Battle For Mosul

1. feb.. 2017
3 274 870 Ganger

As Iraqi forces attempt to retake Mosul from Isis, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad joins their elite Golden Division on the frontline, speaking with civilians, soldiers and Isis suspects. At constant risk from Isis snipers and suicide bombers, can commander Munthadar and his men ever bring peace to Mosul? And if they do, will the exhausted civilian population trust them?
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  • lets nuc the whole middle east and have some fun while we at it let hit china with a super virus and russia as well i bet you no one play with us after

    Shervin pShervin p2 timer siden
  • Let's hope hope these religious nutters never get hold of the atomic bomb.

    Manfred DreschflegelManfred Dreschflegel10 timer siden
  • Great documentary, but it was hard to watch at times. I had to pause the documentary a couple times to cry after seeing kids that remind me of my younger brothers suffer so much. I have been caught up in thinking my life in America is not great because I don’t have enough money, yet my family is healthy and safe here. I have taken so much for granted when so many people have so little. I wish the best for the people of Iraq.

    Adrian OrtizAdrian OrtizDag siden
  • So much hatred. I feel very sorry for all these people.

    Maybe DavidMaybe David2 dager siden
  • I feel for the children so much 😭

    Svetlana KuznetkovaSvetlana Kuznetkova3 dager siden
  • Bro you can hear the bullets at 13:20... insane

    Joseph StapletonJoseph Stapleton3 dager siden
  • How is the war going in 2021? Is is still happening?

    Etienne WallaceEtienne Wallace8 dager siden
    • @Etienne Wallace Iraqi army

      WraithFace ,WraithFace ,6 dager siden
    • @WraithFace , who won?

      Etienne WallaceEtienne Wallace6 dager siden
    • It ended in 2017

      WraithFace ,WraithFace ,6 dager siden
  • What if Bush didn’t go to Iraq?

    Friedrich HoffmannFriedrich Hoffmann9 dager siden
  • And college kids who get “misgendered” think they have it rough. Cute.

    TheWhiteBackgroundTheWhiteBackground9 dager siden
  • How lucky we are in west

    Gus GambinoGus Gambino11 dager siden
  • The driver at the start oozes calm . Top boy.

    Grandson of Sam NiFDyGrandson of Sam NiFDy11 dager siden
  • My unit would have never allowed a 'news reporter" because reporters like to show their version of the truth not the REAL truth.

    Bryce LevasseurBryce Levasseur13 dager siden
  • so much hate for other people at min 9 i had to pause the video the boy in the red was to hard for me i wish the best for him goodbless

    Lightning GlumandaLightning Glumanda13 dager siden
  • Добрая половина непримеримых поедет жить в скором будущем в Европу . Аллах смилуйтесь . Пусть каждый живёт в родном доме .

    Arzu DunyamaliyevArzu Dunyamaliyev16 dager siden
  • شسويتي بالعالم يا اتباع دين اهل السقيفة

    Frenki فـرنكيFrenki فـرنكي17 dager siden
  • bravely

    lee kaguongolee kaguongo20 dager siden
  • Que horror!!!!!

    jplacido2000jplacido200020 dager siden
  • Don’t forget those guys are the first in the world who took back a hole city

    Abbas Naama VHUSHT20 Vux - RönnowskaAbbas Naama VHUSHT20 Vux - Rönnowska24 dager siden
  • The Iraqi Tom Hardy

    RedDoggeRedDogge24 dager siden
  • I think reporter wants human rights for this animal’s

    USA CaliUSA Cali28 dager siden
  • did that prisoners hoodie say "vile dog" on it?

    Justin HoweJustin Howe29 dager siden
  • collateral damage when the biproduct creates a product of its own, wars of pacts.

    mohammed ilyasmohammed ilyasMåned siden
  • At 13:20 and on....listen the bullets sibling very very near. What a mess....poor civilians, especialy kids who did nothing to deserve this

    streetwarrior31streetwarrior31Måned siden
  • Jika mau selat hspi Oppo Jagan lepas kan

    Raden DenRaden DenMåned siden
  • Berimereka tempat yang layak mereka cuma korban

    Raden DenRaden DenMåned siden
  • They are bombing syria and iraq so Israel can conquer whitout any damage

    beyazderincikbeyazderincikMåned siden
  • Respect to these journalists

    David HeydeckeDavid HeydeckeMåned siden
  • Евросоюз и Америка друзья террористов,разбомбили Ливию,Ирак,Югославию и пришли в Сирию.

    Кондрат ПупкинКондрат ПупкинMåned siden
  • It had nothing to do with saddam Hussain having weapons of destruction it was all to gain control of Iraqi oil.

    Ali K IqbalAli K IqbalMåned siden
  • USA is responsible for this

    Ali K IqbalAli K IqbalMåned siden
  • my tears dropped

    DhurgaDhurgaMåned siden
  • 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

    كرار حسينكرار حسينMåned siden
  • for all this killing and disorder, american and western aggression is responsible. they destroyed the ;little order managed by Saddam regime in a hurry without any alternative solution

    Aamir RazaAamir RazaMåned siden

    Rich TygartRich TygartMåned siden
  • I wonder how long it is going to be, or if it's already happening now, that they start using low-flying high-speed drones to bring supplies and ammunition out to soldiers on the battlefield.

    Rich TygartRich TygartMåned siden
  • *-*Click the door

    S LS LMåned siden
  • 8

    M CM CMåned siden
  • ok ngl the guy that has been splashed with hot water was funny

    TRMO ProductionsTRMO ProductionsMåned siden
  • Ana khalid ib e waleed

    mohtaram shahmohtaram shahMåned siden
  • Wow. Really tends to make one appreciate what one has...... However little..... Those poor folks.

    A.R. T. llA.R. T. llMåned siden
  • 9:28 they aren't so different after all.

    Francesco Pio FerroFrancesco Pio FerroMåned siden
  • This is why I’m joining the British army I wanna not only serve my country But the world

    fresh frozenfresh frozenMåned siden
    • AAHHAAHHHAHHAH , I Haven't Laughed in quite a while , thanks

      خرائط تأريخية متحركة / Iraqi Mapperخرائط تأريخية متحركة / Iraqi MapperMåned siden
    • 😅😅😅

      Alexis TexasAlexis TexasMåned siden
  • fall of Saddam Hussein means fall of iraq

    Hussain memonHussain memonMåned siden
  • The kids 💔💔

    Azoo BanAzoo BanMåned siden
  • Llplpl Pll

    Uho KapincutUho KapincutMåned siden
  • is this the way to convert and take over people to follow a religion?

    Guy RockGuy RockMåned siden
  • these civilians why should they stayed in war?

    Guy RockGuy RockMåned siden
  • You see this? This is what the USA will become if the leftards don't wise up soon.

    MitchMitchMåned siden
  • Имя настоящего террориста, массового убийцы -КАПИТАЛИЗМ

    Александр _FFАлександр _FFMåned siden
  • Anyone from 2021 here...

    Gjemë ShatriGjemë ShatriMåned siden
  • mahata ya mai vako Emmerson Mnangagwa

    Floopy Is DeadFloopy Is DeadMåned siden
  • What a horrible place

    Max ShkandrijMax ShkandrijMåned siden
  • 🇸🇴❤️🇺🇲

    Luders PeeLuders Pee2 måneder siden
  • الحمد لله حققنا انتصارا ساحقا على الارهاب المتمثل بداعش واستعدنا جميع أراضينا المغتصبة عاش العراق حرا قويا 🇮🇶✌

    مصطفى الخفاجيمصطفى الخفاجي2 måneder siden
  • Wait so who one

    RBT770 DBSRBT770 DBS2 måneder siden
  • Iam angry that the army took refugee in a civilian's house and by so doing had it bombed. Wat was wrong with spending the night out?

    Winnie ElaineWinnie Elaine2 måneder siden
  • Guy makes bombs Also him: There was death and destruction. Whaaaat? *Surprised pikachu face*

    HarryBaalzHarryBaalz2 måneder siden
  • Hot water deserved lol, thats what happens when you snipe civilians.

    Siris McgeeSiris Mcgee2 måneder siden
  • I hope the people of Mosul have a peaceful and prosperous future

    Nicholas DuckneyNicholas Duckney2 måneder siden
  • to everyone who reads this comment, please just take one minuite to think about the people who loose their lives every day due to war. now think about how you could be kinder, and make the world a happier place. every little helps :D

    Lava loutLava lout2 måneder siden
  • Great job boys! Time for weekend! ;-P

    Grzegorz ProszowskiGrzegorz Proszowski2 måneder siden
  • اني ابو الأسود طلعوني 🤪😎✌️

    حسن الركابي قضاء الفجرحسن الركابي قضاء الفجر2 måneder siden
  • when drones came out few years back I said to myself they can be used for anything now , didnt want it to hold a granade though or a gun

    Friction BurnsFriction Burns2 måneder siden
  • Why are they moving back if they are there to fight?

    marco hansemarco hanse2 måneder siden
  • American media would never show this ,,,, applause to the iraqi !!!

    mar brookmar brook2 måneder siden
  • I am no die-hard Guardian fan but for delivering such a heart-wrenching and gripping documentary, I take my hat off and bow in the deepest respect for the makers and brave people of Iraq. Now we have a glimpse what is coming to Europe soon.

    YowoYowo2 måneder siden
  • أّلَلَهّ أّکْبًر 🇮🇶😭🤞

    شجن Ash احمدشجن Ash احمد2 måneder siden
  • Of you wanna catch me there you better give me 9999999 gazillion dollars

    AA PlaysAA Plays2 måneder siden
  • these are the punishment of what they have been doing to their people... its a curse!

    edgardo rupertoedgardo ruperto2 måneder siden
    • Do you even understand Iraqi Politics and history?

      Benjamin DBenjamin D5 dager siden
  • if a kid from mosul will move to USA or anywere else and there is gonna be a school shooting hes gonna be thinking that is just another gun fight

    Meit IIMeit II2 måneder siden
  • Religion.........

    Lykos2Lykos22 måneder siden
  • My father was there in 80s planing telephone system. It was jewel of northern Iraq. Gateway to Persia. Beautiful parks and fancy nightclubs...

    Viola MäkinenViola Mäkinen2 måneder siden
    • That's why they decided to destroy such beautiful city, for its legacy and geographic location importance.

      HIQ عيون الليلHIQ عيون الليل3 dager siden
  • 2021 anyone?

    Nonita NoneNonita None2 måneder siden
  • Pada akhirnya rakyatlah yg menderita dlm peperangan ini , semua ini karena hawa nafsu untuk berkuasa tanpa memperdulikan akibatnya.

    Ajibayu MresnaAjibayu Mresna3 måneder siden
  • عاش العراق 🇮🇶💜

    مرتضى محسنمرتضى محسن3 måneder siden
  • At 1:40 i felt modern warfare vibes from the map

    kfree boykfree boy3 måneder siden
  • Come again we here and ready we ready to die when we born

    murat Doganmurat Dogan3 måneder siden
  • U racists waists so much money power everything what happened nothing

    murat Doganmurat Dogan3 måneder siden
  • O cara levo um capa ali avee Maria

    rei do free firerei do free fire3 måneder siden
  • some bad dudes....haha trump

    Saint LawrenceSaint Lawrence3 måneder siden
  • Iraq 🇮🇶 army its win

    مهندمهند3 måneder siden
  • The producer having a broken back... that's dedication to your job. Anything can happen.

    CookdacatCookdacat3 måneder siden
  • legacy Obama Biden

    Wendy lopezWendy lopez3 måneder siden
  • 2:05 did I just watch bodyparts flying in the air to the right side of the screen? (0_0)

    J.P.J.P.3 måneder siden
    • You probably did and now i cant unsee that, metal would've hit the buildings but body parts would be projected much higher. There were about 30 dead in that attack

      kfree boykfree boy3 måneder siden
  • Gran documento historico !!! Muy buen trabajo ... Gran reportero

    diego rinaudodiego rinaudo3 måneder siden
  • why is it every video like this has what sounds like RUST ost?

    Philip DoudPhilip Doud3 måneder siden
  • This reporter has some balls for staying the night and all kinds of other stuff in the middle of war.

    Mr.SalamiMr.Salami3 måneder siden
  • Tow mins car bomb coordinates N 36.354103691753,E 43.19448910133721

    Hq RenHq Ren3 måneder siden
  • I found the coordinates in five minutes in the video N36.35563728800946,E43.22216418625403.

    Hq RenHq Ren3 måneder siden
  • Ka teugon 0000 fb

    agen pulsa dan kuotaagen pulsa dan kuota3 måneder siden
  • Still here

    W HRW HR3 måneder siden
  • ,where is your head, I can't find my both hands " ☹️

    Zorama HnamteZorama Hnamte3 måneder siden
  • Devil's came in this country n everything ruined

    Muzamal NazMuzamal Naz3 måneder siden
  • 0:53 the windshield 😱😱

    bushra muktharbushra mukthar4 måneder siden
  • ✊🏾

    The Final Fantasy 7 Deadly Sins !The Final Fantasy 7 Deadly Sins !4 måneder siden
  • Well done !

    Ante JoduAnte Jodu4 måneder siden

    Bedarul IslamBedarul Islam4 måneder siden
  • i feel bad (kinda) for saying this but that torture video was satisfying to watch. i searched it on the internet but couldn't find it

    Sebastian ArizaSebastian Ariza4 måneder siden
  • They of detained that guy asking about his son! I bet he was part of that random assassination attempt

    HORSEMANOFWAR86 wawahwoowahHORSEMANOFWAR86 wawahwoowah4 måneder siden
  • 🤍🤍عراق

    Ali AlzubidyAli Alzubidy4 måneder siden