Dash Cam Saves Citizen From Lying Trooper

29. mars. 2021
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    Audit the AuditAudit the Audit12 dager siden
    • @Conrad Eddie lmao

      vids2002vids200212 timer siden
    • @vids2002 LOL ... One thing that never seems to change: Stupid people will always spew stupidity out of their pie holes!😂😂

      Conrad EddieConrad Eddie12 timer siden
    • He did mention his 5th amendment rights as the reason why he wouldn't tell him his speed on the dashcam though.

      Martin McCormickMartin McCormick19 timer siden
    • @Gary King You are absolutely right. The driver was soooo vveeerrryyy rude. I don't believe Anyone who's watched the video and seen what we've all seen would find it difficult to agree with you. You are absolutely right to a T. What a rude driver this Mr Transparency guy :-)

      Philippe AlexisPhilippe AlexisDag siden
    • No thanks, you are part of the problem these days of kids watching this crap and thinking they don't need to listen to police. You for taking the driver's side get an F and so does the rude driver.

      Gary KingGary KingDag siden
  • F*** the driver. He’s the reason the non criminal get killed.

    earl byromearl byrom2 minutter siden
  • So "Tubby" is a Nice "Douche-Nozzle" and He thinks that gets him Points?

    USN PatriotUSN Patriot23 minutter siden
  • "It's just speeding. It's not a big deal." What he meant to say was, "I'm just collecting extra revenue for the state, it's not a big deal."

    Don RiedelDon Riedel26 minutter siden
  • 50 cameras couldn't save George Floyd.

    Kelly AustinKelly Austin28 minutter siden
  • Plot twist, he was actually going faster than what the trooper said.

    Don RiedelDon Riedel28 minutter siden
  • And without the dash cam this would have ended differently even if driver did exactly what he did on cam. The trooper would have insisted the driver became obstructive and threatening and would have ordered him out of car searched car and some how would justify his reason to arrest the driver. Like a district attorney once told me when arguing a speefing ticket my son received once. You can go to court but unless you've had issues with this officer in the past the judge will believe the officer over yuo because he has no reason to be lying. Thats bullshit. And also said police officers are allowed to lie to you cause thats how they can get their information. But don't dare lie to them jail cell time. I say this with all respect to law enforcement I appreciate and understand the importance of your job and am thankful some want to do it. Just the same as people who join the military I'm just as grateful. But that doesn't mean you are above the law. Or a better person for serving than someine who doesn't. I feel that if pulled over for speeding or rolling thru stop sign. Stick to the readon you pulled person over without trying to always hope to find or make something mire out of it. Again unless their is a very obvious reason to dig further. I know for fact from people in law enforcement that they pull somrone over mostly younger drivers for speeding or no turn signal or light out. They were hoping to be able to use some reason to search their vehicle just hoping to find something. For now they feel like a super hero. Instead of the same old day to day ticket writing. But those little petty things can really ruin peoples lives. Just so someone can have a big ego. And respond with comments I don't like law enforcement because I do but they have to do job honesty. God Bless.

    dean mdean m35 minutter siden
  • If cops would learn to keep their nasty grabby hands and lying ass noses out of people's vehicles, some of us might put our windows down.

    Leslie HardemanLeslie Hardeman37 minutter siden
  • If this was a person of color this would be totally different....

    Traci CarterTraci Carter38 minutter siden
  • So the fifth amendment is a privilege?

    Darth VaderDarth Vader41 minutt siden
  • Police are never your friend and their training must be changed as every single one of them has a power of authority issue. As this cop said. “I can order you to do anything.” Think about that. This is the mindset of the police in America.

    Lord ShadowzLord Shadowz50 minutter siden
  • This guy did a great job defending against multiple angles of psychological attacks from the officer. It’s important to remember that when you are detained by police - they are NOT your friend. Don’t let them trick you into being your friend. Their job is a lot easier when you admit your own guilt.

    ZimZam131ZimZam13151 minutt siden
  • Typical pig

    H Bn nv jH Bn nv j57 minutter siden
  • The trooper is nothing but a sneaky and deceptive liar, and was highly upset that James was not scared of him or intimidated by him, if James did not have a dash cam he would've got the ticket and forced to role down the window; a lot of cops are liars!

    Tommy WilsonTommy WilsonTime siden
  • Ok lol so...I explain...in massachusetts they no matter what follow the law cause they are not corrupt by any means ever...respectable..south..they just want you to respect them but at the same time are a little too militant so I think in the south they need to be retrained cause the old ways do not fit in modern times..and all it does is make police and civilians feel uncomfortable with eachother.

    Kera DasilvaKera DasilvaTime siden
  • no ticket when cop heard MY Dashcam records speed...lol

    mikegs400mikegs400Time siden
  • It was only when he realised that the driver had proof of his speed that the Trooper backed, but it definitely stuck in his craw. Trooper was very arrogant and he decided to take the non opening of the window fully as an attack on his authority and he tried his best to bully James into lowering the window.

    Catherine TiernanCatherine TiernanTime siden
  • You talk to much. Have to constantly skip through to watch the video!

    Josh HillJosh HillTime siden
  • B-? This cop was super passive aggro. This was not a friendly conversation. Probably C, C-. Imagine if this happened to your parents or elders. I'd be pissed.

    blusafe1blusafe1Time siden
  • Why not just roll window down (I have) and show the dash cam footage that he wasnt speeding. Why drag this shit out. And yes he was being difficult. I’m not trying to pull a power struggle like shown here. But the bigger problem is why does the cops radar malfunction and show someone as “speeding” when they weren’t. This could happen to anyone and without dash cam proof, you’ll get a ticket.

    SophieSophsSophieSophs2 timer siden
  • If I had a dashcam i would just show the recorded speed

    SophieSophsSophieSophs3 timer siden
  • Let’s see if this citation was dismissed. Prove it

    EliFanEliFan3 timer siden
  • My last three times being pulled over, I was direct, respectful and got off with warnings... this shit is set up to make money off pissing off a cop, plain and simple.

    Edward JohnsonEdward Johnson3 timer siden
  • Must be nice being white in America. If this would have been a black man whew

    veronica davisveronica davis3 timer siden
  • When you get to smartasses together you're probably going to have a problem he should have rolled his window down just for no other reason to avoid an argument

    Ram WallRam Wall3 timer siden
  • April fools joke upload ?

    Si0Ro123Si0Ro1233 timer siden
  • All the cops lies, that’s why we need to video tape every encounter with.

    Let’s go Pat’s 0Let’s go Pat’s 03 timer siden
  • He was lying, lol. Hes a bad cop

    Desparaged AsparagusDesparaged Asparagus3 timer siden
  • It's a little weird that in November 2020 neither of them have a mask and the officer insists on shoving his face into the vehicle.

    Ed MEd M4 timer siden
  • MIGHT be an interesting video, if you didnt try to explain everything.

    Elva TedfordElva Tedford4 timer siden
  • just roll the window down man xD

    Daedric JohnsonDaedric Johnson4 timer siden
  • If this guy was black it would have turned out alot different

    khaled detroitkhaled detroit4 timer siden
  • It’s only about the 7th time I’ve watched this clip. I love it.

    Tod PatnTod Patn5 timer siden
  • dude is weird amd the cop was nice asl , just awnser the questions and leave its not a competition

    NinjaDude231NinjaDude2315 timer siden
  • Thank you Mr Transparency for not Kneeling to the Flag.

    scott irwinscott irwin5 timer siden
  • Should ask the Officer to take off his Shades so he could observe his eyes.

    scott irwinscott irwin5 timer siden
  • Mr transparency has tinted windows, from now on he will be called Mr shady.

    Keegan Jay O'NeillKeegan Jay O'Neill5 timer siden
  • "Im not trying to give you a hard time" He said while giving him a hard time..

    Why do you keep reading my name?Why do you keep reading my name?6 timer siden
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    Shelton SunShelton Sun7 timer siden
  • Ugh, be a damn man. Guys nowadays act like whiny little girls. You were speeding, so take responsibility. Not a big deal. Grow the egg up!

    N SN S7 timer siden
  • Silly. Lawful means it's not against the law. Rolling down the window is not illegal. So therefore cop has right to ask him to roll it down.

    N SN S7 timer siden
  • That cop knew he ordered him to roll down his window. Once dude said I have a dashcam then his attitude changed. That's the point. He didn't really care about the guys reason for not wanting the window down. He was butt hurt because random dude wasn't taking his order. Then he obsessed about the window because he didn't have a good reason for doing a search. That's it!

    KymmberliestarrKymmberliestarr7 timer siden
  • Aren't all cops liars

    Tree manTree man7 timer siden
  • I would have said “I was going 1000 meters per second”, officer.

    D HawkD Hawk7 timer siden
  • Why make such a stink over a window.... “I’m really not trying to be difficult with you, sir...” yet, you are.

    catchifyoucan232catchifyoucan2327 timer siden
  • cop cleared his radar and forgot the speed because of the window debate. tried to sucker the guy into reminding him.

    Phil DeSantoPhil DeSanto8 timer siden
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    Shelton SunShelton Sun8 timer siden
  • That officer has a very strong douchebag vibe. His closet is all Affliction and Tapout... still

    Predictor BibulousPredictor Bibulous8 timer siden
  • Ngl though James kinda annoyed me this time with that window cause thats just a situation that could've went a lot faster and that cop looked like he was gonna let this guy off the chain easy anyway but thats just me

    Nightmare 9218Nightmare 92188 timer siden
    • I agree. It’s kind of weird to make such a stink about the window, the driver is instantly escalating the situation.

      catchifyoucan232catchifyoucan2327 timer siden
  • The big obsession with the officer wanting the window down had nothing to do with the window. It was the fact that the officer was frustrated because what he asked wasn't followed. It's tough sometimes when a person feels as though their a God and then to realize the control they thought they have has limitations.

    Don McLaughlinDon McLaughlin8 timer siden
  • Black person: acting just like this with police. White critics: he should of just complied! 😂😂💀

    Freddie Fox IIIFreddie Fox III8 timer siden
  • i learned more in this video than i have in my 10 years of schooling.

    Kris_ NotfoundKris_ Notfound9 timer siden
  • How fast you think you were going "speed limit" Why don't you want to roll down the window "bc you have a gun and I don't" that's all. Personally I would have said nothing. No greeting, Not a smile No nothing. They play this game everyday. We don't

    LnnLnn9 timer siden
  • This was November of 2020. Why wasn’t the officer wearing a mask? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want his window down. Officer spittle 😂

    DNA ShxwnDNA Shxwn9 timer siden
  • This is the cop that make all cops look bad

    Crazy_clay78YTCrazy_clay78YT9 timer siden
  • Both persons were passively aggressive.

    Lynda XELynda XE9 timer siden
  • The narrator keeps forgetting to STRESS these things only apply if you're WHITE.

    Umar Abdul-AliUmar Abdul-Ali10 timer siden
  • Tell the police officer who said: "why are you being so difficult?"- you can say this... "Just believing in transparency, sir."

    AjijixeAjijixe10 timer siden
  • So stupid

    NorCaLove1NorCaLove110 timer siden
  • I'm not a cop hater; but I really hate this cop

    djmcc83djmcc8310 timer siden
  • Police are trained to lie

    em teedeeem teedee10 timer siden
  • "I just want to know why your still stuck on it" Maybe it's for police safety. The officer doesn't have the ability to protect himself during a gun fight while mr transparency may have the upper hand in this situation to shoot amd kill or harm first with that window half up..

    James SniderJames Snider10 timer siden
  • Typical coward in blue

    Smile KomicsSmile Komics10 timer siden
  • The cop is just building a case against this guy for being against or having something agaibst the police. Mr transparency is allowing them to have evidence that makes his character look bad later in future situations.

    James SniderJames Snider10 timer siden
  • What kinds of things are we learning from this video?

    WreckerPlaysMC Gamer651WreckerPlaysMC Gamer65110 timer siden
  • 1.1k cops disliked this video

    Cora SimsCora Sims11 timer siden
  • Let him James be black and this will be a different video lol

    PvpBeast713PvpBeast71311 timer siden
  • Imagine how quickly this could have descalated if the driver just said, "Well, COVID is still a thing. It's still 2020."

    It'sGuysIt'sGuys11 timer siden
  • Honestly I think this was fair from both sides. Cop maybe went a little bullish when he made the “I can tell you to do whatever I want” claim but I think he was just in the midst of a pissing contest with the driver. In the end he was fair and so was the driver.

    Sweater Wearing SquirrelSweater Wearing Squirrel11 timer siden
  • if he has nothing to hide why is he being so difficult about rolling down the window. such a trivial thing that he just had to say no to just cause he can.

    XXxbountyxXXxbountyx11 timer siden
  • Cops are so whack

    S BS B11 timer siden
  • 4Runner TRD is an insanely badass ride.

    Sweater Wearing SquirrelSweater Wearing Squirrel11 timer siden
  • Once got told that i was doing 40 in a 25. On a bicycle. Fought that one and it got thrown out because who tf can ride a bike at 40 mph?

    The Nth SonThe Nth Son11 timer siden
  • I like the break down of this video.

    PtotheRumPtotheRum12 timer siden
  • Honestly. Both sides seemed kinda dumb here. The officer just wanted a more genuine conversation, whilst the driver simply wanted a conversation within the bounds of what his position is. Neither are wrong in this, but frankly for two cool guys there was no reason for any of this.

    TheFruckFaceTheFruckFace12 timer siden
  • I don’t think the trooper was trying to incriminate him with asking him about the window, I think we genuinely wanted to know especially because everything that’s going on, he probably just wanted to see if he was uncomfortable with cops and maybe wanted to change his perspective on how he sees them

    999 for life999 for life12 timer siden
  • The driver was just being a bit rude. Like just do what he asked of u because what he asked of him wasn't to much. The officer was just trying to be friendly.

    Iftekhar 3478374908Iftekhar 347837490812 timer siden
  • is there really no comment saying that the guy in the car was a dick?? that's suprising

    Jon LondonJon London12 timer siden
    • I agree with you

      catchifyoucan232catchifyoucan2327 timer siden
  • All I can do is pray I don't get pulled over for random BS if I ever visit the US. Having a conversation with a cop looks just as stressful as a Dark Souls boss fight

    DarkDemon259DarkDemon25912 timer siden
    • It’s actually not that stressful at all. As long as you’re polite and show respect, it goes really smoothly. This guy making a stink about the window is kind of being obnoxious.

      catchifyoucan232catchifyoucan2327 timer siden
  • If he says he wasn't speeding, and is later found out to be speeding, he gets done for lying to the police. If he says he wasn't going 87 but still speeding, he gets done for speeding. There's no winning scenario to answering the cops question on that.

    Motivation Exceeds MeMotivation Exceeds Me12 timer siden
  • video stupid

    Susan BainSusan Bain12 timer siden
  • This dude stood his ground and did GREAT, doing so! Awesome job!

    afmvp31afmvp3113 timer siden
  • Screw all pigs, 99 percent are corrupt power hungry. This boiled down to his ego was hurt because a citizen didnt bow down to him.

    Snare Trap SurviveSnare Trap Survive13 timer siden
  • This officer is soooo stupid Good GOD!

    lenny3056lenny305613 timer siden
  • I couldn’t believe this officer told this man he can do whatever he wants then further says he’s not a bad cop a good cop wouldn’t have to defend his character only a bad cop would he’s wasting this mans time I loved how he remained calm and reinforced his rights we can all learn a thing or two from James

    Cooking with iyanaCooking with iyana13 timer siden
  • He can tell you to do whatever he wants? Yes. But that doesn't mean you have to do, whatever he tells you.

    The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarnThe Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn13 timer siden
  • Thought it was a cool trooper.

    Anthony PentAnthony Pent13 timer siden
  • I hate the cops. But dude just roll your window down and don't be a dick. Then it's over. You got a ticket. Maybe if you'd rolled your window down all the way you wouldn't have. Again, I hate the cops. Don't be a dick.

    Big Bacon BapBig Bacon Bap14 timer siden
  • I can understand where OP is coming from but like still it could have went smoothly

    Cameron ReasonsCameron Reasons14 timer siden
  • All the driver has to do is provide ID and vehicle insurance. They don’t have to say a word. The cop was being too aggressive. If he stopped him for speed. Identify him, get insurance, and verify correct vehicle registration. Then decide to cite, written warning, or verbal warning and get the driver on his way. You can guess what I do for a living.

    AllenAllen14 timer siden
  • Sorry, I was listening to this without really paying attention and my head popped up when I heard “Reiner” and I immediately thought of Reiner Braun from SNK😂

    Yelena SupremacyYelena Supremacy14 timer siden
  • "Not every cops a bad cop..." but he can tell him to do whatever he wants. ??

    ChevyDude65ChevyDude6514 timer siden
  • If you're not a lawyer please stop pretending as if you know.

    I'M NPCI'M NPC14 timer siden
  • And this video is an example of White Priviledge. A Black man would likely be harmed or killed in a situation like this.

    ChevyDude65ChevyDude6514 timer siden
  • 😂 bro he just wouldn’t stop arguing

    Trevor WilsonTrevor Wilson14 timer siden
  • They argue like brothers

    Jacob BrooksJacob Brooks14 timer siden
  • I disagree with the court's decision that one must invoke the 5th Amendment. If the right to resist self-incrimination is guaranteed by the Constitution, then compelling a suspect to perform any act that could be self-incriminating should not be allowed. Depending on the situation, invoking the 5th might in itself be self-incriminating (slurred speech, smell of breath, etc.). This should apply to implied consent and field sobriety tests as well. In Alabama, for instance, a field sobriety test is 100% voluntary. But if you do not voluntarily participate, you are taken to jail (deprivation of liberty). Once in jail, if you refuse the BAC test, your license is automatically confiscated and suspended (deprivation of both liberty and property) and you are listed as a level 2 DUI (larger fines, longer classes, supervised urine tests, IID). This happened to me because someone reported my license plate and said they thought I was drunk. I wasn't, and the police never actually performed a stop or witnessed me driving. I was parked in my driveway when they rolled up. There was no implied consent because a traffic stop never happened, and even though I provided my license, insurance and registration information upon request, the police took me to jail because I refused to speak to them or participate in the FST. Because there was no implied consent, they should have read me my rights when they arrested me, and they should have produced a warrant for a BAC test since there was no traffic stop (i.e. no implied consent), just a guy sitting in his car in his own driveway. My case was eventually dismissed, but because I refused the sobriety test at the jail, I still had to wait 90 days to have my license reinstated. (Plus $300 for the fee, $5,000 for an attorney, and 20 hours in jail while waiting for someone to pay my bond.)

    Olaf JernskjeggOlaf Jernskjegg14 timer siden
  • Of course it's Arkansas. That state is beyond fucked up

    Crystal KuskeCrystal Kuske14 timer siden
  • I would say he's not worthy of being a B-. His actions could be very intimidating, and also the one line he let out: "I can tell you to do anything I want" or something like that. At best a C with that line in there.

    BKrandyBKrandy14 timer siden
  • The driver is kind of annoying

    Bearded UbffnkkBearded Ubffnkk14 timer siden