Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

1. mai. 2021
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mmmmm yes interesting description

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  • WHAT A LIST 1:53

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  • Did u do this in real life

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  • Is nobody going to talk about that first villager who was hostile was named “Caron”??

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  • how did you be able to have kids and get married?

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  • I'm only at 2:14 and I already love this channel +1 subscriber

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  • Oh I've done this, but it wasn't in minecraft

  • Does this remind anybody else of iHascupquake in her minecraft oasis series?

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  • Oh shit

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  • Going to jail in Minecraft.

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  • Normal people: Babies and children should have a normal healthy childhood. Boffy: why not just put a baby in a furnace and try to marry him.

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  • How do you download this mod

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  • Alternative title: minecraft- morgz mod

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  • Shhh don’t worry about I’m ur friend This is what friends do for tou

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    • 1:18

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  • planned parenthood.

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  • i remember watching ssundee play this mod pack when i was like 12

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  • tried one word but it never worked One word didn’t work

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  • I said mod WHY my voice chat never work

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  • 4:10 and 15:36 *wtf*

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  • Respond to this tell me where the smog came from and do I have to go to what type of Minecraft do I have to go to do it because I need to know I’m begging I’ve always wanted to go to this Maddie for her name crying free to go there there so I can do all this again and I’m trying to be a little bit of a mooch but that’s fine I want to do it 🥲

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  • And you learn at least something

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  • Watch funny in the crew and then let you know everything it’s so easy watch the streams 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • Not my mom overhearing you say the list😀

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  • You're gay

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  • How do you download this mod? I only have 1.16.5 and this mod is for 1.12

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  • Did nobody else get the joby thing??

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  • I have over 52 hour in 3 days watching boffy

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  • the baby’s really be looking like the second coming of Voldemort

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  • It's the scream for me-

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  • Fun fact: noone knows why the fuck boffy keeps burning stuff.

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  • "hold on, I can find a way to set him on fire safely"

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  • Tell me if im wrong if you must but he sounds like, Emerald masters real voice

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  • I'd ask him to play pixelmon, but we all know what's gonna happen. It adds like 700 creatures to the game he can't take his anger out on unless you change the mod settings by pressing "K" on the keyboard

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  • Her name was Caron makes sense why she attacked you

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  • Your so evil and I like that 😈

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  • Makes me joyful at the beginning you burning baby's :)

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  • me sees title also me: it would be rude not to

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what the fu"";:ck

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  • goo goo goo gAw GAW HELP MEH IM JUST AH CHALD. Me: and I don't give a sh*t about how old you are

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  • Bruh bruh bruh bruh fart

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  • When is Minecraft with too many mods part 2 coming out?

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  • Murder all humans

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  • Link for mod? (is it forge?)

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  • "Oi, why are you so piffy!" Boffy 2021 At 17:17

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  • Put me out of my misery..

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  • Boffy :attempts to marry his children to each other My head: Sweeeeet hooomme Alabama

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  • What is the mod called that u used

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  • Other boys: Gives neckless to GF Boffy: Gives coal to random girl

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  • This is my first video of this guy and I love it🧍

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  • Omg I'm a youtuber to

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  • "How do I set him on fire safely "

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  • bro buffy is ligit like a year onlder that me omfg wish i was this productive with life

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  • This guy just go in my recommendations and i love how he has a kill addiction guy. Gotta sub:)

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  • Ayo u use the same mouse as me

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    • Btw good memes

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  • WHAT THE HE- just take my subscription

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  • Me just imagining boffy as endevour ✨

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  • Did anyone realize the second/third girl he tried to get was already married? That’s why she said you didn’t lose the baby

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  • Did anyone else hear that voice crack

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  • lol*

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  • your ring is in the oven lo

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  • No that is not what friends u killer 🖐😬😑

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    • I meant to say that is not what friends do lol I can’t spell😅

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  • I dare you to press the move freely button

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  • Your my friend I subscribed as soon as you threw the baby's in the lava killed animals 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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  • whats the mod i want to make a family

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  • Only real ones remember baby joby 😩😩

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  • Parents of Boffy:why you never had a girlfriend Boffy:huh? wdym? i had a lot do you remember *insert random name lol * Parents of Boffy:no... Boffy:exactly =)

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  • Lets go

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  • Hey ash is going to tell his pokemon to use a move on you

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  • Can I ask is that a texture pack or mod

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  • Por qué NOtown me recomienda esto xd

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  • I’m going to tel you one thing Daniele is a gold digger

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  • I like mothers×))

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  • *the 6 thing sounded gay,and thats cool man*

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  • Bro I love this dude 🤣

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  • What mod is it

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  • Mood af

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  • me, a girl watching this: -chuckles- entertaining.

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  • man he just got roasted ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • °__°

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  • Hitler bomb plot 203

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  • When he killed his first wife I just got like omni man vibes, like he was an alien or something to this world

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  • Fun fact: i think Boffy might be gay yay 🏳️‍🌈 2:03

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  • Yes, a fellow Psychopath

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  • Yay! I found any new favorite abusive NOtown! :D

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  • "You can't abuse a family without a family - Boffy 2021

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  • What's the mod???

  • Sus

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  • Me thinking what if he have kids in real life looking back to this video🤫🤫🤫😳

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  • Coal = Girlfriend

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  • you made me click 'like' on this video, i simply never click 'like' on videos, not even my friend's videos

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  • I get this is a joke and all and I know your Boffy BUT GOD THIS IS HELLA DARK

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  • 👎

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    • Burning that baby is not cool

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  • i saw this video but accidently clicked away and i was like "NO I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU COOK YOUR CHILD" then i relized what i said. I think i scared my family..

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