Bolvar Opens The Maw In Icecrown - All Cutscenes [World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Beta Lore]

31. okt.. 2020
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Into the Maw of Death. All Cutscenes. Sylvanas has broken the veil between Life and Death. Former Lich King Bolvar calls the Horde & Alliance to Icecrown to prepare for the Jailor's plans. Darion Mograine leads the Ebon Blade to find Jaina, Anduin, Thrall & Cow Sidekick. Tyrande takes a dive.
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Of course I added the music in the background silly. I thought this was like a given by now!
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  • Next Chapter: Link: Previous Chapter: Link: Hiya Folks! Naughty Athelarius has finally been taken out of the timeout chair and has received glorious beta access. WORLD FIRST Shadowlands preview is coming, sponsored by the Jailor’s imposing and most menacing nipple of doom. And what a better day to do it. Happy Hallow’s End!

    AthelariusAthelarius2 måneder siden
  • my new quote for anything going wrong, courtesy of genn.... SYLVANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rose's Zen GardenRose's Zen Garden13 dager siden
  • Never saw this in game. Just Sylvanas defeating crispy-Bolvar, breaking the helmet, and the sky. Then, it was time to go to Shadowlands, with no linkage to what just happened in Icecrown.

    snaplashsnaplash14 dager siden
  • Just remember: if someone asks if you're a god, YOU SAY YES!!

    Samuel PearlmanSamuel Pearlman17 dager siden
  • Damn Tyrande got a rough life

    catsndogs98catsndogs98Måned siden
  • I'm sure "tor ilisar'thera'nal" means "Leroy Jenkins" in Nelf but idk lol (Sorry I speak Orchish)

    No WillzNo WillzMåned siden
  • 7:45 song??

    Stevooo 39Stevooo 39Måned siden
  • Does anyone else love this rendition of “Invincible” at 3:39?

    GojiraGhoul5414GojiraGhoul5414Måned siden
  • Jailer: NOTHING ESCAPES THE MAW! My paladin after arriving at the Maw: *escapes the Maw.* I guess my paladin... 😎... is Nothing.

    Yannis KatsarosYannis KatsarosMåned siden
  • Greymane literally just does nothing except shout "no" lmao

    MastaGambitMastaGambitMåned siden
  • Arthas should return with a new helm in the last raid and slap bdsmjailer into the ground

    Alfons ÅbergAlfons ÅbergMåned siden
  • At first there was Warcraft... and it was good. But over many years it started that you are getting more and more the centre of the universe and warcraft is only about you. You are not an Orc, looking forward to see Thrall one day. Thrall and even the titans grandmothers are looking forward to see you one day. Since many years its no longer about Warcraft. I dont like this way

    Peter GeilPeter Geil2 måneder siden
    • i like it, because over the years the once random NPC's Traveled with you and grow up and rise in rank as well. I feelt nostalgic when i met Deputy Willem in Draenor or god knows i love Taylor's storyline and to follow it It makes me feel acknowledged

      NimarNimarMåned siden
  • Once they die...soon enough their souls will severly break and overly tainted in the maw and will never *EVER* enter the afterlife even if the Arbiter was revived

    Dy Justin Jhon P.Dy Justin Jhon P.2 måneder siden
  • Lich King 2.0

    Ffeliciano3Ffeliciano32 måneder siden
  • Sylvannas not dead yet?

    Chuck BorrisChuck Borris2 måneder siden
  • 9:25 this is epic. I love the cutscenes with your character in it being badass

    Isaac PlumboIsaac Plumbo2 måneder siden
    • Yup

      Stevooo 39Stevooo 39Måned siden
  • I can't wait for them to pull an Illidan with Sylvanas and turn out to be a double double agent or some shit, because they ran out of ideas after WoLK.

    RychooRychoo2 måneder siden
  • What version of the Lich King's theme is that at 3:32? Does it have a name?

    SombraptorSombraptor2 måneder siden
  • Tyrande is so vengeful that i can heat illidan saying “bruh” lightyears away

    BMSpammerBMSpammer2 måneder siden
    • T.T.Måned siden
  • Glad they brought back the old VA for Darion Mograine.

    Denis SkenderovićDenis Skenderović2 måneder siden
  • When Tyrande jumped in it reminded me of all the prematures that died jumping into the Mythraax Boss

    Brian HBrian H2 måneder siden
  • it is funny to see the father use a big ass sword to smash his own son after that love speech

    boringstuffboringstuff2 måneder siden
  • With such a lore why it's massacred with that awful narrative? glad i'm not sub

    Ocik EtxeitaOcik Etxeita2 måneder siden
  • The way tyrande just says “fuck it I’m goin in too” it’s fucking epic.

    Dylan GagnonDylan Gagnon2 måneder siden
  • bir zamanlar wow vardı :)

    SiddetLiKaranlikSiddetLiKaranlik2 måneder siden
  • 15 years of subscription............and they keep makin these AWESOME expansions.......can't even be bothered with Blizz or this game anymore.... the faster you realise how much they are taking advantage of their beloved community ( you and all of us ) the sooner you will stop playing this,cause let's all face it.... WoW was the NEW THING back in 2005..... now its 2020 and it hasn't moved much since then..... I am not a hater, i loved blizz and wow since the day i started in Vanilla, but this game is just taking advantage of it's fanbase......check out what they did to all their games and then think about the future of WoW..... dislike, trash talk all you want, but these are the facts that Blizz knows and does not care about anything their beloved fans say....the money is the only thing running their real game.

    Marijan SimonMarijan Simon2 måneder siden
  • i am getting a heavy reaper of souls vibe from the maw

    Callum HodgeCallum Hodge2 måneder siden
  • Why tf has Darion two voice actors?! SRSLY?? :(

    Fredy HermannFredy Hermann2 måneder siden
  • We destroyed the legion , God's big as planet etc why they are afraid from cleark of the prison.

    Ammar IessaAmmar Iessa2 måneder siden
  • warcraft political situation is boring now time it went down i warcraft 3 i wana see full out war between alliance and hore the hate, the blood, even batlle of Azeroth wast war it was about fighting with old gods or something

    jan bulířjan bulíř2 måneder siden
  • IDK why, but this reminds me of cold harbor in TESO...

    Wang RuisiWang Ruisi2 måneder siden
  • Glad to see that High Inquisitor Thicc Thights found another job !

    VaniellisVaniellis2 måneder siden
  • Anduin will be turned and is the new Pupil of Maw Arthas or something mark my words

    Pinch BoiPinch Boi2 måneder siden
  • wait, so...."the living once they go into the Shadowlands might not come back" "Yeah, so our plan is to go save people taken into the shadowlands, who might not be able to come back, by throwing more people into the shadowlands, who might not be able to come back."

    Unlimited PowerUnlimited Power2 måneder siden
  • As much as I hate the retcons that were created to pave the way for shadowlands I cannot deny that the music, from what I've heard so far, sound's great.

    Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci2 måneder siden
  • What calls music when you open portal to Maw? I wanna know because its so epic.

    wiej007wiej0072 måneder siden
  • is this a deathknight exclusive? how do you access this quest?

    MAD MINT EntertainmentMAD MINT Entertainment2 måneder siden
  • Bolvar is such a noob

    BenjaminBenjamin2 måneder siden
  • "The war is over." Everyone who have lost relatives and friend during it: "Understandable, have a nice day."

    CamperXabaCamperXaba2 måneder siden
  • Its pretty stupid tirion died in legion...thrall looked far better & cooler in WoD

    Ma JinMa Jin2 måneder siden
  • Sylvanas breaking Helm of Domination with her bare hands will always make me gag.

    LucitaurLucitaur2 måneder siden
  • "I dare not travel with you".... one zone later "These knights and I are here to help".

    Rh0deRageRh0deRage2 måneder siden
    • we was talking about traveling to the Maw and arrived to help us in Oribos

      Unemi RyuneUnemi Ryune2 måneder siden
  • Outstanding editing

    Danny IvanDanny Ivan2 måneder siden
  • I wanna see who Elune is?

    Dhel of the ZhangkaniDhel of the Zhangkani2 måneder siden
  • wat quest line is this to see the cinematics

    EFKEFK2 måneder siden
    • The main one

      JabZJabZ2 måneder siden
  • found the song @8:15

    kcline05kcline052 måneder siden
  • 9:24 This scene reminds me of King Varian on the broken shore.

    SpecSpec2 måneder siden
  • Am i the only one not impressed or overhyped by these scenes??

    Thanos RiddlerThanos Riddler2 måneder siden
  • is Whitemane a deathknight now?? (I dont play the game anymore)

    SuperCannabis420SuperCannabis4202 måneder siden
  • I'm calling it. Tyrande loses it and becomes a raid boss at some point

    AddzyAddzy2 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one that hopes Tyrande gets her ass kicked in The Shadow Lands?

    Kyle HofmeisterKyle Hofmeister2 måneder siden
  • Oh great so all NOtownr are alliance scums

    WrathionRX3WrathionRX32 måneder siden
  • Calling bad guys "fiend" feels unsatisfactory. Jaina should say something like "Fuck off Dick knuckle"

    Ricky HughesRicky Hughes2 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one thinking this shit is dragging on a little too long and the feminist vibes are getting really annoying

    Richard BurkeRichard Burke2 måneder siden
  • Looks like after Slyvanas it'll FINALLY be time for the damn Alliance to lose their leaders. I honestly have hated how the Horde's leaders keep having redemption arcs then just go full evil and become a boss. I've been waiting for Thrall to go evil at this point. Looks like the Night Elves are next in line though. I say good to that. Read back far enough into the lore and it's the Night Elves who literally started everything wrong on Azeroth. *shrugs* I still don't know how I feel about going into the afterlife to uh...kill the actual dead (not undead).

    Drew WilsonDrew Wilson2 måneder siden
  • Is Malfurion dead?

    D. RD. R2 måneder siden
  • After seeing this atrocity I am not sure if I am going to play this crap.

    Jasper HesselingJasper Hesseling2 måneder siden
  • Judging by the footage, its hard to believe this is an MMO

    StupidJokeStupidJoke2 måneder siden
  • Why the f@ck Blizzard is using upper case "h" when he refers to the jailor in the cinematics, like the jailor is a the One and only God. Wtf? This is a stupid game. He should not refer to him as "Him", "He" or "His". F@ck Blizzard and their stupid antichrist games.

    Konstantinos FilisKonstantinos Filis2 måneder siden
  • We are immortal We are unyielding...

    anees ahmedanees ahmed2 måneder siden
  • Why Darion have 2 different voices?

    Hoàng Anh Nguyễn ChâuHoàng Anh Nguyễn Châu2 måneder siden
  • It's great to see Ebon Blades relevant in story again.

    XarxycXarxyc2 måneder siden
    • And then the majority of them perished in the maw lmao

      Santa ClausSanta ClausMåned siden
    • It’s been too long, we got a touch in legion, but that’s about it.

      Shock FistShock FistMåned siden
  • anyone know the music @8:15

    kcline05kcline052 måneder siden
    • @Richard Burke

      kcline05kcline052 måneder siden
    • Some sort of extended twilights hammer theme from cataclysm. If you look up the making of the cataclysm cinematic, it plays in that.

      Richard BurkeRichard Burke2 måneder siden
  • So you killed a guy in the afterlife... so does that afterlife come to take this afterlife? Do they abduct the Jailer and we gotta go find him in deaths death?

    Shoresy 69Shoresy 692 måneder siden
  • Sylvanas: Get frustated after the heroes defeat her. Garrosh: First time?

    Dr. LugaeDr. Lugae2 måneder siden
  • The writing is so bad and incompetent.

    Back ViewBack View2 måneder siden
  • 239 = the maw change my mind.

    Joe BenedettoJoe Benedetto2 måneder siden
  • I rather watch this cutcenes than play that garbage game.

    ივანე მასხულიაივანე მასხულია2 måneder siden
  • This is gonna be good

    RathmorRathmor2 måneder siden
  • Maybe jaina will met arthas here in maw😀 All this action will make darion very popular i tink

    namakudhani1namakudhani12 måneder siden
  • how does time move in the maw? does it even exist... the maw and the rest of the shadowlands for that matter... regretfully, it will draw weird inconsistencies into the game that will just have to be forgiven for their own sake...

    Edward NessEdward Ness2 måneder siden
  • "nothing escapes the maw" reminds me of "America is the greatest country in the world"... basically a mantra that only works if you believe it...

    Edward NessEdward Ness2 måneder siden
  • I wondered why Jaina never found Arthas in the Maw. I mean, Uther dropped him there when he became an angel, so why can't we find the poor guy in what's literally Hell in a Cell?

    RoktoofRoktoof2 måneder siden
  • 4th wall

    Scavenger626Scavenger6262 måneder siden
  • Bolvar dIlates a gaping hole in the sky: the game

    Йцукенг АаыфЙцукенг Ааыф2 måneder siden
  • We might be fighting Tyrande soon.

    Brocken HauerBrocken Hauer2 måneder siden
  • Of course Jaina's escaped countless times before, she's the BESTEST EVAR.

    Emerald JesterEmerald Jester2 måneder siden
  • Lor'themar: Says something perfectly reasonable. Crazy Bitch Tyrande: "COWARD!"

    Emerald JesterEmerald Jester2 måneder siden

    Tergicristalli AtomicoTergicristalli Atomico2 måneder siden
  • This is so sad :( Am I the only one crying here??

    Tess KGTess KG2 måneder siden
  • I wanna know if there's a connection between the Jailer and Kil Jaeden. Kij Jaeden created the helm of domination, but Bolvar said he felt someone's presence within the helm(not Arthas or Nerzhul).

    Cerberus101Cerberus1012 måneder siden
    • Kil'Jaeden was Sargeras' puppet, who was the Nathrezim's unintendedly, who likely happen to serve Denathrius and then The Jailer...

      Erick RoldánErick RoldánMåned siden
  • 9:45 Collect 8 Wolf Pelts and...

    TheOmegaAlfaTheOmegaAlfa2 måneder siden
  • man calia keeps sucking lemons...

    Aleph NigurothAleph Niguroth2 måneder siden
  • This LAME plot of the early shadowlands looks so hopeless for this game to continue!!! I have to say this is the LAST EXPANSION for wow!!

    kalixtakalixta2 måneder siden
  • Aion ou wow ?

    Muller lucasMuller lucas2 måneder siden
  • Arthas raises "Undead" Wow = kills undead. Thats not enough, lets go kill whats already dead and make sure they double dead.

    Kok Fong ChowKok Fong Chow2 måneder siden
  • Bolvar. Gimme dat hammer. Like, for reals.

    Ken MerrimanKen Merriman2 måneder siden
  • oh so thats why now all can be DK,.... dudeeeee now i wanna DK too :3

    HangkiwHangkiw2 måneder siden
  • 17:12 what's that? :O

    VitcherVitcher2 måneder siden
  • I can't wait to kill sylvannas

    Milan MarinkovicMilan Marinkovic2 måneder siden
  • Notice how whitemane has regular eyes ingame but DK eyes when she’s carrying Bolvar

    Nick ZaniniNick Zanini2 måneder siden
  • holy crap, i am so excited for shadowlands!!!

    Leo DunnamLeo Dunnam2 måneder siden
  • *Oh god guys, wow! thank you for all the likes, oh wow I'm so grateful, you guys are awesome! gee thanks so much means so much to me!*

    David BoggsDavid Boggs2 måneder siden
  • 8:15 what soundtrack is this? :)

    DejanDejan2 måneder siden
    • The Rise of Men (Unused Theme) - Music of WoW: Cataclysm (If anyone was looking also) ☺️

      DejanDejan2 måneder siden
  • If I somehow get insulted now, treated poorly by a fuckwit goblin, Im out of here, 15 years commends some respect.

    Highland WhiskyHighland Whisky2 måneder siden
  • monkaS

    oplixoplix2 måneder siden

    ChillypuwnChillypuwn2 måneder siden
  • Wow the writing on this is pretty bad. Nothing really noteworthy at all

    Kevin KerwinKevin Kerwin2 måneder siden
  • I'll never understand why blizzard wrote characters the way it did. Maybe it was the MMO aspect forcing main characters to become sacrificial plot devices, but they really lost the sense of coherence and fluid storytelling that the original Warcraft had. Something came loose.

    StrangeLoveStrangeLove2 måneder siden
    • Same reason they always retcon lore instead of being consistent: It's too much work to think of logical reason for something to happen, so they just don't bother. Just like how they threw out all the Horde leaders personalities in BFA because none of them had a reason or desire to start a war. (Also reminder that this issue could've been easily solved with a timejump: skip forward a couple years, say some shit went down between Horde and Alliance, have Sylvanas actually do something to make the Alliance look aggressive, and boom, the Horde leaders feel threatened and agree to starting a war. A single timejump. That's all it would've taken. But even that was apparently too much work for Blizzard. So they just emptied out all the characters and made them vessels for the plot instead, just like you see here.) Also that "something" that "came loose" would be Metzen. I mocked his writing often but he really was the only thing keeping the other writers from turning WoW into a shitshow so bad it's not even funny.

      JemJem2 måneder siden
    • Yeah. The storytelling went downhill fast after they killed Arthas and even Sargeras (which i thought was the ultimative evil). Now they are in the process to get rid of any meaningful characters left and even attempt to kill them twice via time travel or alternative reality memes. Not want to be the devils advocate but i think they run out of ideas ,both in storrytelling or game mechanics, for a long time now and this expansion or next is the last one.

      gandharzerogandharzero2 måneder siden
  • Hooly shit does Tyrande get more annoying with every cinematic

    Overcome808Overcome8082 måneder siden