Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber & 22 Other Famous Fans

3. mai. 2021
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Billie Eilish is a Gen Z icon, but her fandom spans generations - and includes more than a few famous faces. In episode 3 of British Vogue’s ‘Ask a Legend’ series, Halle Berry pops up to ask the star for songwriting tips for her daughter; Avril Lavigne wants to know about Billie’s future goals; and Sporty Spice is keen to hear her most life-changing moment to date. Her friend Denzel Curry meanwhile, just wants to know: “When am I going to see you again?” Watch the video in full to hear British Vogue’s June cover star on her first date, her favourite song from her own back catalogue, and whether she’d pick fresh sheets over fresh socks.

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Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber & 22 Other Famous Fans

  • What would you have asked Billie?

    British VogueBritish VogueDag siden
    • Why do you look so smug all the time? You'd give Jeremy Clarkson a run for his money I swear!

      Jamal TyroneJamal Tyrone14 minutter siden
    • Are u happy yet? Do u need a break? You can always say no. Especially if ur not comfortable.

      Nicola MooreNicola Moore23 minutter siden
    • @Vantelique dont reply to me. Ask Billie a question that she wont answer.

      Rosco SanchezRosco Sanchez28 minutter siden
    • @avocado so you admit those nails are fake and disgusting then? Well they are.

      Rosco SanchezRosco Sanchez34 minutter siden
    • Nothing cause the star is her brother!

      lu jalu ja49 minutter siden
  • Wow a question from legendary director tim burton how cool would it be if he put her in some of his future movie projects.

    joey loveterejoey lovetereMinutt siden
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    allah sonallah sonMinutt siden
  • Does anyone think this is real? She's acting All of these famous people are friends and use their combined influencing power to control you people

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristMinutt siden
  • Be honest! **You also waited for Ariana Grande to ask her a question** 😂

    Winter WinterWinter Winter2 minutter siden
  • Looks like Shakira had a love child secretly with Jonathan Brandis!

    Minuka RodrigoMinuka Rodrigo2 minutter siden
  • Billie Monroe.

    Nightwing.Nightwing.2 minutter siden
  • Sis has a crush on everyone 😭❤️

    DiyanaDiyana3 minutter siden
  • The vibe of this video is just so comfy!

    Pati MPati M4 minutter siden
  • Is she bisexual or pansexual cuz in many interviews with her ive watched she admits to having girl crushes on other singers and actresses in the industry & the only guy ive really ever heard her say she has had a crush on before is justin bieber.

    joey loveterejoey lovetere5 minutter siden
  • I love how the beginning is all serious and sultry, and then she sees Missy Elliott and is immediately her beautiful excited silly self :D

    clorofemullyclorofemully13 minutter siden
  • so how close do you want the close-up shots to be? yes

    audrey mmmaudrey mmm15 minutter siden
  • Wow

    Joel MJoel M16 minutter siden
  • omg she loves H.E.R. 😫

    Adonis SabinorioAdonis Sabinorio19 minutter siden
  • not billie shooting her shot to orlando bloom during an interview

    Rashad SmithRashad Smith20 minutter siden
  • Why ain't nobody talking about her saying she'd karaoke the goat chief keef

    Rafael RojasRafael Rojas20 minutter siden
  • Fact :: Billie Elish and Priyanka Chopra both have max minutes in vogue interview

    Sushma PawarSushma Pawar23 minutter siden
  • She reminds me of Michael Jackson in his 20s. Very humble, very talented, open-minded and obviously A HUGE STAR. I'm so privileged to live on this planet at the same time as these two and be theirs fan.

    Anna CzaplińskaAnna Czaplińska26 minutter siden
  • Dip boyası gelmiş öğretmen sarısı

    Andromeda NereidAndromeda Nereid28 minutter siden
  • Why the star is her brother!

    lu jalu ja31 minutt siden
  • Wow I'm obsessed with this

    AnastasiaAnastasia32 minutter siden
  • hahhaha whenever I see Orlando I remember how she had no clue who he was first time he met him next to Katy Perry :)

    Ivana KomatinaIvana Komatina33 minutter siden
  • She is so overratedddddddd

    roy vaturiroy vaturi39 minutter siden
    • @roy vaturi Keep up the good work!

      Kris de ValleKris de Valle15 minutter siden
    • @Kris de Valle literly not

      roy vaturiroy vaturi24 minutter siden
    • Good for you

      Kris de ValleKris de Valle32 minutter siden
  • She may be 19 but she's an old soul 🌌

    greta fernandezgreta fernandez39 minutter siden
  • Look! How lovely she is?!! 🥺🤧💗

    Olifvia R LOlifvia R L40 minutter siden
  • Billie and Finneas are sibling goals

    Vedika SVedika S41 minutt siden
  • Legend is a stretch

    Llyr MLlyr M43 minutter siden
  • Cringe

    Jonny kingJonny king43 minutter siden
  • She looks like scarlett johanson i spelled that so wrong

    Olive GreenOlive Green44 minutter siden
    • No such thing!

      Andromeda NereidAndromeda Nereid27 minutter siden
  • I didn’t think it’s possible but I love her even more, after quoting Kendrick Lamar upon seeing Halle Berry lol. I look forward to December 😍😍

    Shakira StewartShakira Stewart44 minutter siden
  • My heart when she said she went on her first date with someone 💔 I screamed YOU’RE MY WIFE STOP CHEATING ON ME😭😭Haha

    Harryisthebest12Harryisthebest1246 minutter siden
  • Esta morra esta tripiadase mira como una mujer de la vida facil ahora con su cambio pero esa es lo que la fama y dinero echan a perder ala gente lastima a mi no me parese que sea buena cantante y para mi ni es cantante es mi opinion

    Diego CitalDiego Cital47 minutter siden
  • Billie is very cute in everytime , everything

    Henry MaskHenry Mask48 minutter siden
  • Oh my, she grew up :,)

    Lamprey LLamprey L49 minutter siden
  • Why the star is her brother!?

    lu jalu ja51 minutt siden
  • Whoever comes across this may have the best day they have ever wished for❤💯

    Nandana 145Nandana 14553 minutter siden
  • She soooo cute🥺!

    sariiah Lynnsariiah Lynn53 minutter siden
  • Not tryna send any hates towards her but she’s overrated like there are so many talented people in this industry who aren’t as famous as her

    Parmida SarchamiParmida Sarchami55 minutter siden
    • Why are you here?

      Kris de ValleKris de Valle33 minutter siden
  • Dang, I'm not that smart or nice in my forties .... not to mention my 20-ies ... u go Bilie ! 👏👏👏

    Di CeDi CeTime siden
  • Well we all know she is overacting😂

    Sky LineSky LineTime siden
  • 12:08 “People think I’m like a demon.. alot of ‘em that’s pretty crazy.. I mean, Im honored” 😅😂 i love Billie’s humor when people bash about her.

    danish icecreamdanish icecreamTime siden
  • UHM AVRIL ?????? AHHHHHH 🤩

    yanna yannayanna yannaTime siden
  • She looks like Marlene Dietrich here… I love this look! X

    Alex MillerAlex MillerTime siden
  • I love life. I love people, I love you. Bring peace to life.

    Just ME OnlymeJust ME OnlymeTime siden
  • BILLIE I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . I dont know what i am gonna say . like when i am sad i just go and wach your videos😭😘

    Avrin Ibo Pr4AAvrin Ibo Pr4ATime siden
  • she look like someone in avengers

    Sehun YehetSehun YehetTime siden
  • 17:12 THIS.

    bube udehbube udehTime siden
  • Today she is so Feminine 😁

    WHAT J. JWHAT J. JTime siden
  • Billie Eilish hair at her looks and her face Looks like in the 80s and the whole entire round are in the 80s.

    Tommy VoTommy VoTime siden
  • Can I never ever get recommended this or related content again?

    Ben BBen BTime siden
  • I am mmelting

    Universal HoboUniversal HoboTime siden
    • Are you finished melting yet?

      Killer ChungusKiller Chungus58 minutter siden
  • "you dress and present yourself in the way that you want to be seen, and how you want to feel, not how other people tell you? do you always kind of- determine your own essence? because you do it so well now.!" i love this question so absolutely much.

    bube udehbube udehTime siden
  • Girl.... got a wardrobe for Radio.

    Brett BraswellBrett BraswellTime siden
  • Wanda vision vibes

    NorteneNorteneTime siden
  • Billie Start: woman Celebrate appears on tv : a girl

    요네 일단 당신은 멋지고 우아한데요네 일단 당신은 멋지고 우아한데Time siden
  • billie is unreal

    ShrawaniShrawaniTime siden
  • I like ya cut g

    Aditya PaliyaAditya PaliyaTime siden
  • Seeing celebrities humbly interact with each other is one of the most beautiful things ever

    BeakyyBeakyyTime siden
  • Two big arrows

    Guess My NameGuess My NameTime siden
  • She reminds me of Ellie from the last of us ... idk they even sound alike lol also I’m not a fan but I can acknowledge that this girl is a legend.

    Old thick TelevisionOld thick TelevisionTime siden
  • Я совершенно ничего не поняла из видео (надеюсь будет русский перевод видео) но то что Билли задавали вопросы много разных селебрити это очень очень круто я считаю

    Delphini MichealsonDelphini MichealsonTime siden
  • Marilyn Monroe aesthetic

    Sed TsegahSed TsegahTime siden
  • Her eyes are so freakin beautiful

    Jessica LaylahJessica LaylahTime siden
  • What was the background music playin?

    Kasia ChanKasia ChanTime siden

    JuzztJazzyJuzztJazzyTime siden
  • But how can you be honored that ppl think you’re a demon? 🤔

    New subNew subTime siden
  • We had the opportunity to live and be born in Billie’s era. I can’t believe we actually get the opportunity to go to her concerts...

    Laa_uraa 19Laa_uraa 19Time siden
  • I love her energy, she's calming

    Eloise CobbyEloise CobbyTime siden
  • I think Billie is younger than me but this felt like I was listening to someone older. She sounds so wise.

    Kimberley ChanKimberley ChanTime siden
  • She ain’t no legend

    Gozerian LoadGozerian LoadTime siden
    • She is

      ArriannaArriannaTime siden
  • Bieber just wants to hit that

    Chase BrothersChase BrothersTime siden
  • Billie's standards are so high that normal people cant ask questions( she is amazing )

    Hibah BaigHibah Baig2 timer siden
  • I have a question so melcy said brits February 2020 does that mean this was prerecorded?

    Ashanty NavaAshanty Nava2 timer siden
  • She has a lot of light ✨

    Natalia BaztánNatalia Baztán2 timer siden
  • Do you like Jonathan Coulton songs?

    USBOBUSBOB2 timer siden
  • As a person who followed billie since when she released ocean eyes. I really see her changing every year and i could see how happy she is in this vdo. I am really happy for her

    Praewa LertsansaranPraewa Lertsansaran2 timer siden
  • this made me sad I do not know why she is beautiful truly but there is a sadness

    Colette LeClairColette LeClair2 timer siden
  • She couldn’t help that “halle berry....hallelujah “🤣🤣

    Colin HeitmanColin Heitman2 timer siden
  • Elon Musk: Builds 100milion dollar Rocket Also Elon Musk: Doge!

    elijah newburyelijah newbury2 timer siden
  • The vibes of this video are just very comforting

    CaitlinCaitlin2 timer siden
  • Not one person , not one single person asked her how she was . Jeez , it wouldn't have hurt to put out a , " Hey Billie , how are you ? How've you been doing ? " out there , right ?

    Mannat Anand 9 G1Mannat Anand 9 G12 timer siden
  • Oh yeah, she goated for saying chief 😭😭💯💯

    The Main CharacterThe Main Character2 timer siden

    lostshoelostshoe2 timer siden
  • The Billie I met before is still the same, very humble and genuine. It's been a long time Billie.

    Jesamae ObcialJesamae Obcial2 timer siden
  • She is amazing 😍 So nice and honest and its so cool🦄🦄🦄🦄

    Анна КотАнна Кот2 timer siden
  • im loling at vince 🤣🥺

    Arika DaryaniArika Daryani2 timer siden
  • 5:13 off topic, but this advice is actually really good for beginner artists! especially for people who like drawing.

    June summrJune summr2 timer siden
  • "people think I'm a demon... I mean I'm honoured." I wish I'd been that self-assured at that age.

    Josefine EgerszegiJosefine Egerszegi2 timer siden
  • Hi my name is Spencer, I'm down to play Roblox with you :3

    SpendogSpendog2 timer siden
  • These extreme close ups confuse me

    SedafoxxSedafoxx2 timer siden
  • she is so beautiful.

    cokefaeriecokefaerie2 timer siden
  • 6:04 why not minecraft ;-; xD

    Slayer BoiiSlayer Boii2 timer siden
  • marlyn monroe reborn?

    Amission PossibleAmission Possible2 timer siden
  • You can tell she is vegan from the wringles around her eyes at the age of 20...

    mm2 timer siden
  • I love you Billie! And so does my 10 year old. It's like she melts everytime she sees you.💓

    Marla RamirezMarla Ramirez2 timer siden
  • The music making me sad

    Tiger SilosTiger Silos2 timer siden
  • This is lovely

    Humaira Mohd KhalilHumaira Mohd Khalil2 timer siden
  • When we will vaccinated 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Paula PaulinaPaula Paulina2 timer siden
  • The creative team for this shoot needs a raise!

    Maggie EstradaMaggie Estrada2 timer siden
  • Love her ✨

    Mysterious CatMysterious Cat2 timer siden