ASMR | RPG Jewelry ✨⚔️ Detailed Show & Tell and Soft Speaking

3. mai. 2021
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Sooo this is an extra video because of the quick turnaround time on the collection's launch -- but basically I saw BisouLovely's posts on Twitter and was ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this collection so I reached out to them asking if I could do a video!! They agreed and to my mass excitement sent me a bunch of samples in the mail so I could film them!! 😭😭😭 YAAAY; everyone I talked to was so so sweet and I'm incredibly happy to get the word out and promote! Plus it's ALWAYS a good day to support small businesses, and women-owned businesses! (':
Which class do you like the best!? Each ring will come in two styles and colors (more ~dainty~ and more of a solid unisex design, and silver and gold)-- but the kickstarter should have some more goals/options! I'm excited to see what's there :)
In this video I show off quite a few designs but it's not even all of them; so be sure to check out the links above!
See you tomorrow for our regular scheduled upload! Enjoy four vids this week instead of three hehe :D
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  • 2:00 Bard Ring 6:55 Rogue Ring 10:23 Warrior Ring 14:07 Druid Ring 17:05 Healer Ring 20:35 Archer Ring 24:37 Necromancer Ring

    Blade DeathBlade Death2 dager siden
    • @Jayce Onyx yea, have been using Flixzone for since december myself :)

      Tyson ErikTyson Erik20 timer siden
    • a trick: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies recently.

      Jayce OnyxJayce Onyx20 timer siden
    • But they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made

      Tin ČondraTin ČondraDag siden
    • If I had the money I’d want the healer or Rogue ring

      Kayla RienziKayla RienziDag siden
    • @caelyn Mk-

      •Sxgarcookiie••Sxgarcookiie•Dag siden
  • Wow she’s stunning! As always of course but today is just special idk why is like I can feel her confidence❤️

    MichaelPsychoMichaelPsychoTime siden
  • Jin woo looking at that necromancer ring 👀👀

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  • Is this why people like qvc?

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  • Omgibi u look stunning!!!

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  • Damn you’re hella fine

    Ry NRy N2 timer siden
  • there’s something different about the way you look in this but I can’t figure out what it is!! you look beautiful but sometimes seems different lol

    Brittany MBrittany M2 timer siden
  • The rings are so pretty! I can't decide whether I want to buy the rogue or archer one...

    tritetrite2 timer siden
  • Can you please post a video in portrait mode it's hard to hold my phone sideways. For so long

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  • Is it just me or does she look like jo Karev from greys with darker hair?

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  • why does she have so many subs? I give her videos a try here and there and they aren't all that relaxing. She rarely whispers. Her talking is always border line between soft spoken and normal speaking. She also brings high energy personality into her videos, which is not usually conducive to falling asleep.

    Nicholas JohnsonNicholas Johnson3 timer siden
    • asmr is different for everyone, you may not find it enjoyable but many others do, so it’s okay to have a preference about your asmr

      pogpog2 timer siden
  • This probably one of my favorites on this channel. Love you gibi.❤️❤️❤️

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  • Omg I love ur hair I hopes I would do that! It looks so goodddd!!!!!

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  • For me I love being the bard/support character when playing with people. If alone ranged characters.

    Starlit Dream ASMRStarlit Dream ASMR4 timer siden
  • Came for the ASMR, stayed for the comments

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  • 2:00

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos Rodriguez4 timer siden
  • A thousand people have said it but I also got to say, that hairstyle looks great on you.

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  • I have no idea how or why but when she said shes used to being a ranger or archer I pictured her as a US army ranger in full combat apparel with rifle and all

    Cowerdnerd DespacitoCowerdnerd Despacito4 timer siden
  • Plot Twist: she didn’t buy it, used a gun and told them to give her as much as possible.. sadly they didn’t believe her and she shot the manager. #freejewelery.

    Roblox Production’sRoblox Production’s4 timer siden
  • I would like to request more posing!

    SmemesSmemes5 timer siden
  • Gibi--one of the hardest working creators on NOtown. Everything you do is SO thoughtful, well-put together, and not to mention, done like 500 weeks in advance haha. How do you do it! I really admire your work ethic and cannot go to sleep without watching your videos 💓you are lovely thank you! :)

    brody 12brody 125 timer siden
  • The whoa after every light change was a great trigger lmaoooo

    Rebecca HoganRebecca Hogan5 timer siden
  • Everyone’s obviously missing the reasons why Gibi is so stunning in this video... It’s the stat increases from the jewelry

    Ben JamesonBen Jameson5 timer siden
    • +5 drip +10 beauty

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  • In this video - you got 100x more pretty.

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  • nothing battle mage related reporting for false advertising and you will hear from my lawyers

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  • This woman is so hot idc

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  • damn. archer ring. looks super cool.

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  • Ok so like did her head just change shape or...?

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    • It's her hair

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  • Please play Overwatch in ASMR again :) I am a Support Main too. I play Mercy, Moira, Ana, Zen and Baptiste.

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  • Looking beautiful girl!

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  • She look extra mature today🤔

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  • Love your hair. Not so much into the cheesy jewelry, not that it matters, but I enjoy the ASMR!

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  • Me, who is always the DM: 🙃

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  • i love healing too lol i loved this video it was so beautifull you make every video amazing

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  • This is a wonderful video and I enjoyed seeing her show off all the jewelry, but there was one thing that kept nagging at me: The rings look to thin. About 10-15 years ago I used to wear a lovely opal ring my then girlfriend got for me (I got her an emerald one, our birth stones), and because we knew nothing about jewelry we both bought ladies styled rings, even though I'm a guy. I still wore it for a good 6-7 years before finally retiring it, but it was also thin like these and sometimes it bothered my finger to wear for long periods of time. Still, the designs are just gorgeous, and Gibi looks splendid wearing them, so I'm not complaining about anything here! Just personal thoughts on rings.

    Hiroshi MishimaHiroshi Mishima15 timer siden

    maymay15 timer siden
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