3. mai. 2021
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  • i’ve said this and i’ll say it again: do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone; BUT once you bring it out in public that’s where i draw the line thank y’all.

    symone :3symone :316 minutter siden

    RobRob26 minutter siden
  • She was 18 in dog years

    MR WILMANNMR WILMANN33 minutter siden
  • Can you do spill your guts fill your guts James Corden please

    Adrian OttiwellAdrian Ottiwell59 minutter siden
  • What did I see at the end I need bleach for my eyes

    Jordan VillarrealJordan Villarreal59 minutter siden
  • Daz your commentary on this has made my day !

    Jodee DJodee DTime siden
  • everyone is pretending to be a coconut ~ daz 2021

    Hannah SandenHannah SandenTime siden
  • "It's big and I want it..." *contenplates life decisions*

    Go AwayGo AwayTime siden
  • Well I guess I am sure as hell lucky that I didn’t get all the princess the closest thing to a princess I got called what is the worth less piece of shit so I guess I worked out fine and I’m not a bitch lol

    Abi RAbi RTime siden
  • some of ya’ll don’t realise people have trauma and what comes with that is trauma kinks. i’m not saying that’s what she has but you need to be respectful of other people. she’s not hurting anyone and you need to leave people alone to live their lives.

    TheGamingBunnyTheGamingBunnyTime siden
  • Jus wanna mention how after the instagram popped up on here, she gained 9000 more followers since then😂😭

    LIF3S HURTSLIF3S HURTS2 timer siden
  • This should be try not to cringe

    Mr potato plays GDMr potato plays GD2 timer siden
  • i accidentally clicked on this

    InsecureInsecure2 timer siden

    Winter SchmidtWinter Schmidt2 timer siden
  • Can u do more watches pls

    Bobby JimBobby Jim2 timer siden
  • I think my dog wants to identify as a human it sits a the door all day and cry’s especially when we get the food out in the kitchen

    Bobby JimBobby Jim2 timer siden
  • 15:20 you foul for that joke daz😭

    MIBMIB2 timer siden
  • No idc call me a twat but u can't just wake up one day and suddenly decide to be a fkn attack helicopter this isn't normal. She should go see a therapist cuz there's something deeper going on....no one just wakes up and says I'm gonna be a dog.she should go get therapy. And that goes for other ppl too who pretend to be a baby or a cat....whatever. it isn't normal and will never be.And don't try disagree with me ye know I'm right

    caroline 7603caroline 76032 timer siden
  • *Furry intensifies*

    Pheonix ForbloxPheonix Forblox2 timer siden
  • 14:22 yep that movie was weird

    Rift Lyykes Hits 200Rift Lyykes Hits 2003 timer siden
  • Omg😂 why is this so funny!?

    *JosieCookiePlays**JosieCookiePlays*3 timer siden
  • Aaw he didn't amek the only flans account cause I C any find it 😞

    _kawaii._.neko__kawaii._.neko_3 timer siden
  • Where is the only flan’s ?

    Emerson SmithEmerson Smith3 timer siden
  • Daz: "It's big and I want it" *immediately gets clearblue ad* 😂

    Jeslyn GonsalvesJeslyn Gonsalves3 timer siden
  • Hi

    _kawaii._.neko__kawaii._.neko_3 timer siden
  • . . . .

    _kawaii._.neko__kawaii._.neko_3 timer siden
  • . . . .

    _kawaii._.neko__kawaii._.neko_3 timer siden
  • I'm 100% oki with petplay as long as its consensual. It should stay home because the public can not consent. Yes it can be a stress relieve just like little space can be, but the public doesnt need to be involved. Kinks, therapeutic spaces, etc. Is okay but consent is 100% neccessary so get it.

    Mrs. DeVilMrs. DeVil3 timer siden
  • This was super fun... and yes keep DAZ WATCHES

    Gabrielle AdamsGabrielle Adams3 timer siden
  • The bad thing is I’m a 11

    Hunter BernhardtHunter Bernhardt3 timer siden
  • Do what you want kinks you want in your own home, but don't do it in public. Even if its not a kink it could easily be mistaken for a kink. (Age regression is different and 100%okay to do in public)

    Pins DeadPins Dead3 timer siden
  • Me wondering do they still do doggy style or is that Offending

    King CookieKing Cookie4 timer siden
  • Now I've officially seen everything...

    THAT Gamer GirlTHAT Gamer Girl4 timer siden
  • Did you know kinks are hereditary? 😈😂

    refecul brefecul b4 timer siden
  • daz- its big and i want it

    Jaret GoulahJaret Goulah4 timer siden
  • I'm sure someone else has said this already, but this gives "doggy style" a whole nother meaning😳

    TheReaperTheReaper4 timer siden
  • I been missing me some Daz watches☹️

    TheReaperTheReaper4 timer siden
  • Are we not going to acknowledge that if he's fine with her being a dog that he's having sex / intercourse with a dog???

    Lucas MyersLucas Myers5 timer siden
  • I order food for myself not the dog lady, no matter what look she gives me I ain’t handing it over.

    AngieAngie5 timer siden
  • “I’d have her put down” But seriously imagine walking with your children down the sidewalk and you see this man walking his GIRLFRIEND-

    AngieAngie5 timer siden
  • Or it's all just some weird sex kink

    Zak PeachZak Peach5 timer siden
  • When I saw the picture of her with all the toilet paper, I realized why we had a scarce of it in the beginning of the pandemic

    Dragon WingsDragon Wings5 timer siden
  • Wheres the only flans >:C

    FoxyGamerFoxyGamer5 timer siden
  • this is some next level kinky shit

    ThatOneFriend XPThatOneFriend XP6 timer siden
  • 1:43

    Dario SolorioDario Solorio6 timer siden
  • That's enough internet for today...

    Edison PhuaEdison Phua6 timer siden
  • 13:25 I'm dead 🤣

    Dr PepperDr Pepper6 timer siden
  • Well, ig we all know what their favorite Sex position is. 🐕

    Daniel DavisonDaniel Davison6 timer siden
  • Hay daz she already has a onlyfans so you should react to it next.

    bennyzone85 watbennyzone85 wat6 timer siden
  • 5:46 *We'll be right back...* 10:28 Uh... we are experiencing difficulties... we'll be right back..

    Dr PepperDr Pepper6 timer siden
  • "Everyones pretendingto be a coconut "●~●

    Mae PateMae Pate6 timer siden
  • daz can u react to sister location "you can't hide" fnaf song

    Nathalia ArambulaNathalia Arambula6 timer siden
  • No offense, but it was so hard to watch this. 🤣 I feel bad for them

    Dr PepperDr Pepper6 timer siden
  • He takes her to the park so much because he loves bathing her

    Josh The goatJosh The goat6 timer siden
  • I'm into pet play and even I think this is too far

    Grace GlynnGrace Glynn6 timer siden
  • So just to be clear Santa isn’t real

    l-_Regicide_-ll-_Regicide_-l6 timer siden
  • now how about the vacuum cleaner what is she going to to bark, whimper, and run away into a corner or into a room 😂😂

    talon clingertalon clinger6 timer siden
  • It’s big and I wanted it 5:43

    Yes it's A turtleYes it's A turtle6 timer siden
  • Are you still “Daz the dazzling prince of death”?

    Brian ZavalaBrian Zavala6 timer siden
  • that is a literal definition for a female dog aka a bish

    HA - 06TT 787993 McCrimmon MSHA - 06TT 787993 McCrimmon MS7 timer siden
  • Its a Mareep

    UniUni7 timer siden
  • Does it feel like humanity is going backwards ? With these dumbaas tiktoks I lose brain cells watching them .

    Kolbey CosnerKolbey Cosner7 timer siden
  • haven't seen your vids in years. You're a goat.

    WalkOnWaterWalkOnWater7 timer siden
  • "Whats wrong with being Human, it's not that bad is it?" With all due respect- I'm not a puppyplay person or etc, I'm otherkin, but it's not a sexual thing. In my opinion and perspective, being Human sort of sucks. In one hand I'm lazy, so working seems like a lot of shit that ends up into trauma or wasteful situations. In one hand, being an animal would be so much nicer. I don't know how to explain it to someone who isn't otherkin or therian, but like. Remembering certain qualities of you that are Human sometimes makes you sad because Humans... kind of suck. A lot of people suck absolute ass. It's at least 5 times a year I say "Why even bother" because people genuinely disappoint me and make life worse for me or for everyone else in the world. Sometimes you can picture yourself as your kin, and when you realize you're not ACTUALLY that animal, it can make your day awful because you just wish you weren't a part of the Human race.

    wolfchowwolfchow7 timer siden
  • They already made an only flans

    Caleb GruszynskiCaleb Gruszynski7 timer siden
  • Daz talking about how parents have to eventually tell their kids there not going to be a princess,me:getting a cinderella dress for my 16th bday even though everyone I know has told me I'm too old for that stuff.

    Yuki IDKYuki IDK7 timer siden
  • Call animal controls

    zavier plays gameszavier plays games7 timer siden
  • Dear Daz, please turn to Jesus. Jesus says deny me in front of your friends and I will deny you in front of my father. I love your videos. Much love

    Johnny_bravo _69Johnny_bravo _697 timer siden
  • Is it me or Daz is Skinner

    Mustafa EisaMustafa Eisa7 timer siden
  • *cough FURRY *cough

    Platypus PlayzPlatypus Playz7 timer siden
  • I, personally believe that there's nothing wrong with this. There are much worse things to have as a kink. BUT, with that said, I still do believe this should stay in the house, and not just be free to the open public, because people can be judgmental assholes

    Mason GloverMason Glover7 timer siden
  • That stuffed sheep is actually a Pokémon 😂😂

    avesgetslit ytavesgetslit yt8 timer siden
  • Bruh, this is why the BDSM community has such a bad light. People need to keep the kinks for the bedroom, god damn. 🤦‍♀️

    I Lost My Pinky ToeI Lost My Pinky Toe8 timer siden
  • If she wants to live like a dog, well...dogs don't wear clothes. Just saying, hehehe.

    Eric RondeEric Ronde8 timer siden
  • So my question is does she drink out of the toilet?

    Chayse ColemanChayse Coleman8 timer siden
  • 9:45 that’s literally a Pokemon lmao

    A PersonA Person8 timer siden
  • I’m in hospital rn and watching u is making the pain go away

    Lily PrinceLily Prince8 timer siden
  • Not the pet play kink😩✋

    Strawberry BunStrawberry Bun8 timer siden
  • I still wanted to see him throw a frisbee 😂

    Christina HowellChristina Howell8 timer siden
  • Aw hell nah I can’t take this I’m out

    YOLO GamingYOLO Gaming8 timer siden
  • Oh my gosh. I almost died. When he was pretending to beat this, " Dog person," I choked on my fries and couldn't breathe!! LOLOL THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS!!!

    Kay Kay mckayKay Kay mckay8 timer siden
  • anyone slagging this off just google PET PLAY... its actually v common in the kink community and actually v fun... i dont agree with doing it out in public, back garden maybe, at a kink event or at a dungeon where anyone watching has consented YES...in plain view of non kinky people and children who have NOT consented is a BIG no no for me...

    Faye GreenhalghFaye Greenhalgh8 timer siden
  • Daz: nobody wants to watch me finger my mouth with Pringles Me: wait I wanna see that

    Tsqisk _Tsqisk _8 timer siden
  • ughhh i love theseeeee

    Delaney HuffmanDelaney Huffman8 timer siden
  • This is quite extreme but my girlfriend is kinda like this too. It's not a sexual thing for us and it mostly accounts as a running joke. She just wears a tail and chokers all the time and that's about it. The mannerisms this girl does, it feels like they mostly do it and post it for shock value and publicity. I doubt she would go 100% in public if they didn't have a following on social media

    DavelynDavelyn8 timer siden
  • Sex life prolly super kinky

    Bradyn RiddellBradyn Riddell8 timer siden

    TozzaTozza8 timer siden
  • Daz: what is that is that a sheep armadillo Me in my head: it's a f****** pokemon dumb***

    Ace BlindedAce Blinded9 timer siden
  • you make soo happy when lm sad

    Laura StewartLaura Stewart9 timer siden
  • I want to see daz reaction to the principal who beat a 6 year child cause I want to hear what he has to say as a father yk like who would it make him feel to see that happening or like what would he have done on the situation

    Naysha CarrionNaysha Carrion9 timer siden
  • I wish i could see you in person but covid is in the way and ill never have enough mony

    gloria wildergloria wilder9 timer siden
  • Pls grow a beard daz, petition for daz to have a beard

    Marco MillerMarco Miller9 timer siden
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    RatatataaRatatataa9 timer siden
  • That’s creepy

    Angela BarrineauAngela Barrineau9 timer siden
  • LINDA!!!??!!

    Angela BarrineauAngela Barrineau9 timer siden
  • 100% They do doggy in the bedroom

    SirKermySirKermy9 timer siden
  • We're evolving but backwards

    unknown gamer Raybouldunknown gamer Raybould9 timer siden