Charli D'Amelio CRIES After Losing 1 MILLION Followers Because of THIS

19. nov.. 2020
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Charli D’Amelio broke down on Instagram Live on Thursday after receiving backlash from a video her family posted to NOtown. In the video, the TikTok star, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and their parents have dinner with NOtown star James Charles. However, after fans watched the video, they quickly slammed the 16-year-old and her sister, claiming they were disrespectful to the family’s personal chef, Aaron May. Even NOtown star Trisha Paytas weighed in.
Exclusives from #ETonline :

  • Lmao 😂

    Jose FloresJose FloresMinutt siden
  • Everyone come here. Lemme feed you snails ☺

    Dottie AnathaDottie Anatha2 minutter siden
  • Ok hold up did she just say that 95million is not an even number. Ok that’s dumb because yes yes 95 million is an even number

    Lola JonesLola Jones3 minutter siden
  • She lost 1 million followers maybe bc on how she cheated on mr beast event

    Kevin OngKevin Ong6 minutter siden
  • Their kids are Not very behaved, but they shouldn’t still say that stuff to her and hate on her....She is a 16 year old, like chill. I agree about their behavior but people can’t say that stuff....

    Riya HelenRiya Helen11 minutter siden
  • OMGG!!ok we get it there famouse they dance's not that serious-Mean while animals are going extinct let's talk about that Her life really isn't that serious!

    LH NATIONLH NATION25 minutter siden
  • You all should apologize to her!!!

    CloudCloud27 minutter siden
  • Trisha is right i support her

    almond milkalmond milk30 minutter siden
  • Ok shut up charli i hate u such a brat she is ohhh goddd

    almond milkalmond milk30 minutter siden
  • I mean if she’s that “spoiled” to cry about losing 1 million, I wouldn’t really feel too bad for her

    SugarCream YTSugarCream YT32 minutter siden
  • I don't see any hate towards the chef-anybody would gag on a SNAIL like cmon people!

    Macey_PlayzMacey_Playz32 minutter siden
  • Bruh she needs to chill she won’t be famous forever and when that happens she’s going to cry her ass off? Cmon if you can’t take it leave

    A JA J36 minutter siden
  • dam, charlie has millions of followers, why cry?

    Friends ???Friends ???40 minutter siden
  • I feel bad for her I would never do nothing to her and she's really good on tictok

    Jeff ManzenbergerJeff Manzenberger46 minutter siden

    GachaStory FloweGachaStory Flowe47 minutter siden
  • All she do just dance and if I have like 45 followers I just like agreed that or lose many followers I don't care duhh

    GachaStory FloweGachaStory Flowe50 minutter siden
  • This is peak media

    Shrexy SexyShrexy Sexy52 minutter siden
  • haha loser!

    jelipoonijelipooni56 minutter siden
  • I mean these kids have no talent it’s only a matter of time before people get tired of the spoiled personalities and dancing/ lip syncing to music they didn’t create. Don’t feel bad for them they got mega rich off of a fad but like all fad’s they come and go

    John BlazeJohn Blaze59 minutter siden
  • Horrible. Horrible. She cried Bc of an APP. An APP Like she is not even grateful for 100mil she wants more more and more. Everyone is grateful for 100 or even less. She is Like the most spoiled kid in the WORLD SHE CRIED BC OF AN STUPID APP GOD. Like she was such a cutie pie when she was little and now.. She is spoiled stupid teenager

    Tamara ČmilanskáTamara ČmilanskáTime siden
  • Charli when she loses a million followers: *cries* "What did i do?" Me: Sis you got to 100M is that not enough? Like no hate but seriously

    Ashley The LlamaAshley The LlamaTime siden
  • Great news this is the best that happened to mother Reddit.

    DaMetroSDDaMetroSDTime siden
  • I luv dino nuggets dont be hattin on her I bet you would also barf if you ate a snail

  • wow ya'll are news, dont you have anything better to present?

    Zayna ElgizoliZayna ElgizoliTime siden
  • This shit is seriously news...

    Nug GetsNug GetsTime siden
  • Huh, she just want nuggets. What's the problem? She's 16.

    kyle009 00kyle009 00Time siden
  • Dixie was rlly rude I don’t think that I’m ready to forgive her. Same as Charlie didint look like she was grateful for her 95m

    Tøxic AshTøxic AshTime siden
  • Aww dont cry pls charli😰😰😰😓😓😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Elizabeth SimmonsElizabeth SimmonsTime siden
  • I don’t care about her LMAO

    • iiDreams •• iiDreams •Time siden
  • Yall are so rude. There is nobody here who understands what shes going though. Shes get millions of death threats idek how she goes to bed without a knife! What happened with peaches would scare me for life. Then people are claiming she is nasty and rude, the *chef* set the meal up as a JOKE! And she has a heart a few months ago she APOLOGIZED for yelling at lil huddy for cheating! And then Trisha she needs to just stay away this is a fricken 16 year old! She doesnt deserve this no one does!! And can you imagine how hard she works?!?!? She make like 5 tik toks a day! I cant even make 1!! Yall need to chill! Dont hate on me just say "yes" if you agree with me. Shes a person too you know. She has feelings.

    iRedROSESiRedROSESTime siden
  • She cried bc she got death threats

    AriAri2 timer siden
  • She best leave that community then it would be better for a lot of people

    santiago nevarezsantiago nevarez2 timer siden
  • Tiktok star are entitled

    JokerJoker2 timer siden
  • I don’t love Charli neither do I hate her. I feel neutral. This is where I see this. She just said Dino Nuggets? Everyone is acting very extra as if she just threatened to fire the personal chef- I’m sorry but the fact people were sending messages for Charli to hurt herself? That’s not alright.

    Oralia MachadoOralia Machado2 timer siden
  • She did it to herself I can't feel bad

    MIKAELLA !MIKAELLA !2 timer siden
  • The people that unfollowed her are not her be true supporters and apart of her community.

    Team GGTeam GG2 timer siden
  • Lol

    Volt aoiVolt aoi2 timer siden
  • rebelution karolg ramen bluesclues

    vekhuyenmai lantruocchovekhuyenmai lantruoccho2 timer siden
  • I think fake but love u Charlie and Dixie

    Jim SienkoJim Sienko3 timer siden
  • don't worry my g

    self discoveryself discovery3 timer siden
  • You can see the disgust of james charles face 2:15

    LollipopPlayzLollipopPlayz3 timer siden
  • The mom looks good for her age.

    IzotoIzoto3 timer siden
  • Gurl- She cried for losing 1 mil? Gurl you have alot more followers. Sides we dont give fUcK-

    Night_ GalaxyWolfNight_ GalaxyWolf3 timer siden
  • Honest I have 5k and only 5k and I have been celebrating every hundred to every 10 people who follow me Sad thing is that I have deleted it :(

    uwulixuwulix3 timer siden
  • Charlie doesn't appreciate which is also why she still hasn't arrived to 100,000 so period

    Akeelah LowandlaAkeelah Lowandla3 timer siden
  • Charli 😓 why you are like this attitude You was my idol but now Your face is trash your attitude trash you better go in the trash and Shame on you char You make your fanz hate you You should thanks god you have followers Actually Dixie is famous just cuz she is the sister of Charli

    Charli PrincessCharli Princess3 timer siden
  • Its kinda funny

    Joanna SINTOYAJoanna SINTOYA3 timer siden
  • Karma the karma is the best the best over was the karma is the best the best every was lmao

    ɪᴛᴢ Mᴇʜɪᴛᴢ Mᴇʜ3 timer siden
  • Eh- honestly she doesn't need to cry about that😶 She has like millions and just losing 1million shes ganna cry?personally I don't get why she cried,popularity doesn't matter

    ꧁Lil Caku ꧂꧁Lil Caku ꧂3 timer siden
  • Sooky baby

    dildomonsterdildomonster3 timer siden
  • Bruh I don’t even get why these people are famous / relevant in the first place. Honestly our society really sucks, like tf so they do ??? Seriously. She should have lost more than 1mil subscribers , atleast then I’d have some hope for humanity🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Charli was reading a script

    Bruce CordellBruce Cordell3 timer siden
  • Sis quit and leave room for more entertainers.

  • at this point she needs to shut up she got famous by doing dances and im over here doing dances and i dont even have 100 followers like please chill out for a 16 year old loosing 1 mill like didnt u have 100million?! girl bye-

    Daphne ObiDaphne Obi4 timer siden
  • I can’t believe how mean y’all can be seriously, yeah she did the wrong thing and overreacted but you guys don’t need to hate and tell her to kill herself. She is human. Why are you ruining yourselves over the social media industry. She is a human behind a camera doing shit that MAJORITY of you do or would do. People make mistakes, showing them the right way isnt by telling them to kill themselves, we should just inform that she wasn’t right to do that and she should just be humble. You don’t need to hate. Telling someone to kill themselves basically shows that your a murderer yourself because you have that mentality and intention of wanting someone to die. Like wtf is this world turning into. 14 year olds right now in my area are fucking killing children for no reason at all. We need to change the world before we lose everything that we should be grateful for.

    Mary ZarifMary Zarif4 timer siden
  • Bruh she had like 95mil then and she crying because she only lost 1mil like come on jeez 🙄🙄

    I'm BoredI'm Bored4 timer siden
  • Y’all acting like you don’t do this shit at home with your PARENTS food. Y’all always say that we need a better world, yet you can’t care or even have empathy for a human being who is crying for something any of you would. Y’all this shit is serious, I was never a d’melio whatever fan but I don’t retaliate with hate. This world has so much hypocrisy and ignorance and hatred. Let’s try to make this world a better place and spread love and be kind to each other to show everyone the right way instead of lashing out.

    Mary ZarifMary Zarif4 timer siden
  • Y'all need to stop taking famous people as if they are good role models, that's not their job, their job is entertainer and content creator, money make you a bad person, unless if you're called Keanu Reeves. I'm not saying they are necessarily bad people, I'm saying they are just not good people, 99% of us are in that grey area and so are they.

    DiadloDiadlo4 timer siden
  • Maybe she think the chef is not offended but maybe he was but was acting

    Karyll Gretchen BacusKaryll Gretchen Bacus4 timer siden
  • “It’s not ok that people decided to unfollow me!!” Lol wtf??

    Jack JensenJack Jensen4 timer siden
  • fortunately this doesn't affect me bc idc who she is

    Liam DamsterLiam Damster4 timer siden
  • Hasi comienzan y después terminan tiradas con drogas

  • And this is the problem with social media. When adults are telling a sixteen year old to kill herself because of a comment that's not even a real issue to begin with and isn't the point of Tik tok to gain followers anyway. Maybe the trolls need to get some perspective on life considering the fact there's a global pandemic killing 263,000 Americans as we speak.

    Russel TurnerRussel Turner4 timer siden
  • Do you have a hundred million followers and millions of dollars. Why the fuck do any of us care? We're all probably struggling to pay the bills and we're watching NOtown videos about super rich people crying over being super rich.

    Ninja SushiNinja Sushi4 timer siden
  • She be cryin for having "ONLY" 90m + ....Bish you have 90 million for doin renegade tf? There are more talented people than this bish..why r yall following her for doing renegade?

    Just LioJust Lio4 timer siden
  • This is so satisfying to watch LMAO! 😂😂

    Natural GNatural G4 timer siden
  • I hate charli anyways

    itz_Ender YTitz_Ender YT4 timer siden
  • she lost a million but she ended up getting 100 million so....

    Alex sliwoAlex sliwo4 timer siden
  • Oh stereotypes. When they think fame. Can hide their mistakes. And now crying. Over the lost of followers for people to come back. I see crocodile tears. Why not do something instead of talking to much huh?

    The Daily BallThe Daily Ball4 timer siden
  • she should be grateful that she has followers,I have 20,those insta famous people would kill to have that 1 million followers,its not like we would cry if we lost a couple of followers

    Rohan carringtonRohan carrington4 timer siden
  • People have been telling each other to kill themselves forever now. It has nothing to do with being famous.

    Ninja SushiNinja Sushi4 timer siden
  • Just because your famous doesn't mean you get to treat people like shit...girl have some manners....u may be famous but you don't know how to use your mouth 🤬🤬🤬

    Alisa SamsonAlisa Samson4 timer siden
  • Who are these kids and why do they have so much money?

    Ninja SushiNinja Sushi5 timer siden
  • Breaking news NOBODY CARES

    Joseph_JinxJoseph_Jinx5 timer siden
  • They're teenagers being scrutinised as 'role models' by a community whose only standards for making them famous in the first place was that they liked their 10 second dance videos and were relatively attractive. They never marketed themselves as role models yet other people were happy to support and make them famous, so why are they being held to that standard now? They're the young ones still in need of guidance and role models themselves. No one 25+ should be offended by this situation enough to judge, nor should anyone be letting their kids hold them up as role models - they're just average teens.

    funkysocks8funkysocks85 timer siden
  • Who?

    Ninja SushiNinja Sushi5 timer siden
  • oh no Anyways-

    _vilderox __vilderox _5 timer siden
  • To be honest, I've never liked *them* at the first place. For a reason that they are kind of rude or somethin' lmao

    Kiana GrxceKiana Grxce5 timer siden
  • Who the heck is this unimportant child?

    IvanIvan5 timer siden
  • did u just say the tiktok star and her sister Dixie? well Dixie is a tiktok star too.

    Dion ConstructionDion Construction5 timer siden
  • I don't even like charli d' amelio

    Alleya VinluanAlleya Vinluan5 timer siden
  • Ignorance and ill-manner get you nowhere. Such pretty face is nothing without character.

    James PitogoJames Pitogo5 timer siden
  • În 2019 nu mai eu am crezut ca Dixie și Charli sunt gemene?

    Andreea NemesAndreea Nemes5 timer siden
  • charli: yes i finally got 100M followers :D charli: no i lost follower noo me: yaya u lose :D

    Jude Edward BandasaJude Edward Bandasa5 timer siden
  • themonkees rdr2 micdrop onepiece nickiminaj lauv deviltrigger

    howard rollinshoward rollins5 timer siden
  • OmG iM fRiCkInG cRYiNg bC I LosT a MilIoN fOlLowErS

    Justin RochJustin Roch5 timer siden
  • :')

    KristinaKristina5 timer siden
  • Snail in paella ? That must be a Mexican thing because it’s not a Spanish thing. mussels not snails in Spain .snail eating is a french thing probably traveled over in migration got mixed into the traditional Spanish dish , I would be eww to. my family are from Spain . Eaten paella every single time we visit with every single family household we visited (loads btw big family) .. got to the point I actually can’t stand paella dishes anymore hahahahaha never once had snail in it . Yes I wouldn’t eat it to if it has snail in it . But I would be polite about it .

    Maria JonesMaria Jones6 timer siden
  • get over it, theres more significant issues to deal with in this world other than this nonsense

    MaddoxMaddox6 timer siden
  • Hard to strike a balance for natural looking make up with decent products and that can stand filming and lights, the more lighting I use on my channel the more harder it is😍

    Fifi FinanceFifi Finance6 timer siden
  • Thats just karma tbh she has stil 99mil way more then every one so just stfu

    Elias Van GoethemElias Van Goethem6 timer siden
  • Who?

    CJ TCJ T6 timer siden
  • I dont know how I got here, but there is so many things wrong with this. Honestly looking at this video, I'm hoping for an asteroid

    John SmithJohn Smith6 timer siden
  • Charli

    nerea_robloxnerea_roblox6 timer siden
  • Good this girl is annoying.

    Angela IzzoAngela Izzo6 timer siden
  • I mean... why do people keep thinking tiktok people would act.... well ... humbled or at least grateful for what they have and be a genuine, nice, and humbled person.. not only tiktoks but it seems like a lot of internet famous people are being their worst :(

    Rain MikamuraRain Mikamura6 timer siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Shit this is not Facebook 😓

    VaibhavVaibhav6 timer siden
  • apologize? lol girl this isn’t an apologize

    iturgirlvevoiturgirlvevo6 timer siden
  • U.S is f$$king confusing! is it a girl or a boy???!

    Learn moreLearn more6 timer siden
  • "I NEED AN EVEN NUMBER" me who got 3/50 in my finals(jk): me too

    Rhys Hywel L. Bag-oRhys Hywel L. Bag-o6 timer siden