All Fortnite LIVE-EVENTS (Season 1-14 *NEW* GALACTUS EVENT)

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Here is every live event in Fortnite including the new "Galactus Devourer of Worlds" Event. All Live Events Season 1-14.
*GALACTUS* Live Event -
All Live Events in Fortnite
00:12 ROCKET




32:05 THE END
01:00:57 THE DEVICE
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  • check out the new 🔥 *RC Discord Server* 🔥 - -------------------------- ROCKET (00:12) CUBE SINKING (03:16) BUTTERFLY (05:21) NEW YEARS (07:58) ICE STORM (08:52) MARSHMELLO (10:04) UNVAULTING (21:20) FINAL SHOWDOWN (26:53) THE END (32:05) STAR WARS (37:19) NEW YEARS (50:20) ASTRONOMICAL (51:19) THE DEVICE (01:00:57) GALACTUS DEVOURER OF WORLDS (01:08:53)

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    • @Rene Griffin Checking it out right now. Looks promising :)

      Barrett CyrusBarrett CyrusMåned siden
    • Dunno if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram account using insta portal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

      Rene GriffinRene GriffinMåned siden
    • Omg

      Peter MarPeter Mar2 måneder siden
    • @Ethan Horsfield :)

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    • @Saher Estrada hi

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  • Fortnite events (Ch1 S3 - Ch2 S5 ) Season 3: Meteor destroys Dusty Depot, The Prison, And Tilted Towers Season 4: Rocket Season 5: Kevin the Cube Season 6: Kevin Explodes + Rift Butterfly Season 7: , New Years(2020), Marshmello, Ice King Freezes the map Season 8: Unvaulting, Volcano destroys Dusty Depot, The Prison, and Tilted Towers Season 9: Tilted Towers gets Rebuilt, Mech vs. Monster Fight Season X: The End( 3 Day Black Hole) Chapter 2 Season 1: Star Wars, New Years(2021) Chapter 2 Season 2: Astronomical Chapter 2 Season 3: The Device(Midas Controls the Storm) Chapter 2 Season 4: Galactus Chapter 2 Season 5: Zero Point Crisis

    Tavean MatlockTavean MatlockDag siden
  • Astronomical was the best event in my opinion.

    Sun TzuSun Tzu13 dager siden
  • Music over the marshmallow concert? What kind of horrible criminal are you? How did I just now notice mecha had tomato head and beef boss for feet?

    Brian BiesemeyerBrian Biesemeyer15 dager siden
  • Awesome man

    Fire GamingFire Gaming18 dager siden
  • انا مسلم

    zelta 25zelta 2520 dager siden
  • ماعرف كيف

    zelta 25zelta 2520 dager siden
  • Una mierda hay eventos que le pusistes vos la música la rre cagaste tanto por el copi tante te ase bailar la plata

    [IA] Nicolas Ferreyra[IA] Nicolas Ferreyra21 dag siden
  • y crisis point event temp 5 15 events fornite

    samu wacho xdsamu wacho xd22 dager siden
  • y crisis cero 15 events ?

    samu wacho xdsamu wacho xd22 dager siden
  • 22:01 if i was in the season 8 9 and 10 i would always look at the zero point people don't even care

    Cartoon CatCartoon Cat25 dager siden
  • 👍🏿

    NYTIPAZLAT _NYTIPAZLAT _29 dager siden
  • Hey is that kevin the beep box

    alfredo Floralfredo Flor29 dager siden
    • You know kevin the cube son is the zero point

      alfredo Floralfredo Flor25 dager siden
    • You know kevin the cube son is the zero point

      alfredo Floralfredo Flor25 dager siden
    • Kevin the cube

      Cartoon CatCartoon Cat25 dager siden
  • We all miss kavin the cube

    alfredo Floralfredo Flor29 dager siden
  • I was buged during the unvaulted event, F

    VenatusARMVenatusARMMåned siden
  • We must have a different travis scott event

    Caleb BrackinCaleb BrackinMåned siden
  • 52:54

    LmaoGlitchLmaoGlitchMåned siden
  • 2:15

    LmaoGlitchLmaoGlitchMåned siden
  • Loser thank you you not cool

    Javelle YoungJavelle YoungMåned siden
  • Raging person do get to try the zapton

    Julia MolinaJulia MolinaMåned siden
  • Be real here, what was going threw y’all’s head when the rocket first locked onto tilted

    Zimmet22Zimmet22Måned siden
    • Yes yes yes!!! NO NO NO!!!

      FAZE RecruitmentFAZE RecruitmentMåned siden
  • F monster

    Santiago FajardoSantiago FajardoMåned siden
  • Honestly best event was the rocket and Travis Scott

    Rahmir WrightRahmir WrightMåned siden
  • 51:19

    Tammy SalazarTammy SalazarMåned siden
  • 2 days till season 6 lets go also i can buy on both my accounts one for mobile or pc and the other ps4

    Omega _Instinct18Omega _Instinct18Måned siden
  • 3:18

    LuckyBloxLuckyBloxMåned siden
  • 3:44

    LuckyBloxLuckyBloxMåned siden
  • Gg

    baptiste mp3baptiste mp3Måned siden
  • ah the memories

    AdiyarnyoshiAdiyarnyoshiMåned siden
  • Extraño ese evento des pues de que coji la espada de estar wats y mandé a volar a todos

    Julian GarciaJulian GarciaMåned siden
  • 26:42 is bring me back when those place got destroy and i rember i cry due those watching it is making me crying

    vuhmy engineervuhmy engineerMåned siden
  • song? 58:20

    VIKEXツVIKEXツMåned siden
  • Damn Copyright! Holy Shit! It is disgusting to be a Content Creator nowadays...

    JL-HavokJL-HavokMåned siden
  • no

    All we need is LoveAll we need is LoveMåned siden
  • snow storm my favourite live event season 7-8 is my favoyrite season

    Kuriaki FloudaKuriaki FloudaMåned siden
  • Is it just me or have the events got worse they were insane but now are worse then zexrows YT channel

    RyZe AdamRyZe AdamMåned siden
  • sir i kajmak

    PAJA _PAJA _Måned siden
  • 👍🏻

    [PTO] Xx_RubY_xX 《Èšţèbåñ》Galaxy 641 UwU[PTO] Xx_RubY_xX 《Èšţèbåñ》Galaxy 641 UwUMåned siden
  • I skip travis scott IT was very cringe

    Dano MalikDano MalikMåned siden
    • @NYTIPAZLAT _ oh

      Dano MalikDano Malik15 dager siden
    • Lol no

      Dano MalikDano Malik29 dager siden
    • No, u r cringe... 🥺🥺🥺

      NYTIPAZLAT _NYTIPAZLAT _29 dager siden
  • The Marshmello concert was in a different language in this vid so it wasn’t as good

    RogueRogueMåned siden
  • 10:04

    RogueRogueMåned siden
  • Your camera angles suck.

    V MahanV MahanMåned siden
  • Copyright ugh

    Salama suomiSalama suomiMåned siden
  • Uhhh copyright cuz of marshmallow event

    Tardis Gamer13Tardis Gamer13Måned siden
    • Oh hello there

      Leon The HedgehogLeon The HedgehogMåned siden
  • The star wars event was the cringiest thing ever

    Jeremy McDanielJeremy McDanielMåned siden
  • Great video!

    SolidSnake9630SolidSnake9630Måned siden
  • i miss that live events they were so good

  • Fortnite Community during the unvaulting event: WE WANT THE DRUM GUN BACK! Epic Games: JUST TAKE IT. 24:46

    Maurice MackeyMaurice MackeyMåned siden
  • Epic Games: What the fu- 24:04

    Maurice MackeyMaurice MackeyMåned siden
  • I Love Fortnite

    Döner _skillDöner _skillMåned siden
  • Rocket 0:12 Cube sinking 3:16 Butterfly 5:21 New years 7:58 Ice storm 8:52 Marshmello 10:04 Unvaulting 21:20 Final showdown 26:53 The end 32:05 Star wars 37:19 New years 50:20 Astronomical 51:19 The device 1:00:57 Devourer of worlds 1:08:53

    JerryJerry2 måneder siden
  • I think there is no event for chapter 2 season 3

    ZAFBACOTZAFBACOT2 måneder siden
  • I miss marshmallow event sooooo much there Needs to be again one

    Niels EngelenNiels Engelen2 måneder siden
  • Not Kevin noooo

    Logan HallLogan Hall2 måneder siden
  • I actually feel like the unvaulting event was planned to unvault the drum gun because there is no way that at the end of the unvaulting the volcano would of erupted at the same time for every game in the world and no way that in every single game people would vote for the drum gun. Thats not possible so fortnite probably already planned this event and added bots. Idk kinda seems true

    Dominic HerreraDominic Herrera2 måneder siden
    • That makes more sense now that I think about it. It just felt weird to me that all servers voted to drum gun

      Dominic HerreraDominic HerreraMåned siden
    • They synchronised the tallies across all servers. When a player votes for a weapon in one server, it counts for all servers.

      The Block Bash BrosThe Block Bash BrosMåned siden
  • Iron man: hey look attack drones cute you know hoping we'd have an excuse to try out the battle buses Lazer cannons give em a try Me: goes on a warpath shooting anything in my path

    Isaac NeneIsaac Nene2 måneder siden
  • btw i was there for season 5 chapter 2 new years event

    EarthThrower988EarthThrower9882 måneder siden
  • 11:07 what music is that i like

    EarthThrower988EarthThrower9882 måneder siden
  • It was such a good place

    sharon faulknersharon faulkner2 måneder siden
  • I'm sad that they destroyed tilted towers

    sharon faulknersharon faulkner2 måneder siden
  • 1:03:58 that season 15 aka chapter 2 season 5 so Midas is trying to see the future?

    FusionXGamerFusionXGamer2 måneder siden
  • What's the song that was played instead of the star wars music

    Caleb SmithCaleb Smith2 måneder siden
  • I loved the marshmellow live event, I started fortnite in season 1

    RagingVoid GamesRagingVoid Games2 måneder siden
    • I started playing in season 1. I have battle bus banner

      NeltiNelti26 dager siden
    • @Melissa Hastings boi if u check my vids i do not sound or look like a little kid im 14 and if u check his vids you can clearly see hes a little kid use your dead brain before u comment something

      iiMvtixiiMvtix29 dager siden
    • @iiMvtix in starting to think that ur jealous and ur saying cap bro c'mon ur prob a little kid ur self bro lol u joke

      Melissa HastingsMelissa Hastings29 dager siden
    • Me to !

      Melissa HastingsMelissa Hastings29 dager siden
    • I stared session 0 I was not even in battel since that day

      taichitaichiMåned siden
  • 23:00 when I first saw this live event,it made me think of like when your dreaming,and to this day it still makes it feel like your dreaming,or is it just me?

    -[Zunder The Hedge-Bot]--[Zunder The Hedge-Bot]-2 måneder siden
  • I instantly left the video cause the travis Scott song u had in it gay

    Corrupted ???Corrupted ???2 måneder siden
  • where are the meteors?

    Shehee BDirectShehee BDirect2 måneder siden
  • Well live event make lot plp wanna play fornite becouse it looks cool

    Yensen LemuelYensen Lemuel2 måneder siden
  • U put music over it damn

    Riley PertzelRiley Pertzel2 måneder siden
  • I don’t appreciate the obnoxious music in the background.

    lollol2 måneder siden
  • Ikon

    Lenny SenschLenny Sensch2 måneder siden
  • I feel bad for galáctica.

    Pablo ReisPablo Reis2 måneder siden
  • Am i only one who is missing the ruins?

    MikusTVMikusTV2 måneder siden
  • the fact that i cant hear the travis scott music is just messed up

    Jadyn DowdingJadyn Dowding2 måneder siden
  • Fun Fact: On New Years, every time it is 12 am somewhere in the world, the disco ball drops. It happens a total of 24 times, because there are 24 time zones.

    BalckyBalcky2 måneder siden
    • Already knew that but thanks for sharing anyway 🙏

      ChelleSlaysChelleSlaysDag siden
    • Big brain 😎😎

      Taylor JonesTaylor Jones17 dager siden
    • Yo i didnt knew about that

      VenatusARMVenatusARMMåned siden
    • Its big brain time

      Sturmi369Sturmi369Måned siden

    Thiago ArgañarazThiago Argañaraz2 måneder siden
  • I’m ready for season 6

    Xzome bodyxXzome bodyx2 måneder siden

      Wsoonh. 70Wsoonh. 706 dager siden
    • What the GALACTUS

      Wsoonh. 70Wsoonh. 706 dager siden
    • You sure bout that?

      DeltaDeltaMåned siden
  • Is the mecha team leader holding kevin the cube

    Isiah CharlieIsiah Charlie2 måneder siden
    • The Mecha Team Leader was holding the Zero Point. The Cube is well gone by the time this fight occurs.

      The Block Bash BrosThe Block Bash BrosMåned siden
  • I didnt like when he changed music in marshmello and astronomical

    Dimitris SotiropoulosDimitris Sotiropoulos2 måneder siden
    • It was for copyright reasons that’s why

      RandomMADNESSRandomMADNESS2 måneder siden
  • is it me or does the final showdown remind me of pacific rim? if you saw that movie

  • the sound was all weird at the travis scott event, what happened?

    IPlaygames 123IPlaygames 1233 måneder siden
    • Same with the Marshmello event I think the music is copyrighted

      ThingThing2 måneder siden
  • why is music added

    archie Plays røbloxarchie Plays røblox3 måneder siden
  • Kid

    CRISTIXCRISTIX3 måneder siden
  • I noticed the Travis Scott planet 😮😮😮

    Connor GarrettConnor Garrett3 måneder siden
  • We Will all miss season 4... but not for galactus no one likes him.... oh and yeah did i mention how annoying the stark robots are

    That henchmenThat henchmen3 måneder siden
  • The End is a good start for season 5 chapter 2

    Andre SaccolAndre Saccol3 måneder siden
  • hi

    Erika DavisErika Davis3 måneder siden
    • hi

      Erika DavisErika Davis3 måneder siden
  • hi

    Erika DavisErika Davis3 måneder siden
  • The star Wars Of the copyrrigt

    Luis emmanuel GutierrezLuis emmanuel Gutierrez3 måneder siden
  • You spoiled the Travis concert

    x3Dude Epicx3Dude Epic3 måneder siden
  • The device brings me Lots of nostalgia

    Carlos GonzalezCarlos Gonzalez3 måneder siden
    • @Carlos Gonzalez I liked the OG rocket event the best

      RogueRogueMåned siden
    • @Rogue bcos The subject of spies and henchmen was a theme I liked, Deadpool yatch is my favorite poi and I think The event was neither well nor by far is the best event which for me is the one of the end but I liked

      Carlos GonzalezCarlos GonzalezMåned siden
    • @Carlos Gonzalez but how is the device event nostalgic it was in chapter 2 season 2, 3 seasons ago?!

      RogueRogueMåned siden
    • @Rogue I've been playing since season 3 lmao

      Carlos GonzalezCarlos GonzalezMåned siden
    • I can tell ur a new player cuz the device Event didn’t bring anyone nostalgia

      RogueRogueMåned siden
  • Why the marshmello music isn’t themusic?

    Astro DreemurrAstro Dreemurr3 måneder siden
  • Why marshmellow event has the other music?

    Mr. GlenorMr. Glenor3 måneder siden
    • Both the concerts have exclusively copyrighted music unfortunately.

      randomChievosrandomChievos3 måneder siden
  • Me: I've seen every live event. Bus driver: you underestimate my power

    Patrick BurkePatrick Burke3 måneder siden
  • Dude... If you listen closely u hear the visitor say zero point

    chris matachris mata3 måneder siden
  • no one: .. Read more

    Bryson YatesBryson Yates3 måneder siden
    • Read more

      Bryson YatesBryson Yates3 måneder siden
    • Read more

      Bryson YatesBryson Yates3 måneder siden
    • Read more

      Bryson YatesBryson Yates3 måneder siden
  • no one: .. Read more

    Bryson YatesBryson Yates3 måneder siden
  • No one: .. Read more

    Bryson YatesBryson Yates3 måneder siden
  • loot lake gettingg shit on

    A WeirdoA Weirdo3 måneder siden
  • Glactos

    S8aHmoodiS8aHmoodi3 måneder siden
  • there are people who say fortnite is bad but like, which other games do this to comunitye?

    Soraia PimentelSoraia Pimentel3 måneder siden
    • Salty pancakes :D yay

      RandomVids5RandomVids52 måneder siden
    • @RandomVids5 yes 👍

      Salty pancakesSalty pancakes2 måneder siden
    • Salty pancakes nice job you’ve decoded my text but can you get this one

      RandomVids5RandomVids52 måneder siden
    • Salty pancakes I’m so confused

      RandomVids5RandomVids52 måneder siden
    • Salty pancakes I’ll try it

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