Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Exiled

4. april. 2021
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Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Exiled!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of the TommyInnit Exile Arc as well as the Butcher Army/Technoblade Execution Arc. In this series I cover everything from the L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Festival of the Dream SMP, Tommy’s Exile and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
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LordKanter (Guy who supplied me with the recreated map): notown.info
My Second Channel: notown.info
Big thanks to my sister Kaiya, as well as Legacy, Dr Wiggles101, Misteyyy and Alf1es for helping get replay shots!!
Thanks to @Kanaya for the AMAZING song used at the end of the video!! (Welcome Home Theseus): notown.info/two/video/sdxuZommmsWFrdk.html
Recap: (00:00)
War Aftermath: (00:40)
Canon Life Intro: (02:39)
Ghostbur Intro: (04:00)
Ranboo Intro: (04:44)
Tommy Conflict: (05:37)
Exiled: (20:15)
L’manburg’s Perspective: (27:22)
Technoblade’s Perspective: (32:54)
The Execution: (34:36)
Tommy???: (41:59)

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  • You using the unus annus theme made me feel something I can’t explain; I found unus annus soon before it’s death and it was my escape, but naturally it’s death brought me sadness. But soon after I started getting into the dream smp, that becoming my escape from the grief

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  • Next episode please PLEASE

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