Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Tour!!

19. jan.. 2020
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The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Elevated Station Tour! Come with me and take a tour of the entire Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station! In this video I show you pretty much all of the public and social areas, the dorm areas, and even some work centers! If you've ever wondered what the South Pole Station looks like, well, here ya go! 🙌
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*I am currently living and working at the South Pole Station through the United States Antarctic Program. I am not down here as a filmmaker or photographer, but instead work in the Logistics and Supply department. All of these videos are being made during my free time and not during working hours. We are very busy down here keeping the station running at maximum efficiency, but I have managed to find some free time to make these short movies!*

  • I’ve heard that you only get 2 minutes shower twice a week, is it true or someone’s bullshitting me?

    Wonder SuperWonder Super19 timer siden
    • @Gone Venturing Got it, thank you for reply

      Wonder SuperWonder Super39 minutter siden
    • It’s true!

      Gone VenturingGone Venturing15 timer siden
  • So awesome! Thank you very much for this! Now onto part 2...

    awellanderawellander23 timer siden
  • Great video! Randomly started researching the south pole and found this.

    Andrew AndersonAndrew AndersonDag siden
  • Yowser! Where’s Blofeld? That place looks VERY “James Bond”.

    Andrew PhillipsAndrew Phillips4 dager siden
  • PLEASE don't apologize for the length of the video!! I loved it. I first got interested in the South Pole when the American doctor working there in 1999 (Dr Jerri Nielsen) developed breast cancer, and diagnosed herself. With the help of the winterover crew, they staged a midwinter airdrop of supplies (chemo drugs, freshies, and medical equipment), and she was evacuated in early spring. (Back then, the Dome was still at the Pole.) I may never be able to experience the Pole myself, but I love watching your videos. Keep em coming!

    Stephanie BriggsStephanie Briggs5 dager siden
  • rofl .. so they are running win10 on south pole ..somehow it doesn't seem appropriate :)

    pitikusspitikuss6 dager siden
  • So where do you work the rest of the year if this is a temporary gig? How does one go about getting a job at an antarctica station?

    90volts90volts7 dager siden
  • Amazing video. I’ve always been fascinated with Antarctica. I watch the commercials to support you.

    Robison BarnesRobison Barnes8 dager siden
  • Not sure if you'll be reading comments almost a year after this video dropped but seeing all of the safety precautions made me wonder: Has there been any major disasters at the south Pole or any other antarctica station that needed emergency response teams called in?

    Blake MiniardBlake Miniard8 dager siden
  • I wanna play real life among us here

    Devika BhatnagarDevika Bhatnagar10 dager siden
  • 2 am... Broad daylight outside.

    Michel ChamaaMichel Chamaa11 dager siden
  • I wanna eat popcorn at the south pole

    rex demeorex demeo13 dager siden
  • Qualifications to work there please.....

    Jacob MathewJacob Mathew15 dager siden
    • Gone Venturing thank you!!!👍🏼

      Jacob MathewJacob Mathew15 dager siden
    • Depends on the job you want! Search on GSC (services), PAE (most jobs - everything from shuttle driver to plumber), and GHG (IT)! Those are the big three contractor companies.

      Gone VenturingGone Venturing15 dager siden
  • What is the large silver ball thing in a case near the old South Pole Markers ? Mega-Tea Leaf dipper ?

    MM16 dager siden
  • Why are Americans on New Zealand's land ? We'll be down for a chat about this in 2021, which now so RUN!

    Joey BidensonJoey Bidenson17 dager siden
  • Did you kill everyone else at the station?

    asperhesasperhes18 dager siden
  • Even though he said he was freezing when he was outside, he stood there long enough to be considered an Anartic Viking.

    ShroozyShroozy18 dager siden
  • So your video was recorded at 2:40 am and you had all the sun at the time of the "night"?, that's mind boggling!, great video and thanks for sharing.

    macayomacayo18 dager siden
  • Nice Tour Thank You For Taking The Time To Show Us,,,,Question : Do you have a Post Office ????

    99959bill99959bill19 dager siden
    • @Michael Brady Ok Thanks...

      99959bill99959bill18 dager siden
    • Yes we do. Mail service in summer months only.

      Michael BradyMichael Brady18 dager siden
  • I really don’t care 🤷🏻‍♂️ the ignorance but is posible to show us the submarines and the aircraft the use for exploring and data saving for private companies like military machinery and equipment for underground tunnels underground bases or this is just for entretenimiento like nasa for distraction cuz I wan research 🧐 🔬 🌱 plants fauna’s and the electromagnetism

    Rodrigo LeonRodrigo Leon21 dag siden
  • have you met any non-terrestrial officers passing through or seen photos of them ? ; )

    Co-owners Meet and GreetCo-owners Meet and Greet24 dager siden
  • Anything spicy in that lower level tour??

    Thinking CloudThinking Cloud24 dager siden
    • Sorry, are the dorm rooms well sound-insulated?

      Thinking CloudThinking Cloud24 dager siden
  • Your camera/video is vibrating a lot, use stabilizer ! Anyway, interesting video

    Claudia DeagatoneClaudia Deagatone24 dager siden
  • 21:33 When he entered the sauna I immediately felt the warmth myself hahaha

    JSchoopJSchoop25 dager siden
  • Named quiet reading room Has a piano in it

    Saurav GadaSaurav Gada27 dager siden
  • I enjoyed your video! Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭.

    Erth SandovalErth Sandoval28 dager siden
  • From Brazil. Good video!!

    Raphael HenriqueRaphael HenriqueMåned siden
    • Thanks!

      Gone VenturingGone VenturingMåned siden
  • Imagine one day someone starts playing Real Life Among Us in the base 😁

    Hemendra Pratap SinghHemendra Pratap SinghMåned siden
  • No swimming pool?, there’s a sauna and a fitness center like there was in Toronto

    Ben SmithBen SmithMåned siden
    • Haha I wish!! That’d be epic!

      Gone VenturingGone VenturingMåned siden
  • sort of feels like a high school. Sort of.

    Kenna RajoraKenna RajoraMåned siden
  • Honestly, has a rape, sexual assault or battery ever been reported? Just curious if anyone would ever tell

    Thoth's Geospatial DynamicsThoth's Geospatial DynamicsMåned siden
  • Man I’d love to visit that place

    Aluminum OxideAluminum OxideMåned siden
  • Great Video !! always thought about working down there after my Air Force career ....

    Carl RogersCarl RogersMåned siden
  • the shining and the thing. great movies to watch being isolated and freezing in the middle of nowhere

    Dan the manDan the manMåned siden
  • No 3d printers in the craft room?

    Bruce AlanBruce AlanMåned siden
  • where do you keep the flame throwers?

    Shadow WarriorShadow WarriorMåned siden
  • Came here lookig for flat earthers saying this is all made up and no one is allowed to go to Antarctica... couldn't not find one.

  • Man, a music room.....that's pretty great. I wonder if they ever record anything? Wouldn't mind hearing something. Heck, wouldn't mind going down there and making a record with those folks!

    Dave WestnerDave WestnerMåned siden
  • in Russia station Vostok...very very bad and poor

    Александр НевскийАлександр НевскийMåned siden
  • Учись Вова как жить в стране без воровства!!! Американцы молодцы!

    Александр НевскийАлександр НевскийMåned siden
  • I didn't see an ATM machine

    John ThomasJohn ThomasMåned siden
  • This is amazing and fantastic 👍😊

    Adam ZabłockiAdam ZabłockiMåned siden
  • Where is everyone?

    Michael DMichael DMåned siden
  • dude this is amazing thank you thank you thank you yes I've been dying to see this.

    Sid W S Andrew AfyouniSid W S Andrew AfyouniMåned siden
  • I really enjoyed this video and really appreciate all the extra detail you went into that others didn’t!

    Neha SharmaNeha SharmaMåned siden
    • Thanks so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ☺️☺️

      Gone VenturingGone VenturingMåned siden
  • I am a ham radio operator ( W5JN ), and I have spoken with hams there over the years....might you do a video on the ham station, please?

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?Måned siden
  • matt damon?

    Sara robinsonSara robinsonMåned siden
  • Rally appreciated your effort to make this video including all information of south pole station.

    INTG IndiaINTG IndiaMåned siden
  • How to get a job therE?

    suburbans nationsuburbans nationMåned siden
  • I wonder how much radiation polar explorers are exposed to? Haven’t find any info about this topic

    Dmitry NasonovDmitry NasonovMåned siden
    • I have so many questions: How much fuel does the station consume? It looks like there is so much space being heated and lighted. What are temperatures inside? Do food refrigerators work like regular ones? Cause it would be hilarious if there are cold producing machines on the south pole))

      Dmitry NasonovDmitry NasonovMåned siden
  • That was amazing, thank you!

    ZDOG productionZDOG productionMåned siden
  • This guy seems like a really chill dude to work with. I'd love to work here, do they have jobs in Information Technology there? I saw that there's an IT department. I have a ton of questions about the station and antarctica in general. Can you guys get mail? Do any of you guys have pen-pals? I know email exists but it would be cool to have a pen-pal in antarctica.

    HunterDrasticHunterDrasticMåned siden
  • This dude reminds me of brad from home improvement and its so distracting lmao (my brightness is low, so that plus the voice are probably creating this effect. Or im just wrong, probably)

    Erica PetersErica PetersMåned siden
  • 33:18 I guess the Russians aren't allowed to play?

    Noah TNoah TMåned siden
  • Wow, really interesting! First time I've seen anything covering this station. Thank you for posting.

    Karen McMKaren McMMåned siden
  • Where’s Santa’s work shop at?

    Brendan FazekasBrendan FazekasMåned siden
  • this was so cool!!! thank you so much for sharing

    Victory MarkVictory MarkMåned siden
  • Amazing video. What's the temperature like in the station? Does it always feel chilly, or it's kept at a warm temperature?

    Benjamin XieBenjamin XieMåned siden
  • Have you found any crashed alien space craft ? and bring the alien in ?

    Jin JinJin JinMåned siden
  • What is the super darn?

    Dean TanDean TanMåned siden
  • Can anyone just work there? Am a non science guy but this sounds like bucket list material

    Dean TanDean TanMåned siden
  • Is there alcohol in the station?

    Dean TanDean TanMåned siden
  • Why are the windows all round?

    Fuzzy NutzFuzzy NutzMåned siden
  • Look like a fun job

    Robert HoovanRobert HoovanMåned siden
  • This is amazing! Watched the whole thing. I wanted to see every inch of the place and got scared every time you paused before entering a room bc I thought you were going to say we couldn't :D

    SamtemberSamtember2 måneder siden
  • Great video...10 dislikes...flat earthers?

    Richard SandersRichard Sanders2 måneder siden
  • I swear to god this video deserves like millions & millions of views. The world is watching so much rubbish on NOtown and proper videos like this one are missed! This is a mankind achievement PEOPLE!! What a cruel world we live in. Keep up the good work down there. I wish I can join u guys someday.

    Na AfNa Af2 måneder siden
    • Ahh thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I’m glad you enjoyed the video ☺️

      Gone VenturingGone Venturing2 måneder siden
  • I would love to spend time there. This building do look like something you see in a movie when there is a virus outbreak. I know it isn't but this video looks like the BEGINNING. lol

    Joel EllisJoel Ellis2 måneder siden
  • What time zone do you follow?

    Holden LeebHolden Leeb2 måneder siden
    • Oh cool!

      Holden LeebHolden Leeb2 måneder siden
    • New Zealand time zone! That’s the same one McMurdo is in and that’s where we run the majority of missions from.

      Gone VenturingGone Venturing2 måneder siden
  • How ironic that every station in Antarctica, people need to use water as little as possible while they're literally surrounded by the largest freshwater deposit in the world (Antarctic ice shelf)

    Ernest JayErnest Jay2 måneder siden
    • @C C bullshit... It is all from ice which is melted and then pumped from Rodwell 3.

      Michael BradyMichael Brady18 dager siden
    • We use water a lot to shower, wash vegetables, boil, medicine applications, etc. We have pumps that melt it out of the lakes

      C CC CMåned siden
  • How are dust mites, virii and bacteria doing over there? If the answer is "non existent" I will apply for a job.

    Sagittarius A*Sagittarius A*2 måneder siden
  • This is what it must be like to actually live in a Fallout Shelter...Except that when you exit you do not meet giant radioactive scorpions or super mutants. Just penguins

    Raven DodgerRaven Dodger2 måneder siden
  • Wow. Why is it like a ghost town? And do you have cooks or refuse workers there? Im looking for work seriously.

    Brant StiflerBrant Stifler2 måneder siden
    • @Gone Venturing I will. Ive alwasy been interested in science and i love what people are doing there but I'm a GED guy. I figure my best chance would be unloading cargo since i have distribution and wharehouse exp. But a cook or refuse worker anything like that would be a good fit as well. Thanks for responding, the video was very interesting. As far as Ive been able to discover so far is that there are some government sites to aply. Do you know of a specific place to apply?

      Brant StiflerBrant Stifler2 måneder siden
    • It was just really empty because I filmed in the middle of the night. Some people didn’t want to be filmed so to just avoid the issue I did it at night. And they do have cooks and stuff! Definitely look into it!

      Gone VenturingGone Venturing2 måneder siden
  • Can you call home from the communication station. Did the station have a ping pong table.

    dphotosdphotos2 måneder siden
  • Amazing! I swear when I first started the video, I've had some feelings something interesting will happen :D

    Nasreddine El-DahabiNasreddine El-Dahabi2 måneder siden
  • This was a very interesting video. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. Two questions if you have a moment: first, it appears either security among everyone is very trusting as there were no locked doors or perhaps you unlocked doors off camera? Second, do you know the thought process behind using ship terminology for the station (i.e. galley, berthing, etc.)? Thanks again for the video.

    skibum415skibum4152 måneder siden
    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! As far as your questions go, there actually is very little security, but the application process is pretty robust, so I think there is a pretty high level of trust. Also, so many people have small tasks to do in different locations that it’s probably easier to leave stuff unlocked. These are guesses as I didn’t make policy, but yeah, I think that makes the most sense. As far as the terminology goes, I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that the original American stations on the Ice were all originally navy. While it’s no longer military (aside from the air transport and vessel offload), they probably just kept the terminology!

      Gone VenturingGone Venturing2 måneder siden
  • You go outside in the South Pole in just a t shirt. I have a at least 2 layers inside of a house heated to 73F. 🤣 I still dream of spending the winter months in the McMurdo station teaching yoga and mediation to the few who stay to help fight all the psychological and physical ailments that intense isolation brings.

    Patricia BafalisPatricia Bafalis2 måneder siden
  • On my Facebook page, it says I was born in this station.

    Wilson Hamza FiskWilson Hamza Fisk2 måneder siden
  • I've been digging into Antarctica and it's explorations, etc and have become infatuated. To the point I looked up prices for a "vacation" and I can't afford it unless I save up for awhile, and now I'm even toying of the thought of employment up there during the Summer months, but being as I currently have a good paying career already I'm not so sure they would be privvy to me walking away for 4+ months. Can't wait to dive into this video to feed my fantasy in my head.

    No NameNo Name2 måneder siden
  • There is good news for these troubled times is JESUS LOVES YOU ALL.

    Larry SmithLarry Smith2 måneder siden
  • It’s a pity that you have so few subscribers. You have a great way to communicate things. Well done from an island in Mediterranean Sea - Cyprus

    sotirelsotirel2 måneder siden
  • Awesome video! You are a stellar presenter

    A C TA C T2 måneder siden
  • Are there any SMOKING hot girls there? Anybody growing dope in the greenhouse? That gym is NICE. Have you ever had to get rid of someone that was a total DOUCHEBAG?

    nikolasbbqnikolasbbq2 måneder siden
  • I head you talk alot about Mcmurdo, but I was wondering if you have ever been to Palmer?

    Jeffrey Russell JrJeffrey Russell Jr2 måneder siden
  • Dude, that was awesome. Way to hold it together for 40+ min; it was super interesting.

    Nick TNick T2 måneder siden
  • VERY well done video!!

    Think It ThroughThink It Through2 måneder siden
  • smokers?? why?

    Alex GuzmanAlex Guzman2 måneder siden
  • Thanks so much for this exciting tour! Jeffrey Donenfeld did a great tour too. Always a pleasure to watch a virtual tour of the best Station in the Antarctic! Thumbs up!

    Breezy_morningBreezy_morning2 måneder siden
  • Oh no! Covid 19!!!

    Badlaama UrukehuBadlaama Urukehu2 måneder siden
  • How many people were there at this time of recording? What - were you alone there? Didn't see anyone else in all corners of the tour.

    MarcMarc2 måneder siden
  • I worked nights at McM during Winfly a few years ago and absolutely adore that quiet, desolate atmosphere this video presents, it really brings me back to that feeling!

    ThatBoyDrakeThatBoyDrake3 måneder siden
  • "... not much to say ..." in the laundry room. Well, I would like to add that due to obvious reasons they don't have those infamous there.

    Sagittarius A*Sagittarius A*3 måneder siden
  • I was the 2015 winter-over Doc at South Pole and enjoyed watching this video. There have been a few changes since my winter-over but, for the most part, things looked the same. Nice to see that the photos of some of my favorite running trails that I put up in front of one of the treadmills in the weight room are still there. I commend and thank you for having the tenacity to edit and organize your video for this presentation. I have hours of video of every aspect of the station and all of the outbuildings and telescopes as well as "the berms" and "the end of the world." I doubt that anyone will ever see them but me. Thanks for sharing all of this. It is such a unique honor to be part of the South Pole family!

    Steve AllerdingSteve Allerding3 måneder siden
  • 21:27 found the orgy room

    LeviathanLeviathan3 måneder siden
  • This is a cover up, it's Mars!

    Luke LingLeeLuke LingLee3 måneder siden
    • The video kind of reminded of The Martian because it's a guy that looks like Matt Damon filming himself in a station in an extreme environment lol

      Jordan B.Jordan B.3 måneder siden
  • I am not a scientific, just a science fan. Learning more about the IceCube Experiment in the station you work led me to this interesting video and how important are the investments the US National Science Foundation does: I found your video after watching RT video about Russian antarctic stations: In that documentary one of the chief stations says "science is only the show, it's all geopolitics really". Though he might be right, US NSF is doing a great job in that South Pole Station and you must be proud to be part of it. Congratulations!

    Luis Ignacio De Palma TelleríaLuis Ignacio De Palma Tellería3 måneder siden
  • As someone headed to the Pole for the first time to winter over, this video (as well as your other videos) are AMAZING

    Eric EdwardsEric Edwards3 måneder siden
  • lol, watch the movie Whiteout in the gym. Hand out to each person an empty super glue tube. lol call it first aid.

    Mark O'ConnellMark O'Connell3 måneder siden
  • Does this station experience northern or southern winds?

    artman40artman403 måneder siden
    • There on the South Pole so presumably they are all northern winds

      Keegan HarrisKeegan Harris2 måneder siden
  • Where is the barber shop, computer n note book Lcd, TV repair service, toy shop, swimming pool, jacuzzi, acupuncture and massage room, hunting guns room, secuirty room, chapel, souvenir shop, shoes repair shop, food store area, fishing shop, shop for buying electronic items ,snack shop, banks, boxing ring, shops for winter shoes and overcoats, gloves, socks ...etc? Outdoor funs such as no ice hockey arena. You have not shown us antenna on the roof, satellite dishes...of different bands...etc. No switching hubs are shown too. Your South Pole station is lacking of everything. No real library with a librarian, no pottery room with lessons. No lost and found counter. No cat or dog. No psychiatrist, no artificial rock climbing , no photo studios. Worser than a prision or a jail house in china for the Uygurs. I will not suggest Elons to copy your south pole design to have the same one on the moon or mars.

    yxhankunyxhankun3 måneder siden