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  • Daz is the second most gayest straight person, next from jschlatt

    Willow HawleyWillow Hawley2 timer siden
  • I had a dream that was like the part of the clowns in the hallway when I was going through a rough time it was CREEEEEEEEEPY so that gave me like flashbacks for no reason lol

    Goosebumps From marsGoosebumps From mars4 timer siden
  • why is nobody talking about daz beatboxing

    myfooD DmyfooD D5 timer siden
  • Daz: in my hometown, Hastings Me, an American: um, what one Minnesota or flor- oh yeah

    KotazOwlKotazOwl5 timer siden
  • Im sorry but I don't really like this like I love you so much but when I saw how much you got "punched" And how much "blood" That was on you looked really real and when I saw you getting fucking "beaten up" And holy Mary mother God that just worries me too much Im really sorry but that just worries me way to much

    Moves Made Easy WeLoveBadAccessMoves Made Easy WeLoveBadAccess6 timer siden
  • I hay this so moch

    Antonio ZarateAntonio Zarate8 timer siden
  • (9:26) me when I find my adoption papers

    Elliott PageotElliott Pageot10 timer siden
  • 2:35 who the helll said your a youtube sensation jokes aside your an amazing youtuber that is sometimes

    Kzkjz BsbzbzKzkjz Bsbzbz12 timer siden
  • Once I was trying to pull an all-nighter and you made me laugh so hard I peed myself

    Lorelei T.B.O.Lorelei T.B.O.13 timer siden
  • 13:48

    Spooder ManSpooder Man13 timer siden
  • Lol

    Haybear 27Haybear 2715 timer siden
  • 9:37 lol he was just talking about him having nice eyes *after it*

    Jonathon WatkissJonathon Watkiss15 timer siden
  • Daz I searched click bait on NOtown and you were the first thing to pop up 😂😂😂😂

    Iris NazarioIris Nazario16 timer siden
  • 13:48

    Charlie HampsonCharlie Hampson20 timer siden
  • I love I prevail

    LauraLaura23 timer siden

    Daz Funniest guy on earthDaz Funniest guy on earthDag siden
  • I don’t think anybody would realise you punched anybody because it was flashing and so much was going on

    Ėrî ČhåñĖrî ČhåñDag siden
  • You totally got hazel eyes

    AJ DurginAJ DurginDag siden
  • NO WAY! I LOVE I Prevail! I had no idea that was you! You were INCREDIBLE dude!

  • "Then he beat the shit out me"

    Electrified 123Electrified 123Dag siden
  • A

    Mr potatoMr potatoDag siden
  • React to pupina stewart

    tierna demialiotierna demialioDag siden
  • Sequal Sequal Sequal Sequal SEQUAL

    Jade MarieJade MarieDag siden
  • We need to this sequel!

    MW12121MW12121Dag siden
  • i have honesty heard so much abt u and watched this video and subdscribed

    miracuous amazingmiracuous amazingDag siden
  • HA HA

    miracuous amazingmiracuous amazingDag siden
  • Your not insane but your insanely funny 😆 🤣

    Eva JohnsonEva JohnsonDag siden
  • The Lego brick joke is hilarious 😂 I’m dying 😵 🤣🤣😂😂

    Eva JohnsonEva JohnsonDag siden
  • You find out you can scream whenever you've listened to enough metal and you try and replicate it and then you go and look up 300 different at tutorials end up finding David from Rift shop who actually explains it on how your vocal cords should fold you practice years and years and then finally you've got your high screams mid screams and low screams then you start experimenting with pig squeals and false cords let me start writing music and somehow it gets even better long story short practice and research

    blumpty ghostblumpty ghostDag siden
  • 13:50

    Harvey LomaxHarvey LomaxDag siden
  • Could you plzzzz react to the music video of broken clocks by sza

    Avaya HallAvaya HallDag siden
  • why is daz such a sweetheart

    ExoticMoaiExoticMoaiDag siden
  • Daz is thee only person that can get away with being the cocky legend he is

    Georgia •_• :]Georgia •_• :]Dag siden
  • I wouldn’t care if there was no pizza I’d just want to meet you

    Marie JamesMarie James2 dager siden
  • The thirsty shade undesirably jump because steam enzymatically allow between a material honey. fearful fearless, present chive

    Belinda WashingtonBelinda Washington2 dager siden
  • Daz ur not just a legend or a sensation ur an inspiration.

    InvadedGaming _YTInvadedGaming _YT2 dager siden
  • I sorry what happened i get bulled every year and still it happens to Me but it doesn't bother me anymore note your not alone

    Jay KellyJay Kelly2 dager siden
  • Frist 15 seconds he sounds like Michael Jackson

    Debi TannerDebi Tanner2 dager siden
  • Daz you're eyes are gorgeous 😍

    o Fataalo Fataal2 dager siden
  • Hey Daz I bought some of your merch and tried sending you a selfie on Snapchat and Instagram. Whenever you have the time please look! 😁

    Amy louise wallAmy louise wall2 dager siden
  • daz is just toooo nice to hit someone

    soringhu exesoringhu exe2 dager siden
  • Love it and band was great nice work

    Raquel WeatherbyRaquel Weatherby2 dager siden
  • 👁️👄👁️

    ices cream dreamices cream dream2 dager siden
  • We usually just do it when we yell to loud and Deep like I found out when I just yelled as loud as I can

    BrickCob on playstationBrickCob on playstation2 dager siden
  • do a horror game in vr

    Joshua EverettJoshua Everett2 dager siden
  • dav and daz

    Dr fnafDr fnaf3 dager siden
  • I'm less then 3 minutes into the video and I'm already dying laughing (is smth wrong with me?)

    Oliwia _sleepyfoxOliwia _sleepyfox3 dager siden
  • BRUH. MY TOWN IS NAMED HASTINGS. Tho I'm in america still fucking weird

    Classic Nice TrashClassic Nice Trash3 dager siden
  • my two fav lines from the vid 1: RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.....holy shit....i can sing! 2 I was thrown around like....like a big mac!

    Ayannah AliAyannah Ali3 dager siden
  • If you do a vid on NOtown rod you doing a backflip ong I will donate you 10000$

    GX RAAZGX RAAZ3 dager siden
  • Stop. Daz your doing Danielle now explaining away your nerves 😊😉

    Danielle StanfordDanielle Stanford3 dager siden
  • Yeah I'll get a 𝘭𝘢𝘳𝘨𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘢𝘨𝘦 𝘱𝘪𝘻𝘻𝘢

    ToesツToesツ3 dager siden
  • Why the fuck are you give me this to me? « demonetized you can’t say fuck on NOtown” I laughed like a fuck hyena 🤣

    Christina OppegaardChristina Oppegaard3 dager siden
  • This really hit me cuz I wasent hit as bad but I was hit for not knowing maths, idk if what "daz" supposively had was real but I flinch even when someone goes to hug me

    Kate KnightKate Knight3 dager siden

    Hunter BrambleHunter Bramble3 dager siden
  • me:wow he posted ;video:where is the music

    random OPrandom OP3 dager siden
  • daz cant say fuck on youtube shit

    sowerishcandysowerishcandy3 dager siden
  • 13:48 this made me laugh so hard

    Jasmine ConnorJasmine Connor3 dager siden
  • Hahahha

    Alan BangiyevAlan Bangiyev3 dager siden
  • Pause bla bla bla... pause bla bla bla let the vid play

    Michael WardMichael Ward3 dager siden
  • Dad can you react to I’m Ready by Sam Smith. My Grandpa is the referee. My grandpa is also a person in a black and green jumpsuit in Diplo’s Daylight.

    Mr. #48Mr. #483 dager siden
  • Okai

    Roblox guy RobloxRoblox guy Roblox3 dager siden
  • is this a horoor film or a music video

    im a birdim a bird3 dager siden
  • 1:36 why is nobody gonna talk about the fact that he gasped after that sentence

    Jaylen CaballeroJaylen Caballero3 dager siden
  • I saw gasoline in the description and thought of billie Ellis’ gasoline.

    Ch4v15 JonesCh4v15 Jones3 dager siden
  • Who cares about the kid getting mugged look at that *points to the bit that says his name*

    Ocean-Lily DenmarOcean-Lily Denmar3 dager siden

    _C l o u d__C l o u d_3 dager siden
  • Please react to Melanie Martinez K-12 The Film

    Maximus McLeanMaximus McLean3 dager siden
  • This song gives me corpse vibes like I can’t remember the name of the song but it reminds me of it-

    Michelle SummerfieldMichelle Summerfield3 dager siden
  • ok the part where he said what d you step on a Lego and be like -SCREAMS- i can i sing

    Matt GagnierMatt Gagnier3 dager siden
  • Honestly though the scene where you're beating the dad up is wild. Like I'm wondering was that also a flashback? Was it like he was really there? (Nvm, I watched the rest. Sad asf lol)

    Ember D&TEmber D&T3 dager siden
  • 16:28 is that guy with the tattoos and hat the guy from TikTok who has met everyone and has pictures to prove it too? XD

    P4NDA RA!NP4NDA RA!N3 dager siden
  • As soon as I said it got dark you said it :(

    shadow 55shadow 553 dager siden
  • Love how Daz’s first instinct was Moana 😂

    rosie rrosie r3 dager siden
  • hi

    Said AliSaid Ali3 dager siden

    Tangle HamainTangle Hamain3 dager siden
  • wait. how. your. your my favourite- and- my favourite ytber. i. yay.

    Alice Fox-RussellAlice Fox-Russell3 dager siden
  • And at 17:40

    Evie HazelEvie Hazel3 dager siden
  • Lol. Where he says I can sing lol at 13:44 😂😂😂

    Evie HazelEvie Hazel3 dager siden
  • A yo there’s a video in your ads😂

    Tristan kawauTristan kawau3 dager siden
  • Ok I’m gonna shut my eyes when there’s blood 😆🤣😂😆

    Cherry RobloxCherry Roblox4 dager siden
  • Then he beat sh*t the outta me 😂😭

    Z3D ;{Z3D ;{4 dager siden
  • Was cool to see this video when it came out, Love this band, Been my favourite band for a few years now and their music has helped me through alot, Must have been amazing to meet and film with them.

    callum webstercallum webster4 dager siden
  • Daz dang u beat ur “dad” it was good

    •Àłmøñd Mìłk••Àłmøñd Mìłk•4 dager siden
  • I’ve been a dazzler for ✨YEARS✨ now. And I’m so happy.

    MeganMegan4 dager siden
  • This is the song I thought it was, I used to listen to this all the time but I didn't know there was a music video

    Sam OgdenSam Ogden4 dager siden
  • 13:38

    Spooder ManSpooder Man4 dager siden
  • This is one of my favourite song ever and he was in the music video Holy shit that's so sick

    Ashton SkeebsAshton Skeebs4 dager siden
  • DAAAZZZZZ *incredibly long pause* WATTCCHHHES

    JsprezzJsprezz4 dager siden
  • Can you please do a react video to Brandon Roger?!

    b ellob ello4 dager siden
  • The lego brick part tho

    bane 723bane 7234 dager siden
  • I wonder if he watch the glue girl and if he didn’t I would love to see his reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌

    hello worldhello world4 dager siden
  • Them talking about dark stuff: That got dark- Daz: Look at my eyes- they were beautiful. omg Daz I'm dying XD

    -Sunflower--Sunflower-4 dager siden
  • Daz: sees his dad Me: BEAT HIS A**S

    Catherine RobertsCatherine Roberts4 dager siden
  • Brain: singing Crowd: MOSH PIT!

    Catherine RobertsCatherine Roberts4 dager siden
  • 6:46 my parents were watching this (yes they enjoy your content too :) I was in the room and this happened it got to 6:56 and then I jumped. That’s the day I found out I have delayed jumps... nothing else, just when I get scared. Like my dad and I fake fight and i usually catch his punches just fine so :/ yeah it’s just delayed jumps for me

    Ore RainOre Rain4 dager siden
  • He is elsa for frozen

    Mr k 13Mr k 134 dager siden
  • Your so funny lol

    J6qh CoolJ6qh Cool4 dager siden
  • Okay I saw this before you posted this video and when I heard your voice I’m like, “Well hell on a stick, Daz.”

    Metallica Monster_GirlMetallica Monster_Girl4 dager siden
  • My Guy, you Is hilarious!

    Plane BoyPlane Boy4 dager siden