ANOTHER PARTY BAG!! We got a FUT Birthday!? FIFA 21 PACK & PLAY with AJ3

7. april. 2021
116 248 Ganger

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  • James laugh is fucking horrible

    Lucas LloydLucas LloydDag siden
  • Does James support Leicester?

    Marcus rarseclat RashfordMarcus rarseclat Rashford3 dager siden
  • 👍🏻

    Josh RussellJosh Russell4 dager siden
  • How is putting them in a a double 83 Plus discarding him ?????

    Luke ParkerLuke Parker5 dager siden
  • It took 30 seconds for james to laugh on one of andys jokes😂😂😂😂

    thenormalonethenormalone5 dager siden
  • The way pies face changes, that kills me every time

    rich grimesrich grimes5 dager siden
  • You don’t have any coins yet promote selling coins???

    Your MumYour Mum5 dager siden
  • Opened 9 125k packs got David silva and that’s it

    Callum ACallum A5 dager siden
  • The funny thing is Andy could’ve taken mikataryian and could’ve linked him to pedro

    Dan StirzakerDan Stirzaker6 dager siden
  • James you probs won't see this but I did the party bag and got upgraded reguilon is that a dub

    KaruKaru6 dager siden
  • Do u support Leicester if u do we can both agree kelechi iheanacho is the Nigerian Pelé

    Ollie 18Ollie 186 dager siden
  • im annoyed at u bailly is from ivory coast keane is ireland they dont get a strong link

    Alex oc kiid 2.0Alex oc kiid 2.06 dager siden
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirex6 dager siden
  • My party bag had future stars dest, I missed future stars cos of work so tbh I’ll take it

    FosseFosse6 dager siden
  • Vinicus jnr showed andy vs liverpool

    Lucas 1507Lucas 15076 dager siden
  • Bro I got totgs Gomez from my party bag

    Lewis BaileyLewis Bailey6 dager siden
  • I did it twice and got hradecky and sanson and now I have no fodder left in my club :(

    Theo ThompsonTheo Thompson6 dager siden
  • Curious about promoting buying coins has anyone actually done this or will I get banned using that

    Liam RodgerLiam Rodger6 dager siden
  • What’s that on your head🤣🤣🤣

    JohnJohn6 dager siden
  • Wait did James think Bailey is Irish 😂😂😂

    TheGreatONE O.TheGreatONE O.6 dager siden
    • ya

      Alex oc kiid 2.0Alex oc kiid 2.06 dager siden
  • My Party Bags So Far 1. OTW David 2. OTW Odegaard 3. Didn't Do 4. RTTF Muriel 5. RTTF Portu 6. Freeze Martinez 7. RTTF Bruno Peres Overall I think that my party bag luck is bang average

    OliverIsMiiOliverIsMii6 dager siden
    • Better than mine dalot then dalot again

      Charlie JohnsonCharlie Johnson6 dager siden
  • I opened 7 125k packs and got 0 walkouts

    Patrick QuinnPatrick Quinn6 dager siden
  • Wait Guys James is transfer banned so if he gets 100 TRADEABLE Cristiano Ronaldos, He should put him in a SBC Lol

    영우영우6 dager siden
  • Andy’s heavy breathing is so fucking irritating

    Arctic PenguinArctic Penguin6 dager siden

    Calym GauldCalym Gauld6 dager siden
  • Bailey gets a strong link to Roy Keane?

    Collie12JS ScannellCollie12JS Scannell6 dager siden
  • How tf could he use bailey

    George CantGeorge Cant6 dager siden
  • Trim do😂😅

    Marianne JohnstonMarianne Johnston6 dager siden
  • I got Atal out of mine yesterday so I do believe you can get team 2 =p

    Richard GunnRichard Gunn6 dager siden
  • How is pack and play still a thing in 2021 🤣

    AlexAlex6 dager siden
  • Tell Andy to change his clock please😂

    Joshua ToogoodJoshua Toogood6 dager siden
  • Shoutout to Juron

    JozeiikJozeiik6 dager siden
  • James had a left wing playing at right center back why didn't he say 😂

    HarryHarry6 dager siden
    • @Alex oc kiid 2.0 ffs 🤦‍♂️

      RemDogRemDog6 dager siden
    • he did

      Alex oc kiid 2.0Alex oc kiid 2.06 dager siden
  • Your neck doesn’t hurt james? Constantly looking on the right😂

    Manthan ShahManthan Shah6 dager siden
  • 7:30 why don’t you get mikhitarian for a green link with pedro , but get texeira of chem .

    AAACCCAAACCC6 dager siden
  • Why does andy have David moyes as a Korean league manager

    MJ10MJ106 dager siden
  • Anyone else notice the spot of sun on Andy's face? Spotted it and can't un see it now 😂

    Till DoggTill Dogg6 dager siden
  • Little mix meme at 14:40? 😂😂😂😂

    Biddley Boo Taribo WestBiddley Boo Taribo West6 dager siden
  • Since Danny Aarons became so popular, every fifa youtuber started including clips of other youtubers in their videos

    Vito DoktoreVito Doktore6 dager siden
    • @Ben Anderson - ElLoneWanderer mcjell is too good

      toddjilatoddjila4 dager siden
    • Tbf McJell’s done it for a while too

      Ben Anderson - ElLoneWandererBen Anderson - ElLoneWanderer6 dager siden
    • @Kami Sensei people have been doing it since gaming NOtown started

      The Three BaldiesThe Three Baldies6 dager siden
    • @Kami Sensei yes

      Ross VenterRoss Venter6 dager siden
    • Wasnt zwebach already doing that?

      Kami SenseiKami Sensei6 dager siden
  • James' laugh is so contageous :Dd gotta just admire his positivity !

    Renne VirtanenRenne Virtanen6 dager siden
  • Andy should of acted as if he packed poulinhio from the 83 upgrade

    علي عزيزعلي عزيز6 dager siden
  • Idk how james plays side ways

    Alex MeredithAlex Meredith6 dager siden
  • 10:26 we shall call it the James wiggle

    Scott JonesScott Jones6 dager siden
  • 3:16 could’ve put David Silva at ST maybe

    Bami AyodeleBami Ayodele6 dager siden
  • ollie watkins taking a break from the series

    Damn DavidDamn David6 dager siden
  • Ty

    Fill@PieNo!Fill@PieNo!6 dager siden
  • cba doing those party bags anymore i havent got even one W from 8 party bags :(

    Luka HarinenLuka Harinen6 dager siden
  • Bailly strong links to Roy keane ??😂

    Suli AjmeriSuli Ajmeri6 dager siden
    • i know like keane is from ireland bailly from ivory coast

      Alex oc kiid 2.0Alex oc kiid 2.06 dager siden
    • It’s a joke because flags have same colors

      Alexander ZaldanaAlexander Zaldana6 dager siden
  • 15:46 Andy was wrong about vini

    Brian Cruz PerezBrian Cruz Perez6 dager siden
  • First pack completely in sinc

    Alfie KempAlfie Kemp6 dager siden
  • I've been meaning to comment this for a while, has it ever occured to you James that your "cheeky" intro is the reason they banned you bro ;)

    Jevy MayneJevy Mayne6 dager siden
    • @ItsJames forgot the video came out late 🤣🤣 it’s such a funny intro man

      Jevy MayneJevy Mayne6 dager siden
    • Got banned before that so literally impossible

      ItsJamesItsJames6 dager siden
  • Andy : “Vinicius can’t finish his dinner” Meanwhile he’s scoring a brace against Liverpool

    M_ RwsM_ Rws6 dager siden
  • Waiting for a James rulebreaker for getting banned from the market

    GoneGone6 dager siden
  • Isn't the hole point about a rtg to not buy FIFA points? Because he's on his rtg account.

    Corin SmithCorin Smith6 dager siden
    • @fred bloggs wdum who cares. It's not fun anymore if he's just going buy FIFA points it's a rtg if you buy it's just boring he just made a new account nothing special.

      Corin SmithCorin Smith6 dager siden
    • @fred bloggs just here to help

      Ubayd HussainUbayd Hussain6 dager siden
    • @Liam Thomas that wasnt my point lol. I'm saying he is buying the points on his rtg but he wont use them in his rtg.

      Ubayd HussainUbayd Hussain6 dager siden
    • bro get a life who cares

      fred bloggsfred bloggs6 dager siden
    • @Ubayd Hussain it says est. Mar 2021 which means it's his rtg account

      Liam ThomasLiam Thomas6 dager siden
  • Never get tired of douchey Andy comments about people playing fut champs.

    bharrisnbharrisn6 dager siden
  • The mike lebell voice was class from andy 18:44

    Bram AmronBram Amron6 dager siden
  • imagine opening 2 ultimate packs and the player you pick for your team is 80 rated angelino😂

    Rizki AbyazRizki Abyaz6 dager siden
  • Whos that funny fat kid? 3:52

    Eero SillansalmiEero Sillansalmi6 dager siden
    • Pieface

      AndrewAndrew6 dager siden
  • 17:49 me when the terrorist starts waffling on about his story

    BabaVoydBabaVoyd6 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂😂 outrageous

      Biddley Boo Taribo WestBiddley Boo Taribo West6 dager siden
    • 😭😭😭😭

      AWXAWX6 dager siden
    • Oh my

      Tyler HarrisTyler Harris6 dager siden
    • Ahahaha

      Volt SkitsVolt Skits6 dager siden
  • Andy-” Vinicius cant shoot”.... 2 goals yesterday

    Anton LarssonAnton Larsson6 dager siden
    • Im a liverpool fan just shut up😂😂

      Alex MeredithAlex Meredith6 dager siden
  • Would’ve been legendary if andy packed Paulinho

    AJ72_YTAJ72_YT6 dager siden
  • I got big man........ Tadic

    no one likes dublinno one likes dublin6 dager siden
    • And then I got togs acerbi

      Manchester United til I dieManchester United til I die3 dager siden
    • It was wif Marcelo

      Manchester United til I dieManchester United til I die6 dager siden
    • I got a duplicate untradeable

      Manchester United til I dieManchester United til I die6 dager siden
  • You should make it so you have to use every card with an upgrade and fill the whole 11 and bench and use full Chem game mode to make it more fun rather than non rare teams

    joshua Youngerjoshua Younger6 dager siden
  • That light on Andys face 🤣

    Ethan CooperEthan Cooper6 dager siden
  • pb never get old

    Sam NenideSam Nenide6 dager siden
  • You may have quit being a doctor but you're still healing my soul with videos

    Ammar HafeezAmmar Hafeez6 dager siden
    • @Ammar Hafeez Bit sus

      football frenzyfootball frenzy6 dager siden
    • @Mark Young Yeah its definitely up there as one of the most cringiest comments ive ever made. But hey if it made you slightly blow air out your nose, im happy with that.

      Ammar HafeezAmmar Hafeez6 dager siden
    • This is the worst comment I’ve ever seen

      Mark YoungMark Young6 dager siden
  • How’s it goin guys it’s James here

    Noah HowlettNoah Howlett6 dager siden
  • love content mate

    Aurore ProutheauAurore Proutheau6 dager siden
  • Love your vids

    Kyle NorthingKyle Northing6 dager siden
  • Hey,very nice vids James. Respect

    Alex BarbuAlex Barbu6 dager siden
    • Thanks for watching

      ItsJamesItsJames6 dager siden
  • Oi oi I got tomori in my pack I'd say a dub right ✅🤪

    DillanH7DillanH76 dager siden
    • @censored yesterday I got Elvedi 😭😭😭

      DillanH7DillanH75 dager siden
    • I got inaki Williams fut birthday and the one before that I got mere can fut birthday

      censoredcensored5 dager siden
    • W i got fut birthday leroy sane hes so bad

      jmo mal enjmo mal en6 dager siden
    • Yeah big W, I got totgs elvedi, and got totgs Yazici from the 2 fut bday ones

      Darragh ManningDarragh Manning6 dager siden
  • Early plz respond

    Hayes BrownleeHayes Brownlee6 dager siden
  • a duo better than ant and dec

    Isaac LuisIsaac Luis6 dager siden
    • never

      Static 1Static 16 dager siden
  • not even a transfer ban can stop him

    Col gu iCol gu i6 dager siden
    • This is his Road to Glory you would know if ya supported his stream

      Joey RobinsonJoey Robinson6 dager siden
  • Early boys where u at

    BDCLouis BTWBDCLouis BTW6 dager siden
  • I still cant believe you came up with this spectacular unique series.

    Ethan CawleyEthan Cawley6 dager siden
    • @nuckinfuts it’s a joke he says he created it as a joke

      Jack SumnerJack Sumner6 dager siden
    • @Ethan Cawley lmaoo

      Eoin GarryEoin Garry6 dager siden
    • @nuckinfuts stevie wonder could tell that was sarcasm mate.

      Ethan CawleyEthan Cawley6 dager siden
    • @nuckinfuts whoooooosh

      Gwimlim How JonesGwimlim How Jones6 dager siden
    • @nuckinfuts ye it is a joke bro well more sarcasm

      CapalotCapalot6 dager siden
  • Love the content James!!! :)

    Preet BPreet B6 dager siden
  • 3

    pro clubs hubpro clubs hub6 dager siden
  • Everyone who sees this U are a legend and deserve a cookie

    Charlie SwainCharlie Swain6 dager siden
    • ur asking for likes

      Static 1Static 16 dager siden
  • Wayyy

    MrEnglishSargentMrEnglishSargent6 dager siden
  • 1

    Hruni 12Hruni 126 dager siden
  • Love you James great vids like always

    YA BOI JOSHYYA BOI JOSHY6 dager siden