Doing Every Old Internet Meme Challenge

6. april. 2021
580 020 Ganger

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  • due to NOtown having a stick up their butt, there is a lot of ... black boxes, the full uncut and unblurred version is up on patreon tho

    Cold OnesCold Ones3 dager siden
    • Don't worry about it buddies we get it and also even though the black boxes are there the faces in the comedic tempo is still exquisite

      N T C R A R EN T C R A R E10 timer siden
    • guys this is the best video ive seen all year. fukn legends

      spongeboymebobspongeboymebob11 timer siden
    • youtube can sugma

      MusaMusaDag siden
    • does max have tourettes? it’s like saying food are his ticks

      Ob scuredOb scuredDag siden
    • Chad is like why does my whole body hurt mean while his liver is dying because it is very hard working.

      Christian EconomuChristian EconomuDag siden

    CandySkullCandySkull17 minutter siden
  • Is Max actually Chads brother?

    xn0xn020 minutter siden
  • what you see vs what she see's 11:34

    Mr. Drift4rMr. Drift4r26 minutter siden
  • *anyone else catch the old sound bite from vomit cake at **2:21** ?*

    Ethan WildEthan Wild37 minutter siden
  • Half of the Internet Challenges are usually "Committing Suicide In the dumbest way possible."

    JMadden 64JMadden 6439 minutter siden
  • i ate a hotdog watching this

    Stephan PopescuStephan Popescu50 minutter siden
  • "spaghetti" *vomit* "ravioli" *vomit*

    Stephan PopescuStephan Popescu52 minutter siden
  • What if someone did the watermelon challenge with their skull? 🤔

    mike Kellmike KellTime siden
  • Max where did you get that shirt?

    Chas M.Chas M.Time siden
  • coke and fray bentos challenge

    Chef DukeChef DukeTime siden
  • I've been waiting for this

    Chas M.Chas M.Time siden

    EucalypticazEucalypticazTime siden
  • that was a rollercoaster and half fucking hell

    aidan mcguireaidan mcguire2 timer siden
  • Cold Ones: sponsored by Raycons, a company that *DOESN'T SHIP TO AUSTRALIA*

    MikaeleMikaele2 timer siden
  • Do the banana+Sprite challenge next!

    Alexander RAlexander R2 timer siden
  • Als challenge pog

    Jake WagnerJake Wagner3 timer siden
  • Maxmofoe has the tired old man vibe

    Miguel GMiguel G3 timer siden
  • it always comes back to this doesn't it

    stacii rstacii r4 timer siden
  • Me 4:00 in the morning watching this shyt and I fucking jump wan the wotermelon exploded

    snack head spiffysnack head spiffy4 timer siden
  • I love how they didn’t do neck nominations...

    Cameron RogersCameron Rogers5 timer siden
  • Seeing max do this again is weirdly nostalgic. Like seeing an old friend. I kind of want to go watch the old vids he made.

    Tedasaurus rexTedasaurus rex5 timer siden
  • this is the funniest video I've ever watched in my fucking life

    joffjoff6 timer siden
  • XD rancid,almost puked when i saw all the blue milk that came out of max hahahah

    Fizzi WaterFizzi Water6 timer siden
  • 4:51 when a group of femboys give me an “extra chunky” milkshake

    Da Gloop69Da Gloop696 timer siden
  • I can’t watch these videos anymore, every time, every fucking time I feel bad for who cleans the shit later.

    NutriNutri6 timer siden
  • It's sad that you had to cover up the vomit, miss the old days of youtube

    Stefano PacettiStefano Pacetti6 timer siden
  • I found Max from the milk challenge!! Made me crack as a kid, still makes me crack as an adult! XD

    GuzzleMyCribMidgetsGuzzleMyCribMidgets6 timer siden
  • the moment you get jump scared by a watermelon omg

    Bailey DouglasBailey Douglas6 timer siden
  • Throwback to the glory days

    nedmaCamdennedmaCamden6 timer siden
  • that watermelon explosion in slowmo is so cinematic hahahahah

    lil baby face manelil baby face mane7 timer siden
  • These two are the only ones that make me laugh hysterically these days, fucking legends

    Aussie CoversAussie Covers7 timer siden
  • yo that scream was in harmony for a sec lmao 3:06

    yeegsyeegs7 timer siden
  • i love that they blur the puke now when just a few years ago they made a hair and puke cake lol

    TedthebedTedthebed8 timer siden
  • Everyone knows Raycons suck, just stop vouching for them, it makes you guys look bad

    GarpGarp8 timer siden
  • Never fails to put me in tears

    snowpig007snowpig0078 timer siden
  • Max is a true professional when it comes to destroying his body for views.

    Alec PetscheAlec Petsche8 timer siden
  • this feels like a total drama island episode

    Cheese WeegeeCheese Weegee8 timer siden
  • fuckin a i remember trying to chug a gallon of milk.. the only positive take away from it is that it doesnt hurt coming out cuz milk

    NicKVenTsNicKVenTs8 timer siden
  • i love how max vomits on himself instead of literally just turning his head just like the old days :)

    chding zuurechding zuure8 timer siden
  • I feel like toemad edited this video

    Drew SauerDrew Sauer9 timer siden
  • this is totally disgusting. keep it up

    Pluto NightsPluto Nights9 timer siden
    • I have aids...

      chding zuurechding zuure8 timer siden
  • Didn’t see sprit and bananas... unsubscribe

    Mustache GlassesMustache Glasses9 timer siden
  • that dont look like a watermelon lol

    ShmumpiShmumpi9 timer siden
  • watching max get drunk on blue milk was the best

    James LambertonJames Lamberton9 timer siden
  • Anyone else realize he said asl instead of als😦

    David ShufeltDavid Shufelt9 timer siden
  • made me throw chunks goddammit

    Rave MasterRave Master9 timer siden
  • wait Laura quit????

    Mano4320Mano43209 timer siden
  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 6:04

    Ya Spicy BoyYa Spicy Boy9 timer siden
  • It looks like you just chugged paint and then threw it up all over the fuckin place

    Jeremy FisherJeremy Fisher10 timer siden
  • O man this was great thank you I can't wait for the next cold ones too Love you guys

    N T C R A R EN T C R A R E10 timer siden
  • The end is just incentive not to go onto their patreon

    cringe boicringe boi10 timer siden

    ConnzohConnzoh10 timer siden
  • I feel so bad for whoever has to clean the studio afterwards.....

    Jacob BergJacob Berg10 timer siden
  • The Watermelon made me jumps so hard!!!

    Andrew FalkAndrew Falk10 timer siden

    Jayden JahjaJayden Jahja10 timer siden
  • I have aids...

    Andy FinesseAndy Finesse10 timer siden
  • This reminded me of Edward watermelon hands

    Cpt. corvalCpt. corval10 timer siden
  • davis hasselhoff

    oh loloh lol10 timer siden
  • Max on the somersbys

    CheekySweetrollCheekySweetroll10 timer siden
  • The cinnamon challenge is easy to me, because i actually grew up with chewing cinnamon sticks so i have complete immunity to its effects. It's not even that strong to me, i literally just a few minutes ago took a teaspoon of it and just swallowed it upside down, just to check if it's really that hard of a challenge. Anyone else here who grew up with chewing cinnamon sticks?

    Rasmus LundqvistRasmus Lundqvist11 timer siden
  • 3:17 I like how dramatic this was

    PlumBobPlumBob11 timer siden
  • 8:08 the fucking splatter lmao

    baby Cool kidbaby Cool kid11 timer siden
  • why do you have the same glasses

    One God One ChristOne God One Christ11 timer siden
  • This was probably the worst, but beat video I've ever watched. Thanks mac and chad

    GhostinngGhostinng11 timer siden
  • Like the good times

    EmiliasoooEmiliasooo11 timer siden
  • i briefly remember the milk challenge, bruh the way times fly by man, it was like a fever dream with the milk challenge

    May MayMay May11 timer siden
  • bruhhh, i remember those challenges, some i remember they were on vine or some challenges that started from vine man planking, cinnamon challenge, mentos and coke, i remember sprite and banana challenge as well too

    May MayMay May11 timer siden
  • Only one you missed was the marshmallow fluffy bunny challenge

    ApplestorogerApplestoroger11 timer siden
  • 4:57 A black bar is erected

    Marp Beebop Chickenpox KaijMarp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij11 timer siden
  • Chad's face at 3:25 kills me. I also feel bad for Chad's beard.

    Bobo BagginsBobo Baggins11 timer siden
  • man i miss the edgy youtube videos man!!!! i miss the good old days

    May MayMay May11 timer siden
  • Yo NOtown unsubscribed me from you guys seems sus

    JakesterslayerJakesterslayer11 timer siden
  • I never thought someone could be numb to vomiting

    Calcium CrusaderCalcium Crusader11 timer siden
  • your suffering made me laugh so fucking hard lol

    Brony pony880Brony pony88011 timer siden
  • Max just casually threw up on the table

    Owain LarsenOwain Larsen12 timer siden
  • this was pretty high effort

    Kash BrownKash Brown12 timer siden
  • How to choke on mentos

    mrqwerty20001mrqwerty2000112 timer siden
  • aho, my dogs could have eaten those rubber bands

    UNKNOWNUNKNOWN12 timer siden
  • Since when do we have to censor the puking noises when chad says fuck and cunt like it’s his job. Oh wait it is

    Cthulhu FoxCthulhu Fox12 timer siden
  • Hey, did anyone else notice that Max looks like Meowriza? Also they've never been in the same room 🤔

    AmerikasFavoriteLuisAmerikasFavoriteLuis12 timer siden
  • Idk how much the editor gets payed but they deserve more

    Zack BZack B12 timer siden
  • Max, sir, I'm sorry but the mo's gotta go

    Zack BZack B12 timer siden
  • Among us

    Ramadan SteveRamadan Steve12 timer siden
  • "RayCon is disrupting the electronics industry", and my eardrums because they are 100% bass lol

    Darik BashamDarik Basham12 timer siden
  • Milkman, back at it again, after years of retraining

    Jeyonerl JevarusJeyonerl Jevarus12 timer siden
  • yes raycons still not being available in australia top quality meme

    B!tch Boy McGeeB!tch Boy McGee12 timer siden
  • The watermelon made me jump ngl

    Ry vs GamingRy vs Gaming12 timer siden
  • I’m not even lying, this might be the best video yet. 10/10 gentleman

    Chris OChris O12 timer siden
  • Did you drink milk or paint?

    Ryan CampbellRyan Campbell13 timer siden
  • 1:42 thats what she said

    Rambling PotatoRambling Potato13 timer siden
  • this was a good video. thumbs up.

    The Jay ExperienceThe Jay Experience13 timer siden
  • i think the one challenge we still need is the eggnog jog

    LiAMLiAM13 timer siden
  • Markiplier did the watermelon challenge

    Joe MontgomeryJoe Montgomery13 timer siden
  • Another banger boys. More like it please

    VaginaFaceVaginaFace13 timer siden
  • Matt watson would love the milk part.

    Richie ChantharajRichie Chantharaj13 timer siden
  • You guys should be nominated for a Nobel . Slowly killing yourselves for the sole purpose of entertaining the internet, Legends.

    clos losclos los13 timer siden
  • Playing Runescape while watching only to get hit with a random Runescape reference!

    BobBob14 timer siden
  • I feel sorry for there cleaners

    big boybig boy14 timer siden
  • I can’t believe he’s just throwing up on himself

    Jack PongritzJack Pongritz14 timer siden