still my favorite battle scene off all time and imo the most realistic and faithful battle ever put on screen.

      NothingToo SpiffyNothingToo Spiffy2 måneder siden
  • I dont know if i like the guy falling at the end more or the digital music in the outro.

    BestMods168BestMods1682 måneder siden
  • This battle is studied at west point , it was a total route.

    kLuSe.kLuSe.2 måneder siden
    • @BestMods168 ww1, ww2 , we pretty much handed defeat to the biggest powers in the real world twice , thank god we haven't had something that bad in awhile though .

      kLuSe.kLuSe.2 måneder siden
    • Total route for the american generals. I saw that one video where the put modern commanders in charge while gamers played total war.

      BestMods168BestMods1682 måneder siden
  • Alexanders hero was Achilles , they both wanted to be remembered, and here we are maybe 3000 years later , sad that it took so much war for someone to not be forgoten .

    kLuSe.kLuSe.2 måneder siden
    • @Zevin because you are an idiot

      George mourGeorge mour22 dager siden
    • @kLuSe. Yes, 400s BCE and Alexander was Alive in the 300s, I can't remember the dates off the top of my head, but I am sure they are easily found on Wiki.

      ZevinZevin2 måneder siden
    • @Zevin remember king Phillips assassination was thought to be a Persian plot , although some thought alexander did it .

      kLuSe.kLuSe.2 måneder siden
    • @Zevin was marathon and thermopily like 100 years before ?

      kLuSe.kLuSe.2 måneder siden
    • @kLuSe. The Persians weren't even attacking Greece during Alexanders lifetime as far as I know. The famous Greco Persian wars were long before Alexander was born. It would be like Me attacking Britain or Germany because they had been historical enemies, but times change. Alexander was all in it for the glory and power. Of course conquering Egypt, Syria, Bactria, various other middle eastern kingdoms, all the way to India, had nothing to do with defense or even Persia for that matter. Allot of people died for his hunger for power. I think it's good however we are having this new debate about Alexander, not long ago Western Education just portrayed him as some conquering hero, but having a modern world perspective it's not hard to see how many many other non Greek non European people saw him as a foreign tyrant warlord.

      ZevinZevin2 måneder siden
  • Скифы наши предки остановили македонского и Кира царя персов победили саки масагеты

    d a m e l i k ad a m e l i k a2 måneder siden
  • One day the spirit of the giants greeks wake up Φ Ο Β Ο Υ Τ Ο Υ Σ Ε Λ Λ Η Ν Ε Σ

  • People pick this movie apart like the prequels but while they hear Jar Jar I feel duel of the fates and this sequence

    Mr AndersonMr Anderson3 måneder siden
  • Iskandar !

  • The film may be panned by critics but this battle scene is considered to be one of the most accurate if not the most accurate depiction of an ancient battle. Except for Persians charging head on to phalanx. Even more accurate than our beloved first battle scene of Gladiator (2000)

    Zeus - Odin ChiefsZeus - Odin Chiefs3 måneder siden
    • I love gladiator battle but I never thought of it as being realistic.

      NothingToo SpiffyNothingToo Spiffy2 måneder siden
    • So what did the persians do? Slowly engage the phalanx just so they can see their shields get eaten. (Reference from roman soldiers.)

      BestMods168BestMods1682 måneder siden
  • I love how they also shown slings as a deadly and common weapon.

    Lucifer NebulaeLucifer Nebulae3 måneder siden
    • The poor soldiers

      NothingToo SpiffyNothingToo Spiffy2 måneder siden
  • Who the fuck scored this? It sounds like I'm at the main menu of a SNES game.

    donsknotsdonsknots3 måneder siden
  • Insider anyone?

    Alonso JerezAlonso Jerez3 måneder siden
    • dig a ditch!

      Danny SalgueroDanny Salguero2 måneder siden
  • Immortal Alexander!

    mamayoquieromamayoquiero3 måneder siden
  • We got paid, but looking back, I would have done it for free, I am still friends to this day with some of the guys

    I.C.U Drone ServiceI.C.U Drone Service3 måneder siden
    • @swae rod I sat my Grandson down and he watched an edited version, he was amazed to see his grandad and it was the best to see his reaction.

      I.C.U Drone ServiceI.C.U Drone ServiceMåned siden
    • Wow man you’re so lucky and awesome to have done that and I see years later you still come back and watch this. That was a once in a life time experience. This is seriously one of the best films ever made the attention to detail is amazing

      swae rodswae rod2 måneder siden
  • How man became weak fall like coward in the midst of battle.

    A MuktadirA Muktadir3 måneder siden
  • Keep your friend at distant and enemy close.

    A MuktadirA Muktadir3 måneder siden
  • Khalid bin walid was the greatest general that ever lived in this planet.

    A MuktadirA Muktadir3 måneder siden
    • No he wasn't. Alexander was

      NothingToo SpiffyNothingToo Spiffy2 måneder siden
  • Alexzander was overall better than darius but darius was a kind man.

    A MuktadirA Muktadir3 måneder siden
  • Alexzander is the greatest general but darius was a better king.

    A MuktadirA Muktadir3 måneder siden
  • I really wanted to like the effort put into these battles but they just suck. Too much close up and nauseating camera shots to even know what the fuck is going on. And they drag on for far too long.

    Senor StudlySenor Studly3 måneder siden