Aliens: Fireteam - Official Announcement Trailer

2. mars. 2021
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Aliens: Fireteam is a new three-player co-op PvE shooter set in Ridley Scott's Aliens universe. It's due out in Summer 2021 for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned to IGN all month long for exclusive IGN First coverage on Aliens: Fireteam!
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  • Shits getting really real... Only send in three people....

    Biosh4xBiosh4x13 timer siden
  • 感動🥲 楽しみ❗️

    チャンネルSPペンギンチャンネルSPペンギン16 timer siden
  • There's nothing here that doesn't say it's not Aliens: Colonial Marines 2.

    Shane BrannonShane Brannon5 dager siden
  • Excelente

    Engel 6969Engel 69696 dager siden
  • Vasquez is back !

    Bow Wow JBow Wow J7 dager siden
  • no nintendo switch ?

    peranzanesforeverperanzanesforever8 dager siden
  • Just don't let the nightmares get the best out of you, fight it... If you have too, if you want to wake up badly.

    Kevin HoneKevin Hone9 dager siden
  • "Not bad for a... human." -Bishop after becoming Queen fodder, ALIENS.

    EDDIE V.W.EDDIE V.W.10 dager siden
  • Everytime you fail a mission, a screen appears with HUDSON crying, "GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER!"

    EDDIE V.W.EDDIE V.W.10 dager siden
  • Newt (Rebecca) : "They come out mostly at night... mostly."

    EDDIE V.W.EDDIE V.W.10 dager siden
  • "Yeah let us make a sh** game unless of a new AVP game, so we can spend not much money" pffff

    BHSBHS11 dager siden
  • We want Alien Isolation 2

    BESTWAYYBESTWAYY13 dager siden
  • Looks very bad...

    Picasso PPicasso P13 dager siden
  • Its Colonial Marines once again???

    QuantumStriker 003QuantumStriker 00315 dager siden
  • Hopefully you can play as an alien not just the fireteam

    The GangThe Gang16 dager siden
  • Uau!!!👀😱👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🇧🇷😷

    Sander SilvaSander Silva16 dager siden
  • Gears of aliens

    BerwickPkrBerwickPkr17 dager siden
  • Game over man

    Lorenzo DawkinsLorenzo Dawkins17 dager siden
  • Where’s Apone?, where’s Apone?. Where’s Apone?.

    rayleigh8rayleigh819 dager siden
  • Everyone keeps forgetting alien vs predator 2010 was the best alien game, predator AND marine. It needs to be remastered.

    Jay SmacksJay Smacks19 dager siden
    • Nah. AvP2 was the best. Too bad its in legal hell and cant be bought anymore.

      BaranZenonBaranZenon9 dager siden
  • Is it alien isolation 2 ? Yes, but no

    JPXVDJPXVD20 dager siden
  • GIant red X shows up on alien and health bar.......time to pass guys.....tough to be an alien fan...

    Vr ver2Vr ver220 dager siden
  • World war z just with space and aliens

    ricodahchicoricodahchico20 dager siden
  • We had ONE alien to deal with in alien isolation

    Wonder of UWonder of U22 dager siden
  • Honestly looks pretty meh. Be nice if it had like first third and hybrid view. But essentially it's left for dead with an alien skin or would that be world War z with an alien skin since it's third person.

    Nicholas JunkermanNicholas Junkerman23 dager siden
  • Is the team making this game reliable or is it going to be like the predator game

    sadfrog productionssadfrog productions24 dager siden
  • No VR, no buy

    Mirak MMirak M24 dager siden
  • Really needs Raytracing,asap.

    Manny CalaveraManny Calavera25 dager siden
  • Awesome, looks like a sequel to ALIENS Colonial Marines.

    Stephen BreenStephen Breen25 dager siden
  • More Left 4 Dead-like games is pretty much high-demand as needed.

    EscapingTheRealWorldGamerEscapingTheRealWorldGamer26 dager siden
  • Please don't be a bitter disappointment to us like Aliens: Colonial Marines... gearbox did us dirty with that one...

    Jack CoughJack Cough27 dager siden
  • Alien isolation 2 please

    Daddo And Son.Daddo And Son.29 dager siden
  • Is this game worth it if it only has mulitplayer I'm gonna be pissed

    Nico RobinNico Robin29 dager siden
  • Looks awesome need to look down sights though 😄👍🏻😜

    steve bsteve bMåned siden
  • Play as alien?

    Capitão NascimentoCapitão NascimentoMåned siden
  • Left for Dead in space

    Andrey PAAndrey PAMåned siden
  • This looks Lit as f***K the films in the 80s will always be consider one of the best !

    llLOVEWiTHiNll HumbleBirdsllLOVEWiTHiNll HumbleBirdsMåned siden
  • Zombie army trilogy meets Aliens

    SATMANSATMANMåned siden
  • Wow mustve seen me trying to play colonial marines on xbox one

    Chris BrownChris BrownMåned siden
  • Another colonial marines...

    scottscottMåned siden
  • Amanda Ripley used a mf shotgun on these xenomorph and it did nothing and these guys shooting their heads and it just exploded like that?

    Rafiq DanielRafiq DanielMåned siden
  • 🥲

    Joshua DegreiffJoshua DegreiffMåned siden
  • Alien: Left 2 Dead Edition

    Retro GAMESRetro GAMESMåned siden
  • imagine if aliens fireteam became an all generation instead of just xenomorphs, also protos, neos, etc

    WHY ME?WHY ME?Måned siden
  • Make it 4 players. Why do they make these 3 players? It's weird

    CleveCleveMåned siden
  • look great!. But please don't downgrade the graphic or make it look like Alien colonial marines. That a big disappointment.

    Gamer PanphitGamer PanphitMåned siden
  • WaiT tHeY sToLe ThAt FrOm FoRtNiTe

    WowMiloWowMiloMåned siden
  • So left 4 dead with aliens. Watching the gameplay they literally called a type of alien... A spitter.

    Patrick RyanPatrick RyanMåned siden
  • Stop adding online garbage Co op is one thing you people ruin so many amazing ideas

    bloodforblood darkhallsbloodforblood darkhallsMåned siden
  • gears of war : colonial marine edition?

    William WenWilliam WenMåned siden
  • You get to the end kill the boss slap butts make out just to realize a Predator was Hunting you the whole time and it comes and kills your whole fireteam.

    nathan haleynathan haleyMåned siden
  • 0:16

    MidNite RainMidNite RainMåned siden
  • Demons tHere EVERYWHERE

    Dj SushiDj SushiMåned siden
  • This is what Colonial Marines should’ve been

    Primus1414Primus1414Måned siden
  • ItS tHe GuY fRoMe FoRtNiTe

    Evan HamelEvan HamelMåned siden
  • Alien without horror. Wow...

    Many LegsMany LegsMåned siden
  • Alien isolation : why are u running? Why are u running Alien fireteams : oh so you approaching me....

    Adam The Guy In Hi3Adam The Guy In Hi3Måned siden
  • Ojala no sea otra cagada como COlonial Marines!!!

    Cyber MXCyber MXMåned siden
  • Ooh yeah !!!! It's about time.

    Howard KingHoward KingMåned siden
  • This is literally left for dead but aliens...

    James HollandsJames HollandsMåned siden
  • YAY

    Wilczek 107Wilczek 107Måned siden
  • It looks like aliens: Left for Dead but if it ends up playing as nice as it looks that will be okay

    MALiii117 T.C.BMALiii117 T.C.BMåned siden
    • It was made by the people who made aliens colonial marines don't hold your breath

      The mandalorian Gaming NetworkThe mandalorian Gaming NetworkMåned siden
  • Starship troopers

    Bryan DyBryan DyMåned siden
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds Alien: Fireteam

    NUGG3TNUGG3TMåned siden
  • This reminds me of AVP 2010 surviving the Waves on that was really fun!

    Aldo SteelAldo SteelMåned siden
  • Don’t.......Don’t give me hope....

    MindfulMindfulMåned siden
  • Guys: At least the AI looks functional in what gameplay they have actually shown. That’s a step above Colonial Marines

    Ocelot_The_DragonOcelot_The_DragonMåned siden
    • Colonial Maries trailer showed also a functioning AI...

      cmbbfan78cmbbfan78Måned siden
  • This is just another Colonial Marines waiting to happen.

    ImmaKlonoaImmaKlonoaMåned siden
  • this is light work compared to alien isolation.

    one5iiveone5iiveMåned siden
  • It would be cool if there would be a mode where you can play as the alien with some more players against the Fireteam Sorry for my bad English 😅and greetings from Germany👋🏻🇩🇪

    Scarfxm JustxnScarfxm JustxnMåned siden

    Lez comdyLez comdyMåned siden
  • So... Colonial Marines 2?

    Jeff GreeneJeff GreeneMåned siden
  • Is it 3 humans and one alien? Love to play with my friends and be the alien.

    joshua whitejoshua whiteMåned siden
  • Xr1

    Roberto DemontisRoberto DemontisMåned siden
  • this looks terrible

    Seth EheartSeth EheartMåned siden
  • only this and the avp 3 is the best game of survival horror

    ken mastersken mastersMåned siden
  • Looks like fun, I’m just sad it’s in third person and not first

    Sesu yukiSesu yukiMåned siden
    • y? there's like 4 fps alien universe games you can go play rn

      hired goonhired goonMåned siden
  • Imagine if you can’t play as aliens

    Handsomeguy2810Handsomeguy2810Måned siden
    • Imagine if you COULD that would be nice

      just a criminal in 70 countriesjust a criminal in 70 countriesMåned siden
  • So this is like aliens 2

    my newmy newMåned siden
  • This looks great!!

    M TangoM TangoMåned siden
  • This isn't even out and I'm already lfg

    RevJacqRevJacqMåned siden
  • Hope it better than the previous games

    Teyanu PutortiTeyanu PutortiMåned siden
  • Alien is not zombie!!!

    TS JTS JMåned siden
  • Better be a Prometheus dlc

    FentasionFentasionMåned siden
  • This looks promising, except for fighting human enemies.....

    GlinklerGlinklerMåned siden
    • Does it matter...?

      GlinklerGlinklerMåned siden
    • They were actually combat andriods.

      Tron96Tron96Måned siden
  • im getting a left 4 dead, gears of war kind of vibe. not gonna lie kinda excited

    Tigre UnoTigre UnoMåned siden
  • Switch Version please!!!!!!🙏

    Edwin RodriguezEdwin RodriguezMåned siden
  • boring

    HyperCritHyperCritMåned siden
  • Don't forget to set the AI parameters correctly, integers matter everyone.

    Reverse FlashReverse FlashMåned siden
    • What is that and what do you mean?

      ThyReturnerThyReturner19 dager siden

    Lucas BerendsenLucas BerendsenMåned siden
  • pog

    Landen RussellLanden RussellMåned siden
  • Left4Aliens: Death Hulk

    Rowan VaughanRowan VaughanMåned siden
  • so can you play as the aliens too or just humans?

    Mike MorganMike MorganMåned siden
  • чем это лучше A:CM, с вполне годным мультиком. Там и сейчас народ тусуется.

    AlexCrookedAlexCrookedMåned siden
  • remember when alien is hard to kill?

    NahNahMåned siden
    • The warriors are, in this game

      JoeJoeMåned siden

      Lale IlhanLale IlhanMåned siden
  • alien Fortnife let's go boys, where we droppin

    sfadas fsfdssfadas fsfdsMåned siden
  • Loving this epic 80s type action movie music.

    candygirl246candygirl246Måned siden
  • Kresh*

    Liam HollandsLiam HollandsMåned siden
  • Looks generic as f...

    carcinoma1carcinoma1Måned siden
  • More colonial marines garbage, pfff.

    Eduardo PrzEduardo PrzMåned siden