Asmongold reacts to Even More Gorak's Hilarious Machinimas | Classic WoW

3. mai. 2021
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Asmongold watches more of the funniest videos made by Gorak, check them out if you wanna find out about Gorak's Hilarious Classic World of Warcraft adventures:
Subscribe To Gorak: [ Apes Together Strong! - Gorak's Guide to Classic WoW, Episode 19 (WoW Machinima)] [The Struggles of Paladins - Gorak's Guide to Classic WoW, Episode 20 (WoW Machinima)] [A Naxxramas New Year - Gorak's Guide to Classic WoW, Episode 18 (WoW Machinima)]
The Struggles of Paladins 0:00
Apes Together Strong! 2:35
A Naxxramas New Year 5:09
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  • Who likes cats?

    LiveliedubLiveliedub10 timer siden
  • Gorillas will be the next playable race

    TheStygian KingTheStygian KingDag siden
  • This is Good

    RetroToonsRetroToonsDag siden
  • so thats how he got the cat i always killed

    raymond lucaraymond lucaDag siden
  • whats the song at 8:54

    Nino ŽagarNino Žagar2 dager siden
  • that Dwarf who was obsessed with the AQ war effort got back with his wife and kid :')

    HencewurthHencewurth2 dager siden
  • The end of the last one, with the 2 dwarfs, in the back u can see what i can only guess is a BRONZE statue of his naked wife.

    FrolkinatorFrolkinator2 dager siden
  • 6:38 THE KID LMAO

    DeasgonDeasgon2 dager siden
  • Kt vid was the best thing I’ve seen in awhile 😭

    Daniel StarrDaniel Starr2 dager siden
  • These videos are so well done. Wow! I was gonna go subscribe to Gorak, but I already did it. Oof.

    StalhrimStalhrim2 dager siden
  • That first video makes me wonder how much Classic would be broken (if at all) if racial weapon skill bonuses allowed you to use that weapon off-spec.

    XenoSpyroXenoSpyro2 dager siden
  • Play banjo Kasooie

    Oyer VeyerOyer Veyer2 dager siden
  • That Kel Thuszad one made me legit cry

    SleepyDruidSleepyDruid2 dager siden
  • So THATS how he got Mister Bigglesworth!!!!! :O

    Crazy Buttboarding GuyCrazy Buttboarding Guy2 dager siden
  • Holy Gunner needs to be a new class or spec for paladins.

    Covah RedroCovah Redro2 dager siden
  • this guy is THE BEST wow machinima creator. keeps the old style, has insane humor in all his animations and he hand makes all the animations(doesnt use basic wow animations that are already in game). i dont see a single fucking con, man. straight 10/10

    Martin IvanovMartin Ivanov2 dager siden
  • i love the animations very well done

    ᚾᛁᚲᛟᚾᛁᚲᛟ2 dager siden
  • The gluth mount will be as wrath classic extended edition

    Paul ZondaPaul Zonda2 dager siden
  • When the Paladin started dual wielding hipfire spraying down those BRD bastards I laughed so hard.

    oplixoplix2 dager siden
  • Bruv this KT Clip was so wholesome.

    RoxxSermRoxxSerm2 dager siden
  • KEKW is the worst emote, god I fucking hate it

    ComplexityComplexity2 dager siden
  • Felhound mount will be added in the store....3.0 cladssic. Bet.

    quiet riteousquiet riteous2 dager siden
  • ngl, now I feel bad for killing the cat. Q_Q i'm sorry KT.

    handsinthefirehandsinthefire2 dager siden
  • im not crying u are xD

    VedaWarlockVedaWarlock2 dager siden
  • And every run someone kills the cat

    Mik ConMik Con2 dager siden
  • I got an ascension wow ad before this video. Guess they'll be shut down soon

    DnosDnos2 dager siden
  • aww that last one made me tear up

    Anthony GAnthony G2 dager siden
  • The amount of work in this animation, it‘s mind boggling

    20000plus Rpm20000plus Rpm2 dager siden
  • Makes me think of back when TBC released, I was leveling a pally (''maining'' warlock beforehand) and didn't really know all about the ambidextrous skill. I was with a group of lowbies farming Shadowfang Keep. I needed that sword from the butcher boss twice, and made 4 enemies on that day. I even remember specifically trying to equip the second sword, obviously failing, and go like ''Oh right, I need lvl20 to dual wield.''. Good times.

    GiroGiro2 dager siden
  • yay they

    gamermangamerman2 dager siden
  • thats so sad lol

    Yo RobYo Rob2 dager siden
  • I fully understand this. When my boyfriend first introduced me to wow, I made a Night Elf Druid. After a bit of leveling, he took me to the auction house to get some gear and better bags, and I went into the cloth section and found an outfit that I fell in love with. It was the leywalker set, the green pieces that drop from mobs in legion. I wanted it so badly and my boyfriend tried his best to explain to me that I couldn't use it because Druids wear leather and can only transmog leather pieces. if I wanted it, I'd have to re-spec. I was big sad :'c

    NotoriouslydeviousNotoriouslydevious2 dager siden
  • 4:02 the funny part is that that's accurate to pet AI in Classic WoW.

    Lysithea von OrdeliaLysithea von Ordelia2 dager siden
  • pet wolf is a win in my book

    Puppy LordPuppy Lord2 dager siden
  • I was WONDERING when asmon gonna react to the Chrismas one. Really hate but better late then never.

    kimdoeyoungkimdoeyoung2 dager siden
  • 6:56 "Why don't we add that as a mount?" Coming to a nearby Blizzard mounts tore for the 2023 release of WotLK classic!

    MustafaHolyWarriorMustafaHolyWarrior2 dager siden
  • These are funny and well done, he's way underrated, should have a lot more subs

    DemonClawDemonClaw2 dager siden
  • Kel’thuzad did nothing wrong

    Grassroots DictatorGrassroots Dictator2 dager siden
  • Was waiting for a group of raiders to step on mr. Bigglesworth

    Brandon BossBrandon Boss2 dager siden
  • Noth reading christmas stories to the 4H is S tier adorable

    SunmournSunmourn2 dager siden
    • @Gorak's Guide You are welcome! Thank you for all your hard work! These are my favorite WoW vids on NOtown

      SunmournSunmourn2 dager siden
    • I think you're the first one to comment on that! :D Thanks !

      Gorak's GuideGorak's Guide2 dager siden
  • Gorak is simple orc - Gorak see Asmon react, Gorak happy. Big thanks for the exposure Asmon, really glad you and the chat liked the videos! Also thank you to chat for the nice comments/Pepes - wideGorakHappy!

    Gorak's GuideGorak's Guide2 dager siden
    • man your content is so great. rly lit

      KaddahnKaddahnDag siden
    • your videos are legendary

      Thomsn VykovskiThomsn VykovskiDag siden
    • Hs hitting him in the balls had me rolling kekw 😂

      Dirk DigglerDirk DigglerDag siden
    • i've always enjoyed your content man! hopefully its as fun for you as it is for us :D

      Visser MattVisser MattDag siden
    • @Dan cringe

      Curt SternCurt Stern2 dager siden
  • Pog!

    SpaceTalonSpaceTalon2 dager siden
  • Ook Ook!

    BakinHazeBakinHaze2 dager siden
  • these are way better than the other silly class icons with stick arms and legs

    nono3 dager siden
  • 2:06 No one gonna point out that Gaston reference? I thought it was pretty good.

    The Drizzle 404The Drizzle 4043 dager siden
    • No one points out references like Gaston!

      Gorak's GuideGorak's Guide2 dager siden
  • 2:45 I LULW'D

    McconnellRetMcconnellRet3 dager siden
  • the gorilla one would of been funnier if the warlock actually came out on top and all the gorillas ended up losing, as it would have happened if it was actually wow.

    RavenRaven3 dager siden
  • Arthas have a Golden heart XD

    Gaburieru SanGaburieru San3 dager siden
  • bruh a paladin dual welding motherfucking guns.

    its privateits private3 dager siden
  • Ok I lost it when he was trying to hit the wolf lol.

    Chip ChippahsonChip Chippahson3 dager siden
  • suddenly everyone feels bad now for killing bigglesworth

    Malonze ProductionsMalonze Productions3 dager siden
  • Dude, Gorak have stepped up his animation game to an insane level!

    1990erre1990erre3 dager siden
  • It didnt really feel like 2 minutes to me either, but yet, more like 120 seconds.

    CharitardCharitard3 dager siden
  • The Naxx one made me excited for Christmas lol

    Chaz1871Chaz18713 dager siden
  • Notice the mining Dwarf from the AQ40 opening vid is back with his family, happy ending right there.

    BrittfireBrittfire3 dager siden
    • Yes, he made her a statue, put all those materials to good use after all.

      Nico BuffingNico Buffing2 dager siden
    • Nice catch! :)

      Gorak's GuideGorak's Guide2 dager siden

    Phizz A NowPhizz A Now3 dager siden
  • That Naxx one was so cute.

    GunplabroGunplabro3 dager siden
  • Remember guys, machinima by "lagspikefilms" is 13 years old now on youtube, the nostalgia on videos like *THRALLS CRIB* ...

    HenrikHenrik3 dager siden
    • @Quinn Seawright "Top fps" is some of the greatest machinima ever made, it was made 13 years ago and that content creator just dissapeared... :(

      HenrikHenrik2 dager siden
    • duuuuude I totally forgot about that video! Now I have to watch it again, thanks for memories of the good ol days lol

      Quinn SeawrightQuinn Seawright2 dager siden
  • The last one was so awesome Christmas is truly the best time of the year

    max mcintyremax mcintyre3 dager siden
  • Wow, I can't believe I've never heard of Gorak before, these videos were amazing, especially the KT one. Subscribing right now and watching everything.

    LionhearteLionhearte3 dager siden
    • Thank you! Welcome aboard! :)

      Gorak's GuideGorak's Guide2 dager siden
  • Kel'Thusad

    John DaisleyJohn Daisley3 dager siden
  • Gorak, the best machinima creator ever, then captain grim, and Nixxiom the worst one.

    XLXL3 dager siden
    • Ok

      WellshemWellshem3 dager siden
  • When they took the ability for warriors to shoot I raged a little. Warriors should be capable of using all weapons to a reasonable limit.

    CrazyEyesGamingCrazyEyesGaming3 dager siden
  • Asmon never playing banjo! I’m kinda sad for him! He should go play it just because he missed a good one 👌

    Peeko_luxXPeeko_luxX3 dager siden
  • is ez to get gun in usa right?

    christian prevostchristian prevost3 dager siden
  • Naxx one is so good.

    Unholy AllenUnholy Allen3 dager siden
  • Mr. Bigglesworth :)

    mikfhanmikfhan3 dager siden
  • That paladin managed to tame a wolf at level 1 without trying, he clearly rolled the wrong class.

    The Nerd BeastThe Nerd Beast3 dager siden
  • Asmon should watch the Launch Day and Queue episodes by Gorak, they are the best. XD

    helldrake77777helldrake777773 dager siden

    Cola SchnitteCola Schnitte3 dager siden
  • It blows my mind how Gorak has so "few" subs when compared to so many other youtubers that just steal other people content or do low effort videos.

    Vitor OliveiraVitor Oliveira3 dager siden
    • Thanks for the nice comment ! :) Exposure like this really helps the channel grow

      Gorak's GuideGorak's Guide2 dager siden
  • Well, if you ever wondered what if Clint Eastwood was a dwarf, now we know.

    Petar PoposkiPetar Poposki3 dager siden
    • MM hunter for sure

      Wes TakahashiWes Takahashi3 dager siden
    • Lol true

      KondekkaKondekka3 dager siden
  • Im surprised Asmon never saw Carbot vids on the channel

    gregotoxgregotox3 dager siden
  • I love how he shots against paladins all the time and dont realise that warrior is even more simple and boring and easy to play as paladins except prot warrior. just slap the enemy with all you have for rage and smack the execute button thats it :D (and no i am WW Monk Main but played both paladin and warrior sometimes years ago )

    Slate KoSSlate KoS3 dager siden
  • The immersion of asmon. He seem touched.

    hatE85hatE853 dager siden
  • The final vid was....perfect.

    The Truth You Can't HandleThe Truth You Can't Handle3 dager siden
  • Naxxramas one is Gorak's best one by far.

    Artorias the AbysswankerArtorias the Abysswanker3 dager siden
    • @Alex K No

      gamermangamerman2 dager siden
    • @McconnellRet does Asmon send you any gifts?

      Alex KAlex K2 dager siden
    • So cute and wholesome. Made it feel like Christmas again.

      McconnellRetMcconnellRet3 dager siden
  • This is how you do wow animation right

    MBMSKMBMSK3 dager siden

    Clean PigClean Pig3 dager siden
  • Ngl i lovved the apes strong, couldnt wait for asmon to react to it :D

    PEAJZPEAJZ3 dager siden
  • Gorak is a genius to make wholesome videos in wow without being cringe.

    Gil VanmessemGil Vanmessem3 dager siden
    • Thes

      dmpo 2561dmpo 25613 dager siden
    • I've never seen anyone use the classic models the way he does. It reminds me a bit of Gmod/SFM, in a way.

      MetaL556MetaL5563 dager siden
  • I'd watch Asmon play banjo.

    NegativeNegative3 dager siden
  • Get your own content bald man, you can only leech so much before it gotta stop.

    hans hansenhans hansen3 dager siden
  • As a lock player, I must say I laughed heartily.

    The Truth You Can't HandleThe Truth You Can't Handle3 dager siden
  • the christmas special always brings a tear to my eye

    meekrophonemeekrophone3 dager siden
  • D: PETA

    Diced manDiced man3 dager siden
  • Last one actually made me feel nostalgic lol I usually don’t get into Christmas anymore but that got into my feels

    ADA Coin SquadADA Coin Squad3 dager siden
  • The guy who makes these is a fkin comedic genius

    Phil MehrPhil Mehr3 dager siden
    • @Phil Mehr Its faster to type Gorak than 'tge guy who makes these videos' + u give credit vs no credit dumbo

      Jason MJason M2 dager siden
    • @Jason M NUHHH, REELY?

      Phil MehrPhil Mehr2 dager siden
    • Gorak. His name is in the title u blindo

      Jason MJason M2 dager siden
    • the videos give me those old slap stick cartoon vibes

      LZBLZB3 dager siden
    • chill brah

      dHdH3 dager siden
  • Please react to the channel WoWHitsHard dood

    FritzSchnitz MuellerFritzSchnitz Mueller3 dager siden
  • Fellow diamond handed apes WYA?? 🚀🦍

    colza6colza63 dager siden
  • Story time: So there was this one talent in the balance druid tree that increased your Damage or Attack Power with two handed weapons. Me, being a 11 years old noob, somehow convinced myself that this MUST mean I could learn two handed swords and/or axes. Against my brothers (actually true) advise, I decided to do the swampland run at, coincidentaly, level 11... After talking to Woo Ping, I never logged onto that ugly old nightelf ever again...

    Mon SiMon Si3 dager siden
  • This Gorak guy... man, can he make some good shit.

    Tonjou BasaraTonjou Basara3 dager siden
  • Gorak's is lit 10/10 content.

    Paul ColePaul Cole3 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

      Ryan JacklinRyan Jacklin2 dager siden
    • Gorak's GuideGorak's Guide2 dager siden
    • Ya ikr

      yayeetha / virakoryayeetha / virakor3 dager siden
    • Always very entertaining and good quality. Never disappointing. He deserves many more subs

      Mische2kMische2k3 dager siden
  • "KEKW" WeirdChamp

    BarbokBarbok3 dager siden
  • last one was adorable holy fuck

    AuvionxAuvionx3 dager siden
    • that faerlina scene tho...

      S DowncastS Downcast2 dager siden
    • My heart is so warm from that last one!

      MetalMooseMetalMoose2 dager siden
    • Felt so wholesome.

      McconnellRetMcconnellRet3 dager siden
    • They're so wholesome and have this very warm, friendly, goofy feeling to them. It's also very good that there is no dialogue in them, so literally everyone can understand and enjoy them, Gorak is the best.

      I like PotatoesI like Potatoes3 dager siden
  • Bald.

    LouiseLouise3 dager siden
  • That wolf seemed really happy to be hit with that hammer.

    DarkDark3 dager siden
  • "No background check either" Kkona

    EliEli3 dager siden
  • First

    Mark HeinMark Hein3 dager siden

    GrinGrin3 dager siden