Answering SPICY questions I would usually avoid!

30. april. 2021
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I get uncomfy again and answer some more Q’s I wouldn’t normally A! This time with added spice
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Community captions - THANK YOUUU lunaa, Lucinda L, blanche, Marit, Ashely R, Mirian R, Anna V, Annika S, Anya V, Gabriel A, Annabel P, Pelin :)

  • to all the scorpios - tbh i'm just jealous that you are cool and i am a jug

    AmazingPhilAmazingPhil5 dager siden
    • YAY

      Ghost GirlGhost Girl14 timer siden
    • @Joseph Tony yea, been watching on flixzone for years myself :D

      Mohammad LucaMohammad Luca15 timer siden
    • A tip: watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies recently.

      Joseph TonyJoseph Tony15 timer siden
    • As a Scorpio, I can honestly sy you are cool enough that there is no way Abercrombie was cooler than you - even if he had been a Scorpio.

      Magdalena SaccoMagdalena Sacco17 timer siden
    • The way I’m not cool or edgy but am a Scorpio

      Ariana HillAriana HillDag siden
  • This hair style is sexy af on u

    Eve SmithEve Smith51 minutt siden
  • he was talking about shane

    maddiemaddie2 timer siden
  • phil needs to paint his nails✨

    soupsoup4 timer siden
  • :)

    sneep snopsneep snop5 timer siden
  • Phil is so wholesome

    sian langhamsian langham11 timer siden
    • Bro the gay experience is looking up sex words and curse words in the dictionary

      Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi3 timer siden
  • Me: Was fearful that he was gonna say gemini cause everyone hates on geminis Dan: *A gemini* Me: *massively relieved*

    VanessaVanessa12 timer siden
    • "what's your least favourite zodiac sign?" me - panics realizes phil is also aquarius calms down

      Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi3 timer siden
  • Phil: I threw a spade at brother I felt so bad I forgot it was sharp Me: I threw a fork at my brother he deserved it I did not forget it was sharp

    Molly KoenigMolly Koenig13 timer siden
    • even after all these years i still get excited every time phil uploads

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeei11 timer siden
  • My brother threw a tractor at me

    Mari DrawsMari Draws13 timer siden
  • *scorpio sadness*

    TraffyTraffy14 timer siden
  • The was the fanciest "bitch" I've ever heard 😂💖

    Isabella HenricIsabella Henric14 timer siden
  • No one is gonna say anything about how he almost DREW ON HIS EYEBROWS WITH SHARPIE before he remembered he had makeup

    Prickly CactusPrickly Cactus16 timer siden
  • He looks like RoomieOfficial

    Horrible KidsHorrible Kids16 timer siden
  • CC: Gasp sound effect. Me: that sounded like Dan

    SlaniakiiSlaniakii21 time siden
  • you're very welcome in new zealand, phil

    IridescentBlazeIridescentBlaze22 timer siden
    • The fact that Dan wore the leather shirt out in public is already hilarious, but the fact that he wore it while meeting smosh is even funnier

      bilij pdanbilij pdan20 timer siden

    AnuAnu22 timer siden
  • Having Grown Up Watching You I Feel Like This Is My Parents Telling Me About The Wild Stuff They Did When They Were Young All Over Again

    Sarah DSarah DDag siden
  • “It’s a triangle” 😂😂😂😂😂

    Karlee WilsonKarlee WilsonDag siden
  • Hold up assholes have different shapes-

    KashalakashaKashalakashaDag siden
  • 100% come to NZ

    rebecca tonkinrebecca tonkinDag siden
  • "what's your least favourite zodiac sign?" me - panics realizes phil is also aquarius calms down

    Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiDag siden
  • Bro the gay experience is looking up sex words and curse words in the dictionary

    ktktDag siden
  • even after all these years i still get excited every time phil uploads

    peachypeachyDag siden
    • If you're going to get a rabbit, 90% of the time they are much much happier in pairs or groups

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiDag siden
  • Read that scorpios are (or were?) the most common sign to be born under so bye bye 99% of your fans lol jk

    Mismatched Shoes???Mismatched Shoes???Dag siden
  • dan and phil do edibles challenge

    VoreivasVoreivasDag siden
  • am i crazy or is that dan's *gasp* at 1:41

    Caroline GoodmanCaroline GoodmanDag siden
  • phils emo scorpio phase gave him mcr flashbacks.. no wonder why he doesn't like them.

    OMORI.OMORI.Dag siden
  • if nobody got me i know phil got me can i get an amen

    lavenzriellavenzrielDag siden
  • I love your whole persona! It destresses me, and makes me so happy

    mikayla hopkinsmikayla hopkinsDag siden
  • The fact that Dan wore the leather shirt out in public is already hilarious, but the fact that he wore it while meeting smosh is even funnier

    wretched catswretched catsDag siden

    Avirge FanLordAvirge FanLordDag siden
  • that was the most northern 'hello' i have ever heard. thank you phil

    Jamie JonesJamie JonesDag siden
  • Dan’s gasps in the background makes this vid so much better

    depresso potatodepresso potatoDag siden
  • The best place to keep a bunny is actually in your home (rather than maybe at the bottom of your garden)! They also need to be in bonded pairs and can also be quite reserved; I'd recommend volunteering with some before deciding you want one (which is what I'm doing) Ik it was just a passing comment but in case anyone else was wondering! Ducks on the other hand would hecking love a garden! :)

    Nola GattoNola GattoDag siden
  • fans asking shadow work prompts is so heart warming🥺

    Not KatNot KatDag siden
  • Be careful what Zodiac signs you insult. Us Scorpios are stereotyped as serial killers 🪓😀🔪

    Daniel LordDaniel LordDag siden
  • I know a family that naturally has red and black hair. The father has a red beard, the son has red underarm and crotch with otherwise black hair.

    NerlNerlDag siden
  • If you're going to get a rabbit, 90% of the time they are much much happier in pairs or groups

    Alexia BoddingtonAlexia BoddingtonDag siden
  • Wow Phil hates me ♏️

    Gracye AllenGracye AllenDag siden
  • not the simply nailogical music when phil started doing his brows lmfaooo

    rileyrileyDag siden
  • As a Scorpio I’m unsubscribing 😡

    Madelyn BadgerMadelyn BadgerDag siden
  • yeees rabbits are awesome

    noahnoahDag siden
  • Get yourself friends that host u a robot-burning-party when you're heartbroken!!

    Eva DelwischEva DelwischDag siden
  • nobody makes me smile as wide as phil does

    Lily MaeLily MaeDag siden
  • Can agree with not liking scorpio 😂

    hailey_whatsername yeehailey_whatsername yeeDag siden
  • Dan had the AUDACITY to HUG me while he was wearing the leather button up shirt 😤 lmao jks I lowkey liked the shirt, 😂

    Charl RobinsonCharl RobinsonDag siden
  • When he said let me get a sharpie let me tell you. My fucking fight or flight kicked in. I thought we had moved on. I thought we were better.

    MaddiMaddiDag siden
  • Who else has just been isolated and needs new internet friends? 😋

    Jamlena H.Jamlena H.Dag siden
  • Lmfaooo this is so funny

    Jacqueline BrownJacqueline BrownDag siden
  • 3:11 Phil really did just call out Thomas Sanders huh

    StripyWarriorStripyWarriorDag siden
  • The rumor come out. Does AmazingPhil is gay? That's what that question reminded me of for those of you who know that weird Bruno Mars article.

    JulianaBubJulianaBubDag siden
  • Phil said no vriska kinnies

    LazuliStormLazuliStormDag siden
  • Lol

    DefNot LesiDefNot LesiDag siden
  • Crys in Scorpio

    Oz HOz HDag siden
  • SCORPIOS????? 😔😔😔how could u

    pris.pris.Dag siden
  • I was not ready to be called out as a Scorpio. All these years, and I never knew you hated/were so jealous of me/us

    Justin PageSlayerJustin PageSlayerDag siden
  • The robot burning ceremony omg. Best roommates

    Rae HRae HDag siden
  • mistake and chooses to just block someone isn't a part of your life anymore.

    foopyu noouifoopyu noouiDag siden
  • "metaphorical nakedness" is really funny

    olivia ingledueolivia ingledueDag siden
  • Throwing sharp implements at siblings is peak childhood memories

    Melissa RocheMelissa RocheDag siden
  • The jorts though

    Theodore OlivieriTheodore OlivieriDag siden
    • As a Scorpio I accept this slander

      foopyu noouifoopyu noouiDag siden
  • As someone from new Zealand we will happily have you

    Elana BlissettElana Blissett2 dager siden
  • The real questions is what is your skin routine? You’ve looked the same for the past 10 years!

    Iran CastilloIran Castillo2 dager siden
  • Yes. Come to New Zealand. Be safe!

    Ashlynn SomersAshlynn Somers2 dager siden
  • “Wanna move to New Zealand” we’re not letting anyone in coz all y’all got covid

    Caitlin WheelerCaitlin Wheeler2 dager siden
  • 8:21 you look a bit like the dude who played prince charles in crown

    Mel TennantMel Tennant2 dager siden
  • come to nz we want u here so bad

    WillWill2 dager siden
  • Yes. More of these

    Cheyanne CortezCheyanne Cortez2 dager siden
  • Oh my God, hearing him swear is so strange oh my Goddddd

    Halia CrowellsHalia Crowells2 dager siden
  • bye i look so weird with slightly darker eyebrows, and ive just found someone else who does

    smbnsmbn2 dager siden
    • [Realizes he said Scorpio and leaves the room] JK! LOVE YA Phil!

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy2 dager siden
  • i just know 50% of those answers were that question, rip

    smbnsmbn2 dager siden

    val o'3'oval o'3'o2 dager siden
  • Phil with the eyebrows somehow looks way older. :/

    Reed SarroReed Sarro2 dager siden
  • A man working at Abercrombie is the BIGGEST red flag

    Makeda B.Makeda B.2 dager siden
  • Wow Phil is a lot more gay than expected😂 Not saying that's a bad thing btw

    Lucid DreamerLucid Dreamer2 dager siden
  • As a Scorpio I accept this slander

    Elijah TheOakSystemElijah TheOakSystem2 dager siden
  • yes, come join us kiwis!

    Aliquine xAliquine x2 dager siden
  • Still waiting for the wedding 💅💍

    Yui KimuraYui Kimura2 dager siden
  • Come to New Zealand please I will buy you a rabbit and you can pat my pet lizard :))

    yong yogurtyong yogurt2 dager siden
  • please get the goats like please buy goats bunny’s are cute but please get goats

    alias faeriealias faerie2 dager siden
  • Wait the fact phill and Dan weren’t eachother first boyfriends doesn’t fit my fantasy

    Ciaran BrownCiaran Brown2 dager siden
  • im a scorpio and im angry

    Kaitlyn KingKaitlyn King2 dager siden
  • phil and i both share the experience of hey life protip don't do oddly specific x thing because consequences be bad I know from experience

    Kaitlyn KingKaitlyn King2 dager siden
  • The hot guy filter was fucked up it was like the bilbo jumpscare in fellowship

    Tory SlapperTory Slapper2 dager siden
  • [Realizes he said Scorpio and leaves the room] JK! LOVE YA Phil!

    kanwooartskanwooarts2 dager siden
  • i got so confused when simply podlogical’s intro song was playing in the background as phil was doing the eyebrows 😂

    Evannah MaliksonEvannah Malikson2 dager siden
  • Ok his friend is fucked up for not even giving him a chance to tell her why he didn't attend! She just assumed the worst of him and proceeded to block him

    Tîago MTîago M2 dager siden
  • I'm genuinely sad that they burned the robot :(

    OddCrafterOddCrafter2 dager siden
  • why do phil keeps gettin asked if he's gay? i mean, wasn't it very clear already? 😭😭

    LiahLiah2 dager siden
  • i hope the friend wasn’t Anya 🥺

    tmv611tmv6112 dager siden
  • SEBASTIAN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 im not lying ive never met a Sebastian that wasn't gay

    Kelsey LeeKelsey Lee2 dager siden
  • i audibly gasped when he said scorpio. i don't even believe in zodiacs but i was not expecting to be called out like this

    LDLD2 dager siden
  • Phil: *swears* Me: 👁️👄👁️ did he actually say it?👀

    Charlie DakotaCharlie Dakota2 dager siden
  • [No one]: [Phil]:TIT

    Cortney WoolstonCortney Woolston2 dager siden
  • When is dan going to come back?!!!!!???? We miss him :,)

    0.Xradio.girlX.00.Xradio.girlX.02 dager siden
  • i- thanks for the serotonin, but like- why did go through your head just: *"ooo, a spade. what if i just-"*

    meowzers!meowzers!2 dager siden
  • okay but it's so wholesome your housemates had a burning ceremony for you I yearn for that

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu2 dager siden
  • yes Phil, you do have a nice face :)

    mushroommushroom2 dager siden
  • Phil, please film yourself listening to robot unicorn attack game song 🤞🏻

    FeeMangaFeeManga2 dager siden
    • This was a fun video! Simple, straight to the point and you really did not hold back with questions and most answers 😂

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu2 dager siden
  • A ✨flock ✨ of goats

    Yellow JayYellow Jay2 dager siden