All Battle for Azeroth Cinematics | WoW BfA Patch 8.0 - 8.3

17. feb.. 2020
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All Battle for Azeroth Cinematics (Patch 8.0 - 8.3)

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  • I did NOT include the Warbringer Series in this video. I Hope you'll enjoy this video. (I somehow forgot to add the cinematic after you defeat azshara my bad) you can see it here EVERYTHING Major Coming to the Shadowlands Pre Patch in 7 Mins! Bwonsamdi, Vol'jin & Mueh'zala talks about WHO picked Sylvanas as Warchief MINOR CHANGES Coming to the Shadowlands Pre Patch

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    • @Prabu ... next episode ? there is no more since next expansion release end november

      Adrien H.Adrien H.2 måneder siden
    • hot 1:08:22 1:16:31

      yawhereUP wowyawhereUP wow6 måneder siden
    • Não tem dublado?

      Beth MachadoBeth Machado7 måneder siden
    • But you did....

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    • awesome video what was your character may i ask

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  • lol thought I'd only watch a bit then come back to this later. Over a hour later I'm still here and I made to the end lol

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  • Is there any next part link?

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  • Suck story 😵

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  • They were allies before! Wth even happened!

    Adolf Emmanuel EsparasAdolf Emmanuel Esparas14 dager siden
  • I mean, I know the Dark Lady is an evil bitch queen and want's us all to rot in a horrible tentacle hell, but that voice now and forever gives me a warmth in my special place.

    Beagslie76Beagslie7616 dager siden
  • bad story telling

    TheNekgnedTheNekgned21 dag siden
  • out of curiosity because i have no idea , sylvana broke lich kings crown and it seemed to break reality , what is exacly is going to happen ?

    TonyFallWinterTonyFallWinter27 dager siden
  • 25:15 king robert?

    MMD -MMD -Måned siden
  • I don't even fucking play wow lmao, idk why tf i watched to the end xd

    Drowning EndermanDrowning EndermanMåned siden
  • Sylvanas has been my favorite from the early days of WC3. I'm glad she got a good arc

    Constantin VasilievConstantin VasilievMåned siden
  • This would be a perfect opportunity to create Warcraft 4 Rts but... I don't think they would do it :(

    Tanjiro - KunTanjiro - KunMåned siden
  • love it when a bunch of random people dropped in and did wierd stuff.

    wentao guanwentao guanMåned siden
  • "Stand as one for the alliance!" *Immediately breaks formation by charging*

    Alexander FAlexander FMåned siden
    • The boy.......and his Simba powers......

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  • I don't play wow. Can someone tell me why Tyrande and Malfurion went berserk? I get that they're angry because Sylvanna burned the tree but why the eyes?

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  • I feel like this channel is owned by a little fanboy of Sylvanas. Lol

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    • @LeystTV Then I was wrong and thank God

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    • Hahahahahahaahahahah no not at all :D

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  • Fuck the HORDE!

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  • The cinematics doe.. g'dammnnnnn

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  • Just crashed the dome! oO

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    • 😁

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  • I'd do Jaina

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  • so many request for films but few films

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  • there really is no point in repeating cinematics just to get more video length.... you just collect negative votes lol

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  • Blizzard should make this into a series. Start with the war of the ancients

    Scott ChanScott ChanMåned siden
  • Lord Saurfang: Creaming What Is Mine

    Ruhan AhmedRuhan AhmedMåned siden
  • came for tyrande killing nathanos...left disappointed

    Eric D.Eric D.2 måneder siden
  • Finally the trash traitor has become to a toasted pig. What a laughable statement. "You can't kill hope?" Why should I need that? Live as deveil, enjoy the hell, and the heaven is NOTHING. Screw you hypocritical alliance shit.

    Tom zhengTom zheng2 måneder siden
  • I think it deserve something like lord of the rings and Harry Potter if it is made into a series.

    Ro PhiamphuRo Phiamphu2 måneder siden
    • agreed

      LeystTVLeystTV2 måneder siden
  • I feel like some games plot is worth make a Netflix series,like this one for example!!!!

    Mikazuki3thMikazuki3th2 måneder siden
  • Im sad that i didnt get a good cinematic

    Khaled SolimanKhaled Soliman2 måneder siden
  • Damn man.......sylvanns is super hot😍

    Quarantine GamerQuarantine Gamer2 måneder siden
  • So im thinking of streaming this but never played looks awesome should i grab this to help? @t

    SavageLee GamingSavageLee Gaming2 måneder siden
  • what the? N'zoth is sauron with the eye that sees it all LOL!

    leon Cloudleon Cloud2 måneder siden
  • 52:05 when he says he regret about garrosh, does he mean that he regret how he did him? And Saw him as a betrayer and failure instead of appreciate the true meaning for the things he did, truly in the hordes name? Or he mean that he regret makin him warchief?

    Thor BThor B2 måneder siden
  • if they could madee the story more straight and less complicated World Of warcraft could have potetional for great movie

    moustafasmoustafas2 måneder siden
  • I am just saying Sylvannas would not have defeated Arthas

    TurkishDelightTurkishDelight2 måneder siden
    • Forget arthas. Syndragossa would whop her ass

      Hello ThereHello ThereMåned siden
    • Arthas was pretty badass. I still enjoy that expansion. Wish that they could "Classic" it with all of the things that were present at that time, before the removal of Crit Cap and whatever else.

      Mike HuntMike Hunt2 måneder siden
    • Arthas kicked her ass in WC3 and turned her into a banshee.

      AdrianAdrian2 måneder siden
  • That new age WoW sucks so hard, game and cinematics are horrible, this is not warcraft this is dog shit

    Жеский Да жескийЖеский Да жеский2 måneder siden
  • For Sylvanas! Even after blizzard runs her arch through the dirt.

    TexasWarbirdTexasWarbird2 måneder siden
  • if she wasnt all roided up with fakenews powers saurfang would have dumpstered that bimbo

    SlySly2 måneder siden
  • Lingua portuguesa dublagem

    Ministrando o EvangelhoMinistrando o Evangelho2 måneder siden
  • Why cant my worgen move and fight like graymane? Like wtf! I wanna be able to tear enemies apart with my claws and fangs to...

    Elite_Rock_ GodElite_Rock_ God2 måneder siden

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  • World of Warcraft nowadays exists because of world building, engaging play style, timeless graphics, amazing cinematics and storytelling and great sound track (in that order). You wonder why so many people play classic? Because these people love the world, the soundtrack, the challenge, the story and the graphic... but most of all they love being in their faction, fighting for the alliance or the horde after the fragile balance had been broken... after the drums of war thunder again... I love those cinematics, but i do not like to be the hero that saves Azeroth from damnation... i want to be part of a team who does that job.

    ArcatirArcatir2 måneder siden
  • 1:15:02 Even music is at the same pace.

    George IvoryGeorge Ivory2 måneder siden
  • 1:09:58 stupid bitch, just shut the fuck up and you win.

    George IvoryGeorge Ivory2 måneder siden
  • 1:09:40 Saurfang: *Gets cut, and sliced. Gains determination.* Sylvanas: *Gets a scratch. Loses temper and mvps herself.*

    George IvoryGeorge Ivory2 måneder siden
  • 8:50 What happens when a priest wants to play as a warrior?

    George IvoryGeorge Ivory2 måneder siden
  • Lord Saurfang: Creaming What Is Mine

    Brendan LarsenBrendan Larsen2 måneder siden
  • Sorry but the blue ork got me on the "I got reincarnated into a witch doctor" vibe.

    AmalgoMyteAmalgoMyte2 måneder siden
  • Ours is a cycle of hatred. . . And we have forgotten what makes us strong. Sylvanas will forever be my queen.

    V IV I2 måneder siden
  • eternal palace ending is missing...

    LTN000LTN0002 måneder siden
  • "how come we havent gotten another wow movie" looks at 1.5 hours of straight cinematics each expansion

    chinh dochinh do2 måneder siden
  • I served one leader the whole time .My My Queen Sylvannas this Time Will Be NO Different . If She Shall Fall Then So Shall I

    Keith MitchellKeith Mitchell2 måneder siden
  • before i even played WoW i loved the world and the lore is amazing ....they dont make games with a story like that anymore

    Samuel SennevilleSamuel Senneville2 måneder siden
  • nur eine frage wird darnaskuss wieder auf gebaut .wo die nachtelfen lebten , wäre super wenn es es gemacht wird

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  • 6:37

    Cheese Queen the Lord of CHEESECheese Queen the Lord of CHEESE3 måneder siden
  • It's very good done this film! Make a serie, people would love it!!!

    Mikael Peter Chaiseeda JohanssonMikael Peter Chaiseeda Johansson3 måneder siden
  • Bwonsamdi is the best character introduced in any wow expansion I can remember. He's like, the good kind of chaos, but it's all up front.

    Jarl LillebøJarl Lillebø3 måneder siden
  • So this was after the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

    Light GrayLight Gray3 måneder siden
  • Im just here for the animations

    emmaslashemmaslash3 måneder siden
  • I love Saurfang. every scene he is in is amazing. top 5 best character in WoW

    Kaiju BlackKaiju Black3 måneder siden
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    Евгений КрылаткинЕвгений Крылаткин3 måneder siden
  • And balmond

    Ritche PaolmaRitche Paolma3 måneder siden
  • This movies story of MOBILE LEGEnds I see alucard,miya,and roger

    Ritche PaolmaRitche Paolma3 måneder siden
  • Saurfang.. NooooUuuuuuuuuu!

    Jani HellstenJani Hellsten3 måneder siden
  • not even a wow player.. but i have to say Lady Sylvanas The Banshee Queen "You have my axe" This is awsome work .. thank you for posting it

    Henrik FrederiksenHenrik Frederiksen3 måneder siden

    G TV75G TV753 måneder siden
  • Anduin looks like matt stonie

    Ren Immanuel FelipeRen Immanuel Felipe3 måneder siden
    • hahah

      LeystTVLeystTV3 måneder siden
  • Full movi send kro na

    Samir TripuraSamir Tripura3 måneder siden
  • Filmnya bagus tapi kasih bahasa Indonesia tulis dibawah

    Hisam AbasHisam Abas3 måneder siden
  • Please do the movie video i love this so much ❤️

    The BezziezThe Bezziez3 måneder siden
  • Blizzard must Create movie like cinematics without Real actors. Then they takE many many fans

    Artur ChudyArtur Chudy3 måneder siden
  • Noob subtitle

  • Learn how to level World of Warcraft characters solo from level 1 to 120 the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE @t

    mahal tenamahal tena3 måneder siden
  • Learn how to level World of Warcraft characters solo from level 1 to 120 the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE @t

    mahal tenamahal tena3 måneder siden
    • Level 120 cant be reached, its literally impossible

      hh3 måneder siden
  • too good

    Pottier SingerPottier Singer3 måneder siden
    • ye 😁

      LeystTVLeystTV3 måneder siden
  • Awesome 😊 love these keeps me informed

    Michele ManlyMichele Manly3 måneder siden
  • this expansion was one of the best ones. until nazjatar. it started to lose its way there and never recovered. it's a shame. the entirety of the BFD section and most of the sections of the war between the alliance and the horde. was just phenomenal. but EP till the end wasn't very good. it's a real shame.

    Drumbum2134Drumbum21343 måneder siden
  • This clip is made by 2 team with very different budget

    anbu999anbu9993 måneder siden
    • The other cinematics we're from ingame

      Christian GañoChristian Gaño2 måneder siden
  • Vory good

    Sakda KongplodSakda Kongplod4 måneder siden
  • Is it really Rexar who killed Jaina's father?

    Mic.LMic.L4 måneder siden
  • I’m a horde player so I don’t know the alliance story well enough, can someone explain to me what got Catherine Proudmore to care for Jaina again? My knowledge is limited to the cinematics where she goes from “you’re not my daughter” to “forgive yourself my daughter” what happened in between?

    M3xicanvoodooM3xicanvoodoo4 måneder siden
    • Well so basically genn spoke to Catherine after the kul tires storyline, when horde had defeated jaina and took her to fates end. Then we go on a ridiculously repetitive quest line doing dungeons and going back and forth. After that the player and Catherine go to drustvar to meet up and then they go to Thros, then there they see Jaina as a kid, they go follow her as she creates clones of her which are tormented by kul tirans, varian wrynn and whatever her fathers name was. Then gorak tul appears and we kill him and then we escape back to boralus where there's a meeting. Lady waycrest, that stormsong guy and anduin are there, they are like "oh Catherine we will always be loyal to you" and anduin welcomes them back into the alliance. Then Taelia is congratulated by Catherine for her great work and she reveals to be a Fordragon, so she and Anduin talk a lil bout bolvar, and he invites her to stormwind. That's basically it lmk if I missed something

      hh3 måneder siden
    • Kul tiras chain quest

      Jani HellstenJani Hellsten3 måneder siden
  • this is next level animation seriously

    ayça kölemenoğluayça kölemenoğlu4 måneder siden
  • reklamy?? vážně? ubohost

    Giuseppe Fatal HaltedGiuseppe Fatal Halted4 måneder siden
  • These videos make the shadowland ones look so generic with cheap cartoon pictures with story. Can not even get excited about Shadowlands with cinematics like it has. These BFA ones draw you in. Wish World of Warcraft movie would have been a series like Star Wars.

    Deborah HoganDeborah Hogan4 måneder siden
  • The Alliance has gunpowder, tanks, helicopters, etc. And yet still they can't came up with a better form of government instead of a medieval monarchy

    Lite–Wing GiftLite–Wing Gift4 måneder siden
    • Maybe magic..?

      Jani HellstenJani Hellsten3 måneder siden
  • don't starve together

    katerina kolevendikaterina kolevendi4 måneder siden
  • Blizzards gotta stop shoving Mary Sue In Every plot hole (and i mean not only Jaina)

    Mr. SheppardMr. Sheppard4 måneder siden
  • I don't understand why Windrunner is playing a negative role she is to the sentinels in Dota and they create her as a malefic person, they could easily use Mortred or Queen of Pain for this role

    Rampage_RoarRampage_Roar4 måneder siden
  • Is that mark addy?

    Daniel HughesDaniel Hughes4 måneder siden
  • Pile of crap... bad edit... and stroty repeats

    RC-JunkyRC-Junky4 måneder siden
  • Nerf Sylvanas plz... she's op af! Well naah dont nerf her, cause she's just awesome!

    Krzysztof KuczynskiKrzysztof Kuczynski4 måneder siden
  • the good and the bad of BFA. the start of bfa was great, the burning of teldrassil, the battle for lordaeron, saurfangs arc, even the warfronts were pretty cool if repetetive. where bfa loses me is the questing zones themselves. Zandalar and Kul Tiras for me feel disconected from everything else, the only quests i looked forward to were the war campaign ones, and so because i disliked the questing zones, i disliked the dungeons, and raids. The second part of bfa that falls flat was the entire N'zoth thing, Wrathions return was great but N'zoth shouldve been his own expansion. It feels like N'zoth returned and then we instantly killed him, leaving no room for him to be impactful in any way.

    Jaysus CrustJaysus Crust4 måneder siden
    • I still haven't killed nzoth lmaoo

      hh3 måneder siden
  • Night Elves are annoying emo kids. hate them. i'm just happy that their home burnt down.

    Andrew LucfrAndrew Lucfr4 måneder siden
  • I dont understand bro. Are orks good now?

    The Sober KingThe Sober King4 måneder siden
  • So what is that banner where Sylwanas just disappears after killing the Saurfong and flying off to ICC?

    Mr.def.Mr.def.4 måneder siden