Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

19. nov.. 2020
25 606 964 Ganger

In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
Learn more:
Title: Come Close
Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
Title: Suicide
Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
Title: Makes Me Feel Better
Created by: Kevin Hastings

  • bruh 🥲🤤🔥

    Mateu VillanuevaMateu Villanueva3 timer siden
  • Gimme the game man

    Aadarsh SejwalAadarsh Sejwal3 timer siden
  • damn if only if this is not a first person game

    MashikepgamingMashikepgaming3 timer siden
  • Gta6 basically

    ł When you Sleep łł When you Sleep ł3 timer siden
  • Los movimientos de los personajes parecen un poco robóticos

    Luciano QuevedoLuciano Quevedo3 timer siden
  • It'll be great if they stop delaying the game already. It will actually be 2077 by the time it releases.

    SMDTURBOSMDTURBO3 timer siden
  • is it realllyyyyyy coming December 10th?

    P-remP-rem3 timer siden
  • this makes me hyped for gta6

    JulAnPoJulAnPo3 timer siden
  • Best game 2020

    MikeMike3 timer siden
  • This game better be the best game I play making us Wait years

    CnamoozzCnamoozz3 timer siden
  • nice, cant wait

    SnowibriSnowibri3 timer siden
  • Good luck 47

    Aditya GambhireAditya Gambhire3 timer siden

    I AmI Am3 timer siden
  • i wish this was in vr like skyrim did .

    dark azurrdark azurr3 timer siden
  • me being a noob gamer , wants to play this in third person😭😭😭

    Mind VoiceMind Voice3 timer siden
  • Me: It cant be postponed again. CD Project Red : 1:29

    ökkeş çelikökkeş çelik3 timer siden
  • Looks like shit

    lodzkiegettolodzkiegetto4 timer siden
  • here it is, the ultimate game

    VanVan4 timer siden
  • I think they will release the game by 2077 too

    KorokKorok4 timer siden
  • Best cure for COVID 19, this game will solve the social distance problem.

    WarpointWarpoint4 timer siden
  • After watching this i felt like i was in the world of ready player one imagine if they make this for vr

    SAHIL KHANSAHIL KHAN4 timer siden
  • Finally. Ahhh😌 GTA6

    Huncho DoDatHuncho DoDat4 timer siden
  • GTA 6 looks crazy

    Sad MalikSad Malik4 timer siden
  • please don't remove the gore and nudity

    Deniz YılmazDeniz Yılmaz4 timer siden
  • #justice_for_mobile_gamers ✊

    Sonaton KumarSonaton Kumar4 timer siden
  • 47 will be the Terminator 💪💪

    Beast MGKBeast MGK5 timer siden
  • They could've asked me to pay Double for this game and I would have. No other deserves that much respect.

    Jayro GamesJayro Games5 timer siden
  • This game NEEDS co-op pve and pvp multiplayer

    Nunya FocklerNunya Fockler5 timer siden
    • No, it really doesn't.

      Jack MJack M3 timer siden
    • I don't think co-op is that well suited for an immersive first person RPG. PVP is being released as a separate game later, probably in 2022.

      ΛZΛZΞLΛZΛZΞL3 timer siden
  • "Immerse yourself in Cyberpunk 2077... but wait until we get it right first. Just let us please render that street, for the love of guacamole, please."

    FoxCafeFoxCafe5 timer siden
  • The voice @ reminds me of Phil Collins

    Mažvydas ZabotkaMažvydas Zabotka5 timer siden
  • damn

    Boozien GangBoozien Gang5 timer siden
  • They can take as long as they want, this is going to be legendary.

    Emitt LameEmitt Lame5 timer siden
  • I'm gonna spend my dirty money playing at the roller-coaster

    xR_CzxR_Cz5 timer siden
  • All it needed was Jensen to come in at the end and say "I didn't ask for this"

    eurologiceurologic5 timer siden
  • This shit is going to be the shit!!

    Mohamed FegourMohamed Fegour6 timer siden

  • My pc is going to melt

    Nils StadtmüllerNils Stadtmüller6 timer siden
  • Hope this 8+- years of development will not go to waste :P

    NanoNano6 timer siden
    • @Nano actually you care writing this comment lol

      tilontilon4 timer siden
    • @tilon lmfao ur mad about something noone cares about

      NanoNano4 timer siden
    • @Nano and? it's not 8+ years of development

      tilontilon4 timer siden
    • @tilon but they did announce 8 years ago

      NanoNano5 timer siden
    • game is in development for about 4-5 years

      tilontilon5 timer siden
  • Futuristic GTA. Looks really awesome.

    VGMStudios33VGMStudios336 timer siden
    • It does indeed. I love RPG games but I'm picky with them. But this one has definitely caught my eye.

      Allenpoe17Allenpoe174 timer siden
  • GTA 5 😂😂😂😂😂

    Mohd SultanMohd Sultan6 timer siden
  • I don’t know whether to be excited or not , had enough release delays already that another one isn’t unexpected

    Just passing by ?Just passing by ?6 timer siden
  • Yes my b-day is december 11 so its perfect

    PewDie PiePewDie Pie6 timer siden
  • Didn't know there was so many Hitman fans 😅🤣

    Dude BroDude Bro7 timer siden
  • So nice amk

    Mehmet P.Mehmet P.7 timer siden
  • STOP GIVING AWAY THE WHOLE STORY IN A TRAILER. This is why I avoid trailers but I thought eh, what's the harm, as I have not been on the hype train for this game. You somehow manage to shit out a large portion of the plot in 5min. well job.

    Cosmic AnusCosmic Anus7 timer siden
    • @Cosmic Anus If you want to go in blind, you probably shouldn't watch any trailers at all. But you're acting like the whole game was spoiled, and that it will somehow ruin the experience for you - I don't think that's the case at all. I reckon we get introduced to Johnny and his motives, very early on in the game - probably in the prologue - so it's not like you had the ending spoiled or anything.

      ΛZΛZΞLΛZΛZΞL3 timer siden
    • @Aras Bağır I did not know the main plot surrounding Silverhand and watched this assuming it was a gameplay showcase that would not spoil any of the story. I foolishly assumed I would be seeing game mechanics and not needless exposition detailing a major plot point.

      Cosmic AnusCosmic Anus4 timer siden
    • I agree to an extent. We already know what happens. But we didnt know what those scenes looked like. So there is a bit of spoiler.

      Allenpoe17Allenpoe174 timer siden
    • explain what you learned about the story please

      Aras BağırAras Bağır6 timer siden
  • Pp largo

    Damerksh 123Damerksh 1237 timer siden
  • My kid pre-ordered this game on my PS and I can't get a refund! 😂 It better be good, I know nothing about it lol

    RUSHLAAAR!RUSHLAAAR!7 timer siden
    • @RUSHLAAAR! Take it as a sign. This game seems to really be something special :)

      Jack MJack M3 timer siden
    • @Jack M I tried for a hour and half and it drove me insane going round and round. Came to the conclusion that it is what it is! Gotta keep it lol

      RUSHLAAAR!RUSHLAAAR!3 timer siden
    • I'm pretty sure you can refund as long as the game isn't downloaded. No?

      Jack MJack M3 timer siden
    • Clever kid.

      ΛZΛZΞLΛZΛZΞL3 timer siden
    • you won't be disappointed

      tilontilon6 timer siden
  • Also on December 10th: we gonna delay this shit for another 9 years

    Cathal McCabeCathal McCabe7 timer siden
  • looks shitty

    bios_48bios_487 timer siden
    • @Jimmy Flanagan offended fanboy

      bios_48bios_483 timer siden
    • so it fits perfectly with your life

      Jimmy FlanaganJimmy Flanagan7 timer siden
  • Чем то похоже на GTA а так крутая игрушка ждëм выхода

    саша лобачëвсаша лобачëв7 timer siden
  • Legen DARY

    Berke CanhagenBerke Canhagen7 timer siden
  • 4:26 best part

    After EffectsAfter Effects7 timer siden
    • She hot

      Klaudas MMMKlaudas MMM7 timer siden
  • It's not advanced enough if the NPC can't actually call you by your username 🤣

    Hazim ArabiHazim Arabi7 timer siden
  • Please help me find out the name of this track from 3: 18

    Эд Сноуден.Эд Сноуден.7 timer siden
  • Soooo. When’s it acc coming out?

    ST3VOST3VO7 timer siden
    • @ST3VO hmmmmmmmmm. Let's ask Zoidberg

      Jack MJack M3 timer siden
    • @Jack M no but actually. U sure?

      ST3VOST3VO3 timer siden
    • In a few days.

      Jack MJack M3 timer siden
  • "THAT is Johnny Silverhand..."

    yesyes7 timer siden
  • Bar called ‘Afterlife’... smooth callback xD It feels like this game was meant to be Mass Effect’s Omega on steroids.

    R NR N7 timer siden
  • It's like a futuristic gta online but better

    XaviCM 56XaviCM 568 timer siden
  • The voice lady is so good damn!!

    The AwjibpanaThe Awjibpana8 timer siden
  • Join V I P U L GAMING

    Praful MorePraful More8 timer siden
  • So its bladerunner ,judge dredd,Tank girl and johnny mnemonic mixed? Looks good to me

    Joe CJoe C8 timer siden
  • These 5 minutes were the longest 5 minutes i ever experienced

  • I think this game would release in 2077😄😄😄

    Akash VBAkash VB8 timer siden
  • Graphics are still not upto the mark .😑😑

    Light YagamiLight Yagami8 timer siden
  • How much fuckin long do I need to wait to play this thing man? Wait I'm poor I can't afford it.. Sry for inconvenience

    Aditya shrivastavaAditya shrivastava8 timer siden
  • Guys dont worry previews are great And testers for the game have spent 172 hours in the story and possibly barely scratched the surface. And even if it does fail which is unlikely at least they tried something new we could at least give them that.

    Kevin MccannKevin Mccann8 timer siden
  • Fuck, these 11 days will be the longest days of my life. Can't wait, guys. I wish it would be the best game I'll have played ever

    VGAGAMESVGAGAMES8 timer siden
    • Agreed on that. These last days will be interesting to say the least.

      Allenpoe17Allenpoe174 timer siden
  • If to compare Cyberpunk with GTA 5, GTA 5 looks like a school project

    VGAGAMESVGAGAMES8 timer siden
  • Ohhhh boy ... my heart is beating faster for every day that past to finally start this awesome adventure!!!

    RetroGamer2112RetroGamer21128 timer siden
  • how about instead of giving us trailers, you give us the game

    Butter_LordzButter_Lordz8 timer siden
  • Najebali światła i odblasków, żeby grafa nie wyglądała jak z 2012, ale chyba nie pykło xD

    TectologicTectologic8 timer siden
  • Most comments here are less than a week old

    KitsuneKitsune8 timer siden
  • Fun fact: the disaster in Fallout happend in 2077

    Фильмы бесплатно в hdФильмы бесплатно в hd8 timer siden
  • Who were my targets again

    danial lagrowsydanial lagrowsy8 timer siden
  • why does it sounds like real life situation? oh wait nvm

    Legion ZLegion Z8 timer siden
  • I cant wait to see ciri in the future :)

    N8 Starts to PlayN8 Starts to Play8 timer siden
  • me who holds a potato pc

    Chief EramChief Eram9 timer siden
  • This reminds me of the gta 5 trailer so much.

    FuturisticArtFuturisticArt9 timer siden
  • ये गेम हिंदी में क्यों नहीं है? दुनियाभर की इतनी सारी भाषाओं में है !!

    अभय अग्रवालअभय अग्रवाल9 timer siden
  • Do you believe that the angels really exist? This is one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in my life - please have a good day. 🌞

    en genuineen genuine9 timer siden
  • I just want experience this game on the PS5, but can't get on at all

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo9 timer siden
  • This game better be optimised nicely... I'm really looking forward to playing it

    Nihaarsh BNihaarsh B9 timer siden
    • I second that

      Allenpoe17Allenpoe174 timer siden
  • I didn't choose the outlaw life ,The Outlaw life chose me. Technically the Game Developers did.😂

    Jeswill PauloseJeswill Paulose9 timer siden
  • I’m sure it’s supposed to be OTT but something does not sit right with me on this game. The dialogue seems awful. Yet I’m still interested.

    Mark HomewoodMark Homewood9 timer siden
  • “Act Gary”

    Mark HomewoodMark Homewood9 timer siden
  • It should be a good game, I mean it has silver sword in

    Dhrubaranjan DharDhrubaranjan Dhar9 timer siden
  • why is everyone gay at future

    Bintang RizckyBintang Rizcky9 timer siden
  • They can't release it yet cause the Devs are busy maxing their accounts

    DecentRDecentR9 timer siden
  • Does it have Cyber Truck ?

    Prabhat ThapaPrabhat Thapa9 timer siden
  • So - this is Hitman + GTA + Watch dogs then.... Got it.

    Chinmay MogheChinmay Moghe9 timer siden
    • If you think it's those games combined, you're in for a massive, massive shock.

      Jack MJack M3 timer siden
  • This game never really interested me, but this trailer changed my mind. This looks sick!

    TimeLapseTimeLapse9 timer siden
    • Always room for one more excited person.

      Allenpoe17Allenpoe174 timer siden
  • 12 days

    JITAXJITAX9 timer siden
  • Please just make it 3rd person too

    Bryan BorjaBryan Borja10 timer siden
  • Aka, Duke Nukem Forever

    Pedro SerapioPedro Serapio10 timer siden
  • shut Up and Take My Money

    Jack KingJack King10 timer siden
  • I'm here after tecnical guruji's video😋

  • До чего-же убогая картонно-пластиковая графика! И это в 20-м году... Не вижу в современных играх никакого прогресса со времен первого Crysis.

    vivspbvivspb10 timer siden
  • Expectations: GTA cyberpunk Reality: Saints Row serquel.

    SurenderSurender10 timer siden
    • none of them are right, actually this game is *a rpg-fps* game (basic/main thing) + open world (gta) + deus ex theme/cyberpunk. Maybe this game surprisingly similar with tw3

      Haikal Rifqi NandikaHaikal Rifqi Nandika8 timer siden
    • If your expectations are gta cyberpunk then your going to be disappointed.

      The G.O.A.TThe G.O.A.T9 timer siden
  • I am so hyped for this game, I don’t get all the haters in the comments, This is gonna be the defining game of the century in my opinion. It just looks like no other game I’ve seen before, and the idea and scope of the world is just so amazing I can’t wait any longer. Thank you cd project red! I’m excited

    OrangeCartOrangeCart10 timer siden
  • it will delay on 10 December 2020 If not _Change my Mind_

    Kashish PrasadKashish Prasad10 timer siden
    • Orange

      Clapped CheeksClapped Cheeks9 timer siden
    • Banana

      spaz bellaspaz bella9 timer siden