Doja Cat - Streets (Official Video)

8. mars. 2021
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Doja Cat // Streets (Official Video)
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“Streets” (Official Video)
Starring: Doja Cat & Kofi Siriboe (@kofisiriboe)
Director: @christhedirector
Executive Producer: @christhedirector @miketheproducer
Commissioner: @samhoustonishere
Producer: @miketheproducer
Line Producer: @nicky_bonez
Director of Photography: @jchema
Production Company: @luckybastards_inc @londonalley
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    Alejandro LeonésAlejandro Leonés3 minutter siden
  • Planeemos una maldita boda 🔥

    Gissela Jhael Chiri MamaniGissela Jhael Chiri Mamani30 minutter siden
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    Denise MichaelsDenise Michaels56 minutter siden
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    {Surgar.Rush}{Surgar.Rush}Time siden
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    Star DustStar Dust2 timer siden
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    GiannsGianns2 timer siden
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    Gabo MoralesGabo Morales2 timer siden
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    235azrael235azrael2 timer siden
  • Ok this song came out 1 month age but I was watching it and the scene where she is acting like a spider caught me of Guard

    Jordyn WrightJordyn Wright3 timer siden
  • its a good job

    ShiyouuShiyouu3 timer siden
  • I cannot get over this video. Doja is so hot.

    GrimaceGrimace3 timer siden
  • powerful! ✨✨

    Eunice FariasEunice Farias3 timer siden
  • ماكو عرب 🤗😁

    Zoza halimZoza halim3 timer siden
  • now i know where is that tiktok sounds came from

    Ferry Boy BeatsFerry Boy Beats4 timer siden
  • No se pero cuando pongo esta canción me siento sepzy

    Valentina Romero ulloaValentina Romero ulloa4 timer siden
    • Quien no?

      Jacqueline GonzalezJacqueline Gonzalez21 minutt siden
  • Everyone says twerking in the comments 😂🤌🏼✨

    AimeeAimee4 timer siden
  • Красивый бит а так же клип огонь 🔥

    Марина НезнакомкаМарина Незнакомка4 timer siden
  • oye doja cat porque no cantas una cancion con caedi b y niqui minaj

    Laura OviedoLaura Oviedo4 timer siden
  • *ostentatiously twerking..*

    Jay OuttenJay Outten5 timer siden
  • Damn Papa John you're wearing cat ears ,No comparing Holding a motherfuckin' hot Curry I don't wanna wear any condommms But I dunno, I don't wanna catch any viruuuiiiiiissss

    bokaboka5 timer siden
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  • E nulla amo il ritmo

    Ylenia RuggieriYlenia Ruggieri5 timer siden
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    Gabriela VasquezGabriela Vasquez5 timer siden
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    Alicja BrociekAlicja Brociek5 timer siden
  • Hey Doja Cat Why You Bad Girl

    Jaslyn kate LopezJaslyn kate Lopez6 timer siden
  • why is horse girl paying for views?

    Ike TanIke Tan6 timer siden
  • doja got my man stressing in the car LMAO

    Liset ReyesLiset Reyes6 timer siden
  • Soy el único comentario mexicano 🤡jsiaka

    Mariela GarciaMariela Garcia6 timer siden
    • Teniendo en cuenta que sólo leyendo un comentario al azar en español no se puede saber si es mexicano obviamente lo sos

      Jacqueline GonzalezJacqueline Gonzalez19 minutter siden
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    lmaolmao6 timer siden
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    Kei TsukkiKei Tsukki6 timer siden
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    leenoleeno6 timer siden
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    Aaria NairAaria Nair6 timer siden
  • Woah, dat slow motion twerking😫😈

    Naricka BryanNaricka Bryan6 timer siden
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    Liliana HerreraLiliana Herrera6 timer siden
  • Doja love you💟💟💟

    Τζέσικα ΜΤζέσικα Μ6 timer siden
  • *pan twerking*

    Samer DrazaninSamer Drazanin7 timer siden
  • Is it just me or do you see twerking comments everywhere 😭

    x.Ramyiah Edits.xx.Ramyiah Edits.x7 timer siden
  • God left his soul in this video..

    mada'f*ckk#mada'f*ckk#7 timer siden
  • *𝗹𝗲𝘀𝗯𝗶𝗮𝗻 𝘁𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴*

    Midaris WifeMidaris Wife7 timer siden
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    Bryan Hernandez MedranoBryan Hernandez Medrano7 timer siden
  • Could we appreciate that the dude a 4 minute and 33 second day dream?

    DGDG8 timer siden
  • When the woman of your dreams is beside you but you’re a piscis

    Georgios GlarosGeorgios Glaros8 timer siden
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    Данил ХамитовДанил Хамитов8 timer siden
  • Social injustice Twerking 😍💖😍

    Mr. Straight FactsMr. Straight Facts8 timer siden
  • Hardest lyricist out Like nobody but nicki on this bitch level

    Rich GalRich Gal8 timer siden
  • It sounds retro.... from the future 👍👌💯

    Kaneo EvouqeKaneo Evouqe9 timer siden
  • Sacrificial twerking for this goddess

    Tyler MillsTyler Mills9 timer siden

    Ananyaa IyerAnanyaa Iyer9 timer siden
  • No one: Literally no one: Doja Cat: **Becomes spider**

    RazvennnRazvennn9 timer siden
  • * not twerking but still enjoying song *

    SpaceySpacey9 timer siden
  • The only thing I like of this video is the man in the car 🚗😍😍😍😍

    ダイアナDaianaダイアナDaiana9 timer siden
  • What is the models name?

    Erica HendersonErica Henderson10 timer siden
  • I love the part were he's like "Like me?"

    Joelle MakumiJoelle Makumi10 timer siden
  • roblox twerking

    hi_bitchhi_bitch11 timer siden
  • the biska bobbly twerk

    Romana SolisRomana Solis11 timer siden
  • I'm obsessed with this song. I'm obsessed with Doja period. This chick is going to have an amazing career! ICONIC!

    Amber LyneAmber Lyne11 timer siden
  • This song hit different fr

    Makayla HollandMakayla Holland11 timer siden
  • 2:35 homem Aranha tá deferente 🕷️

    Rafaell SsRafaell Ss11 timer siden
  • Love the song. Video is weird af ( disappointed )

    Bessi AbbingtonBessi Abbington12 timer siden
  • The best 👍

    Selin YilmazSelin Yilmaz12 timer siden
  • *crying meanwhile twerking*

    JoalinaJoalina12 timer siden
  • Bro did the girl who made this remix received credits? just curious

    Karina Marques BastosKarina Marques Bastos12 timer siden
  • There are so many elements to turn this vid legendary but they just didnt went down to it.

    The DecoThe Deco12 timer siden
  • Perfect lap dance beat

    Jay RodriguezJay Rodriguez13 timer siden
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    Grotesque TearsGrotesque Tears13 timer siden
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    hi bitchhi bitch14 timer siden
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      Swan MadiSwan Madi14 timer siden
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    RV stands for real vocalsRV stands for real vocals14 timer siden
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    Nissi PankajNissi Pankaj14 timer siden
    • Periodt

      Swan MadiSwan Madi14 timer siden
  • This song gives me goosebumps EVERYWHERE!

    Taronish ElaviaTaronish Elavia14 timer siden
  • Why only 56 mln???

    Anastasia MarkovicAnastasia Markovic15 timer siden
  • Girl’s got such a killer body!!!

    Sarah KSarah K15 timer siden
  • the cling wrap was a paid actor 2:44

    ruby vansleveruby vansleve15 timer siden
    • Yes.

      Swan MadiSwan Madi14 timer siden
  • Everyone dead: cardie, billie, beyonce.... All hail the new queen.

    James BJames B16 timer siden
  • I cant understand what the hell is being said in 90% of this song.

    Jsmith12292Jsmith1229216 timer siden
  • she belongs. I luv DC tho!

    James BJames B16 timer siden
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    L. M. M.L. M. M.16 timer siden
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    jerard dayjerard day16 timer siden

      Swan MadiSwan Madi14 timer siden

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    Eugene SpeightEugene Speight17 timer siden
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    Masood SwatiMasood Swati17 timer siden
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    Jackeline VillarrealJackeline Villarreal17 timer siden
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    Manú PorrasManú Porras17 timer siden
  • so THATS where the tiktok came frommmm 😅😅 or was it the other way around

    *Katriel Mckendry**Katriel Mckendry*17 timer siden
  • Sorry but doja has give fuck

    Sevda ChanSevda Chan17 timer siden
  • wait "put your hand on my shoulder" trend was from her??!!! QUEENNNN

    13113117 timer siden
  • Yas bitch 😺 purr 😺

    Ontario HollisOntario Hollis18 timer siden
  • Its ok this or the red and white

    Keith WattsonKeith Wattson18 timer siden
  • She kept freak sound at sounds so good.😗😗😍😍😍

    Prakash ChhetriPrakash Chhetri18 timer siden
  • Love it

    DBV2oo8DBV2oo818 timer siden
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    ItsValiantItsValiant19 timer siden
  • I love this song, but it makes me think about living on the damp, dark streets...

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    Lala MoohmoohLala Moohmooh19 timer siden
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    If Tae would ever step on me I’d say Thank youIf Tae would ever step on me I’d say Thank you20 timer siden
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    Elizalde MartinezElizalde Martinez20 timer siden
  • When I heard this song I became obsessed

    Iknowthe TruthIknowthe Truth20 timer siden