Buick LeSabre gets fuel system updates and Trunk Rust Repair

6. april. 2021
336 988 Ganger

Guy's in er all the way up to the elbows now. Mozzle go ahead and fix on some of the weight reduction in the trunk while a guy's in there. Time to try get this fuel system fixed (ish). I'd really like to cruise this old buick this summer so you just might see this car again on the channel! Let me know in the comments below!
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  • Who needs Donut or Hoonigan when you have VGG.

    Ian CoatesIan Coates18 minutter siden
  • That is one beautiful Buick!

    It's Always SomethingIt's Always Something35 minutter siden
  • 34:28 Great, now I have their tourism song stuck in my head. That's just great... :-|

    Tra BeeTra Bee56 minutter siden
  • Just a thought, if you hooked a gas line to that gas outlet you might have been able to let it drain through the gas line, It would have siphoned out most of the gas.

    Robert PotrykusRobert PotrykusTime siden
  • My favorite car so far on your channel!

    Mike CooperMike CooperTime siden
  • I'd laminate that build sheet

    Brian King WeldingBrian King Welding2 timer siden
  • If you look at evil bay you can find the tank for it

    chillierbore0chillierbore05 timer siden
  • I wonder if you could get Lee Anne Rimes to ride in the Le Sabre

    Barry RussellBarry Russell5 timer siden
  • I have a 2000 Buick Lesabre and it is such a wonderful car! One of these days the engine will give out and I will convert it to all electric!!

    SuperBrainAKSuperBrainAK5 timer siden
  • Gorgeous car, and a crew cab at that. The Quadrajet is a fantastic carb and efficient too. It gives only the fuel required as metered by the vacuum provided. I like that it it a tub which holds the gas in a bowl that have a gasket to leak through, It also has the accelerator pump inside that bowl. The gas can't escape because it has the gasket above the fuel level. On the Holley the bowl gaskets have to hold the fuel back. When their bowl gaskets leak, which they're prone to do, it spills gas onto the manifold as does the accelerator pump, which is underneath, and this could cause a nasty fire disaster. Q-Junk's are great carbs and easy to understand if a guy can read a book on them. I don't know. .

    Rennie KontakRennie Kontak7 timer siden
  • Such a great car.trunk looked awsum afterwords

    Jeffrey KirkJeffrey Kirk7 timer siden
  • Actually, the chrome molding / trim pieces on the fenders of Buicks were called “Ventaports”.

    Biker MaxBiker Max7 timer siden
  • man, that gas can in place of the gas tank is beautiful.

    nachojones1nachojones18 timer siden
  • Scotland South Dakota, I was just there

    Jason WennblomJason Wennblom8 timer siden
  • The erect cook microbiologically frighten because increase independently ski towards a wise temperature. obscene, meaty invoice

    Alexander AlexanderAlexander Alexander10 timer siden
  • Dam man...where do get the Money to begin with man just to do this stuff?? Guess I,m just fro East TN.

    Chris HensleyChris Hensley10 timer siden
  • How about selling that wonderful beast to me???? I had a 71,72,and a 73 Buick Electra 225 back in the day and sure would love another old Buick to toy with.

    cjquillinancjquillinan11 timer siden
  • Simply awesome Derek

    Patrick The DeplorablePatrick The Deplorable11 timer siden
  • Wonder on a quadrajet rebuild if a guy would be able to flinagal up twist up a vid for another guy to mess up a quadra carb "at their own risk" lol nice work buddy still waiting on last weekends videos to pop up in the ole tellerphone notifications

    Kylee KyoteeKylee Kyotee11 timer siden
  • Decades ago i had a '67 Buick LeSabre convertible. It had a 340 CID V-8, Carter AFB Carb and the Super Turbine 400 transmission (merely a Buick version of the TurboHydro 400). It was a great car! I wish I still had it... especially after seeing this video. LOL Sadly, I was a 20-something when I got it; could rarely rub 2 $20 bills together back then, so I drove it year round in Upstate NY winters. It was a beast of a car in the snow with 4 studded snow tires on it, but it saddens me to this day how much it had rotted out before I ended up giving it away to a relative.

    Kevin StormKevin Storm11 timer siden
  • Derek Next Episode Can We See A Burn Out (Give Her Hell Dale)

    Austin KeyAustin Key11 timer siden
  • I heard me some Kentucky Headhunters! A fella has good music taste.

    Derrick MimsDerrick Mims12 timer siden
  • Bleep bloop

    JRJR12 timer siden
  • Anybody notice the saw hanging when he was cleaning the tank

    westleybates 20westleybates 2012 timer siden
  • Awesome job, came out better than I thought it would! Best youtube channel ever!

    ryan labberyan labbe13 timer siden
  • When you turn on the radio button the antenna automatically raises when you turn off the button the antenna lowers automatically

    Ovidio GarzaOvidio Garza14 timer siden
  • I love how this guy takes out the tank 😂

    L1LM30WK1DL1LM30WK1D14 timer siden
  • That extra old gas you can just dump in the gutter. (No one will call the fire marshal) Ok they did call the fire dept. That was a long time ago though. I'm sure rules have changed by now.

    radarw64radarw6414 timer siden
  • “La-Sob-Ray!” 😅

    Chris RushChris Rush14 timer siden
  • Kentucky head hunters Dumas walker!!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought he couldn't get cooler. Slaw, burger, fries and a bottle of ski bring it on out to my baby and me

    Dave GonthierDave Gonthier15 timer siden
  • Just for you buddy lol...the story of LeAnn Rimes...Hope it sets your mind at ease

    Bradley RuffnerBradley Ruffner15 timer siden
  • That would make a great sleeper/going to town/make Mustang guys cry sled.

    PA MikePA Mike15 timer siden
  • Come on Derek, we need a Friday night upload, wobble pops engage, Engage, ENGAGE! 😆 bring on the bird of fire video!!

    Sam LarsonSam Larson15 timer siden
  • Man, the underside of the trunk lid is amazing. Awesome car

    kbtruck65 Blairkbtruck65 Blair15 timer siden
  • The sweet faucet historically squash because carbon rahilly scare along a maniacal condor. truthful, waiting format

    Alexander AlexanderAlexander Alexander16 timer siden
  • after you fix it how much do you want for it? my first car was a 69 but that 68 looks so close to it

    Artie BArtie B16 timer siden
  • Working on the ground or with the drip/tool tray it's much easier to lash a piece of 1×6 or fence board to the pan of a floor jack. Raise until it contacts the tank and give small resistance. Then you can unbolt and remove the straps without the tank moving. Lowering the jack gives easy controlled drop on the tank. Really helpful for tanks you cannot reach the top to unhook in-tank pumps before lowering.

    Albert HAlbert H17 timer siden
  • The high light of my day sitting on my throne watching VGG till my feet go to sleep then Holler at my wife till she brings we some toilet paper and she laughs at me watching me trying to walk with both legs not working

    Stephen PoeStephen Poe17 timer siden
  • even for a crew cab that is one beautiful car

    Dylancooke55Dylancooke5517 timer siden
  • Is there anything more painful than gasoline in your armpits? That'll make a feller whimper fer sure

    Corvette RonnieCorvette Ronnie17 timer siden
  • I laughed the whole way through this episode... ;-)

    Jim MerrimanJim Merriman17 timer siden
  • The only GM cars cooler than an old Buick is an old Pontiac! I’d love to see an old Catalina or an older Chief of some kind on this channel.

    Kevin TuckerKevin Tucker18 timer siden
  • Hey Derek! Go hook your peepers on the NOtown channel called TheNorwegianCarGuy and check out his “independence Chevelle” on the Forza vidja game! It’s a 70 but the paint looks spot on. Pretty cool

    Kevin TuckerKevin Tucker18 timer siden
  • Is there a po box I can send a letter to. I have a great idea for a series of videos that I know we all wanna see. If you read this derek, please reply.

    Dylan CondonDylan Condon18 timer siden
  • With a registration of T800, a fella is obliged to rename her “La TERMISABRE” surely?

    Steven BlackSteven Black18 timer siden
  • Rather than marbles, use chain to clean the tank. Cheaper, easier to get out after 👍🏻

    Brooke QBSBrooke QBS18 timer siden
  • Did it run better... even with the boat tank?

    J/M Equine ServicesJ/M Equine Services18 timer siden
  • I would definitely buy this car off of you.

    Ryan HumbertRyan Humbert19 timer siden
  • Yo I live in forest lake. My buddy had his carb rebuilt at that shop last summer

    michael Pennisonmichael Pennison19 timer siden
  • Im really digging your channel but why in the fucknuckle did you spray foam in the quaters. Youre already welding. Just patch it

    colen32147colen3214720 timer siden
  • Another awesome video keep up the good work love the content try a gas tank for a 67 impala they should be the same honestly Original Parts Group should have one and a sending unit too they sell restoration parts for Buick’s too I’d check with them but great video

    Brandan EakrightBrandan Eakright20 timer siden
  • Who is Rogers dad and what is there last name? I grew up around Scotland and went to school there. Recognized the 12 license plate. We had a similar Buick growing up with a 455.

    Tim BaltzerTim Baltzer20 timer siden
  • Might want to take a look at the independence in a video game.

    James BennettJames Bennett20 timer siden
  • Hi Derek all the best finding a tank. I can't wait for the next installment to view.

    Ismail SaliemIsmail Saliem20 timer siden
  • Dare I say =D. How do you calibrate an ole arm meter?

    Daniel CornwallDaniel Cornwall21 time siden
  • I used diesel fuel as few times and yeah marbles

    Kalvin LabuikKalvin Labuik21 time siden
  • I get it I’m trucker as well and truck guy not big on cars

    Kalvin LabuikKalvin Labuik21 time siden
  • Now draining the tank if y’all have a clean empty pale catch the stinky gas but tip it foreword and dump right out of the filler neck

    Kalvin LabuikKalvin Labuik21 time siden
  • This was a great video, right up until the shot of the definitely-OEM boat tank installed according to factory spec--then it became an amazing video.

    Bill the Welding SlothBill the Welding Sloth21 time siden
  • Me neither fuel tank dropping no fun

    Kalvin LabuikKalvin Labuik21 time siden
  • Oh no gas tank dropping oooh I have done that a few time 😞

    Kalvin LabuikKalvin Labuik21 time siden
  • What a beauty!

    Involvo'dInvolvo'd21 time siden
  • Seeing that car beings back a lot of memories. Daddy bought a new 69 Buick Lesabre 4 door hardtop and I got to drive it out of the showroom. Was a thrill for a teenage boy to get to drive Daddy's new car before he did. I drove it to my aunt's house in Mississippi I put all but about 50 miles of the first 600 miles on it. I put must of the first 1200 miles on it. It was a beautiful car bourbon red with white top. Later on I was driving it taking grandma home from church on a Sunday when a woman broadsided us on the passenger side and the insurance company told the body shop to fix the car. When they got in to it they found more damage than they could see and the insurance company end up having to pay almost 3700 dollars to fix a 4000 dollars car. The body shop had written in the estimate plus any hidden damage. So even though the actual damage would have totaled the car they had to pay for it. I think the actual damage was over a thousand more than the original estimate. Daddy gave 1100 dollars and a 65 Buick Lesabre for it. It would be nice To buy a new car for less than 5000 dollars today. The first new car I bought was a 72 Rally Nova around 3600 dollars the last one I bought was over 23000 dollars for a 2004 Impala still got it. Wish I still had the Nova. My wife bought a used Cadillac that she drive now, but I don't see anymore new cars around here unless someone buys it for us. Keep up the good work on them old cars. God bless. Dan

    Dan CraftonDan Crafton21 time siden
  • A couple cans of "Great Stuff" will fill those trunk holes and even add sound proofing and insulation at the same time. Wet luggage, this could be your go to the lake vehicle, swimsuits optional???

    BUZ1952 ZBUZ1952 Z22 timer siden
  • Is that a go to town fuel tank? Lol

    Michael StewartMichael Stewart22 timer siden
  • That is a great intro man. Ur content is the bee's knee's.

    Austin CarterAustin Carter22 timer siden
  • 27:40 VGG Elves working in the background...

    AREA RC-51AREA RC-5122 timer siden
  • GM Sure Stuck (Hid) Some Of There Build sheets In The Weirdest Places ?

    Jim AJim A22 timer siden
  • With those delicate fuel tank removal skills he might do some moonlighting at the bomb squad defusing bombs...

    TheBibliofilusTheBibliofilus22 timer siden
  • anyone notice the circular saw swinging in the background?

    Electrician ElectricianElectrician Electrician22 timer siden
  • Mr Derek that was some damn awesome burnouts, you are my favorite NOtownr

    Lucas PreeceLucas Preece23 timer siden
  • Only 80 bucks for a new tank? I was going to say take this one to the radiator shop and have them boil it...but that might be more than 80 bucks.

    webslinger67webslinger67Dag siden
  • Sounds like a trip to Dumas walker to me...

    Corey PulfreyCorey PulfreyDag siden
  • Where can I get one of those ching chang pow lo mein pumps?

    selfreliantselfreliantDag siden
  • Try a 71 Lesabre fuel tank, it’s the closest thing that’s reproduced.

    Keith IversonKeith IversonDag siden
  • Do not use for fuel, im gonna go ahead and use for fuel. 😂

    Styme Mc QuarnStyme Mc QuarnDag siden
  • I am really surprised you did not flush mount weld-in the patch panels in the trunk instead of surface mounted them. While it is water proof, it seems like it was rushed to weld them in like that. Otherwise, love your videos!!

    Don TaylorDon TaylorDag siden
  • This is hilarious

    River Ratz HoundsRiver Ratz HoundsDag siden
  • Pretty cool you found the build sheet in readable condition

    Calvin SmithCalvin SmithDag siden
  • You didn't flip the breather cover over so it'll make that noise fer real!

    DipeDipeDag siden
  • Flip the top of that Air-cleaner over when you run it for 5 more horse power

    mike maifeldmike maifeldDag siden
  • May have to get the sending unit to match if it will fit lol

    james pricejames priceDag siden
  • I'm enthralled on this car , and the ongoing work 👍

    Gary CorbinGary CorbinDag siden
  • I can only imagine following that LaSabre down the road and seeing that "gas tank". I think I'd lose it and drive off the road into a ditch, still laughing hysterically. LOL

    Coolcat JohnnyCoolcat JohnnyDag siden
  • One of the best You Tube channels on how not to.... But we'll do the right thing and watch it anyway! BTW, somehow, I am finding new phrases on You Tube and this channel is loaded with them that I adopted. Two of my favorites are "But I'll do the right thing....." and "I'll pretend I didn't see that". It's working well for me.

    Boyd MerrimanBoyd MerrimanDag siden
  • A burn out😎

    brad packerbrad packerDag siden
  • Really great to have a build sheet, but why, in the name of common sense, is it sitting on top of a gas tank that rarely gets taken down to access the build sheet??

    Boyd MerrimanBoyd MerrimanDag siden
  • Your parcel isn’t lost is just delayed like me!

    Chicken FingersChicken FingersDag siden
  • I love Buicks, I hope to see more on this one and the black and white 1956? that brought me to your great channel. Thank you very much!

    Tuco KoneTuco KoneDag siden
  • Derek please forever leave Jessica dropping the jack on the Chevy Monza in the intro. Possibly the funniest thing on VGG

    RahhhhhnmanRahhhhhnmanDag siden
  • Trans jack under the lift works great for removing / lifting fuel tanks.

    ItsjustbrizItsjustbrizDag siden
  • La Sabrinator. Glorious choice good sir.

    Andrew BennettAndrew BennettDag siden
  • Freaking love it brother. I ended up with a free 5.3 three days ago. Finally got her torn down and ready for the machine shop.

    Dan LaFleurDan LaFleurDag siden
  • What in the heck is with the swinging circular saw in the background during the tank cleaning segment?

    David RichDavid RichDag siden
  • I sell carbs and carb accessories

    TRASH tasticTRASH tasticDag siden
  • My Dad had a 66 with a wildcat engine. I remember the speedometer had a speed set. When you go over it a alarm sounded off. Yep that car was brand new back then . It was maroon in color. With Mickey Thomson redliners . A beautiful automobile it was.

    Robert KuhnkeRobert KuhnkeDag siden
  • Non stop laughs!!!! Absolute best channel on NOtown keep up the great work!!!!

    Aaron AshlockAaron AshlockDag siden
  • I use 1/2 crushed stone and benzene.

    Kurt SumthinorotherKurt SumthinorotherDag siden
  • Derek, how did you know that a guy was fartin around the couch over here? Guy is like some kind of see'r or somethin.....

    Bobby HBobby HDag siden
  • Muriatic Acid from a pool supply store will eat that rust out of the tank in 15 minutes. But beware, immediately seal the metal or put fuel back in or it will flash rust quickly. I do that with motorcycle tanks

    John PryorJohn PryorDag siden