DreamSMP but we all have Mutant Superpowers

22. feb.. 2021
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tommy is chicken, mock him for it
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  • not gonna lie Wilburs good at singing

    Noah CollinsNoah CollinsTime siden
  • treebo treebo treebo treebo treebo treebo

    Noah CollinsNoah Collins2 timer siden
  • that remake of “baby got back” was sooooooooooooooo slooowwwww

    Isaac PitzerIsaac Pitzer2 timer siden
  • what mod is this

    Bryce BotBryce Bot2 timer siden
  • Chickeninnit

    armand alejandrinoarmand alejandrino2 timer siden
  • I am tank

    stevesteve6 timer siden
  • True

    CakeybloxCakeyblox6 timer siden
  • What is this mod?

    subtitlessubtitles6 timer siden
  • I’m younger then Tommy and I know who Danny Phantom is- I had a crush on Danny Phantom

    Lemons AsmrLemons Asmr6 timer siden
  • what is the mod?

    The OsnoinThe Osnoin7 timer siden
  • what is this i need this nowwwwwwwwwww if anay of you guys know what mod it is please tell me

    KejoheKejohe7 timer siden
  • the reason tommy is a vegan is because he can eat himself because hes a c h i c k e n

    Alfie WilsonAlfie Wilson8 timer siden
  • I'm a Ghost! And I found a ground tobe

    LiL Pancake mixLiL Pancake mix9 timer siden
  • What was technos role?

    Yeeter 1000_Yeeter 1000_9 timer siden
  • I didn't know he knew the Black Parade My Chemical Romance will stay around till the day I die I'll make sure of that

    Gaby CortiGaby Corti9 timer siden
  • the fuck wilbur is not verified?

    Jose Manuel Cotamo ArizaJose Manuel Cotamo Ariza9 timer siden
  • 30:20 and yes

    Hui HuangHui Huang9 timer siden
  • This video: *6 million views* everyone Wilbur soot. Should sub *4 million subscribers*

    Gary FranklinGary Franklin10 timer siden
  • i love your singing

    Hayden RiedelHayden Riedel10 timer siden
  • what mod is this

    Assasins 2530Assasins 253012 timer siden
  • why doesnt he have a check near his name

    Catarina BoersCatarina Boers12 timer siden
  • Jack manifold: you're so young get older Me: *literally knowing danny phantom*

    Nigel Gavin's friendNigel Gavin's friend12 timer siden
  • 33:14 best moment i've ever seen

    Oszkár NagyosiOszkár Nagyosi13 timer siden
  • This needs to be a series

    SuperDR GamingSuperDR Gaming13 timer siden
  • Me me hungy Love that

    Xx_tilly stuff_xXXx_tilly stuff_xX14 timer siden
  • I’m ghost

    Dutchwolf26Dutchwolf2615 timer siden

    Yusif MelnikovYusif Melnikov15 timer siden
  • Is this the origins smp?

    Ark BossArk Boss15 timer siden
  • Wilbur soot + Wilbur simp


    Sonia TelidouSonia Telidou16 timer siden

    Key AndraKey Andra18 timer siden
  • tommy was abusing my country i am nz

    Flynn HolbrookFlynn Holbrook18 timer siden
  • Dude I know the Danny phantom show and I’m only 14, I watched it for goodness sake

    Runk What if’sRunk What if’s19 timer siden
  • WilburSoot is the best singer in the world

    Mr. DemzMr. Demz19 timer siden
  • :0 how can you get these powers??

    CrimsonダーリンCrimsonダーリン21 time siden
  • I like how Wilbur didn't even know he was in a flower biome which is super rare. 20:56

    LanceTrophiesLanceTrophies21 time siden
    • @LanceTrophies isn’t rare

      Jim NickJim Nick15 timer siden
    • and at 23:46 ??????

      LanceTrophiesLanceTrophies21 time siden
  • 6:51 AWWWHHHHH

    KeiraKeira21 time siden
  • U should add a wolf mutant Wolf: Pros- (Wolf eye's)Can see in the dark. (Power of the pack)When u are with your packmate u deal more damages [only with other wolf mutant]. (Power of the moon) when the moon is at it fullest the wolf get more health, move faster and attack faster. (Wolf bond)Other wolves won't attack u, even if u attack one Cons- Can only eat meat (Lone wolf) when by yourself for too long u become sad and lonely which make u slower and have less health [wolves & player can help get over being lonely]. (Savage wolf) When your food bar is empty u will attack every mobs and players in your sight [until your food bar is 2.5/4 full].

    Armstron40/loneywolfArmstron40/loneywolf22 timer siden
  • 26:13

    dreamdream23 timer siden
  • Make more please

    Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson23 timer siden
  • Niki is so happy

    Neil Frank TraspeNeil Frank TraspeDag siden
  • I love the song

    Neil Frank TraspeNeil Frank TraspeDag siden
  • Can I join too?

    Timothy James Dongon lllTimothy James Dongon lllDag siden
  • The songs are the best parts 😂

    dbuck4lifedbuck4lifeDag siden
  • What mod is this?

    Stryker 1205Stryker 1205Dag siden
  • I suggest herobrine’s origin addon for origins,you won’t regret,it’s very op

    0ut_of_Order0ut_of_OrderDag siden
  • How the hecc do I get into the dream smp QwQ waaaaa 🥲

    D. i. n. o. 0000D. i. n. o. 0000Dag siden
  • 11:30 xD

    100% human100% humanDag siden
  • Ranboo: the only thing worse than a can you not die challenge is a can you die challenge Ranboo literally just described the tipod challenge 😂 😂

    Squirrelly DylSquirrelly DylDag siden
  • ayup.

    illumi has big titsillumi has big titsDag siden
  • Is niki like the new sally from the SMP? Just a valid question.

    5undy SIMP5undy SIMPDag siden
  • Did Will sang a Glee cover and get away with it?

  • Ghostbur

    __ That Girl Wisteria ____ That Girl Wisteria __Dag siden

    jennyfer triguerosjennyfer triguerosDag siden
  • i have an idea for technoblade Pig Commander Plus Summon piglin minions - you can summon 1 piglin minion and the more you lvl up the ability (let you minions kill stuff) the more pigs you can spawn (up to 5) although they last for 10 seconds and the cool down is 60 seconds (if the piglin dies it will kneel down and regenerate for 30 seconds til it wakes up and disappears some how) enragement - when you get to 3 hearts or under you get strength two and resistance two, you get 5 seconds to use the buff but the cooldown is 2 minutes blood for the blood god - every time you hit a mob you gain half a heart royal guards - when you get hit your piglin minions automatically summon but as brutes and stay to protect your although they stay for 3 seconds and a 3 minute cooldown cons betrayal - if you damage a pig or eat any type of pork chop the piglins will some how appear and pick you up or drag you to a portal that will summon then the portal will bring you to a place where they execute you piglins healthiness - you get 4 less hearts because of how powerful you are gods demands - the blood god requires more blood so if you dont kill something for a while you will start to get cursed by the gods and punishments will be made

    Quinn BracaQuinn BracaDag siden
  • 26:05

    Aly GurnakAly GurnakDag siden

    Lucy FernsLucy FernsDag siden
  • Ghostbur the friendly ghost

    hand unithand unitDag siden
  • 9:21

    thephroggerthephroggerDag siden
  • The modders will one day make the chicken the most overpowered being in the dream msmp.

    Vincent De La TerreVincent De La TerreDag siden
  • 9:24

    thephroggerthephroggerDag siden
  • pop cat is the best meme🅿🅾🅿

    quietquietDag siden
  • Philza= dad bird 🦅

    JaSs0ur :DJaSs0ur :DDag siden
  • Wilbur: “I going to be a nice ghost.” Me: “Casper?”

    VsyncVsyncDag siden
  • What is the Mod for this ?

    Elias SchultheißElias SchultheißDag siden
  • 14:23 ghostbur just beating up alivebur's wives 😃🤙🏻

    泰. kyunotfound !泰. kyunotfound !Dag siden
  • mans lemillion

    matthew chengmatthew chengDag siden

    roblox reviewersroblox reviewersDag siden
    • he might have been busy or didn't want to do it or wasn't asked to do it

      quietquietDag siden
  • w4T IS th1s m0De

    Hoang Tuan MinhHoang Tuan MinhDag siden
    • what are you saying

      quietquietDag siden
  • Hes in ur bed and im in ur twitch chat

    PurpleisUwUPurpleisUwUDag siden
  • Add dantdm to this smp pls

    Lalitha kLalitha kDag siden
  • 24:22 im just saving this for when i have a bad day ahahaha

    Camille BatungbacalCamille BatungbacalDag siden
  • Alvin and chipmunk What about Alvin and himself

    Helen BrowneHelen BrowneDag siden
  • Nikachu and Wilbur is the cutest😇😇😇

    Apol CelisApol CelisDag siden
  • I hate how wilbur says "going ghost" Danny phantom says "guess I'll die"

    Memegod 2287Memegod 2287Dag siden
  • Im younger then tommy and still know who dani fantom is-

    dark angel 13dark angel 132 dager siden
  • Love how Wilbur physiology manipulated niki to murder DA PHISHES

    Cooper BrissonCooper Brisson2 dager siden
  • Wilbur and Nicky is so cute

    Jack JackJack Jack2 dager siden
  • Wilbur why! Your killing milos kind!

    Kook222Kook2222 dager siden
  • Aw, Wilbur has a nice voice!

    Azalea AllenAzalea Allen2 dager siden
  • Does anyone know the name of this mod?

    Mark GjorgjevskiMark Gjorgjevski2 dager siden
  • Eyyyy

    JZB09JZB092 dager siden
  • C H I C K E N

    Wynter TaylorWynter Taylor2 dager siden
  • Haha tommy is a

    Wynter TaylorWynter Taylor2 dager siden
    • is a what?

      quietquietDag siden
  • THE DAVID IMPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ariana ForeverAriana Forever2 dager siden
  • I made up some roles! Butterfly -you start off as a caterpillar -as a caterpillar your incredibly hungry -you can climb up 3 blocks -your a tad bit faster -as a caterpillar you have 5 hearts -when you get to level 8 you turn into a butterfly! -as a butterfly you have 7 hearts -you can fly -you can’t walk, you always seem to be hovering above the ground -your hungry but not VERY hungry -you can eat leaves off trees (you’ll need shears) -you really fast -you can’t eat meat -when you die you restart and become a caterpillar again DragonBorn -Very hungry -can only eat meat -you can fly -you can shoot out fire balls but there’s a 5 second cool down -you have to sleep in a cave -night vision -have fire particles -you have 9 hearts -your a tad bit taller than others which is a disadvantage since if you want to go through doors and stuff you’ll have to make it three blocks tall Yeah that’s it :)

    Alana 0_0Alana 0_02 dager siden
  • Ohhhhhh that’s Jeffrey ;-; Ohh good all Donald

    boop._.boop._.2 dager siden
  • Omg Tommy doesn’t know Danny phantom I’m YOUNGER and Ik him!!!!!

    Michelle MirabelliMichelle Mirabelli2 dager siden
  • 5 seconds to sub? i traced my cursor from the very bottom left corner of my computer screen and it took 10 seconds.

    Kakyoin NoriakiKakyoin Noriaki2 dager siden
  • I ship u with niki

    redpanda drift9redpanda drift92 dager siden
  • back to the singing

    Evan FlodenEvan Floden2 dager siden

      Evan FlodenEvan Floden2 dager siden
  • Give quackity the big man power and he can really be big q

    jordan Robertsjordan Roberts2 dager siden
  • I wish i have friends like that.

    CjhawkeyeCjhawkeye2 dager siden
  • now why is tommy built like a vegan prince phillip

    miss keishamiss keisha2 dager siden
    • is it for lizzy

      miss keishamiss keisha2 dager siden
  • I request another!!!

    AngelDullahanAngelDullahan2 dager siden
  • Dead inside

    Benjamin GIBBSBenjamin GIBBS2 dager siden
  • You shouldda found a sheep and named it Friend

    Cian MurrihyCian Murrihy2 dager siden
  • Wilbur how is your face?

    T-34-85T-34-852 dager siden
  • Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying .... "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance to prove myself".

    TonkerzzzTonkerzzz2 dager siden
  • Let’s get another stream/video on this since 2 more people joined

    • Ashlyn •• Ashlyn •2 dager siden