Borat But its VR - Vrchat Funny Moments

7. april. 2021
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  • Title:"Borat" but it's Vr Filipino:Borat *Wheeze

    Pog dogePog doge3 timer siden
  • Hey Lolathon I have a really funny Avatar idea for you make a Avatar of the headless Kamikaze from Serious Sam😆

    grimm reaperMK2grimm reaperMK23 timer siden
  • Make a fnaf themed horror character but use the sounds from fnaf 1 night 5 call

    Yeetus_maheetusYeetus_maheetus6 timer siden
  • T-Posing Pud Pud is a thing I didn't know I needed.

    Blight VonDrakeBlight VonDrake6 timer siden
  • 11:32 oh she’s a ferox just wait for her to hulk out

  • U need to do the spider more

    VTH AlucardVTH Alucard10 timer siden
  • 7:05 "To be continued"

    Theirishanimator Kylo deathTheirishanimator Kylo death11 timer siden
  • god i can just imagine how much fear your friends get when you join

    CriticalGames 1CriticalGames 111 timer siden
  • 2:39 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Okito SenpaiOkito Senpai11 timer siden
  • Do the 'who put Micheal Jackson in the freezer?' meme next plz

    VenomVenom14 timer siden
  • He should do lifeline from apex and scare ppl by her yelling Mozambique here

    SoshiSoshi14 timer siden
  • So cool to see a conker's bad fur day reference! Great job keep it up! @ 5:52

    braden kbraden k16 timer siden
  • I can't wait till he gets to a million

    just chillinjust chillin17 timer siden
  • What is that car world called I want to play it

    Delljar221Delljar22117 timer siden
  • 7:05 you've been hit by you've been struck by truck

    EclipseEclipse18 timer siden
  • I just got my vrheadset! I hope I get to see you someday lmao

    Charmbracelet World Tour San JoseCharmbracelet World Tour San Jose19 timer siden
  • 5:49 Someone PLEASE tell me where I can find a Great Mighty Poo avatar!

    beau boybeau boy19 timer siden
  • What about a buster scruggs character

    MyNameisNWs MWSMyNameisNWs MWS19 timer siden
  • Nice to see James Lee getting some love. The dude's an artist.

    WyrdDarcnyzzWyrdDarcnyzz19 timer siden
  • It's all fun and games until lolathon's acting gets better

    Yøuñg A.TYøuñg A.T20 timer siden
  • Here's a scare skin idea a skateboard that you 'slip' and the skateboard flies straight and turns into a cockroach or a spider scaring the person it flies to or smthing like that

    Filip MFilip M21 time siden
  • The great mighty poo is great... God I love that old game

    Mc LovemoffinMc Lovemoffin23 timer siden
  • I need the great mighty poo avatar in my life!!

    Alex BellAlex BellDag siden
  • if he doesnt do a dababy car imma be dissapointed

    Noah NymanNoah NymanDag siden
  • This Video. WaS A vErY NiCe.

    Dr KevinDr KevinDag siden
  • 13:17 Why is Saga's scream is so adorable?!

    Carl Anthony RamirezCarl Anthony RamirezDag siden
  • 1:30 Mimikyu is scary But eventually mimikyu is scared

    Maricor AngelesMaricor AngelesDag siden

    Black Bendy The Crooked KingBlack Bendy The Crooked KingDag siden
  • Loved It!!👍🧡 Keep Up The Good Work!!👍 Thanks For The Meal. 😋 Till Next Time!!👋 Stay Safe. 😷

    PhoenixDragon90PhoenixDragon90Dag siden
  • I cannot believe you're the god damn great mighty poo

  • My mind:see booba 12:56 Me: . . .

    デーモンM O N S T E RデーモンM O N S T E RDag siden
  • 10:13 tooo dam funny

    Mobstar HipstarMobstar HipstarDag siden
  • Awa awa

    • NO please

      デーモンM O N S T E RデーモンM O N S T E RDag siden
  • Honestly Lola Bunny might be his most terrifying creation to date.

    Karkat VantasKarkat VantasDag siden
  • The music playing when he used that guy in a suit with blue glasses sounded like Pink Floyd

    TavishTavishDag siden
  • that samurai was sick

    MK02MK02Dag siden
  • Alot of the new jokes seem to be getting cringe ngl

    Obis Van AinobisObis Van AinobisDag siden
  • What’s the car game called where lolathon got scared

    C O CC O CDag siden
  • Hi lolathon i have request do the omega mart commercial and scares other people with omega mart commercial

    markjoey tajoneramarkjoey tajoneraDag siden
  • Yo do the trollge in Vr chat plz!

    WildJaydogG03WildJaydogG03Dag siden
  • Why does this man not have a million subscribers?????

    ꇃꁏꋪꋪꌈꉣꋖꏹꂡ ꄙꁲꋖꁲꇃꁏꋪꋪꌈꉣꋖꏹꂡ ꄙꁲꋖꁲDag siden
  • Lolathon videos make me laugh so much haahahh i love this man

    Pedro PaternoPedro PaternoDag siden
  • I would love to see a episode completely based around the thin man from little nightmares

    Minecraft Fnaf FunMinecraft Fnaf FunDag siden
  • Do Howard the alien for a prank

    Benjamin BahtijarevicBenjamin BahtijarevicDag siden
  • 10:33 monkey gets shot and gets eviscerated 2021-2021

    Shaun Wolf-MolloyShaun Wolf-MolloyDag siden
  • Wheres that lil nas x call me by your name avatar.

    MoroseMoroseDag siden
  • Will huddled ever be in one of your videos

    Robert MatchinskyRobert MatchinskyDag siden
  • Lola should do a love guru avatar

    dafatkowala103 yeetdafatkowala103 yeetDag siden
  • phut Hon

  • Ah yes

    Virgo_Exe 19Virgo_Exe 19Dag siden
  • RIGHT before I started this video I said “woahwoah woah King in the castle king in the castle”

    fartnuggtfartnuggtDag siden
  • Sup Lola you ask for comments so here is 1 hope it helps

    lillesolxdlillesolxdDag siden
  • An a idea can you do scare prank with payday 2 cloaker sound???

    Trumpet knightTrumpet knightDag siden
  • Dang, first vid without a Nasiri scream in a while

    Rootbeerguy690Rootbeerguy690Dag siden
  • I love it when la-thon posttest content that makes me laugh.

    uusnuusnDag siden
  • me:* takes massive shit in chernobly* my shit when i turn around: 5:49

    Joseph AndrewsJoseph AndrewsDag siden
  • 10:45 his reaction was too funny

    N-RodN-RodDag siden

    VirtuaMasterVirtuaMasterDag siden
  • 5:48 *OOOOOOOOOH*

    Vander burfVander burfDag siden
  • 4:04 that face lmao

    Ware GastonWare GastonDag siden
  • Lol

    David • 10 year agoDavid • 10 year agoDag siden
  • idea:Tricky the clown from madness combat friday night funkin' version trolling with rtx on.

    Tarak TarasTarak TarasDag siden
  • Great Vid!

    Bobby 17Bobby 17Dag siden
  • Some days I wonder why God doesn’t talk to us then I remember the people in VR chat

    AG GamesAG GamesDag siden
  • I've been waiting for this.

    Dakoda LaceyDakoda LaceyDag siden
  • Hey Lola can you try made the Mr. Bean Avatar, that man was Funny tho...

    Farhan IsmadiFarhan IsmadiDag siden

    KamuiKamuiDag siden

    Mushroom ManMushroom ManDag siden
  • Didn't expect to see a James Lee reference

    Corbin BlackCorbin BlackDag siden
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    Soumili SahaSoumili SahaDag siden
  • it's nice to see some of the older avatars again.

    Chaliem LightheartChaliem LightheartDag siden
  • 7:05 to be continued moment

    Icankillu567 assassinIcankillu567 assassinDag siden
  • 04:08 my reaction exactly when meeting up with my tinder match.

    Das BootDas BootDag siden
  • 10:49 *D.Va's A$$ Is So THICCC, It Became Bullet Proof ...*

    Brendan BernalesBrendan Bernales2 dager siden
  • 7:19 The Lesson That I learned Is I Want It I Take It,I Don't Want It I Lift It I just keep imagine what will happens if you have a small Body/Cute but have an Epic/Deep voice

    ZankyZkZankyZk2 dager siden
  • Hay 19$ fortnight crad who wants it

    H4reH4re2 dager siden
  • Make a lil nas X(call me my name) avatar

    PueOfficalPueOffical2 dager siden
  • lolathon u have to put the scream of naisiri on a jumpscare avatar that would be hilarious

    JJay VRJJay VR2 dager siden
  • He brought James Lee/Nox into VrChat

    Ash StuartAsh Stuart2 dager siden
  • 7:04 never laughed this much before 😂😉😉

    Sofo RLSofo RL2 dager siden
  • POV: me trying to escape furry 7:19

    Some _DoctorSome _Doctor2 dager siden
  • 0:47 The voice Lolathon's avatar is using is from James Lee made, whose videos I can highly recommend. His animations are next level!

    GeorgesDragonGeorgesDragon2 dager siden
  • im gonna throw my poo at you that game brings back the days

    FeltyRombus319 4FeltyRombus319 42 dager siden
  • 7:15 lolathon why do not accept furries _sits down on chair_ now tell why u dont like furries and i can sort it out

    DJ TIGER RawrDJ TIGER Rawr2 dager siden
  • 7:03 best scared moment in lolathon channel...

    SaoSao2 dager siden
  • Lolathon is like that one kid who places a frog down other people's shirt, then laugh as they squirm and wiggle about trying to get the frog out.

    Yol Riin LaskYol Riin Lask2 dager siden
  • Lolathon making a James Lee avatar has me SHOOK

    Austin SlothmanAustin Slothman2 dager siden
  • 6:40 Русский мат это класс

    Seraphim SansSeraphim Sans2 dager siden
  • "Wo wa woo, it's very nice"

    KrymmsKrymms2 dager siden
  • Hi lola keep the good work going

    Harry BartlettHarry Bartlett2 dager siden
  • Make : Hitler but it's vr chat

    Sveta ZaiacSveta Zaiac2 dager siden
  • This is something I thought I'd never say but I'd like to see more of The Great Mighty Shit xD

    TheDevilsMusicTheDevilsMusic2 dager siden

    JJ edioJJ edio2 dager siden
  • Neat

    Astolfo Also I know what you didAstolfo Also I know what you did2 dager siden
  • 7:00 even i got scared

    Jacob CraneJacob Crane2 dager siden
  • 11:55 TAILY PO?

    Jordan HunterJordan Hunter2 dager siden
  • I haven't had tears come out of my eyes while laughing in a while 12:36

    SuperAstr0SuperAstr02 dager siden
  • conkers bad fur day :)))))))))

    Green RangerGreen Ranger2 dager siden

    CosmoCosmo2 dager siden
  • lolathon evolved till the point that he can scare anyone with anything

    Hs YfHs Yf2 dager siden