25. feb.. 2021
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Alec: @alecsteele
Will: @will_stelter
Jamie (editor): @jamie.popple
Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • Origami. Ori means "Folding" gami means "Paper" So what just have Ori

    TemporaTempora18 timer siden
  • I'd buy one. How much 🤔

    Joseph LarkinJoseph Larkin8 dager siden
  • now I want to see him make Damascus from origami... use art to make deadly art

    What VerseWhat Verse24 dager siden
  • i think copper would be easier to do origami with copper being a softer metal

    Moneybags777Moneybags77728 dager siden
  • The perfect paperweight

    Jørgen GJørgen GMåned siden
  • Since the "gami" in "origami" means "paper", I think this should be called "oritetsu"

    CultureStressCultureStressMåned siden
  • While not traditional origami, some of the real complex origami artist will scribe everything and start the bends while flat (using a print or template to know where the bends will go). That helps reduce the amount of stress on the material and retain the "flatness" of unbent sections.

    Ryan TabladaRyan TabladaMåned siden
  • It's should be made from damascus

    MrPawelmikolajMrPawelmikolajMåned siden
  • Wow

    el sadoyel sadoyMåned siden
  • There's already genre of engineering using origami. Veritasium has cover it. Many rigid can be fold, with some step. Like glass.

    Rizqi ERizqi EMåned siden
  • I'll give you three dollars for it.

    Liv PetersonLiv PetersonMåned siden
  • 3am Yt: wonna see a guy folding a crane out of a sheet of steal? Me: yeah why not.

    Uranos 96Uranos 96Måned siden
  • That's a stunning object and a neat idea! Think you'll keep making origami things?

    One For PaulOne For PaulMåned siden
  • Depends if you're stuborn enough and have the tools

    Arceus 101Arceus 101Måned siden
  • My mans got the best ass I’ve ever seen no homo

    sleepysleepyMåned siden
  • very cool project ! Love it!

    Oblivion2013Oblivion2013Måned siden
  • This cancel have turned in to a klick bait channel... It was much better half year before you moved to the US.... Bye!

    ReseReseMåned siden
  • Did you consider using steel foil, instead? Edit: Who am I kidding? That wouldn't be as fun.

    Sir MediocreSir MediocreMåned siden
  • No because paper is not steel

    Mona PudingMona PudingMåned siden
  • Teacher: Do not make paper airplanes. Backbenchers: *makes one from steel*

    Tafsir NahianTafsir NahianMåned siden
  • "I'm not tall enough to get this bit of steel out..." I LOVE IT

    Misty JohnsonMisty JohnsonMåned siden
  • now make the wings flap

    GhostGhostMåned siden
  • Shitty origami, cool idea, cool video.

    NathanclbbNathanclbbMåned siden
  • That was IMPRESSIVE as hell

    Isaac TimmerIsaac TimmerMåned siden
  • i'm curious if you could keep steady heat on it it would make it easier to fold like glass makers do for glass crafting

    Sam SingerSam SingerMåned siden
  • Would take way too long per unit, but I'd seriously buy something like this from the store

    Ian VisserIan VisserMåned siden
  • Yes, Alec, all you have to do is make hand puppets.

    Samuel FoleySamuel FoleyMåned siden
  • Back in the day i knew how to make a origami frog

    Ana Carolina Buzelim dos SantosAna Carolina Buzelim dos SantosMåned siden
  • Remember. You can fold paper 7 times, but you yourself have folded steel thousands of times.

    NieroshaiNieroshaiMåned siden
  • I want 1 or 2

    Steven FernandesSteven FernandesMåned siden
  • you should make a metal origami ninja star

    Erik HaeselerErik HaeselerMåned siden
  • You should look for the giant crane at the "Jardin Japonés" in Argentina, it's great

    Palo MarinPalo MarinMåned siden
  • Where can we watch Forged with Steele in the US?

    Harrison VrbaHarrison VrbaMåned siden
  • You should really try making armor

    Diego Viveros LopezDiego Viveros LopezMåned siden
  • Would it have been easier to scribe all the lines first and fold it in less steps so that there is less back and forth?

    Christian JPChristian JPMåned siden
  • The fox would have been cuter, and possibly easier

    O.K. ProductionsO.K. ProductionsMåned siden
  • Nice crane! Very creative content. The music kicked in too late, and the percentage that it was on was to low for me. I usually enjoy the songs of your videos, but this one had that disruptive hammering that made me turn down the volume.

    Germano ThomasGermano ThomasMåned siden
  • He should make a origami throwing star then use the power hammers to compress it together and then proceed to making it functional by sharpening it and what not if that’s possible

    No Life SlothNo Life SlothMåned siden
  • not exactly how you fold the head, but who really cares. still awesome

    GunhaverGunhaverMåned siden
  • Whatever you can do with a sheet of A4 you can do with sheet steel.

    Alan WordleyAlan WordleyMåned siden
  • "Can you fold steel like paper?" said no one ever. Alec: "Hold my hammer."

    KyleKyleMåned siden
  • Wow that is Swan as heck

    bordmikebordmikeMåned siden
  • don't even try damascus

    Finka BlyatFinka BlyatMåned siden
  • This is dope

    Urboi 247Urboi 247Måned siden
  • What was the book about risk your father used to talk to you about?

    degdegMåned siden
  • Brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • say alec why don't you try to weld one together in the final configuration to see how it looks next to the bent one.

    America YeaAmerica YeaMåned siden
  • Does this make for any world record?

    Samuel SwihartSamuel SwihartMåned siden
  • I think you just created the new art form of steel-gami

    NoobieTacoNoobieTacoMåned siden
  • I feel like aluminum foil would work really well

    sean lockesean lockeMåned siden
  • As another Montana steel worker I can with 100% certainty say that this is badass.

    forge,master rudolphforge,master rudolphMåned siden
  • Maybe using a hydraulic press to press down on the steel next time would make it easier?

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a MustacheMåned siden
    • the cracks would be a lot worse

      Anna NimmousAnna Nimmous29 dager siden
  • u didn't say it was fantastic to have me here today. I feel offended 🤣

    Renan SilvaRenan SilvaMåned siden
  • The mad lad did it! I had this same question in my head about metal origami, but using copper instead

    Coffee DudeCoffee DudeMåned siden
  • try forging a Tower Clock

    T PT PMåned siden
  • using a torch to heat the creases might work

    NAtiger StarlightNAtiger StarlightMåned siden
  • Awesome art

    Margaret MatthewsMargaret MatthewsMåned siden
  • This is amazing! The steel does in fact lend itself to the origami look quite nicely. Good job Alec! 👍

    Lucas WalkerLucas WalkerMåned siden
  • I'm been doing this with tin foil for years. I've only gotten to wrapping sandwiches so far tho.

    peter shukerpeter shukerMåned siden
  • Magic trick: steel covered in red dykem goes into forge... Minutes later the red is gone!

    M JM JMåned siden
  • Very nice! I love origami. And also did not believe this is possible. I definitely think you should explore this further. Maybe a jig to start the bends? Hydraulic press to finalize bends?

    Elias LindqvistElias LindqvistMåned siden
  • Next do it with damascus!

    ConradConradMåned siden
  • Great jobs man!!! I have a simple origami dragon, it requires perhaps double the step of the crane. If you want more challenge, I can send you the diagram.

    Long Hòa Cao PhụcLong Hòa Cao PhụcMåned siden
  • Next Alec makes a working origami frog.😃

    Slikx666Slikx666Måned siden
  • Alec, this is one of the most unique and interesting things I’ve seen in metalworking. You could make this a thing. I would subscribe to a metal origami channel in a heartbeat. Imagine if you refined this process, the amazing things you could create.

    Brian Vander MeyBrian Vander MeyMåned siden
  • This is quite impressive. I would like to see how this technique can be used in conjunction with forge welding to create a piece of metal with very specific failure points. This may be able to create structural parts that have a higher compliance to heavier weight.

    ____________Måned siden
  • I wonder if a custom brake would get you some clean lines.for more similar sized projects. It's have to have some beefed up components to form some of those double /triple folds. A few custom forms would work wonders for minimizing tears/splits on those odd reverse folds, though it came our very nice regardless. Still going to try the origami fox pattern? Maybe try some papercraft designs but in steel? Or copper?

    SyrkythSyrkythMåned siden
  • I'd have bet against it. Amazing.

    Bill's SmithyBill's SmithyMåned siden
  • One down...999 to go if you wanna make that wish!

    Bob MathewsBob MathewsMåned siden
  • That's the coolest bad idea I've seen in a long time! Pretty damn awesome!

    Víctor CastVíctor CastMåned siden
  • Alec out of curiosity, what is the name of that good book?

    jake burchjake burchMåned siden
  • Love seeing a true artist at work

    jake burchjake burchMåned siden
  • Awesome. I made an Iron Butterfly

    Philip SimsPhilip SimsMåned siden
  • Would foam around the walls do anything for the echoes?

    B LegaspiB LegaspiMåned siden
  • wow i didnt know steel was metal thats cray-z

    Chris GrahamChris GrahamMåned siden
  • Harry Potter?

    Bob LoblawBob LoblawMåned siden
  • I'm sure your Dad will be proud of you

    Ken SundstromKen SundstromMåned siden
  • I know you need flux to properly forge weld, but I half expected him to heat the steel too much and accidentally forge weld it

    Michael LoganMichael LoganMåned siden
  • EPIC

    Sam ArmbrustSam ArmbrustMåned siden
  • What's the interesting book 'craftmenship of risk' Alec mentions at 8:50?

    Woody HaydayWoody HaydayMåned siden
  • This is just know that whoever invented Origami did it in steel first then thought..theres gotto be an easier way

    Talabavin RohanTalabavin RohanMåned siden
    • hey maybe thats how they invented Damascus

      Talabavin RohanTalabavin RohanMåned siden
  • obviously not. steel isn't paper.

    Sk3lnonchSk3lnonchMåned siden
  • That's so cool, fair play

    Olaf DennisonOlaf DennisonMåned siden
  • Manly origami

    DreamyDreamyMåned siden
  • Things Alec has learned this episode: Steel should to be hot to be manipulated... 🙃

    Anthony HarperAnthony HarperMåned siden
  • This is the best thing I've ever seen on youtube

    A HA HMåned siden
  • The whole time I was so scared he would mistakenly bend an edge over or maybe forge weld it.

    Dude On A CowDude On A CowMåned siden
  • Nice work, that was pretty awesome

    Welker FarmsWelker FarmsMåned siden
    • Well hello, Welker!

      Samuel FoleySamuel FoleyMåned siden
  • Where's gas saver from? The torch thing he uses? I might need one and it's expensive to get it from the US

    Daniel Würtz MøbjergDaniel Würtz MøbjergMåned siden
  • Every time he was putting force on those edges: DUDE, WEAR GLOVES!!!! Also: Orihagane (steel, not paper).

    ThaFuzzwoodThaFuzzwoodMåned siden
  • It's really amazing idea. Keep it up i am always here to support you....

  • Ikebana?

    Naomi & Peter BrownNaomi & Peter BrownMåned siden
  • You should cross post your videos to Odysee or bitchute also! I love watching I hate youtube.

    William EllisWilliam EllisMåned siden
  • Love it

    Top DaehTop DaehMåned siden
  • What was the book your Father talked to you about that you mentioned at the end??

    TheWickExpTheWickExpMåned siden
  • I’m sure he got recommended veritasium’s video that was about origami and also the video was like 7 years ago or so

    ZanaZanaMåned siden
  • I love origami and this made my day :)

    Jeremy VIIJeremy VIIMåned siden
  • Could you have used that stainless steel foil that is used for tempering blades?🤔

    Jason SummitJason SummitMåned siden
  • Well that’s pretty unique and challenging. Cool beans indeed.

    Daniel MossDaniel MossMåned siden
  • Alec, why does your voice sound bad? Jamie, are you applying effects? I turn down the volume, and it still hurts my ears. The music at the usual volume is totally no issue.

    Double Dare FanDouble Dare FanMåned siden