DaBaby Turns Kevin into a CONVERTIBLE!? *not clickbait I promise*

30. april. 2021
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H..he finally did it sons 😪. But it had to happen sooner or later.
Kevins making progress! And I’m off to keep working on renovating the Crackhouse into the wildlife rehab facility! I’ll be sure to film us knocking the walls down for you lovely boys and boyettes 👨🏻‍🌾🤝❤️
Uncle Farmer Dad Ben 👨🏻‍🌾🤝
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  • Whew, I’m glad I liked the video. Hit rapper and artist ‘Da Baby’ did in fact NOT turn me into a convertible.

    Jake HughesJake Hughes5 dager siden
    • @The SkunkYT shut

      HappykittycatHappykittycat31 minutt siden
    • @ミーマン【M-man】 no fuck u

      HappykittycatHappykittycat33 minutter siden
    • @GGametypePlayer SHIT

      HappykittycatHappykittycat33 minutter siden
    • @Marcos Malik yup, have been watching on Flixzone for months myself :)

      George EugeneGeorge Eugene15 timer siden
    • Pro trick : you can watch movies on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.

      Marcos MalikMarcos Malik16 timer siden
  • Is that Kevin holding the camera at 4:45?

    Dougal BadgerDougal Badger30 minutter siden
  • Dababy is my favorite kangaroos are too adorable

    milk steakmilk steak34 minutter siden
  • Hmmm, im starting to think Edward might not be Uncle Ben's child and perhaps another large flightless being's child instead, who's name might or might not rhyme with Devin.

    JordanJordan51 minutt siden
  • Little doggo tough you were going to play with him when u get ur playful voice with Dababy thats sad ;C

    Nicolas IteyNicolas Itey2 timer siden
  • Hhahahhahahahajahajajajjahahahhahaha so funny

    tony chedidtony chedid3 timer siden
  • Omg the lightning 😱😱

    Lina M.Lina M.4 timer siden
  • Dababy is from Charlotte

    ChaseFraley1218ChaseFraley12184 timer siden
  • The thumbnail of dababy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jose ChristoJose Christo5 timer siden
  • Therapist: Lightskin Uncle Ben does not exist it cant hurt you, Lightskin Uncke Ben; 4:43

    Pavito12Pavito126 timer siden
  • I love you and dababy

    Xavier DesantoXavier Desanto6 timer siden
  • How many wife do you got?

    Vince Gerson NanolVince Gerson Nanol6 timer siden
  • 7:22 Kevin turned around liiike...I HEARD U TALKIN SMACK

    Brii MinorBrii Minor7 timer siden
  • Buy pog juice and teach poggers to bring it to you. Also Kevin I think Kevin sus because it took him to long to do electrical...🤨🤨🤔🤔

    Rivera AirlinesRivera Airlines7 timer siden
  • I forgot to like

    Rivera AirlinesRivera Airlines7 timer siden
  • Brush my teeth BEFORE bed???? The hell, man?!?! What kinda psychoti-

    Orange ChocolateOrange Chocolate7 timer siden
  • 3:28 I see a female there. U got. Gf? Sheshhh

    Tsf Hyp4rTsf Hyp4r7 timer siden
  • Our power is still out from that storm

    Lexy MullensLexy Mullens8 timer siden
  • He is not your son and in fact the son of an old friend of yours

    UNITUNIT9 timer siden
  • I say get the armour

    VooDooVooDoo9 timer siden
  • k e v i n s e g g

    Blowtorch WatermelonBlowtorch Watermelon9 timer siden
  • You should definitely get the knight suit 😂😂 that would not only be great protection but it would also be hilarious to see you in a knight suit

    deaddik Gamingdeaddik Gaming9 timer siden
  • Use payreon money to buy armo

    Weirdo cat GuyWeirdo cat Guy10 timer siden
  • Kevin’s son is looking great

    WinternetWinternet10 timer siden
  • Yes Kevin armor

    Electrion _Electrion _11 timer siden
  • If you made some kevin merch I'd buy instantly 😅

    Tristen ShifflettTristen Shifflett11 timer siden
  • 6:37 pls stop

    Electrion _Electrion _11 timer siden
  • Ben: your not the imposter right kevin? , wait are you? Kevin: always has been

    DuckiiyzDuckiiyz12 timer siden

    Christopher RiceChristopher Rice12 timer siden

    Izzy xxIzzy xx13 timer siden
  • Plot twist: Kevin was actually sabotaging lights

    Maddieon HertabletMaddieon Hertablet13 timer siden
  • Yo I'm the 666999th view 😂

    Maddieon HertabletMaddieon Hertablet13 timer siden
  • He is the only one allowed to make among us cringe jokes and call us sussy

    diego_ninja171diego_ninja17113 timer siden
  • Does Poppy snuggle uncle Ben? Looks like she does. She looks to be very affectionate. Also, why was Da Baby hopping a circuit? Is that normal behavior? The chicken bath was also cute. Sometimes you share animal info and I enjoy that. Thanks.

    Chokolat DiscipleChokolat Disciple14 timer siden
  • Dababy will Be 6 ft big one day! Huge

    Love PetLove Pet16 timer siden
  • I dunno about the blood tests. That egg looks a lot like kevin.

    Steven CastelynSteven Castelyn16 timer siden
  • i beg that you get the incredible looking armour 😂 it will be amazing content

    Milk ManMilk Man17 timer siden
  • I’m sorry no hate or anything but u do realise it’s pronounced A-m-o-n-g u-s right

    Siblings 4-EverSiblings 4-Ever18 timer siden
  • "Okay! Round two of the "Save the chick's from Kevin initiative"!" *°Kevin in the background violently shaking an entire chain link fence°*

    SmashBigRocksSmashBigRocks18 timer siden
  • Do you need a farm hand? You have the best life. I live in England so would need visa sponsorship, but it would be so worth it to meet Dababy!

    nmmagsnmmags19 timer siden
  • I missed it.....

    Jo HemJo Hem20 timer siden
  • This guy literally has the encyclopedia of every meme in history

    cosmosonmymindcosmosonmymind23 timer siden
  • I said it. That duck ain't ur son.

    babu tajababu taja23 timer siden
    • But the rhea is

      An insecure Seventh graderAn insecure Seventh grader13 timer siden
  • I never wanna see kevin go. He is such a dingus and I love it

    YaBoiDustinYaBoiDustinDag siden
  • I can't wait for the next episode where Karen has a lightsaber duel with Da Babby for Kevin's soul!

    Blaasz P.BBlaasz P.BDag siden
  • Yeah.

    Australian MagpieAustralian MagpieDag siden
  • Hit rapper and artist the Baby???

    Catherine Rose SahagunCatherine Rose SahagunDag siden
  • Congratulations it’s a baby ur a daddy

    Danny ImperoDanny ImperoDag siden
  • Question: how did I not know this delightful channel exists? Question 2: Is the armor FOR Kevin or defense AGAINST Kevin? Because...yes either way 😂

    Faye TaylorFaye TaylorDag siden
  • You’re like a real life ace Ventura!

    mattumattuDag siden
  • Kevin is an absolute monster

    JakeDotComJakeDotComDag siden
  • Susseth amongeth. I hereby, by the power bestowed by me, convert you into a convertible. Certified, Da Baby.

    IamOrdinaryhereIamOrdinaryhereDag siden
  • Kevin is a creature of true and pure evil

    CrispityCrispityDag siden
  • You can tell Morgan is camera shy😂

    tristanb1tristanb1Dag siden
  • Edward is not you’re son. He is Kevin’s, GIVE HIM BAAAAAAACK!!

    Tubular 2Tubular 2Dag siden
  • dont worry i am a professional doctor ive done many medbay tasks i cant indeed confirm he is your son.

    glitchy boiglitchy boiDag siden

    Giancarlo ConteGiancarlo ConteDag siden
  • D

    Verx 123Verx 123Dag siden
  • Our favorite stardew valley farmer

    Aoreka GamingAoreka GamingDag siden
  • I love watching Zach Braff's animal rescue channel ❤ 💙 🙌 😍

    PoingPoingDag siden
  • Most wholesome channel ever. And so hilarious

    Lady JokerLady JokerDag siden
  • You are too funny! A pure delight to watch/listen to! :)

    Patricia LongPatricia LongDag siden
  • The lights make it look so nice

    David McRaeDavid McRaeDag siden
  • Why does Kevin look like lil nas x

    Eli AhEli AhDag siden
  • yes

    billy bobbilly bobDag siden
  • Who’s the other person. The one who holds the camera sometimes

    Angel AguilarAngel AguilarDag siden
  • I have never seen Kevin docile

    your life sucksyour life sucksDag siden
  • 4:00 WAIT THE IMPOSTER FROM YOUR BUS GOT TO YOUR HOUSE (dun dun dun dun dun dun dun /ddd dun)

    JugisJugisDag siden
  • Get the gear and a shield

    Huntter HackerHuntter HackerDag siden
  • Poggers is the definition of a happy-oh-a-happy-guy

    Corageous Panda ThingsCorageous Panda ThingsDag siden
  • "So I grabbed this rake" Rake label: TRUE TEMPER

    KongoKongoDag siden
  • This Guy is the impersonation of chaotic good lol

    Dennis BDennis BDag siden
  • dababy is a failsafe for if kevin go's bad

    Al-Qaeda gamingAl-Qaeda gamingDag siden
    • Kevin won’t get the honor of becoming a convertible, dababy will just fold him into a lawn chair

      Jacob The master66Jacob The master66Dag siden
  • Just a thought, couldn't he just throw a towel on Kevin's head every time he has to go into his lil area? Seems like an easier solution than having to fend off a carnivorous bird every time

    smol fizzlesmol fizzleDag siden
  • Yes man buy that armour and let's see Kevin's reaction hhh

    Psycho DiaryPsycho DiaryDag siden
  • Kevin flustering at the cables task would make a cute shirt Also your farm under the rain and the lights look so chill it made me sigh and relax

    Psycho DiaryPsycho DiaryDag siden
  • Kevin reminds me Jimmy the turkey from kyle the rooster lmao

    Jack H.Jack H.Dag siden
  • Am i only one who don't get baby jokes?

    esproesproDag siden
  • 2:12 Shit turned into a _Buttered Side Down_ video for a sec right there XD

    EmberDropsEmberDropsDag siden
  • please buy that armor

    dante michozukidante michozuki2 dager siden
  • you know when kevin is not in rage mode staring into the camera with an open mouth, he's actually a pretty looking bird

    RedOrchidee137RedOrchidee1372 dager siden
    • Dinosaur*

      HxCMusicMasterHxCMusicMaster16 timer siden
  • Bruh this is real life ark survival evolve

    L u c i dヅL u c i dヅ2 dager siden
  • im just here for the kevin abuse

    Gavin ColganGavin Colgan2 dager siden
  • When Kevin was born he chose violence

    MiscellaneousVids 06MiscellaneousVids 062 dager siden
  • This guy going to 10 million by the end of year mark this comment

    Tyler McleodTyler Mcleod2 dager siden
  • Kevin is angry that he's stuck in such a confined space

    Jagjit SinghJagjit Singh2 dager siden
  • Poppy do be chillin doe

    s.maleshhs.maleshh2 dager siden
  • Honest feel like a falcon mask on Kevin might work. I don’t know could lead him into running into things but he does that already. What if you got like that cut proof shirt from like as seen on tv?

    EthanEthan2 dager siden
  • Dababy do be pullin' up doe

    s.maleshhs.maleshh2 dager siden
  • i am from clevland

    gibobwaygamersgibobwaygamers2 dager siden
  • No I’m no scientist but I did pass health class and there is one way to make baby Edward…….😬

    EthanEthan2 dager siden
  • Yes you should get the armor

    PsychoGamer 4873PsychoGamer 48732 dager siden
  • Please get the armor for Kevin omfg

    WyvernWyvern2 dager siden
  • Sorry broski but Kevin been piping Karen 😬

    Liam OakleyLiam Oakley2 dager siden
  • i can’t believe how much this channel has grown, well done brother

    kyle paulkyle paul2 dager siden
  • U had show Kevin who boss u the owner not him

  • Is not your son is Kevin Son and I did it lol. Because it is not legally possible you would have to uhhhhh. You know what I’m trying to say

    christian thibodeauxchristian thibodeaux2 dager siden
    • Incorrect. You ignorant human of below average intelligence.

      NoVoiceToCrySufferingNoVoiceToCrySufferingDag siden
  • I wonder if the number of people in his area supporting local farms would increase or decrease if they knew this man

    Josh WuJosh Wu2 dager siden
  • Keveins mouth it just looks happy

    MrironflamMrironflam2 dager siden
  • 1 million subscriber special, Oven rost kevin...

    A Lucky BoyA Lucky Boy2 dager siden