23. mars. 2021
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Sup dude and dudettes,
I needed a taste of #vanlife again. Can’t wait to get back on the road again full time but this will do for now :)
hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo
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  • Do you have a boyfriend

    william smileywilliam smileyTime siden
  • Not that’s a CleAN transition

    Toxic Donut44Toxic Donut44Time siden
  • Hew we gwo awgayn She's not gonna post in 1 year

    Adorable YouAdorable You3 timer siden
  • for the record, you're youtube is the van girl, you don't have to put yourself in a box ! xx

    Alice Eleanor MatthewsAlice Eleanor Matthews5 timer siden
  • All her outfit rock :)

    GEN ALE 5FIVEGEN ALE 5FIVE9 timer siden
  • you could get like a truck with the house attached to it or a plane

    Erin LewisErin Lewis11 timer siden
  • I guess she doesn't have time for van life now. She's doing commercials and she's very good at it.

    CA. ACA. A15 timer siden
  • What about an earthship?

    angelica savalaangelica savala18 timer siden
  • A yurt lmao

    Kayla XiannaKayla Xianna20 timer siden
  • 2.47 million subscribers but says if this NOtown thing doesn’t work out....🤔 it think it already worked

    Dj Exclusive's LifeDj Exclusive's Life22 timer siden
  • Does anyone know what she uses to film?.... what kind of gimbal too?..... 🤔

    Alice MunroAlice MunroDag siden
  • inspiring

    Pamela GonzalezPamela GonzalezDag siden
  • Is it bussin janelle?

    Emma WelshEmma WelshDag siden

    stupid jupiter.stupid jupiter.Dag siden
  • where is alfredo ? :(

    cristina domenechcristina domenechDag siden
  • Can you do a curly hair tutorial 💖

    FabFabDag siden
  • Feels good to say that I've been here since day 1! :)

    Lilly_ Grigoryan!Lilly_ Grigoryan!Dag siden
  • I said it once and I'll say it again Janelle is going to make an excellent Widow whenever she has her first husband and Alfredo is going to be there as an accessory to murder both literally and figuratively. You heard it first from me

    JonLa89JonLa89Dag siden
  • Get a bus or a boat 😂

    Holly JodeHolly JodeDag siden
  • Hello gorgeous im from philippines😍😍😍

    ROYAL pusitROYAL pusitDag siden
  • How does she keep her teeth so white? Sparkle and Shine!!

    Carpe DiemCarpe DiemDag siden
  • love you so much!!

    flutterflyflutterflyDag siden
  • wait my dad gifted me that same onesie for valentines day and its the sickest thing in the world

    CourtneyCourtneyDag siden
  • Jennelle!!! We missed you! Ice cream truck maybe??

    Ali P.Ali P.Dag siden
  • yacht

    Shiphrah Roshini ThomasShiphrah Roshini ThomasDag siden
  • Maybe try living in an already-converted small bus.

    Toria RoseToria RoseDag siden
  • Def a boat house!

    Lotty VLotty VDag siden
  • I’m tryna live in that van w you, well buy a whole 53 footer

    Mostdope CardsMostdope CardsDag siden
  • Hey! Quick question to anyone who may know the answer, what kind of solar panels were on the old van and where can I find them?

    Brittany DilliottBrittany DilliottDag siden
  • That's a big Bear 😮

    galaxy galaticsgalaxy galaticsDag siden
  • Who els loves jennel

    Malena’s NotesMalena’s NotesDag siden
  • I've lived in a car in California. It was tough and rewarding. You, unlike many others, got to experience things that others fail to even see.

    a olufemia olufemi2 dager siden
  • I love your dressing sense 😍

    g .gg .g2 dager siden
  • She need to give us hauls, cause hunnnyyy 💅🏾

    Aisha K.TAisha K.T2 dager siden

    EE2 dager siden
  • where is her top necklace from it’s so pretty!!!

    Lilly RLilly R2 dager siden
  • It's the big ol bare baby foot for me 🤭

    SkinCareMoxieSkinCareMoxie2 dager siden
  • where on earth did you get those cute glasses frames??? whats the brand!!

    Sierra BoydSierra Boyd2 dager siden
  • can you post more

    Sophia DeaconSophia Deacon2 dager siden
  • I want more of her

    The OneThe One2 dager siden
  • "Now I am back home." - Girl who lives in a van. 8:52

    Anime WeebAnime Weeb2 dager siden
  • Real world with artist with you as the star. Have a bunch of sponsors give The residence opportunities in their industry and film it. If they curate cast and the opportunities they could be fairly entertaining and really make a dent.

    Brandon BucksonBrandon Buckson2 dager siden
  • Janelle died. This is a clone. Stay woke people

    Josh BJosh B2 dager siden
  • i think you should move into a bus tbh that would be so dope 💓

    Sophia roseSophia rose2 dager siden
  • Your so cute 🥰 You remind me of Molly from the Comfy Couch I used to love that show and I love your channel !

    Alexxis WilliamsAlexxis Williams2 dager siden
  • When she said “ I miss living in a van” I said “ I miss living in a house”

    Draw Manga With MeDraw Manga With Me2 dager siden
  • Wonder if you could speak about Dave2D and his impact on Lee MacMillan & if he affected your sense of well being when he spoke about you. Misogyny from that kind of guy who is trying to gain popularity for being a d*ck towards women who are already likely trying to heal from... Lots of love to you!

    Mizshell MxioiMizshell Mxioi3 dager siden
  • What's it like being able to film yourself from any angle and look great? Me and my 4 chins will never know.

    ZapporahZapporah3 dager siden
  • She’s so cool

    JustinJustin3 dager siden
  • Next time you decide to purchase a van you should take someone who knows about auto mechanics with you.

    Jamari Egdi AJamari Egdi A3 dager siden
  • Chanel get a bigger rv you have more chance of surviving and you had my room

    Autumn AnimationsAutumn Animations3 dager siden
  • Have you considered an RV ? Like maybe a smaller one if that's a thing

    Moxy GirlMoxy Girl3 dager siden
  • She should be known for (Van in progress)

    The F.B.IThe F.B.I3 dager siden
  • Girl were have you been

    Zachooos builds & roleplaysZachooos builds & roleplays3 dager siden
  • "What's cookin' good lookin'" 😂😂Love her

    •Rae_Van••Rae_Van•3 dager siden
  • a sailboat!!!

    Marybeth RuizMarybeth Ruiz3 dager siden
  • Good

    Morella TovárMorella Továr4 dager siden
  • No one: Me picking my nose: Jenelle: *what's cooking good looking?*

    sniff my smelli soccsniff my smelli socc4 dager siden
  • That onesie where is it frommm I must have itttt

    Abigail RosternAbigail Rostern4 dager siden
  • Hopefully you still make a full income of your NOtown channel like in the beginning and it sustain you 🌹

    Dylane Dexter 2Dylane Dexter 24 dager siden
  • nice video

    chandarpal mouryachandarpal mourya4 dager siden
  • It’s almost like her version of a luxury hotel

    very elijahvery elijah4 dager siden
  • Jennelle! You’re a nomad! Live wherever you like! We will follow along wherever you go. Honestly, we just like watching how clever you manage different situations. Travel!

    Karen V MiguelKaren V Miguel4 dager siden
  • Hey check out Truck House Life his tiny truck house it's awesome too!

    metallica4567metallica45674 dager siden
  • Just hire someone to help finish that van

    Pat ricePat rice4 dager siden

    Niko AoiNiko Aoi4 dager siden
  • Just saw ur Burt’s bees add, so proud of you! You have come so far. Making Franklin proud too! 💕💕

    Kat RoseKat Rose4 dager siden
  • Hey janelle...was that you at the o side pier?

    Young HanYoung Han4 dager siden

    FancybabyyyFancybabyyy5 dager siden

    John DoanJohn Doan5 dager siden
  • A tree house!!

    AlyssaAlyssa5 dager siden
  • can we talk about that transition 3:30 that was cleeean

    トカットキッlikes foodトカットキッlikes food5 dager siden
    • I was about to comment this! I had to rewatch it twice cuz it was so slick

      ScarecrowScarecrow4 dager siden
  • Where did you get the onesie with detachable footies!!! That right there is a NEED!

    Teacher BajáTeacher Bajá5 dager siden
  • You’re more than the van girl! I’d actually like to see more than van content.

    Rebecca D.Rebecca D.5 dager siden
  • I say you should live in a dope tree house

    Drop Dead DivaDrop Dead Diva5 dager siden
  • I'm so looking forward to seeing your work on the RV. Such a cool project! Thanks for the inspiration for me to get out there! your videos helped.

    Professor on the Road - Troy AdventuresProfessor on the Road - Troy Adventures5 dager siden
  • Still adorable.

    SRV Fan 4 LifeSRV Fan 4 Life5 dager siden
  • A 🍍 under the sea

    Bree HunnaBree Hunna5 dager siden
  • Even if you don't ever vlog about van life again you're funny and intelligent beautiful and I love ur content but if you venture into other stuff I'm here for it

    Flossy ChildzFlossy Childz5 dager siden
  • Craigslist is a good way to sell off those non-running vans for parts. Selling all 3 together would be a good start to getting a new one! Or you could sell two to use that money to repair an engine on the third one. Or you can use the money on whatever other Adventure if you want. Just ideas

    Troy PropesTroy Propes6 dager siden
  • Anyone else see that add where she’s advertising Burts Bees? Just me? Okay...

    taylor marietaylor marie6 dager siden
  • Google Plant lol

    Huening CatHuening Cat6 dager siden
    • Jennelle posted her first video on June 26 2019. The plant bullshit conspiracy theory created by jealous NOtownrs that posted boring videos on unpopular topics had no merit in in 2019.

      Alexander RichardsonAlexander Richardson5 dager siden
  • Identity crisis or Google fund reduction?

    cyoohooscyoohoos6 dager siden
  • That was tasty, Thanks.

    rthomasxrthomasx6 dager siden
  • No hate if you love your van life that's all you but why dont you buy a apartment or house you have millions of subscribers

    BlueberryBlueberry6 dager siden
    • But I still love your channel I would always watch you

      BlueberryBlueberry6 dager siden
  • Tiny house!!!!!!!

    Nina MillerNina Miller6 dager siden
  • Boat life

    Chanella JonesChanella Jones6 dager siden
  • Oh my God, your personality just brighten up my evening... definitely a new Subbie

    DawnMarie FashionDawnMarie Fashion6 dager siden
  • You should do truck driving! There's a Queen truck driver on Tik Tok who reminds me of your drive -- literally.

    Ari McCrayAri McCray6 dager siden
  • Her content is trash I stay for her beauty

    Kyren EaddyKyren Eaddy6 dager siden
  • “Just so COMPLICATED”

    Holly MudgettHolly Mudgett6 dager siden
  • tiny house, tree house, shipping container, rv, truck, boat.. to be honest wherever you decide I'll watch it you're super funny I pray you find something that makes you happy!

    rika thedivarika thediva6 dager siden
  • i love your videos

    Sheanece WilliamsSheanece Williams6 dager siden
  • Girl imma need more content...because I miss you, I miss your craft...and I miss being on adventures and being nosy. 😭😭😭 breakin my heart sis. I need like a 30min-1hr post next time

    Maria AvalonMaria Avalon6 dager siden
  • Definitely should live in a narrowboat. Are there canals in California?

    Dun CanDun Can6 dager siden
  • Jenelle your gorgeous

    Taylor WilsonTaylor Wilson6 dager siden
  • I think that she should try to live in a bus I just feel like that's fun!

    Roxann WoodwardRoxann Woodward6 dager siden
  • Shes amazing in every way wth😂

    Joey OutlawJoey Outlaw7 dager siden

    Frosting FrogFrosting Frog7 dager siden
  • Build a mushroom house and live with Alfredo for the time being 🍄🍄🍄

    xNakoKittyx GsxNakoKittyx Gs7 dager siden