Cat Staring At Owner While He Videos Another

1. mai. 2021
758 899 Ganger

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  • 👁👁

    AngelliAngelliTime siden
  • The cat be like: 👁¥👁

    Prince playz369Prince playz3693 timer siden
  • I love how the general consensus is "the cat is fucking scary" 😹

    Lalalobster 43Lalalobster 433 timer siden
  • That cat is the embodiment of '😐' emoji

    kimikimi3 timer siden
  • Cat : 👂 👂 (👁️👃👁️)

    Lucian LycanLucian Lycan3 timer siden
  • the cat woke up and chose Violence.

    AseeFAseeF4 timer siden
  • CAT: y tu Brute!

    AseeFAseeF4 timer siden
  • He's like looking at you but at the same time not. He's looking deep into your soul. (**thunders**)

    ネコ야행성ネコ야행성8 timer siden
  • The cat just staring like ^ ----- ^ (👁^👁)

    Benny BoiiiBenny Boiii8 timer siden
  • tmoney would love this

    Cat PlessCat Pless8 timer siden
  • I fear no man. But that thing... It scares me!

    Aryan descendantAryan descendant8 timer siden
  • Gotta love those calicos

    NttainMeNttainMe10 timer siden
  • reading the comments with her face staring at me like 👁👄👁

    GrimriteGrimrite10 timer siden
  • The cat's expression is cute and frightening all at the same time.

    Alessandra WAVAlessandra WAV10 timer siden
  • If you haven't caught it, it's the same cat

    Walter wallsWalter walls10 timer siden
  • It's a reflection of the same cat....

    freya randfreya rand10 timer siden
  • When you realize that this wasn't 7 years ago

    freya randfreya rand11 timer siden
  • Creeping me out, not cool cat

    NeckomaNeckoma11 timer siden

    Louis MottaLouis Motta11 timer siden
  • He looks so dissapointed 🤣

    Graysen VanderKantGraysen VanderKant11 timer siden
  • My cat stares at me like that when she wants to go outside. It's funny yet disturbing.

    Frenchy PooWhoFrenchy PooWho11 timer siden
  • Seriously Jerry?! Again? How many times have we talked about this. It’s like we go to couple’s therapy for no reason.

    doliio volaydoliio volay12 timer siden
  • With an omniscious and passive-agressive voice, the cat said. "Hello, Josh..." On that moment, Josh could feel what was gonna happen. The cat had finally catched him when he was distracted. Josh started praying before the inevitable happened. Meanwhile, the cat slowly absorbed his soul with piercing eyes. "Start counting your final seconds, Josh..."

    Alisson Gabriel 3001Alisson Gabriel 300112 timer siden
  • Well I got what I came for 1. Man was indeed recording another cat 2. The other cat was indeed watching him record another cat 5 stars would watch again 🥖

    GRANDPA GRKGRANDPA GRK12 timer siden
    • M scared of no shit man but it's eyes... Damn the eyes

      doliio volaydoliio volay12 timer siden
  • Я человек который забрал десятки жизней с этого мира, который любит оружие и хочет стать военным. Но даже мне это кажется очень-очень- ОЧЕНЬ МИЛЫМ.

    Азамат ОрумбаевАзамат Орумбаев12 timer siden
  • It's treason then

    Miguel AyalaMiguel Ayala13 timer siden
  • He's a fluffy boi😂

    SorceressSorceress13 timer siden
  • When you get caught checking out another pussycat.

    Mike PanklangMike Panklang13 timer siden
  • It's reflection of the same cat. Dude

    Мугиз ЖумабайМугиз Жумабай13 timer siden
  • theres something really uncanny about this cat that I can’t put my fingers on lmfao

    I’m AwkwardI’m Awkward13 timer siden
  • That's not a cat. That's a goddamn furby

    Force of NatureForce of Nature14 timer siden
  • I love this video 🤣

    Linda PathLinda Path14 timer siden
  • He looks like the hamster from Bolt

    f HAf HA14 timer siden
  • Lööps

    Popcorn MasterPopcorn Master14 timer siden
  • Those eyes, they look into my soul..

    Jack JacckkJack Jacckk14 timer siden
  • so. it appears my suspicions were indeed correct afterall.

    brad millibrad milli14 timer siden
  • : |

    x3voox3voo14 timer siden
  • cheating starts in mind

    frustriertfrustriert15 timer siden
  • He looks like he's about to abuse me in French

    Samruddhi PatilSamruddhi Patil15 timer siden
  • M scared of no shit man but it's eyes... Damn the eyes

    Samruddhi PatilSamruddhi Patil15 timer siden
  • Well, guys, it's time to make memes out of this cute face

    Михайло Ц.Михайло Ц.15 timer siden
  • Any last words

    tessa rivernextessa rivernex15 timer siden
  • I need to see some other video. This shouldn't be the last video before going to bed.

    dipti swamidipti swami16 timer siden
  • How the hell does this video caused me a nostalgia?

    FUN0 N-0U57R135FUN0 N-0U57R13516 timer siden
  • Those eyes

    Deepayan HansdaDeepayan Hansda16 timer siden
  • lollll man this cat looks weird

    Kaiser NvtronKaiser Nvtron17 timer siden
  • He says so much without saying anything

    B M WB M W17 timer siden
  • i've never seen a cat that looks like Karen.

    Inspector GadgetInspector Gadget17 timer siden
  • Diabetus

    Michelle WhiteMichelle White18 timer siden
  • why does this cat look like PokeLawlz?

    The NamelessThe Nameless18 timer siden
  • "Really Janice?"

    愛18 timer siden
  • Oh god it's one of the extras from cats...

    Quinn FiskQuinn Fisk18 timer siden
  • so cute ♥

    BaldLapseBaldLapse18 timer siden
  • Everyone saying they're terrified of my guy right there and I am here, unable to keep a straight face looking at him 😂

    AkatshaAkatsha18 timer siden
  • This kitty is scary i dont like how it is unsettling :

    mwahchan_mwahchan_18 timer siden
  • You steal video without fcking watermark. You event didn't credit autor of this video. This video belongs to newmemecat from tiktok.

    LavellanLavellan18 timer siden
  • Do it John. Feed me.

    VLOGERRAVLOGERRA18 timer siden
  • 👁👁 '''(🔻)'''

    LINALINA19 timer siden
  • They need to chill😂😂

    Darkcore dudeDarkcore dude19 timer siden
  • This cat literally does nothing but I laugh so hard lmao

    zack5757 hamzahzack5757 hamzah19 timer siden
  • I think cat is thinking for copyright claim 😂

    Paras modiParas modi19 timer siden
  • Hey, are you still breathing?

    Cho KoonCho Koon19 timer siden
  • Cute kitty 😍❤️

  • The cat be like: You are videoing my girlfriend?! Then turn to ash you sinful owner!

    Akato NamikazeAkato Namikaze20 timer siden
  • That's just meth cat.

    the revenge of the FUPACABRAthe revenge of the FUPACABRA20 timer siden
  • this is the most accurate title I've read.

    HotLomiHotLomi20 timer siden
  • he's like "dude..really? I'm RIGHT HERE"

    MacabreMacabre21 time siden
  • That cat looks like everyone's fat friend

    RektSkeletonRektSkeleton21 time siden
  • Cat: what you doin there? Guy: filming- Cat: shhhhh i said whAt yOu dOin TheRe???

    AbellaAbella21 time siden
  • isnt the creator female? she's on tiktok right?

    LakarakLakarak21 time siden
  • Look how big it's cheeks are lol

    Pepper PuckPepper Puck21 time siden
  • this video perfectly works as a transition to the weird part of the internet

    lupashlupash21 time siden
  • I love this awful manticore to death and no one can convince me otherwise

    hal gaucherhal gaucher21 time siden
  • The cat : You cheating on me!?

    Sijar MohammadSijar Mohammad21 time siden
  • Now, just needs one big creepy smile before I yeet tf out of my phone into a trash can

    akshay dubeyakshay dubey22 timer siden
  • I signs... of NEW MEMES !!!

    Raysha Ervi PRaysha Ervi P22 timer siden
  • We will come back to this again and again...

    Just Some Guy with a MustacheJust Some Guy with a Mustache22 timer siden
  • No one: Cat: 👁️🐽👁️

    KynuKynu22 timer siden
  • Owner: *filming* Cat: 👁👄👁

    Fate SaltFate Salt22 timer siden
  • the person recording died seconds after the clip ended

    volksabervolksaber22 timer siden
  • Why that nose look like 👃?

    SamSam23 timer siden
  • When you are told to smile while taking a photo:

    Fadli RZFadli RZ23 timer siden
  • That cat came through serving FACE!

    Brown EbonyGoddessBrown EbonyGoddess23 timer siden
  • That cat looks like someone i know

    Manfred WilsonManfred Wilson23 timer siden
  • This cat is now my phone wallpaper

    BrownCheeseBrownCheeseDag siden
  • My lord that is terrifying

    JosephJosephDag siden
  • Protective/Insicure partners be like

    big toebig toeDag siden
  • This little baby almost filled up the whole screen. They should've done a full zoom :(

    SpotlightSpotlightDag siden
  • Cat looks like somebody I know

    ÅstÅstDag siden
  • This cat actually looks terrifying for some reason

    Asjfkduwox the CatAsjfkduwox the CatDag siden
  • if the cat started to slowly smiled.. that's definitely cheshire..

    ReeKiReeKiDag siden
  • you sure that's not some shape shifter? 👀

    ReeKiReeKiDag siden
  • The cat: I'm gonna stab u today

    ananthakrishna hpananthakrishna hpDag siden
  • That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile 🤣😂😂🤣

    Lisa HarrisLisa HarrisDag siden
  • You stare into the void, it stares back.

    xendurrxendurrDag siden
  • Brother, why did you not feed me the loops?

    TheSly442TheSly442Dag siden
  • When you realize this is not even his final form .

    xlZz .90xlZz .90Dag siden
  • Cat: well well well looks like we have a CHEATING WHURE IN OUR MIDST!

    Kate-Emma MurrayKate-Emma MurrayDag siden
  • There's just something (or many things) about this that is absolutely creepy, but I just can't pin point it, the creep just settles in the longer you stare at it!!

    Omar AfifiOmar AfifiDag siden
  • We want equal attention

    chonky catchonky catDag siden