2. mars. 2021
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Ever wanted to be a Viking? Step into the world of Valheim
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  • If Bob added an extra o to his name, he would have been Boob

    SuperJoeMikeSuperJoeMikeTime siden
  • The Forest videos are always so much fun and it seems like this will follow suit. I'd love to see more of both of these games.

    nexranexra12 timer siden
  • i'd LOVE to see more of this lmao, especially if they cheesed the Elder

    amonxsilaamonxsila23 timer siden
  • 34:08. Definitely Wode. I just got done watching the 7 Days to Die and murder sucking sounds like a nice way to go

    Alex TronAlex TronDag siden
  • you guys had such a good spawn i had to walk around for like 2 hours before i found water

    Ethan MilburneEthan MilburneDag siden
  • I love how Bob says 14:08 "yeah if you play with it it gets bigger" lmao

    Charles CordyCharles Cordy2 dager siden
  • Imagine this group against a Troll for the first time, the feeling of fighting a Valheim boss.

    North 29thNorth 29th2 dager siden
  • Please Mark, give us more of this game.

    North 29thNorth 29th2 dager siden
  • Pov Your Reading The Comments For Funny Replies

    MattGamez-MineCraftMattGamez-MineCraft3 dager siden
  • Best quote "did you just clever girl a deer?" 13:07

    Jackson WildeJackson Wilde4 dager siden
  • i hope they come back to this its really fun to watch

    Light Fall On The HeadLight Fall On The Head4 dager siden
  • Tree v p

    SuperSpiderkSuperSpiderk5 dager siden
  • “I like this game. There’s a lot to it” *never plays it again*

    The CousinerdsThe Cousinerds5 dager siden
  • I thought Mark was wearing lamellar in the thumbnail

    Cruz AiderCruz Aider5 dager siden
  • 23:06 yups me too

    Duncan X DunzDuncan X Dunz5 dager siden
  • I wish they did another this is a good game

    Buisness RatBuisness Rat6 dager siden
  • Yes. Only if B🅾️b had an 🅾️ in his name😂😂

    Hope CurewitzHope Curewitz6 dager siden
  • I want more. MORE!!!

    gentledragongentledragon6 dager siden
  • wish you had played this solo

    Petri NiemeläPetri Niemelä6 dager siden
  • Valheim is minecraft 2.0

    French Rev.French Rev.7 dager siden
  • But... will there be more of this game? Plz plz

    Isabella MeadIsabella Mead7 dager siden
  • Need more

    Svantos cSvantos c7 dager siden
  • I'm watching this while doing school work about vikings

  • I expected him to say "if only bob would name himself babe"

    H1JH1J7 dager siden
  • I love watching Mark et al play something after I've played it for several hours. It makes me cry laugh.

    Chailis RathboneChailis Rathbone8 dager siden
  • this video came out a year after me and my ex fiance broke up

    Manga DoujinshiManga Doujinshi9 dager siden
  • part 2 plz

    DrizzEDrizzE9 dager siden
  • You should play more of this Mark

    TylerandMoRollTylerandMoRoll9 dager siden
  • Place your bets now: will they ever go back to this game. I say probably not

    Sam Fink-JensenSam Fink-Jensen10 dager siden
    • I hope they do. Fingers crossed.

      ManicManic8 dager siden
  • Is there going to be another episode

    Darkmage135 jakeDarkmage135 jake10 dager siden
  • Mark are you guys gonna play any more of this?

    Harley BrewerHarley Brewer10 dager siden
  • The way bob can barely make it through the sentence just makes me laugh so goddam much 11:30

    UsedlessUsedless10 dager siden
  • If you enjoyed this game, give Frigid Demo a try

    tailwhiptailwhip11 dager siden
  • Plz make this a series

    Parker SpainParker Spain11 dager siden
  • Mark - Master Spear Thrower. Bob - Lord of the Knife. Wade - Stuck in Building Menu

    James FrazierJames Frazier11 dager siden
  • Do part 2.plsss

    Bad GirlsBad Girls11 dager siden
  • John 3:16 New International Version 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    bigboycainbigboycain12 dager siden
  • We need to see more Valheim, please!!!

    Gary RobertsonGary Robertson12 dager siden
  • Them seeing the tree above: Xbox! Me: I’m pretty sure that’s Yggdrasill the tree of life

    Otterboys workshopOtterboys workshop12 dager siden
  • Bees

    Professor sh*theadProfessor sh*thead12 dager siden
  • I don’t know how to pronounce it but I just say Ike-thigh-er

    Professor sh*theadProfessor sh*thead12 dager siden
  • More

    Rachel KrasinskiRachel Krasinski13 dager siden
  • Camp MorkWode featuring Bob

    ColCol13 dager siden
  • It’s been over a month now and I’m starting to wonder if they will do another

    Tired DogTired Dog13 dager siden
  • Hey Mark, you going to continue this series?

    DaxainDaxain13 dager siden
  • In need moar

    soulsman4soulsman414 dager siden
  • Using the club to cut trees lul

    TheBlackPhoenix64TheBlackPhoenix6414 dager siden
  • Mark.....Finish the Forest play through now please. Thanks bunches

    scott cscott c14 dager siden
  • The boring golf independently entertain because priest paradoxically collect a a uptight kangaroo. wretched, wise self

    shjfk svhkeshjfk svhke15 dager siden
  • Me want more

    Cheeky BlokeCheeky Bloke15 dager siden
  • I whould be killed rather by wade because he would frick up

    MageYaLookMageYaLook15 dager siden
  • 16:00 did... did he uwu?

    Natnael AsratNatnael Asrat15 dager siden
  • I love how they saved it but there never gonna play it or make another video again lol

    Damian FlukeyDamian Flukey15 dager siden
  • Please play more of this

    Superior cristySuperior cristy15 dager siden
  • Can we get more of this game with bob and wade or even a solo play like the mincraft playthrough

    firesk8ter247firesk8ter24715 dager siden
  • What if the game is about people who are dead?

    Jesse DonovanJesse Donovan16 dager siden
    • They are dead, your character died and was sent to valheim to prove themselves strong enough for Valhalla.

      LargeUpsetLargeUpset15 dager siden
  • What a jolly cooperation! I envy u guys.

    Solidarity93Solidarity9316 dager siden
  • I wish they kept playing

    ya_boi_skull gamerya_boi_skull gamer17 dager siden
  • play ark survival evolved its way harder. the lore of the game is the player is a slain Viking warrior and you get taken to purgatory to prove yourself to Odin the king of the gods that you can go to Valhalla and the way to do that is defeating the bosses.

    FML_AbyssFML_Abyss17 dager siden
  • Is he planning on doing a part 2? Or did he not enjoy the game?

    David NealDavid Neal17 dager siden
    • if you look up Markiplier vods on yt im pretty sure he played it longer

      Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler17 dager siden
  • I'd love to see them return to this game. This was a lot of fun!

    YaGirlRose88YaGirlRose8817 dager siden
  • And just like that they never played again

    Kirk GonzalezKirk Gonzalez18 dager siden
  • i want to see an episode where Mark, Wade, Bob, Juhsean, and Ethan play Blades and Sorcery. [soundsmith if you guys are crazy enough]

    gramp lmaogramp lmao18 dager siden

    Crasy LightningsCrasy Lightnings18 dager siden
  • Btw guys Eikthyr is pronounced ike thir

    I PoopyI Poopy18 dager siden
  • Mark: this is a crafting survival game Also Mark a minute later: oh its got crafting

    Fish LanternFish Lantern19 dager siden
  • Bob : "If you play with it, it gets bigger" Poor choice of words.

    Ronan CassRonan Cass19 dager siden
  • You should do more of this game

    FFelle7FFelle720 dager siden
  • I don't know was more calming the music or Mark stung by bees

    RibsymanRibsyman20 dager siden
  • I love that these guys never have any idea what's going on or what the story is.

    Bread The TrashpandaBread The Trashpanda20 dager siden
  • 38:41 pause See ya boys

    Otaku LascivoOtaku Lascivo20 dager siden
  • Sad they didn't fight the boss.

    KpopFeels MyJamsKpopFeels MyJams21 dag siden
  • So where the feck is part two?

    omegaman182omegaman18221 dag siden
  • that's the world tree above you

    Colin RingewoldColin Ringewold21 dag siden
  • As always.. markaplier with a peronality crisis, proves yet again that he has an IQ of a 8 year old.

    Allan NielsenAllan Nielsen21 dag siden
  • This video made me buy this game. I know I'll be awful at it but it seems like something fun to mess around in.

    Samuel ConnollySamuel Connolly21 dag siden
  • Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful NOtownr! Hope you have a good day. :3

    KillerPotatoZKillerPotatoZ21 dag siden
    • I subbed ;3

      FF21 dag siden
  • I'm very happy that there are more and more Norse Mythology themed games being released

    CarbodudeCarbodude21 dag siden
  • If they continue without cheating, this will be very interesting to watch lol

    Nuka ChronicNuka Chronic21 dag siden
  • 14:08 thats what she said

    B LaffB Laff22 dager siden
  • Make another video about this

    Graham achuGraham achu22 dager siden
  • A series please I loved this 😁👌😂

    Boi BoiBoi Boi22 dager siden
  • ا٦ا٥٥٥٩كخع٦لفعالفعهلعععععععاااببيبنم

    ق Shadiق Shadi22 dager siden
  • That bird at the start triggered my dark souls ptsd

    Michael MinchMichael Minch22 dager siden
  • great game to play but no one to play with still great game

    mr_ byebyemr_ byebye23 dager siden
  • That giant green tree in the sky is called Yggdrasil, aka "The World Tree", which connects all the different realms

    Triple STriple S23 dager siden
  • When are you going to play Little Nightmares 2?!?!?!?!?!

    Willow HullWillow Hull23 dager siden
  • 22 minutes in the doom music kicks in

    Jake AngletonJake Angleton23 dager siden
  • Now I admit I haven't watched Markiplier's channel for the duration of the pandemic. But god damn is the man becoming Keanu Reeves.

    aTorsion XaTorsion X23 dager siden
  • reignbot

    Misael FloresMisael Flores23 dager siden
  • More Viking Mark lets go

    Dark BaphometDark Baphomet23 dager siden
  • Check out Let's Game it Out's version of gameplay for valheim. He's always the best at finding bugs...In the best way possible

    Wesley WangWesley Wang23 dager siden
  • Where is the let's play for this game? We demand more bro

    Sid79Sid7923 dager siden
  • I believe that the tree you are looking at is called igdrasil or something like that

    Nate OzanichNate Ozanich24 dager siden
  • Grow your hair out amigo

    Kyru Kyru KyruKyru Kyru Kyru24 dager siden
  • 10th world... wait a minute, what's that supposed to be? There are only nine worlds in Norse mythology (well, ten if you count Nidavellir). Asgard (gods), Midgard (humans), Jotunheim (giants), Muspellheim (fire giants), Vanaheim (gods), Niflheim (no people? Just frost.), Helheim (the dead), Alfheim (light elves), Svartalfheim (dark elves or dwarves), Nidavellir (dwarves). Nidavellir and Svartalfheim may be the same place. If anyone mentions Valhalla... yeah, that's just a building in Asgard.

    DeltaSilver88DeltaSilver8824 dager siden
  • I need *M O R E*

    BullseyeBullseye24 dager siden
  • tumbnail: strong bob strong wade and just mark

    ataerb099ataerb09924 dager siden
  • I m a Non Bee-lever just killed it !!! 😂

    Pier GPier G24 dager siden
  • Two great series, the forest and valheim

    Cherno alpha , the motherland’s monsterCherno alpha , the motherland’s monster24 dager siden