Digging out stumps with a dozer

28. april. 2021
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0:00 intro and dogs
0:14 bring in for garage for oil change
3:30 service air filter
8:01 solder on new battery terminals
11:04 do stump job
33:11 smooth out dirt a week later with compact track loader

  • God bless you Andrew!!! Super DUPER work Andrew...Good to see Levi and

    Grigoriy UkraineGrigoriy UkraineTime siden
  • You have to say godnight to the older man. I am sorry.

    Kent DahlstedtKent Dahlstedt2 timer siden
  • I can’t even imagine keeping up with your fleet! Just batteries alone! With the cold winters.

    David RomanowskiDavid Romanowski2 timer siden
  • Andrew you are a very good dirt man but an even better dog person.

    Gordon WilloughbyGordon Willoughby3 timer siden
  • Didn't you buy a device for splitting tree stumps up using the skidsteer a couple of videos ago. Wouldn't that be easier to split them up first. Then use the Dozier to move them

    Roamer 2uRoamer 2u4 timer siden
  • Amazing out the window show at 11:50 ish!

    CLYDE FROGCLYDE FROG4 timer siden
  • Maybe toss some rubber conveyor belt down when you are loading tracked equipment. I really like that new trailer. But for tracked stuff having it all steel angle iron makes it a bit sketchy. Just laying the rubber down on it helps a ton. Doesn’t need to be fastened to the trailer.

    Mad Man MarineMad Man Marine9 timer siden
  • "I know it's tempting to just hammer these on but don't"...I was thinking a few back "I know it's tempting to use a chainsaw on your dashboard but don't" but he didn't follow that one :-)

    Daniel WeiseDaniel Weise10 timer siden
  • my experiance stumps always create sink holes, its just a matter of time.

    Mike CrashMike Crash10 timer siden
  • Mini ex and TL12 would be faster , maybe rock made the dozer a better idea . ??

    David BarnesDavid Barnes14 timer siden
  • great videos Andrew , big hug for Levi

    tony mazzeotony mazzeo14 timer siden
  • interesting concept just buriying them not sure id do that eventually they make grow again..id have either mulched them up to mulch or took them back to his land and burned them...maybe this works too idk i just think they'd eventually come back to life...still in the ground....water...

    Sonny CSonny C17 timer siden
  • awwww, Levi is getting old......holy shit that is a lot of stumps!

    Raymond ChammasRaymond Chammas18 timer siden
  • Hey ! When are you Going to show us how to make a Root Rake ?

    DENNIS RYANDENNIS RYAN18 timer siden
  • skid steer🙅🏿‍♂️ compact track loader ✅

    jakezarkjakezark19 timer siden
  • I had a black Lab that lived to be almost 16 and I was saddened beyond belief when I lost him but the real sad part of this video is that in 50 years most of this forested part of NY is going to look just like this lot. I'm no tree hugger but when I built my house I researched the property and not one tree was removed to build it. I love most of what AC does and wish I had just a small part of his talent. I know that we all have to live somewhere but how long can our forest survive this type of living.

    kagnewmp12kagnewmp1219 timer siden
    • @Andrew Camarata Yes some do but it still can take 25 to 50 years for a planted tree to reach maturity but that is only if the people clearing these lots actually plant new trees which most are not. In the united states one estimate of trees over 100 years old is only 7% and 90% of all forest that once covered the lower 48 states have been cleared. I believe you to be a very intelligent man but the survival of our forest is something I believe you need to research a bit more.

      kagnewmp12kagnewmp1217 timer siden
    • Trees grow faster than people think.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata18 timer siden
  • levi is soooo old ... poor fella

    Liberty DankmemeLiberty Dankmeme23 timer siden
  • Tip for oil filter Dab of oil around rubber gasket

    Dorothy SeeDorothy See23 timer siden
  • Relax for a moment of Music.......... A poor Blind Guy in the Village has NOtown Channel for him to live an everyday living. His NOtown Channel...... MARVIN ACNE. I hope your time to watch his channel makes him happy in his life.

    Joree AntonJoree AntonDag siden
    • Thanks for those who appreciates his passion.

      Joree AntonJoree AntonDag siden
  • You guys don't use Spreader Bars on your Skid Steers over there?, 🤔

    Michael OMichael ODag siden
    • What is a spreader bar?

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata21 time siden
  • Hi andrew I just bet youve thought about changing the grade of the last 200 ft of driveway at your shop.

    hauntificatorhauntificatorDag siden
    • Not bad

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • Levi might get around easier if he weighed a few pounds less. What is he like 13?

    Hickory DragonHickory DragonDag siden
    • @Hickory Dragon I was just going off his 14th bday video from 9 months ago so he nearly be 15

      Brians favouriteBrians favourite13 timer siden
    • @Brians favourite I actually thought he was 14, not sure why I said 13. Most dogs go deaf around that age.

      Hickory DragonHickory Dragon20 timer siden
    • Nearly 15

      Brians favouriteBrians favouriteDag siden
  • Awesome job buddy and it looks good

    Tuck SmithTuck SmithDag siden
  • "I'm not seeing a good way to get that off" *Proceeds to light torch*

    Jared BurnettJared BurnettDag siden
  • Ha! I was going to mention sink holes but you anticipated my seemingly clever remark and neutralized the thing before it was written. Another well-crafted episode from a guy that uses a blow torch to remove an air filter. Amazing channel!

    CratecruncherCratecruncherDag siden
  • PS. I love the dogs. How is Levi doing?? He is so sweet.

    Starboard BowStarboard BowDag siden
    • @Andrew Camarata omg. Love him so much. Been watching HIM for ever. Wish I could pet him. Please pay attention to him alot. 15 is crazy. Also dont let his brother bug him so much. Hey check out that stump shredder I sent you the link. I'm just curious. The state Park I'm hosting at hired this guy.

      Starboard BowStarboard BowDag siden
    • Levi is doing well. I have to help him up stairs, but other than that, he is good. He is sleeping next to me right now. He turns 15 in a month.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • My 2 yr old boy loved this even more than I did

    Hickory DragonHickory DragonDag siden
    • Good to hear.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • Like the way you did the battery cables.👍

    Jim OakleyJim OakleyDag siden
  • Andrew’s expertise really shows on this type of job! The place looks great when he is finished!

    PV96 MexicoPV96 MexicoDag siden
  • Hey andrew What piece of equipment or upgrades are you planning this year?

    Scott MarleyScott MarleyDag siden
  • Andrew you do some beautiful work so dont let the junkies sell you short. My name is Pete Im 67 yrs old I learn from you every time I watch you. GOD bless you and yours

    pete pepichpete pepichDag siden
  • Andrew should buy a sawmill- woodmizer, woodlands or something like them

    fsdfsdf sdfdffsdfsdf sdfdf2 dager siden
    • Just makes fire wood. Steel and concrete is the only materials to build out of.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
    • Feel free to donate

      Rimrock300Rimrock300Dag siden
  • Hard to believe the enormous amount of dirt upstate NY is made from.

    gokmachinegokmachine2 dager siden
  • This feels like government work - I'm watching others work!

    Brad ABrad A2 dager siden
  • What did you drop in that terminal before heating it?

    John KennedyJohn Kennedy2 dager siden
    • Soldering tin

      Rimrock300Rimrock3002 dager siden
  • dozzer might need a grapple to lift these up..

    Edward SethEdward Seth2 dager siden
  • Nothing to do with this video, but Andrew, have you ever looked at a tilt rotor for your excavator?

    Brent WeeksBrent Weeks2 dager siden
    • There is a video of getting it. It doesn't rotate. Its good for trenches and grading.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
    • @Andrew Camarata Rotortilt? Like an Engcon?

      Brent WeeksBrent WeeksDag siden
    • I have a tilt bucket. Its nice.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • неряха где мойка????

    Александр ЗайковАлександр Зайков2 dager siden
  • How many adds do you want? Yes

    HaarsprehHaarspreh2 dager siden
    • 😂

      B HarmonB HarmonDag siden
  • How does that truck and bumper trailer handle the weight of the TL10?

    Kasey McClearyKasey McCleary2 dager siden
    • @Kasey McCleary probably, just check the towing specs from the vehicle manufacturer, and put it on the right trailer, also make sure everything is in good condition.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata2 dager siden
    • @Andrew Camarata thanks, I have a Hitachi 50 excavator that weighs similar and was wondering how my f350 would handle it

      Kasey McClearyKasey McCleary2 dager siden
    • It tows it fine, that truck (03, diesel, 5 speed) is rated to tow 6 1/2 tons, and that’s what that weighs

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata2 dager siden
  • Great job, first take care of your CAT then you took some extra time and in th end it will look good because of the talent and skill to get the stump field into a beautiful project, 5 Stars all the way, please keep up the great maintenance work and finally completing a job.

    Rick FreemanRick Freeman2 dager siden
  • where do you get the money for house and machinery

    • He works and earns money.

      Rimrock300Rimrock3002 dager siden
  • What's with the thumbs down? 🤷‍♂️

    LokiLoki2 dager siden
  • Its 2021 . Thats the way to do it in a field or even a lawn. Grass grows easy

    Butt RiggingButt Rigging2 dager siden
  • I saw a stump blade once. It had a pointed V blade. Went in the ground in front of a stump and acually split the stump and root ball in half. Rolled it out to each side.

    TED CTED C2 dager siden
  • It's like watching the coyote trying to get the road runner.

    Parker WhiteParker White2 dager siden
  • looks like you have not been doing your maintenance . sorry buddy you work is very poor..

    Steve PottsSteve Potts2 dager siden
    • You are not aware of most of the machines are second hand? Nothing he can do about things are stuck and rusty, first time he needs to work on it, from many hours of use buy several owners through the years.

      Rimrock300Rimrock300Dag siden
  • Great to see Levi.

    T Jeff JenkinsT Jeff Jenkins2 dager siden
  • I thought you got a dedicated stump remover or was it just on loan and you had to give it back after you rated it ?

    52memor52memor2 dager siden
    • That's just for grinding them down.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata2 dager siden
  • I bet that dozer HATES your guts! Your makig that thing work for the money, lol. I know, I know, thats what it is for. I love tearing the sh' outta my stuff too, whether it can take it or not. :).

    UTbCanSkMyBawlzUTbCanSkMyBawlz2 dager siden
  • Poor old Levi. His time is coming.

    Rubba DubdubRubba Dubdub2 dager siden
    • Ah! Let's better stick with dogs that lives forever. Problem solved.

      Rimrock300Rimrock300Dag siden
  • I'm not in the mood for stump digging today, but thumbs up for the intro.

    guyguy2 dager siden
  • @thomastreeservice on TikTok has a nice bobcat attachment it spins forward w/ paddles wipes out everything

    cecil veleycecil veley3 dager siden
    • It’s a mulch head

      cecil veleycecil veley3 dager siden
  • Gotta love NOtown's attempts to auto caption the sounds. Engine noise 'music'.....yes..yes it is!

    Mark LynskeyMark Lynskey3 dager siden
  • Andrew! You need a bucket like Stanley dirt monkey has, intreated Harley rake at the back of bucket very cool!

    Chris ShellChris Shell3 dager siden
  • 13:50 almost fall down ... God saved him

    turek33turek333 dager siden
  • Iae Andrew meu nome é Thiago moro em Brasil Anápolis go tenho 12 anos gosto muito do seu trabalho te sigo a muito tempo não gosto de pedir nada pra ninguém mais vou te pedir uma coisa um PC gamer se puder me manda a resposta

    Thiago Silva GomesThiago Silva Gomes3 dager siden
  • Nothing but the best for the equipment maintenance but the dodge gets a chainsaw and multiple holes drilled through the dash.

    Lance SasserLance Sasser3 dager siden
  • old pupper is having a hard time walkin'

    manman3 dager siden
  • Tinha qui ser dublado os progama

    Ednaldo DijesuissoarisEdnaldo Dijesuissoaris3 dager siden
  • Great practical videos... nice job

    PapagouBoyPapagouBoy3 dager siden
  • I'd love to know what the music for the youtube Camarata homepage trailer is from; sounds like some science fiction movie as it sounds familiar. Can anyone source it?? Thanks.

    PapagouBoyPapagouBoy3 dager siden
    • thanks for the reply ...further down...

      PapagouBoyPapagouBoy3 dager siden
  • around 26 mins, is it music from quake 2? ;)

    Torgrim TeigstadTorgrim Teigstad3 dager siden
  • Poor Levi his arthritis is really showing now and its crippling him :(

    Jason SwiftJason Swift3 dager siden
  • Loved the techno music but not the headbanger so much.

    Brenda PhillipsBrenda Phillips3 dager siden
  • I always coat the the threads with copper coat in those situations so that I don't have the problem of removing wing nuts or regular nuts. Yep, steel tracks are very slippery on steel loading ramps and decks.

    Lars DcaseLars Dcase3 dager siden
  • I sure hope that is not a cold oil change you are performing.

    Lars DcaseLars Dcase3 dager siden
  • parabéns pelo trabalho 👍👍👍👍

    Diego Luiz POLICARPODiego Luiz POLICARPO3 dager siden
  • Andrew thinking ,I think I’m gonna look for a monster excavator and fix that up next to complement my dozer

    Rich ScottRich Scott3 dager siden
  • What are those cylindrical things you put in the battery clamp then melted it?

    Rich ScottRich Scott3 dager siden
  • seeing Levi makes me think of my Daisy Girl who I have mentioned before. she got like this as well. not a day goes by I dont think of her. it was heart wrenching to put her down when I did. not a day goes by that I dont question if I let her go to soon. could she have had a few more good days or decent enough days. but she got where she would not eat. the steroids messed up her kidneys. praying Levi has much more quality time with you Andrew. even if we dont get to see that time on here. I made my own paw print from Daisy using Putty Set Dental Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material 1000g Base Catalyst. it worked great and after the impression was done I made a casting with die stone from the impression. die stone gets really hard. I purchased the tan color die stone. all of this stuff is used in dental labs and can be bought on ebay or other places. I can help you with a link if you need it. my thoughts and prayers are with you Andrew.

    daveknowshowdaveknowshow3 dager siden
  • Waste all that time trying to bust stumps with a dozer when you have an excavator at home? Good move

    Garrett EdwardsGarrett Edwards3 dager siden
    • It was a good move for the property owner not bringing in another machine, right. Keeps cost down. None of his excavators would handled the stumps quicker. The dozer both take care of the stumps and leveling things out.

      Rimrock300Rimrock300Dag siden
  • Why dont you do forestry mulching. I'd love to see you buy a mulching head for the new TL12. That would be a nice set up

    unusual raccoonunusual raccoon3 dager siden
  • good

    Manna CreationsManna Creations3 dager siden
  • Don’t bury stumps, people!!! It will forever be a sinking soft spot on the property. First couple years wont seem bad, a few more years and there’ll be a deep squishy hole. Almost literally sweeping it under the rug.

    A StangA Stang3 dager siden
  • Awesome job. I believe I'd be interested in a Takeuchi. They look like pretty good machines and heard great things.

    Matt DMatt D3 dager siden
  • A skidsteer and chain to change the starter and now a torch to change air filter! This Is why I love this channel!!!!

    iceroadiceroad3 dager siden
    • LOL never a dull moment!!!!

      Carolina Hill CountryCarolina Hill Country2 dager siden
  • Why didn't you use the TL12?

    Scott ColemanScott Coleman3 dager siden
    • IDK, the 10 is fine. I can move the 10 with the pickup.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata3 dager siden
  • Andrew I used Galliprant for my dog , look it up on your computer. It works wonders for old dogs . I guarantee it!!! Talk to your Vet about it... I promise you will be shocked.....Levi will feel much better!!!

    James FeeneyJames Feeney3 dager siden
  • When those stumps rot, the ground will sink

    Thunderbird OneThunderbird One3 dager siden
  • Yup love levi

    Mark GambleMark Gamble3 dager siden
  • Should have just called Letsdig18 he loves stump work ...haaaaa

    VinylVishRecordsVinylVishRecords3 dager siden
  • I guarantee a sink hole will appear when the stumps rot. I darn near lost both me and my tractor in one. Took 25 yards of dirt to fill it.

    Jack SpratJack Sprat3 dager siden
  • Looks like Levi is in need of some dog hip and joints meds so he can get around with more ease from the obvious pain he is in.

    selketskiss56selketskiss563 dager siden
  • I like these videos with a bit of maintenance ate the start then the job at the end

    RC6 YouTubeRC6 YouTube3 dager siden
  • Where did you get those solder pellets that you use for the terminals

    Brian EakesBrian Eakes3 dager siden
    • The auto parts store.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata3 dager siden
  • Use that new stump grinder attachment you got for the stumps next to the septic area if you really wanted to get them out. That might be a good little job for it i don't know.

    11 1111 113 dager siden
  • That would have gone a lot easier and faster with an excavator.

    bob beckbob beck4 dager siden
  • Your videos have gotten much better over the years and now you're closing in on 1 million subs. That's quite an accomplishment.

    Tv STv S4 dager siden
  • Your shop looks great!

    03bonneville03bonneville4 dager siden
  • I'd still like to see you put wooden blocks under each side of that Blade you put chain rachet on stay safe

    Richard WilliamsRichard Williams4 dager siden
  • Doing any work to the castle lately? We need an update!

    Jack kJack k4 dager siden
  • Hello, dude, so far how many heavy machines in your fleet in total?

    jkwo2007jkwo20074 dager siden
  • Congratulations on 900,000 ! Come on 1million subs . Levi gives it the once over he approves

    Glen HigginbothamGlen Higginbotham4 dager siden
  • Still always so mind boggled on how everything Andrew dose is just to perfect i love it so much how he dose things you see no one else dose so perfect and fine!

    NickNick4 dager siden
    • does

      B HarmonB Harmon4 dager siden
  • forgive me if you have answered this before. But do you ever discuss pricing of a job? just curious as to how much something like this costs

    James PintoJames Pinto4 dager siden
  • Nice cat job

    Scot AndersonScot Anderson4 dager siden
  • And in five years there will be a pond where the stumps were buried!

    Nicola inikkorNicola inikkor4 dager siden
  • Need a D10

    Nicola inikkorNicola inikkor4 dager siden
    • Always nice to spend other people's money

      Rimrock300Rimrock300Dag siden
  • "

    Ольга СафроноваОльга Сафронова4 dager siden