Edd China's Workshop Diaries Episode 5 (1986 Range Rover Part 3 & Electric Ice Cream Van Part 3)

30. april. 2021
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Back to a bit of a wrestling with John’s ‘garden-find’ Range Rover; having sprayed fuel all over the workshop floor I now need to work out exactly where it is leaking from and whether the fuel lines can be repaired or if they’ll need to be replaced…
Also, part three of the World’s Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van project; having removed the diesel engine, chosen the electric motor and 3D scanned the mating faces I now need to work out how to connect the gearbox and motor shafts together so in this episode I explore the various components and how they could go together…
Thanks to my production pixies for capturing the magic and stringing it all together in a plausible fashion.
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So, grab a drink, pop some corn, and settle down to enjoy the episode and do keep sending me your comments and questions…
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  • Such a nice relaxing break watching this. Back to my uni work.

    Ste ColemanSte Coleman6 timer siden
  • Still waiting on that flag, Swiderski

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone10 timer siden
  • one aspect of this work I just don't understand: Why would you not give the entire vehicle a thorough pressure wash top and bottom before starting work on it? Working on a slimy/muddy/grotty vehicle is miserable. The work would be significantly easier if there wasn't a constant battle with mud/grot/dirt everywhere.

    DavidDavid11 timer siden
  • I didn't quite get the idea on this series. Edd does some work on car but its too little to be interested. Why he doesn't do more work on every episode ? I mean he just removed fuel line.

    Ozi YılmazOzi Yılmaz11 timer siden
  • Sorry big fella but, as much as I like yer stuff, just replace the entire fuel line under the car and stop fuckin' about mate....

    STEVO 1967STEVO 196712 timer siden
  • I did not poke any holes in your iron maiden yet, Edward. Are you going to put the flag back on the truck?

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone13 timer siden
  • Nust say that i did not expect Ed to know asboyt Biltema!

    Jonas BreitholtzJonas Breitholtz13 timer siden
  • Hideous vehicles to repair back then and today,backwards vehicles built with absolutely no consideration for when they inevitably break Dow.Edd you must be MAD.

    Alexander LawrieAlexander Lawrie13 timer siden
  • Two white mice chat... The first one asks: "Did you get the Covid-19 vaccine?" The second replies: "Hey, I am not crazy they didn't yet finish the tests on humans!"

    randoff32randoff3214 timer siden
  • I'm not sure that Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine will work, but it's worth a shot.

    randoff32randoff3214 timer siden
  • I did not mean to have sex with that woman.

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone14 timer siden
  • put in flexible line and get a haircut

    John HetheringtonJohn Hetherington15 timer siden
  • Hey edd im ayden ive just gone and baught a 1.6 from an astra to put in my 2007 corsa D which was a 1.0 3 cyclinder, this is my first engine swap any tips

    Ayden McAlindenAyden McAlinden16 timer siden
  • Just found your channel! Thanks for keeping on- keeping on, after your chubby little buddy sold you out!

    R Dean BensonR Dean Benson16 timer siden
  • Dont really care about the ads...We got Ed back :D

    Gardar TorfasonGardar Torfason18 timer siden
  • wu tang clan under the hood

    Jakub MiháľJakub Miháľ18 timer siden
  • This man is the Bob Ross of auto repair, and this show is Edd's "Joy of Painting". I'm mesmerized.

    Edward BarberEdward Barber21 time siden
  • monsieur china vous nous avais manquer !! mais dommage que vos vidéos ne soit pas en Français car je me serai régaler à les regarder avec PLAISIR bon vent ms china

    dib dibdib dib22 timer siden
  • Very glad to see you back my good Sir, still remember the episode of Top Gear with your presence. Been loving these new episodes, great work, and i have to mention the intro of this one, very 'Stompy', love it! Also, gotta appreciate the help on the whole team that is making these possible with the support of all the viewers, brilliant job! Keep it up, and i'll keep educating myself ;) Peace \/

    Sergio CostaSergio CostaDag siden
  • Personally I wouldn't have bothered even considering a repair. The lines were so rusted it will inevitably happen again elsewhere. Replace!

    Richard DentonRichard DentonDag siden
  • Edd has pure heart,you can see that in his eyes.

    paul brownpaul brownDag siden
  • thanks for all the effort Ed, really enjoying the vids

    It's all Fab !It's all Fab !Dag siden
  • Ed. Saludos. Apenas.me.entere que ya no estás en joyas sobre ruedas. Excelentes vídeos.

  • who needs the new Wheeler Dealers when you have the new Edd China's workshop Diaries love the new youtube channel Edd. i dont really like the new Wheeler Dealers i like the old one better with Edd China and Mike Brewer

    Stewart FaircloughStewart FaircloughDag siden
  • Edward, I promise it was not me. Will you put the little American flag back on the black Ford again sometime please? I have the other one of the set, you must have found that after I drove away from the ponzi parent's house with my window down. I really like having you for a neighbor, I would like to be friends again. You and Marilyn treated me better than Garth ever did, and I miss your company.

    Fred FlintstoneFred FlintstoneDag siden
  • I don't mind the adverts, its only in four 5 second bursts, it's not as if you can do this for free for us.

    MarkMarkDag siden
  • Love your work Ed but why would you try to salvage a.) rusty and troublesome fuel pipes and b.) a complete rust bucket of a Range Rover. I know it’s for your channel but surely it can’t be cost effective.

    Graham RickmanGraham RickmanDag siden
  • Hey Edd, you have no idea how much joy it gives me watching you work on cars again and explaining what you do so crystal clear as you do. Screw WD, your section was the star of the show, for sure! Keep up the good work!

    TeslaTeslaDag siden
  • Can I just say ...with headphones on the Ambient Music is superb. So refreshing rather than the upbeat tosh we are used to.... brings a whole chill vibe to the work.... Nice.

    I digressI digressDag siden
  • Sen kral adam sın 💯🇹🇷🦸👼

    Hüseyin AkcanHüseyin AkcanDag siden
  • So what did we do this week? Took out old fuel lines. Come on Ed, let's fix some cars.

    ThunderstruckThunderstruckDag siden
  • Pretty sure that old dog need to retire.

    Darrin KeithDarrin KeithDag siden
  • Love the content as always Edd - it’s great to have you back. Just one suggestion on Patreon, you may want to make a more obvious difference between the levels, perhaps even stretching out the cost spectrum a bit. For instance, at x level you get sent a sticker, at a higher one after a few months, a t-shirt etc. Just by way of example, one of my favourite couples have their Grizzly ‘n Bear overlanding channel and a Patreon at www.patreon.com/GrizzlyNbear. Their tiers go from $3 to $20, with different things coming at each level. We even got a lovely Christmas car from Taiwan! Anyway, they have plenty of people supporting them at the higher level. Just a thought. All the very best

    Charlie WCharlie WDag siden
  • Excellent

    Colin HunterColin HunterDag siden
  • all those people complaining about adverts - the answer is called youtube premium!

    cakepandacakepandaDag siden
  • Always a joy to see Edd...even if his talents are devoted to a vehicle that I might consider towing to the middle of a sandy lot and setting fire to.

    D GD GDag siden
  • you are the king of car repair, hi from turkey

    engin kocaengin kocaDag siden
  • Hello Edd I have a Ford ranger 4x4 C.C. diesel 3.0 Turbo, it has the problem in the front axle. I´ve change the tires in the four wheels, and front axle began to waste more tire from inside than from external rubber, I take it to a person to align by computer, to arrange the proper alignment and camber, time later I realize that the problem persists, and I don´t know how to fix it. I ruin a pair of new tires, need to fix it. An other thing is happening is the directional light doesn´t work or it makes one blink, but the emergency lights blinks normaly. Do you know what can it be? Thank you Hernán Sánchez Buenos Aires ARGENTINA

    Hernán Sánchez PayaHernán Sánchez PayaDag siden
  • Much better than wheeler dealers because it aint the same with out edd

    lawrence walkerlawrence walkerDag siden
  • I'd never have Edd's patience: this looks like a scrapper!

    sqij1sqij1Dag siden
  • Why are you pissing about, the things a rotten mess, do it right or not at all

    Ben BlackBen BlackDag siden
  • Your truly a craftsman

    Don FichterDon FichterDag siden
  • 08:08 Maybe some reengineering of the fuel line routes to avoid tight spots? (Not sure of the budget constraints, but I assume this will be driven.) Maybe a inline filter to have a convenient breakpoint in the fuel lines if Rerouting would be inconvenient and/or unacceptable @ Inspection? Just thinking of next time the Vehicles fuel lines needs to be serviced.

    Spaz 1966Spaz 1966Dag siden
    • Plus I think there are some lads who really like making Brackets. I think they owe you for the shop cleaning U did.

      Spaz 1966Spaz 1966Dag siden
  • Replace otherwise you will be finding new leaks after every repair.

    Brian WaskowBrian WaskowDag siden
  • We all know Ant was as capable as yourself - but you must be wetting yourself laughing at "Elvis"

    m60kafm60kafDag siden
  • I had a 1969 Land Rover years ago. It was, without a doubt, one of the worst designed vehicles I have ever seen. Little things like having to remove the hood, grill and left front fender (Left hand drive for North America) to access the clutch and brake master cylinders. Mine was outfitted with an auxiliary fuel tank which of course leaked. To remove the tank and repair it you had to remove some of the rear suspension to get it out. It used to snap the short axle in the rear differential with alarming regularity and more than once had to head for home with front wheel drive only, and had a heater which would equal a candle with a hamster on a tread mill to power the fan which could barely defrost the windshield let alone actually keep you warm (Totally inadequate for Canadian winters) Flat out would do about 55 MPH with it's anemic four cylinder gas engine and the transmission and transfer case limited any conversation with the volume of it's howls. There was very little thought given to maintenance and the cons handily exceeded the pros. I traded it off after two years.

    Scooter TrampScooter TrampDag siden
  • I use NiCopp for brake and fuel lines here is US. Never will corod. Great Job. Thanks. Bill’s Cool Projects. notown.info

    Bill's Cool ProjectsBill's Cool ProjectsDag siden
  • I like the fact you show many different attempts to address an issue even if some attempts do not work. This is exactly how real life works and you do not edit it out. Bravo

    Jet BlakeJet BlakeDag siden
  • So glad to see you in the shop. Just now came across your videos.. Long time fan. Hope you're well

    Robby ThompsonRobby ThompsonDag siden
  • Keep up the good work and great content

    aaron ozardaaron ozardDag siden
  • OMG I'm so glad I found Ed's channel! He was hands down the best part of wheeler dealers

    Robert GallardoRobert GallardoDag siden
  • It's possibly the worst car advice place ever. If fuel line is metal and leaks ,why on earth would you not replace it all. For good mechanic it is no rocket science. Blocked and don't recommend .

    severnasvetlasevernasvetlaDag siden
  • Ed is there a place I can buy merchandise from? Like an online shop? Some orange gloves would be handy. Loving the shows so far, keep up the content 👍👍🙂😃

    William StainerWilliam Stainer2 dager siden
  • j aime bien edd china s mai je comprend rien de se qu il dit es que vous pouvez traduire en francai merci

    goupil renardgoupil renard2 dager siden
  • Superb work Edd, absolutely love watching these videos - please keep them coming!!! It's like watching all the good bits from Wheeler Dealers without the annoying Cockney bell end.

    jon mjon m2 dager siden
  • Thank you Edd ...you are a star bro

    Vinesh NaidooVinesh Naidoo2 dager siden
  • Any advice replacing front wheel bearing? I know it’s a hub assembly replacement not a pressed bearing.

    Martyn WarrenMartyn Warren2 dager siden
  • Edd, your voice is so smooth and soothing, it kind of reminds me of Mr. Rogers. So glad you're on NOtown for us Sir.

    JohnnieBravo1JohnnieBravo12 dager siden
  • Cheers edd,please come back on tv,dont watch mr brewer n co,all the best sir.

    dom garrettdom garrett2 dager siden
  • I might be able to repair that...lol. 5:46

    James FisherJames Fisher2 dager siden
  • Edd you are the Master of crusty car recovery, hats off to you.

    Steve OszmanSteve Oszman2 dager siden
  • Maybe a good idea to give the vehicle a good clean.....right????

    Alexandre BastosAlexandre Bastos2 dager siden
  • Türkçe yap usta

    Tolga UzunTolga Uzun2 dager siden
  • One of the best companies for translating and subtitles is the SBS from Australia.

    Brian TaylerBrian Tayler2 dager siden
  • Yes Ed💯💥

    just P. Xjust P. X2 dager siden
  • seems a waste of time with all the electric cars they want now

    silent samsilent sam2 dager siden
  • Look into Classic Tube for prebent tubing. Only way to go.

    Therese KennedyTherese Kennedy2 dager siden
  • You might save yourself a lot of grief by doing a frame off to run new fuel lines. Run new brake lines while you're at it. Think about oiling under body to, at least, do (something) about the rust.

    Therese KennedyTherese Kennedy2 dager siden
  • Great videos mate, I'd love to see you do some more modern day classics like the st225 being an owner myself. Keep up the good work buddy

    skunkmaster FPVskunkmaster FPV2 dager siden
  • welcome back i glad to see you Edd )))))))))))))

    Sergii PungovskyiSergii Pungovskyi2 dager siden
  • Adoro ver os seus vídeos vc é o Shaolin da mecânica

    Eduardo Valentim de souzaEduardo Valentim de souza2 dager siden
  • Edd, I know you’re too busy to read all the comments. But I am so grateful that you are back. My dad and I used to watch you together whenever we could together. He recently passed away and watching you brings me so much happiness and makes me feel like we’re together once again while watching. You are our favorite mechanic. Thank you for what you do and how you do it. You mean more to us fans than you realize! Keep up the good work!

    Nathan ShieldsNathan Shields2 dager siden
  • Great show but I wish you would be a bit more consistent with your content, when and how did you fix or replace the Range Rover fuel pump? You ended one episode leaving us hanging and then skipped the Range Rover and the next thing you are fixing a fuel pipe leak with the pump working?

    philip peersphilip peers2 dager siden
  • Love Edd and great to see the videos but the music is sleep inducing and out of character.

    Richard What?Richard What?2 dager siden
  • Hi Ed great to see you back. If this car was in the garage and you was paying for the work to be done would it be right off and not worth doing

    Lee PoulterLee Poulter2 dager siden
  • Best part about Ed’s new show is no annoying twat Mike brewer

    James SmithJames Smith2 dager siden
  • Slow progress

    Chris HorsfallChris Horsfall2 dager siden
  • Hi Edd, I am following you for years and I am glad that you're finally sharing the fameous big size gloves that you are using (I just ordered them with a t-shirt) ;-) ... we are probably sharing the same hand size issue as I am a a 6'6' dude (with large wide hands) so my question is in relation with this, how do you manage to work in close space with your big hands size... any tips? or just patience and tools like I do. P.S I subscrubed to your patreon but you must have a £50 subcrition for poeple like me that want to help more. Thanks Edd for Everything and let's keep science and knownledge rule the world cheers and greets from Switzerland Dimitri

    DinoZDinoZ2 dager siden
  • very disgusting job with the fuel lines... hope you find the way to put the new back in the car... i think it will also very complicated...maybe not in one piece, but: Ed alsway find the right way... love you show.... waiting for the next...until that: Have a cup of tea...

    rosch1964rosch19642 dager siden
  • Hi Edd I have a 2012 Honda CRV 2.4 lx automatic diesel. Don't do that many miles a year, roughly 3-5k a year. I'm seriously Thinking about converting it to running on new cooking oil . I know why. Lol. Can it be done and if so how and how much. Cheers mate. Love the channel.

    Kev HillKev Hill2 dager siden
  • Spanish subtitles do not work...

    jose luis flores sanchezjose luis flores sanchez2 dager siden
  • Would love for him to look at my MK7 Transit jumbo. Cash waiting here Edd

    steven0882steven08822 dager siden
  • You had me worried there for a second pretending to cut your hair.

    DownTheRabbitHoleDownTheRabbitHole2 dager siden
  • Edd , a fan of you from the first day ! You are the best - wheeler dealers was about you and not about mike ( keep that in mind ) . Please keep on going on your own way !! Always a feast to see and hear you . btw --> love you T-shirts too m8 ;-)

    sailingyacht my waysailingyacht my way2 dager siden
  • The vibes your Videos give is second to none

    Bhavya ParekhBhavya Parekh2 dager siden
  • alguem do brasil ?

    madson santosmadson santos2 dager siden
  • Love the show! Music not so much....

    John BridgeJohn Bridge2 dager siden
  • Very relaxing video Edd. Peaceful music. Thanks! Great to have you back.

    James SnyderJames Snyder2 dager siden
  • Amazing ! So glad to see you Edd

    Nampoina RazafimandimbyNampoina Razafimandimby2 dager siden
  • Edd love what u do.. but the background music is like a funeral mate horrific

    honcho uk69honcho uk692 dager siden
  • Thank god I don't work on Landrovers every day like I used to for years! Very dirty work, everything covered in mud, sheep and cow manure, every nut and bolt rusted and everything seized, and paid peanuts as a mechanic also having to buy your own expensive tools which often break, its not worth being a mechanic when you are working for someone else.

    Twat HullTwat Hull2 dager siden
  • Look at those lights on the lift swoon

    hemtethemtet2 dager siden
  • nice to see you working on a landy thank you

    Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy2 dager siden
  • I feel so relaxed after watching these videos.

    The Queen's Half CorgiThe Queen's Half Corgi2 dager siden
  • Bring back edd as soon aspossible

    Phil NoxPhil Nox2 dager siden
  • 😎👍

    Ian AtkinsonIan Atkinson2 dager siden
  • It is so much easier to take the body off and do the job properly. I have spent 45K doing mine so far with parts mainly from Famous four and the engine from Turners. These. Range Rover classic 2 doors go for up to 125 K seem y restoration on Instagram under Beneteau43

    James NewtonJames Newton2 dager siden
  • If engineers and bean counters were required to work in the service department a month or two every year this kind of stuff would get cleared up quickly.

    Farmer TedFarmer Ted2 dager siden
  • Corpse: *Speaks* 14 y.o girls: 1:43

    Dee SnutsDee Snuts2 dager siden
  • What’s that antiquated “air” tool contraption your using 😂👍🏼 ?

    ADE2366ADE23662 dager siden