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13. mai. 2020
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In the Regency era, Mr E. Blackadder serves as butler to the foppish numskull Prince George amidst the fads and crazes of the time. Subscribe:

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  • I have a cunning plan, let's watch more Blackadder here :

    BBC Comedy GreatsBBC Comedy Greats11 måneder siden
    • Funny

      A R.A R.11 dager siden
    • Yes that sounds like a great plan to me where did you say we start mi-lord

      Anthony TindleAnthony Tindle29 dager siden
    • Is it a plan so cunning that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel?

      Suzanne RustSuzanne RustMåned siden
    • Hello my Friends & Fans👌🏼🌹 Many greats for you all ‼️👌🏼💝

      ROWAN lifeROWAN life2 måneder siden
    • @bob often OR A...DONKEY.

  • Mr. Bean, House, and Hagrid walk into a bar...

    Dionne HendricksDionne Hendricks6 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Joydeep GhoshJoydeep Ghosh7 dager siden
  • Teeeeeaaaaa!!!!!!

    William MundWilliam Mund8 dager siden
  • Did Dr Johnson say anything about 10 years?

    Mr AlanMr Alan11 dager siden
  • 2:33 :When you get your GCSE results

    CORBS_YTCORBS_YT12 dager siden
  • Fat guy in black coat talks like Boris Johnson

    PhotoGalaxyPhotoGalaxy12 dager siden
  • "So he was a stunt cod piece. Did he have a large part?"

    jskd2953jskd295314 dager siden
  • This is less than what I write as unique comedy and out of jealousy I bet you don't hire me even though anybody with sense would hire me

    • The 700th comment--Wow⚡

  • Not a dog.

    Ann WilliamsAnn Williams15 dager siden
  • I'm glad I found this show now. In 2021. Dr. House and sir Mr. Bean

    Aiko GironAiko Giron16 dager siden
  • Contrafibularity Pericombulation

    Kasiita DiriisaKasiita Diriisa18 dager siden
  • Your little g-nome is correct, Monsieur!

    David AlvinDavid Alvin19 dager siden
  • This is the Series 1 Blackadder theme tune put through a thesaurus (and no, it doesn't rhyme): The vibrations of horse's feet 'cross the open space in the forest. Respectable people, imprison your male and female offspring. Beware the pernicious sharp object emitting light, unless you desire to suddenly decrease in height. Sable Ophidian, sable ophidian! He rides an unilluminated equine creature. Sable Ophidian, sable ophidian! He is morally depraved forsooth. Unilluminated: his gauntlets manufactured out of refined moderately sized mammal Unilluminated: the armour covering his groin area manufactured out of metallic substances His domestic equine is sabler than a relatively small rodent. his metallic receptacle is sabler than his utensil for boiling water. Sable Ophidian, sable ophidian! With a significant number of deviously intelligent plots. Sable Ophidian, sable ophidian! Thou insufferable compact male.

    Landino CagliostroLandino Cagliostro21 dag siden
  • Contrafibularities. "Noun. contrafibularities pl (plural only) (humorous, rare) False congratulations, sounding congratulatory while actually pulling someone's leg." The writing is top notch.

    Christopher NewshamChristopher Newsham23 dager siden
  • At 4:20 mark does this mean that OwO speak already existed before the internet?

    UnSeeUnSee23 dager siden
  • 2:35

    Annapoorna MariamAnnapoorna Mariam24 dager siden
  • Colonies: hi, um...soooo we were wondering about indepen- Britain: 14:46

    Emilio PalomoEmilio Palomo25 dager siden
  • As we rehearsed, poetry first sausage later - Sir Edmund Blackadder 15th Century AD

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper25 dager siden
  • House... House.. Hooouuuseee...

    Devyani ChowdhuryDevyani Chowdhury25 dager siden
  • "But im in agony" "Well thats love for you"😂😂

    Kartik ChouhanKartik Chouhan29 dager siden
  • Contrafibularities...WHAT ???? lmao ....robbie coltrane's face cracked me up !

    coffeeguy 66coffeeguy 66Måned siden
  • Such well-written classics. I pity anyone who first heard Rowan Atkinson's voice only on interviews.

    II M4X IIII M4X IIMåned siden
  • The whole rotten saga

    37Dionysos37DionysosMåned siden
  • i only watched blackadder goes forth. should i watch the first 3 ?

    Leve leviLeve leviMåned siden
  • I never found this funny..... Perhaps it is just trying to be too clever.

    cynic150cynic150Måned siden
  • That first bit about Blackadder making up funny words, there are a multitude of versions of official words for an unspecified thing in Danish like "dingenot" - "fidus" - "himstregims" - "dippedut" - "dims" - "dimsedut" etc. i mean the words literally mean nothing more than "thing" and intentionally sounds made up, but they are words in our dictionary. Some of them are for small things, like dims, others for elongated things like "javertus" which is also a euphemism for penis.

    omega1231omega1231Måned siden
  • Rik mayle....Flash

    Steven HayterSteven HayterMåned siden
  • The number of great British comedy actors in the entire blackadder series is fantastic. The one who I think stole the show was the late and great Rik Mayall as Lord flashheart. Although they were all fantastic but Rik absolutely was the bees knees.

    Jamshead AzizJamshead AzizMåned siden
  • Dr House, Mr Bean and Hagrid all in the same room! Love that scene

    Suzanne RustSuzanne RustMåned siden
  • Damn it, Rimmer.

    NexusDarkworldProductionsNexusDarkworldProductionsMåned siden
  • Heueh

    imelda candelarioimelda candelarioMåned siden
  • Rb

    imelda candelarioimelda candelarioMåned siden
  • Your definition of dog is? not a cat no no he has a point

    The HeneralThe HeneralMåned siden
  • 8:33 what A smeeeeeeeeeee.....

    Freedom ClubFreedom ClubMåned siden

    buckbumblebuckbumble2 måneder siden
  • "Woof-Woof" ...

    Mary O'LearyMary O'Leary2 måneder siden
    • NO! WRONG!

      Mary O'LearyMary O'Leary2 måneder siden
  • "..You're're German!" 🤣

    Mary O'LearyMary O'Leary2 måneder siden
  • "Down our way" 😁 quite bloody-'Emoji' right Posho!

    Mary O'LearyMary O'Leary2 måneder siden
  • Hugh Lloyd as Thingy the Fourth! 😄🤣🤣

    Mary O'LearyMary O'Leary2 måneder siden
  • My favourite episode of my favourite comedy series (first sketch)❤️

    John HarveyJohn Harvey2 måneder siden
  • dr house and mr bean

    sumaridesfreesumaridesfree2 måneder siden
  • Stephen Fry is as gentle as a lamb, despite looking like an East End gangster, crooked nose and all. So why do they keep casting him as sadistic schoolmasters, Generals and assorted bash em up thugs. Answer, because the thug is his alter ego. We all have split personalities, the mild mannered pacifist and a Blackadder brute beating servants to a pulp... Both sharing the same psyche. Some people denigrate Stephen's acting. Not I, the man can play any part he's given, and be convincing in it.

  • "Your little Gnome is correct Monsieur"

    bla bla blehbla bla bleh2 måneder siden
  • Subtitles in spanish...Please!!!

    josvaldo2josvaldo22 måneder siden
  • The best of English.... I’m Polish, but I find it hilarious. Strange. Maybe we have a similar sense of humour. Indeed. But I’m married to an English man, so that’s a clue.

    Kat Brelinska-DunningKat Brelinska-Dunning2 måneder siden
  • Such were the old days when people were allowed to laugh at anybody including themselves....

    popcultpopcult2 måneder siden
  • i bet there was a camera missing in that studio that evening

    The Lawless 1The Lawless 12 måneder siden
  • 'i love er more than any pig.....and that's sayin summat!'.......I'll take off my belt an by thunder ma trousers'll fall down!' Two great lines from Amy and Amiability!

    nick wilsonnick wilson2 måneder siden
  • "C - Big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in. 'C'" I remember that joke from the 90s, when Blackadder was on TV in Australia. I saw that episode only once and forgot most of the jokes from most of the episodes, yet I've never forgotten that one. It's gotta be one of my favourites!!

    Razar CampbellRazar Campbell2 måneder siden
  • “But I’m in agony!” “Well that’s love for you.” Well said...❤️

    Yo lil ShawteeYo lil Shawtee2 måneder siden
  • 2021 watching this...anyone?

    Yo lil ShawteeYo lil Shawtee2 måneder siden
  • 21:07 I've been trying to figure out how much Prince George was offering Blackadder here. From my researches 1 guinea was one pound and one shilling (or 21 shillings), so that should be about £1050 a year. And according to such a sum in 1800 would be worth over £46,000 in 2017. Meanwhile, what Baldrick owes Blackadder (a groat, which was 4 pences under George III) would be £0.73 in 2017.

    French Paul 1988French Paul 19882 måneder siden
  • Blackadder is THE best comedy EVER!

    Crab PasteCrab Paste2 måneder siden
  • 10:48 How the hell did I miss the Nigel Planer connection??

    DarkstateDarkstate2 måneder siden
  • Sausage time... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Adriana ChitescuAdriana Chitescu2 måneder siden

    robert armstrongrobert armstrong2 måneder siden
  • The elated motorboat seasonally tease because sock lally hand except a recondite syria. holistic, fuzzy himalayan

    Yenting WangYenting Wang2 måneder siden
  • "socks are like sex - tons of it around but I never seem to get any"

    Anne WilkinsonAnne Wilkinson2 måneder siden
    • 🍷😆😆

      Ev MEv M17 dager siden
  • 0:09 my dumb ass trying to read Hume and Kant

    tweedy gremlin boytweedy gremlin boy2 måneder siden
  • There was a LOT to love about Black Adder from stem to stern, but I find particular delight in Stephen Fry's depiction of the Duke of Wellington. :)

    PatchesRipsPatchesRips2 måneder siden
  • The good old days before BBC censored everything.

    Bo HansenBo Hansen2 måneder siden
  • Sausage time!

    DarkysboxDarkysbox2 måneder siden
  • Wordplay was sick!!! 🤣🤣

    Kwasi MediaKwasi Media2 måneder siden
  • Brilliant !! 😁😁

    karen snowballkaren snowball2 måneder siden
  • Counter Parts in mid day Old France

    Asher GoneyAsher Goney3 måneder siden
  • I feel bad for the actors but I imagine death would be a mercy in a world of Macbeth relevance

    Rew RoseRew Rose3 måneder siden
  • 10:03 Gnoooome

    Benna BobbyBenna Bobby3 måneder siden
  • Blackadder taught me loads ironically 👍🇬🇧

    brian haddenbrian hadden3 måneder siden
  • 1:15 Such a Blackadder response 6:03 Low-key smartest move ever

    Benna BobbyBenna Bobby3 måneder siden
  • "Well I'm in agony!" "That's love for you."

    Praveen FernandesPraveen Fernandes3 måneder siden
  • The Shadow sounds like James Mason.

    jonathan Steadmanjonathan Steadman3 måneder siden
  • We all know they'd never allow this now.

    Benjamin PickersgillBenjamin Pickersgill3 måneder siden
    • Why not? It's a damn funny show and lovely performance by all the actors involved

      Rew RoseRew Rose3 måneder siden
  • Oh the Regency Era 🤣

    DesertDaisy MarieDesertDaisy Marie3 måneder siden
  • “So he was a stunt cod piece.” “DID HE HAVE A LARGE PART?” 🤣 Why do I have this feeling that Rowan nailed those lines on the first take? From what I saw Tony (Baldrick) was the one who was trying not to crack up.

    David EkstrandDavid Ekstrand3 måneder siden
  • Au Contraire Blackadder!

    Paul RobertsPaul Roberts3 måneder siden
  • I've only got one thing to say to you. Macbeth.

    Aki AkisautumnAki Akisautumn3 måneder siden
  • 4:00 British mating call

    LuigiBro74LuigiBro743 måneder siden
  • He played second codpiece. Did he have a large part? Depends who played Macbeth 😂

    piggypiggy pigpiggypiggy pig3 måneder siden
  • How the mighty have fallen ,now the BBC get 12,OOO viewers for" Mrs brown boys" and call it success.

    Geoffrey CoulsonGeoffrey Coulson3 måneder siden
    • 😂 true, this is what happen when you let mindless hags have a word

      Rew RoseRew Rose3 måneder siden
  • Milenials don't get this.

    kileyjade420kileyjade4203 måneder siden
  • Doctor Johnson meet Doctor House.

    Charles Philip AdamsCharles Philip Adams3 måneder siden
  • The first clip is Hagrid, right off the bat, as Dr. Johnson.

    Crash AndersenCrash Andersen3 måneder siden
  • Bibici productions should be labeled on NOtown accordin to whether the primary actors are flamin or not, so as to help us better to select.

    Tru KeeseyTru Keesey3 måneder siden
  • Tbh I think Mr Barrie is rather fetching as a Revolutionary....

    paperchain 123paperchain 1233 måneder siden
  • To me, Hugh Laurie will always be the Prince Regent

    Elizabeth Reynell-O'BrienElizabeth Reynell-O'Brien3 måneder siden
  • Great tv from back in the day.

    vidsarchivevidsarchive3 måneder siden
  • I have a cunning plan!!

    Philby DoodlePhilby Doodle3 måneder siden
  • Big blue wobbly thing :D

    Rich RichRich Rich4 måneder siden
  • Macbeth !

    4tom2u4tom2u4 måneder siden
  • The actual best 🌸💗

    Annabelle CavalloAnnabelle Cavallo4 måneder siden
  • Brilliant from start to finish, every episode of every series.

    Chris WheatleyChris Wheatley4 måneder siden
  • Sausage time

    Harri BattistaHarri Battista4 måneder siden
  • Only just beaten to first place by Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister as true cerebral comedy, the likes we do not now see.

    Barrie ReidBarrie Reid4 måneder siden
  • What strikes me about this series when I look back is the embarrassment of riches of cast members.... Chris Barrie, Nigel Planer, Robbie Coltrane to name but three.... Truly the creme de la creme of British culture. How wonderful it is to revisit this delectable production.

    Rupert EvansRupert Evans4 måneder siden
  • Hugh Laurie steals the entire third series (the best IMO), which is quite something considering the others in the cast. Pure comedy gold.

    James ThomsonJames Thomson4 måneder siden
  • Dog: Not a cat. Is actually not far off Samuel Johnston's definitions in the first draft of his dictionary. His definition for sock was Something that goes between a foot and a shoe.

    Pyjama CriticPyjama Critic4 måneder siden
  • Blackadder season 3 episode 1 - Baldrick running for political office and he gets 65000 votes all from blackadder - who knew that would happen in real life now hint hint. Classic.

    エラーエラー4 måneder siden
  • 12:20 : is that Stephen Fry ?!?

    Orion3741Orion37414 måneder siden
    • The one and only.

      French Paul 1988French Paul 19882 måneder siden
    • A Bit of Fry & Laurie, great comedy partnership

      Melissa KirkMelissa Kirk3 måneder siden
  • Hugh's face after he gets punched... 🤣

    Berenice MoranBerenice Moran4 måneder siden