Asmongold Reacts to "What Would WoW 2 Look Like?"

7. april. 2021
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Asmongold watches a compilation of some of the most incredible animations and unreal engine assets about what World of Warcraft 2.0 would look like with today's technology. The most popular MMORPG to have ever existed certainly needs a graphics face lift after so many years...
Original Video: (What Would World of Warcraft 2 Look Like?)
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  • I mean stormwind in general is pretty generic.

    Zach BochnerZach Bochner9 minutter siden
  • They’re literally playing WoW2 right now. Whenever they overhauled the entire engine it became WoW2 pretty much. That’s what RS2 was and updated version of RS1. Even after RS2 to RS3 and EoC it’s still the same game it’s just overhauled. You guys have been playing “WoW2” for like 4-5 years.

    TriqkshotTriqkshot2 timer siden
  • Well ain't Blizzard anymore .. so yeah never gonna happen

    I__Bear__II__Bear__I2 timer siden
  • Yep I am Jaded, and its a natural response to how it's been. Gotta see it to believe it now

    WhispiezWhispiez3 timer siden
  • It would look like a game that blizzard would never release

    JohnnyX1239JohnnyX12393 timer siden
  • Warcraft is a cartoony looking game. You can make it realistic like that. Simple as that. This has not the same feeling.

    DerGreif2DerGreif23 timer siden
  • Where are the murlocs 😂

    Marcel 43Marcel 434 timer siden
  • Those "wow2" shots soulless af

    ukotaaukotaa5 timer siden
  • Mark my words if the world don’t flip on its head we will have shit like this in 8-10 years

    Mason StoneMason Stone6 timer siden
  • Don't. *Word of Warcraft* is _special_ in its art direction even with piss-poor low-fidelity graphics. Truly a testament that sometimes lesser brush strokes paint a more beautiful picture. Making it photorealistic like any other generic game would lose its flavour and style. Similarly *Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild* wouldn't take my breath away if they went generic too.

    Riot AngelRiot Angel6 timer siden
  • Fuck me, 1 min in I'm crying. WoW basically started dying for me around Cataclysm. I still tried to make it work for years, but it wasn't the same. But the nostalgia and hope for it to be better with a sequel just kills me with emotion. I can't tell you how much I wish this would happen.

    norvellednorvelled9 timer siden
  • I love the cartoonish style of WoW graphics. Most of the graphics in the video is really good but I cannot and don't want to buy GTX 3090 to play WoW... :(

    Ozan KoşarOzan Koşar9 timer siden
  • this was done using Hero Engine?

    Noname NonameNoname Noname10 timer siden
  • Lol forget a new expansion just make wow 2 guys !

    Devon TatarekDevon Tatarek12 timer siden
  • This level of detail is something we'll see eventually but probably not until 2030 at the earliest.

    Aaron TrentAaron Trent14 timer siden
  • Lol like Blizz will ever kill their NEET cash cow game.

    Brian HeuerBrian Heuer15 timer siden
  • Wildstar was overhyped. The game itself was actually pretty good (aside from endgame content all that), but it just never lived up to peoples expectations. I think Asmon is absolutely right, people are waiting for the perfect mmo. Mmo's aren't dying, a lot of the players are just hibernating.

    Mad ValentineMad Valentine16 timer siden
  • What Would Asmongolds Full Hairline Look Like?

    Greg RecovskiGreg Recovski16 timer siden
  • It actually gives you the sense that the world is actually war torn

    Plague_b0y PlaysPlague_b0y Plays17 timer siden

    John CannonJohn Cannon18 timer siden
    • wheres the donation tab?

      John CannonJohn Cannon18 timer siden
  • could just play EOS for the looks.

    GadwinGadwin18 timer siden
  • Blizzard can't make stuff like this, if they did 90% or so wouldn't have the PC to ever play their games. they're in it for the money, not the looks or much other then fan boys dropping cash any anything they sell

    GadwinGadwin18 timer siden
  • So basically you want the game to look like blizzard's trailers.

    Mor3ank FreemanMor3ank Freeman18 timer siden
  • Welcome to Black Desert Online. LOL

    TitoM VeraTitoM Vera18 timer siden
  • looks like black desert

    'I'o pua'a uahi Papale'I'o pua'a uahi Papale19 timer siden
  • It would look like GW2

    MolgeMolge19 timer siden
  • WoW has unique style, this WoW2 looks realistic but falls pretty flat in the end.

    Ondrej JánošíkOndrej Jánošík19 timer siden
    • Oh ok he later said the same thing in the vid.

      Ondrej JánošíkOndrej Jánošík19 timer siden
  • Me in 20 years still playing 3.3.5 private servers 😂

    Gol D. RogerGol D. Roger19 timer siden
  • 2:35 how? well it will be like 0 FPS :D

    Krul XDKrul XD19 timer siden
  • it looks good for sure but i dont need wow 2. I need a good Wow 1

    Flo_toGoFlo_toGo19 timer siden
  • WoW will never look like this because the game is designed to be playable by pretty much anything, if they ever made graphics more detailed a bunch of players would instantly be gone

    Aaron0000014Aaron000001419 timer siden
  • WoWs art style is gay

    Travel MoarTravel Moar20 timer siden
  • wow reforged, cant wait MonkaS

    Brandon SantosBrandon Santos20 timer siden
  • 200gb space maybe more thinking from all the areas and expansions with these graphics wouldnt want it better off playing classic it would be too big overall for a regular PC instead of a gaming one. Unless by the time it could be out our technologies will be different. But still like old school cartoonish style appeal to it dont like too modern looking games.

    Leo LionLeo Lion20 timer siden
  • Those saying their PC would melt that's just because it's bad. Allot of this is comparable to something like Horizon Zero Dawn or RDR2 on PC, just some very high res textures in some areas. By the time Blizzard gets around the making it the average PC will run it.

    MetalJacketMetalJacket21 time siden
  • I laughed so hard at the "they want that pure crack rock", so on point. Give me the real crack AAaaaaaAa!!!!!!

    UrmicollUrmicoll21 time siden
  • Blizzard dont have the balls to do it !

    Mountain FarmMountain Farm22 timer siden
  • In a few years I promise to deliver a game. Being good is subjective

    DomiToonamiDomiToonami22 timer siden
  • This is too painful to listen to.

    BonechipBonechip22 timer siden
  • i think Blizzart suld not make a wow like this but a holl new game with a new story xD and gameplay like wow

    Erik DietzErik Dietz22 timer siden
  • this is amazing

    IxnayIxnay23 timer siden
  • ubisoft got me with the division hype, Im still jaded and thats just the way it is lol no matter how good it would look i will call it garbage till it comes out and isnt lol

    Wallace TheGreatWallace TheGreat23 timer siden
  • Patch 32.0.65: TikTok Premium integration for your selfie cam.

    The SignalThe Signal23 timer siden
  • I dunno guys, it looks so basic and the locations are like just some realisitc landscapes and that's it, maybe I just can't see the beaty you all see, but it doesn't excite me at all.

    Igor IgIgor Ig23 timer siden
  • Wow with Horizon Zero Dawn Graphics would be Insane. Fps tho

    RazorbboyRazorbboyDag siden
  • come on man. tons of people still have fucking 10 fps in raids and ruin raiding for the whole raid and you wanna graphics to be better.

    Arthur AlexeevArthur AlexeevDag siden
  • launch day would be international burning PCs day

    XiloXiloDag siden
  • They need Warcraft 4 before wow2. What else would they take material from?

    Dale StrifeDale StrifeDag siden
  • I just love how when you play WoW and go into certain older areas, you feel like you just time traveled..

    SelectionSelectionDag siden
  • if wow looked like this i'd resub instantly

    Brett BowersBrett BowersDag siden
  • still looks like shit, gw2 way better

    AdbeatSAdbeatSDag siden
  • Cataclysm should have been WoW 2. wasted potential

    pittcreap460pittcreap460Dag siden
  • I tried finding "that" for the past 14 years. Wow is a masterpiece.

    PhizekePhizekeDag siden
  • They would definitely screw up wow 2 let's be real.

    AlpacaAlpacaDag siden
  • Yeah right, they don't give TWO shits. They are gonna milk wow for everything she is worth. Then kick her awake, and milk her some more

    solen18solen18Dag siden
  • lol the models suck becuz they look more real then wows models lol

    raymond lucaraymond lucaDag siden
  • you dont play this live it!!

    raymond lucaraymond lucaDag siden
  • this would really make people have no real life

    raymond lucaraymond lucaDag siden
  • Alliance IS generic and boring that’s why everyone plays Horde

    B MichaelB MichaelDag siden
  • Until they show actual NPC models and in game combat I don’t really care for videos like this

    B MichaelB MichaelDag siden
  • Well it will exist graphics like this in the futur, probably when VR will be at a good point

    A BoyA BoyDag siden
  • hire them and make it

    Vasilis VasileiadisVasilis VasileiadisDag siden
  • no changes. classic wow (?

    Esto es Gaming ArgentinaEsto es Gaming ArgentinaDag siden
  • These are all pre / post render magic, none of these levels would look close to that in a real time view while running around....just like Instagram, basically...

    axiomvpaxiomvpDag siden
  • I‘ve never seen Asmon be as entranced and non-snarky about anything as this before hahaha

    Tobias HolubTobias HolubDag siden
  • Ally is super basic...

    Rafael MoraisRafael MoraisDag siden
  • Take my money

    miamicanez16miamicanez16Dag siden
  • Everquest 2 came out when wow did and so did Guildwars, both went for an ultra realistic art theme. WoW choose cartoony and I cannot say who is right.

    Phil JermakianPhil JermakianDag siden
  • Feels like bdo

    John McIntyreJohn McIntyreDag siden
  • Imagine Unreal Engine of already laggy Spires of Ascension. No one could hit the last boss with a spear.

    DuoSpearDuoSpearDag siden
  • Chat being wrong again. Someone said Stormwind is built from stone not wood. Obviously hasn't spent much time in Stormwind ever, the interiors and exteriors use ample wood.

    AnonymaxAnonymaxDag siden
  • basically wow as bdo :D

    DjneverblockDjneverblockDag siden
  • What would make it real is if there were actual houses/residences. I hate that wow pretends to have thousands and thousands of troops and large armies yet there's no housing whatsoever in any city. A place the size of Suramar should be the typical size of a zone's hub. It actually feels like it can hold a legit amount of people inside of it instead of a place like the xroads that feels like someone's front's unfortunate the cost of digital square footage (or whatever it's called) is so much because the game just feels so tiny all the time.

    Corey BCorey BDag siden
  • I want a game that you are actually in it like a hawloe deck. To where you are your own character to

    Larry BurlingLarry BurlingDag siden
  • How many play Valheim now? Now think about that! Yeah im jaded, but im looking foreward for a month or two of new fresh crack!

    MentalBrothersMentalBrothersDag siden
  • too many wacky areas in wow to make this work. but stormwind can look very good if they use different assets with white bricks isntead of grey. realistic sylvaanas is ugly they can make her look good easily

    joejoeDag siden
  • More like "What would wow look like with graphics that will be outdated in under a decade?". People never learn.

    AltiocAltiocDag siden
  • Lol

    Dan ThompsonDan ThompsonDag siden
  • I need that XD

    Cheeserain WouterCheeserain WouterDag siden
  • Meh... A lot of these look too realistic and they obviously weren't trying to adapt the "Warcraft" art style.

    TaizunTaizunDag siden
  • I so agree....part of WoW's magic is the aesthetic of it's art style, definitely wouldn't be the same if it changed 🪄

    Damsel in FlightDamsel in FlightDag siden
  • imagine if they stopped applying the 100th coat of turd polish to current wow and re-launched vanilla/chocolate wow with these graphics. take my money...i would pay a box price and a separate sub fee.

    GoologGoologDag siden
  • Your fans wouldn't spin anymore

    The Bros [FMR]The Bros [FMR]Dag siden
  • minimum graphics requirements: Two 3090ti LOOOL

    RobRobDag siden
  • wgat uf tget naje WoW 2 but starting from classic. CLASSIC REMAKE

    K.O. Beast!K.O. Beast!Dag siden
  • Keep dreaming guys, i explain : 1 : Blizzard will never make high rez quality games, they don't use the technology for that, and they don't have staff for that. 2 : They will loose their unique stylised art. 3 : 80% of WoW playerbase have shiity computer, so it's a NOP. 4 : They need years to ship regular games, you will have to wait 2165 to see a game like that IF it was their taste.

    Kevin FKevin FDag siden
  • I would never go back to real life again

    Clayton NelsonClayton NelsonDag siden
  • We need wow 2 no more expansion please

    Migail PerezMigail PerezDag siden
  • the way wow is now, wow 2 will be a mobile game where all you can do is rub Sylvanas' feet.

    Odjira GamingOdjira GamingDag siden
  • If they did a sequel to WoW, they would still have the same dev team... and we would still have the same problems the game has now. It would just look prettier.

    DastanDastanDag siden
  • "But they're not going to settle for something that's not perfect". Yeah, it will never be. There's new people, new times, new technologies. Things evolve, and change. We older (not necessarily old) players want a fucking challenge but hey guess what, people cried Wildstar was TOO HARD. Then, they dumbed things down in WoW year after year and now it's just a GW2 mix with warcraft lore selling fucking butterfly costumes in the shop. I agree on one thing, despite not liking wow, I think the style works perfectly for it. I don't like it, I think it looks like shit BUT, the newer models (like demon hunters) and effects look really really good. SOme of those shoulder pauldrons that are set on fire or with fel, they look so fucking good. We can see this in Tmog competitions. Some look really good and for today's standards they're fine and others are just pure garbage. To be fair the game is 20 billion years old, so you can't ask much. That's why I don't hold it against it and see it with contextual eyes. I was just thinking, if AoC can be a GOOD game, I don't care it doesn't look super realistic or whatever. Just needs to look decently good, interesting and appealing. And have its own style like WoW does (or swtor for that matter) and make particles kinda pretty and that's it. The rest will come by itself with gameplay. Also, lesser graphics = better run on more pcs = more players.

    Lautaro QuirogaLautaro QuirogaDag siden
  • I hate the super realistic renders of Warcraft. It just completely ruins the feel of the franchise. I would much rather they keep the cartoonish quality while upping environmental effects. Or just being able to handle more than 30 people in a world server would be a start lol.

    Joel DoxtatorJoel DoxtatorDag siden
  • It would look like complete shit just like now

    BlakeBlakeDag siden
  • Stylized graphics with a good use of lighting is all you need to make a game look phenomenal. Higher poly =/= better looking. This is why pixel art is so popular these days: it's very easy to stylize in a number of ways, it's easier to work with, and the lighting can carry the rest.

    DocDocDag siden
  • If wow looked like this id get into it. But u cant play it on a phone so Blizzard won't make it

    Enea TashiEnea TashiDag siden
  • I would love a graphical overhaul of WoW but not at the cost of WoW losing its aesthetic and character. These remade versions are beautiful but they''re quite.. dull when it comes to their color palette. Colors are not as saturated and bright and powerful as in current WoW. To me this is one of the defining charcteristics of WoW's aesthetic. If WoW 2 is ever made and a total visual overhaul is done, I would hope the colors would remain as bright and vibrant as they currently are (with even more vibrant armor imo) and less REALISTIC of a vibe, but more cartoony, but with more detail.

    Shiny MagikarpShiny MagikarpDag siden
  • we need wow 2 as a ramake, with better history!!!

    Aeldron hueAeldron hueDag siden
  • never gonna happen

    Eduardo PezziniEduardo PezziniDag siden
  • All that money those greedy fcks made, how have we not got it?

    Carl JacksonCarl JacksonDag siden
  • Just imagine ifblizz did make a wow 2 imagine a the money they would make and b the amount of just elic looking game it would be

    Collyn SmithCollyn SmithDag siden