Can you beat Trackmania WITHOUT Checkpoints?

30. april. 2021
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Recently on my stream I tried to beat Trackmania Nations Forever without Checkpoints. A challenge involving big shortcuts, many tough jumps, and most importantly: scamming my viewers.
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  • Wait, that's the BGM from Octopath Traveller. Nice.

    Old Man DamezOld Man Damez42 minutter siden
  • i cant install tmnf how do i do it

    sönke sönkesönke sönkeTime siden
  • 1:30 "And so, to answer the question, 'Can you beat TrackMania Nations Forever without checkpoints?' Well, sadly, no."

    FirestarterFirestarter2 timer siden
  • Audible having trackmania section wirtual getting hired

    Ronan LeeRonan Lee4 timer siden
  • Hvor i Norge er du fra Wirtual?:)

    Olav HelleOlav Helle7 timer siden
  • If you brake after a booster, you will speed up for some reason causing you to save .5 to .10 if you are in the air after the boster. XD

    Rylan KorsonRylan Korson8 timer siden
  • 7:58 he really did go to rustees in cars

    2028 Mahdi Zahir2028 Mahdi Zahir13 timer siden
  • i started playing this game after watching couple of your videos... this game is good!

    MrBleedingHeartMrBleedingHeart13 timer siden
  • Beat beat Chuck mania blindfolded driving backwards and no checkpoints I dare you to do it

    emiko thomasemiko thomas18 timer siden
  • When you look at the video title and immediately go "da fuk?" You have to press it

    DarkCrazyUniWolfDarkCrazyUniWolf20 timer siden
  • Anyone know the name of the background song at 14:15

    Youri KneefelYouri Kneefel21 time siden
    • En aften ved svanefossen

      RimaudyrRimaudyr13 timer siden
  • Please, don’t put ads in the middle of the video, it kills your amazing storytelling.. :/

    • Mans gotta secure the bag somehow

      The Epic WaffleThe Epic Waffle16 timer siden
  • I can't for the life of me figure out which particular Pokémon song starts at 1:21. Anyone know the name/game?!

    SoroxasSoroxasDag siden
  • TMNF but every map is a multi lap?

    The Dragon RiderThe Dragon RiderDag siden
  • Next up; beating TMNF where all the tracks are upside down. (Or gravity has been inverted.)

    Vark SterVark SterDag siden
  • Hii writual which codec do you use for rendering trackmania videos and what are your render settings in game?? Please Reply..

    Chaitanya SinghChaitanya SinghDag siden
  • can u do a story on b 03 the new shortcut pleeeaaasssse

    Thibald BENETONThibald BENETONDag siden
  • I am now dangerously addicted to this game and Wirtual

    Cygn0sCygn0sDag siden
  • what a play, perfecto !!!

    321DRIVE321DRIVEDag siden
  • way to many ads

    Joey StringerJoey StringerDag siden
  • Can somebody pls tell me or send me tutorial on how to make custom skin with Firelli wheels ??

    Karel KovářKarel KovářDag siden
  • there is something so satisfying about watching him play fsr

    zoneiczoneicDag siden
  • No, I can not

    ClaytonClaytonDag siden
  • Just got a question why not play a sim like asseto or iracing it just seems like your hardcore with racing games I mean you have a wheel and everything and you apex well it just seems like something fun for you to try

    Dylan BushmireDylan BushmireDag siden
  • What is the song near the end? 14:13

    LuxaflexjeLuxaflexjeDag siden
  • What game is this?

    Florian LaurentFlorian LaurentDag siden
    • trackmania nations

      zoneiczoneicDag siden
  • Hey Wirtual! I am from sweden, i have built a trackmania nationsforever track that is dificult to get a god time on. Would you like to try it???

    SuperKline_71SuperKline_712 dager siden
  • Can you beat trackmania tracks backwards

    InstinctInstinct2 dager siden
  • Never played or even heard about this game but I still love these videos

    Mr BeegleMr Beegle2 dager siden
  • Never played this game but I keep getting videos from you and I can’t stop watching

    STOP COPPASTOP COPPA2 dager siden
  • not me watching a 1hr ad about a vietnamese show because i got too invested

    Ale ZardoAle Zardo2 dager siden
  • What will be next? Beating Trackmania but driving backward?

    Velky OhenVelky Ohen2 dager siden
  • Next video: can twitch stream beat trackmania not playing trackmania?

    paźpaź2 dager siden
  • Why dont try a: can you beat trackmania with xbox kinect or a pc equivalent?

    Hardtekk, statt CharttekkHardtekk, statt Charttekk2 dager siden
  • can you beat trackmania whitout boosters / speed cap

    fayah88antofayah88anto2 dager siden
  • Next: Can you beat TMNF with only using voice comands?

    ReskamoReskamo2 dager siden
  • Following vid: Beating trackmania with a mario kart steering wheel!

    Sp3ctrumSp3ctrum2 dager siden
  • But who validated the tracks though ?

    Arthur LefebvreArthur Lefebvre2 dager siden
  • Really like your videos man 😁 idea for next challenge: Complete TMN while your screen is beeing upside down 😊 keep up the gppd work! 🇧🇻🇸🇪

    Carl LarssonCarl Larsson2 dager siden
  • What is the song at the beginning??

    TheSlyFoxTheSlyFox2 dager siden
  • so good to see how your vids are starting to get more and more views

    Seba RodeiroSeba Rodeiro2 dager siden
  • Can you beat all levels as slow as possible?

    yo mangyo mang2 dager siden
  • my favorite part was the pokémon music

    Alex DAlex D2 dager siden
  • I played this on y wii, it was so fun

    Walti SchellyWalti Schelly2 dager siden
  • Walking through tall grass with my level 70 Dialga... Jamming to the music.

    Brandon LewisBrandon Lewis2 dager siden
  • This formula driver seen a lot man...

    Gamer Over HeavenGamer Over Heaven2 dager siden
  • please beat trackmania with a steering wheel.

    eatbananaeatbanana2 dager siden
  • Are the ps4 races different?

    fernando de bridafernando de brida3 dager siden
  • Gotta love that undertale music in the background

    Tom8thepieTom8thepie3 dager siden
  • You can.

    ThomasThomas3 dager siden
  • I love watching Wirtuals videos late night in my bed

    TheFapBoyTheFapBoy3 dager siden
  • Hello I got Trackmania 2 days ago and I cant get past B08-Endurance I need silver medal any tips?

    FlorianFlorian3 dager siden
  • what do the numbers that they were saying in chat mean?

    KybxlionKybxlion3 dager siden
  • How to beat Trackmania without checkpoints Go to the finish

    LidercLiderc3 dager siden
  • a

    Phantom ReaperPhantom Reaper3 dager siden
  • That last jump like the last boss in every game - just so overpowered! Nice video man, my oldschools hurts

    Ivan GhoIvan Gho3 dager siden
  • Love this dudes music choices

    MochiMochi3 dager siden
  • Been playing the game for years. So happy I discovered the channel, keep up the great videos!

    Cartman122Cartman1223 dager siden
  • I don't and can't play this game but i am here everytime. Can you make a audiobook of Harry Potter and the order of pheonix? Just because of your storytelling and this is my favourite book.

    Chimera07Chimera073 dager siden
  • But Y is the Y tracks called Y tracks if they are A tracks....? :(

    squackysquacky3 dager siden
  • Wirtual X Welyn. We need a book read with these men

    Dawson DowningDawson Downing3 dager siden
  • I don't even play anything related to trackmania, but i keep finding myself back here, help. His voice and presentation are just too smooth.

    IzyIzy3 dager siden
  • Next up: Can you beat Trackmania without a track?

    BruanskiBruanski3 dager siden
  • Just for you to know the guy of the stickers with the funny laugh died recently :( Descanse en paz, (RIP) Juan Joya Borja, "El risitas"

    Juan Mari Jiménez JiménezJuan Mari Jiménez Jiménez3 dager siden
  • Next challange: Beating Trackmania in Reverse AND Without Checkpoints

    Filip KrizanFilip Krizan3 dager siden
  • Idk which pokemon game but this music is a jam

    Rusted CiruitRusted Ciruit3 dager siden
  • Hey Wirtual. Do you remember the clan The Gladiators in tm? best regards from austria

    AustrianBeatsAustrianBeats3 dager siden
  • Next in line trackmania but upside down and invisible

    TytronimoTytronimo3 dager siden
  • Is it possible to beat trackmania without pulling any Wirtuals?

    mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)3 dager siden
  • Next up: speedrunning trackmania blindfolded in reverse without checkpoints

    GOT TOSAGOT TOSA3 dager siden
  • What's the name of the Saxophone song?

    Oscar LittleOscar Little3 dager siden
  • can you beat trackmania by doing all the levels of one serie at the same time with the same input?

    YasuperuYasuperu3 dager siden
  • I just turned off my DS, to watch this video at 1:23 . Pokemon music goes tok hard Though I thought I had an issue at hand

    GriefRedefinedGriefRedefined3 dager siden
  • When that jazzy sax starts, you know it's going to be epic ! En aften ved svanefossen -

    Mathias RouillardMathias Rouillard3 dager siden
  • "explain that one atheist" killed me 🤣

    WhyTeeWorkWhyTeeWork3 dager siden
  • Almost unwatchable on mobile, 7 ads in 16m really?

    BilliamGFXBilliamGFX3 dager siden
  • is that octopath traveler music at 5:10?

    PiggasaurosPiggasauros3 dager siden
  • Can you build in track mania?

    Iam_here _2004Iam_here _20043 dager siden
    • ?

      Iam_here _2004Iam_here _20043 dager siden
    • For free

      Iam_here _2004Iam_here _20043 dager siden
  • Its free!!!!

    Tatnohead ._.Tatnohead ._.3 dager siden
  • beat Trackmania without the .exe file

    Tor BurwellTor Burwell3 dager siden
  • "Want to see me turtle my car?" "Want to see me do it again?"

    Yuni_smileyYuni_smiley3 dager siden
  • iv never played this but the effort you put into the videos for your fans keeps me coming back

    cosmo pricecosmo price3 dager siden
  • Explain that one atheists xD

    HaydenMGSHaydenMGS3 dager siden
  • I hear octopath traveler music at 5:11

    K.B. CarteK.B. Carte3 dager siden
  • 420k views lmfao

    thor oudejansthor oudejans3 dager siden
  • Wirtual: Its like theres a step missing in the staircase Me: never goes step by step

    isaac Leeisaac Lee3 dager siden
  • We need more marbles plzzz

    Why ThoWhy Tho3 dager siden
  • Can you beat trackmania without hands

    Johannes BrahmsJohannes Brahms4 dager siden
  • the animal crossing café music put me instantly into a state of nostalgia

    acultreblaacultrebla4 dager siden
  • "Forever" in title is there for a reason.

    Filip ShelbyFilip Shelby4 dager siden
  • D12 Speed is always where you have to sit and rethink everything

  • but can you beat trackmania without the finish block?

    jimmy Russelljimmy Russell4 dager siden
  • Lol, i was listening to a pokemon diamond/pearl music compilation before clicking on this video, safe to say I thought the previous video was still playing

    AdraenAdraen4 dager siden
  • I liked when you did every track even though it was too easy. Just like check, check, check. With changing 65 to 48 confuses me, because I don't know the game.

    Pola & TigerPola & Tiger4 dager siden
  • Wirtual slowly is turning to the Ludwig of Trackmania. Kind of scams chat and tells great storys on NOtown. Am really enjoying the rabbit hole I fell in to.

    Cricket BaseCricket Base4 dager siden
  • Are you a masochist?

    Guranga93Guranga934 dager siden
  • Whats the song at 14:04

    Skull DoggieSkull Doggie4 dager siden

    Graham PotterGraham Potter4 dager siden
  • is there a tmx link where we can find all the chekpointless tracks?

    Alexis JacottotAlexis Jacottot4 dager siden
  • Wirtual: If theres a step missing in a staircase, its impossible to progress further Every other person: *skips step*

    XustomXustom4 dager siden