Every 2000s Disney Movie Ranked

26. mars. 2021
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Schaff watches Chicken Little and 11 less important movies!
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  • Is this only 2d movies? Where's Wall-e? Cars?

    ReroRero4 minutter siden
  • YOU HATE RAY! I have lost respect for you as a person

    Dog FoodDog FoodTime siden
  • You know what might have improved The Princess and the Frog. If Tiana hadn't married the prince. Like I know that Lots of The movie would have been thrown away but it would have been nice to see her reject the prince and Go improve her Restaurant. Not EVERY female character has to be in love. (Ik they did that in Brave but.. Yeah..) It's a nice message to say "Love isn't the answer to all your problems. Follow your dreams IS a nice message (don't get me wrong) But it's a little bit over-used

    Ràiny_ SkíesRàiny_ Skíes3 timer siden
  • I’m perfectly willing to say Dinosaur is only decent in my eyes due to nostalgia.

    Doctor John F’n ZoidbergDoctor John F’n Zoidberg6 timer siden
  • Schaff might have the funniest editing style on the platform

    DownwindFishDownwindFish7 timer siden
  • I recall being intrigued by chicken little’s advertising as a kid. I got the opportunity to watch it exactly once. I am content with never watching it again. Treasure planet’s aesthetic is one of my favorites because of how unique it is. It doesn’t work scientifically but that’s why it’s classified in my brain as more science fantasy instead of true sci-if. Meet the Robinsons is an untapped meme goldmine. I saw Atlas on my tenth birthday and I don’t remember anything else that happened that day.

    Cici AnonymousCici Anonymous9 timer siden
  • The "Up next... uuuuuggghhh... chicken little." transition slaps

    Mason ClimaxMason Climax9 timer siden
  • Dam PBS when did you move to NOtown and why did you change your name

    The new CosmopolitanThe new Cosmopolitan9 timer siden
  • 16:45 does ANYONE know where I can find the source for this clip?

    The LawThe Law11 timer siden
  • I wish your NOtown channel is better than cars 3

    Isaiah McCartyIsaiah McCarty12 timer siden
  • 24:43 I love gojira

    BaconAnarchyBaconAnarchy12 timer siden
  • holy moley how can one man have a perfect 50/50 split on good/shit takes?

    Metroided R34Metroided R3412 timer siden
  • When he does 2010s 1 is gonna be moana and 2 is probably gonna be tangled

    WoofWoof13 timer siden
  • I don't see it as disgusting, as a black man personally it pissed me off YOU said it was a disgusting trope from Disney. But yeah I do kinda agree, they do it too much. Also, the nice what people thing isn't even bad personally. They just seem like people that like them... But honestly, I am sounding like a leftist little crybaby. Even though I am on the right

    Sei ShōnagonSei Shōnagon13 timer siden
  • Brother bear is way better than home on the range

    JreyloJreylo14 timer siden
  • Fun fact about Atlantis's art style: the production designer was Mike Mignola, a comic artist and writer and creator of Hellboy, hence why it looks so comic-booky.

    Christopher Ver HoefChristopher Ver Hoef15 timer siden
  • every since i found out chicken little and cars 2 is universally hated things have just gone downhill

    silje ssilje s15 timer siden
  • Lilo and stitch was the first movie I remember watching in cinema and that’s enough to bond me to the movie. But can we talk about how perfectly the animated Series of Lilo and Stitch blends in in terms of Storytelling? I mean, to introduce in every episode another experiment to bring in diversity is amazing. It’s like this show is meant to be. The perfect mixture of Pokémon, a Detective- and an Adventure-show.

    Fluu bkFluu bk15 timer siden
  • Good ass Runawayguys transition

    ChasearooniChasearooni16 timer siden
  • Home on the range was so traumatizing to see in theaters

    Livie PerfettoLivie Perfetto16 timer siden

    MOC DUDEMOC DUDE16 timer siden
    • Same, he hurt our feelings

      Dino Falls 2021Dino Falls 20216 timer siden
  • i love schaffrillas going in on princess and the frog and disney's trend of turning POC into animals because it's literally so frustrating

    piranhaszpiranhasz16 timer siden
  • Brother Bear would’ve probably been a lot better the three main characters didn’t turn into animals and it was about them surviving in the wilderness together and they learn the values of brotherhood

    Anime Gaming guyAnime Gaming guy17 timer siden
  • Gotta respect the aot reference

    Usher AnthemUsher Anthem17 timer siden
  • Still love dinosaur even with your slander

    Aj the trexAj the trex17 timer siden
  • You lied this is only the animated videos and now i need you to rate sky high

    Keith ClingerKeith Clinger17 timer siden
  • I love how you always obsess over skin color and never consider that maybe these people didn't have race on their minds when they made these movies, which escially came to a head with the white dad in princess and the Frog. You really think Disney put him in there just for whites?

    Rogue NetworkRogue Network18 timer siden
  • 17:41 so turning "people of colour" into animals is gross but turning white people is whatever, okay

    GalaxyBiscuitGalaxyBiscuit18 timer siden
    • Doesn't make sense but whatever guess I'm a privileged white guy who doesn't get it

      GalaxyBiscuitGalaxyBiscuit18 timer siden
  • I remember bolt feeling like a weird fever dream movie I saw as a little kid, and I always remembered the dog actually having powers. I'm disappointed now.

    YourlocalofficechairYourlocalofficechair18 timer siden
  • There is an Atlantis tv show isn’t there? Pretty sure my sister was watching it on Netflix or something. They went to like an Aztec place and stuff

    Bruce DoughtyBruce Doughty19 timer siden
  • wait, chicken little is a disney movie? i always thought it was some weird obscure animation studio that made it

    orgne juceorgne juce20 timer siden
  • Well actually, There is a movie where a white person turns into an Animal. Beauty and the beast- Which is the most famous disney film ever. :P And not only is he an animal; he's an ill-mannered terrible monster of a person for most of the film. I think the reason PoC land into the 'animal' roles so often, is because the more experimental/artistic films disney has had(or the ones disney has less faith in) normally are the ones where the film developers try to incorporate more representation(since the execs aren't as picky). So because of that, you end up seeing the trend where some poc land these animal roles- even though it's not intentional by Disney for it to come across that way. Kind of like Vivzie's Hazbin hotel? She implements a lot of representation in her shows(in fact, the majority of it is)- but there was a lot of backlash because the setting of her show is in hell, so people can easily choose to interpret that because of sexuality and race; they were sent to hell. Which wasn't her intention, but was the direct consequence of choosing to push so much representation in a show about hell. SO it's the same with Disney(and anything, really) because representation is typically implemented in their more 'ambitious' films, they are unconsciously create patterns where things only seem to happen to PoC or LGBTQ people.

    MerleaweMerleawe20 timer siden

    Corita RengifoCorita Rengifo21 time siden
    • The movie that's in focus in this entry?

      Morten AanstadMorten Aanstad19 timer siden
  • Thank you for making lilo and stitch #1 I didn’t appreciate that storyline for its depth as a kid but I did love the action it’s just sooooo well done

    Cristina LeeCristina Lee22 timer siden
  • I dunno, Atlantis has a real weak villain. Yeah, he’s acted well and intimidating, but I think the archetype he’s playing is super duper worn out and the “Evil colonizer” stuff isn’t necessarily WRONG, it’s just not interesting or unique in the least.

    Bluster The BenevolentBluster The Benevolent23 timer siden
  • I didn't know Cyberpunk borrowed the name of John Silver, lmao

    Damian ClarkDamian ClarkDag siden
  • You would probably enjoy the princess and the frog if you weren’t a libtard

    Anime_OxicleanAnime_OxicleanDag siden
  • I love Atlantis: The Lost Empire sooooooo much. It's probably my all-time favorite Disney movie. By the way, you forgot Atlantis: Milo's Return, the sequel.

  • Dig a little deeper is indeed a bop

    Cory-SanCory-SanDag siden
  • You lost me when you put Chicken Little over Dinosaur.

    MrWhatdafuBOOMMrWhatdafuBOOMDag siden
  • 18:00 Well, it happened to white people too. Brave had the mom turned into a bear and they're white iirc. BUT I understand what you're telling us.

    Pokémon Trainer JacobPokémon Trainer JacobDag siden
  • I really don't know why your ranking videos always get me emotional

    Amanda LopesAmanda LopesDag siden
  • My aunt is a huge sucker for movie characters, so when Oh had his fakeout death in Home, she started screaming "NOOO!". Hate on Home all you want, but that was really fun to witness.

    FilmBucketFilmBucketDag siden
  • huh, I guess home on the range and home DO both have home in the title

    mzelk99mzelk99Dag siden
  • “Pull the lever Schaffrilas.” **21Frames of nick apears** “WRONG LEVER!”

    Dalek 446Dalek 446Dag siden
  • If you loved treasure planet as a kid, just don't watch it as an adult; it's really not that great and I am sad I don't look at it the same way anymore😔

    Penny AndersenPenny AndersenDag siden
  • So wait, when does 101 delmations fit into this?

    Wild HarpyWild HarpyDag siden
  • 11:07 Jean Kirstean, is that you?

    Rotting DotRotting DotDag siden
  • i like ur vids but i cant let you dis bolt like that its my favourire film ever so please sh

    Trt3lTrt3lDag siden
  • Atlantis is the perfect candidate for a live-action remake. It has all the adult themes and sci-fi wonder of blockbuster movies of the last decade but instead they remake the highest grossing anthropomorphic flicks for the sake of big money and a destruction of the animation medium.

    SlevenSlevenDag siden
  • I thought Meet the Robinsons was garbage as a kid and never revisited it because the visuals and the presentation was utter shit (basically the name of the movie and DVD case says nothing to me). It was released the same year as Ratatouille, like come on Disney was a decade behind Pixar at this point. I will make sure to give it a watch because you wholeheartedly recommend it.

    SlevenSlevenDag siden
  • There's no way you have time for it but you should do a Disney Afternoon ranking

    Smokefan4000Smokefan4000Dag siden
  • The first 3 ranks just feel bitter and jaded

    crushers but less edgy nowcrushers but less edgy nowDag siden
  • Fun story about when I watched Bolt in theatres as a kid: About 15 Minutes into the story, a man and his daughter came in and apparently had cards for the row behind us. But there was already a woman with her two kids, who refused to get up despite being in the wrong seat. So, obviously, the man and the woman started arguing really loud and disturbed the whole cinema. They actually were so loud, that you couldn't even hear the movie anymore. The staff actually had to pause the movie and drag the two apart, all while most of the kids in the audience were crying, because they wanted to see the movie. In the end, they dragged the woman and her kids out, since she hit the man in the face and actually didn't even have tickets for Bolt, but for some other kids movie that ran at the same time. To make up for the half an hour of disturbance, the staff got everyone ice cream and started the movie over and everything was good. And because I was a dumb young kid, I actually really enjoyed the movie even though today I have little to no memory of what happened in it. What I do remember, is that when the movie was over the man turned to his daughter and said: "Was this really worth the drama?"

    Greta PohlenGreta PohlenDag siden
    • @Pertti Mäkelä That's fine. I just don't really like it anymore. I rewatched it a few months ago and I thought it was pretty boring. But it did have a few good scenes.

      Greta PohlenGreta PohlenDag siden
    • You call yourself dumb because you enjoyed Bolt back then? Wut? :DD I'm 26 and I still love that movie to death. In fact it's my 2nd favorite 2000s Disney movies, just below Lilo & Stitch. Loved the characters, story, music, visuals, animation...

      Pertti MäkeläPertti MäkeläDag siden
  • really surprised that atlantis ranks this high. to me its a classic example of great concepts that were just... not executed. the characters give you their backstory in a two-minute info dump and then never comes up in a meaningful way, the villains are forgetable, the plot is predictable... The art and again, the concepts are great, but everything about the story is just boring.

    BlueRose GardenerBlueRose GardenerDag siden
  • thank you for making the point about main character poc's hardly ever getting to be human all the way through a film. as a kid I was so saddened by it.

    AyArribaAyArribaDag siden
  • Also the only thing I like about meet the Robinsons is the T. rex

    Jennifer RobinsonJennifer RobinsonDag siden
  • feel like this is the Disney i grow up with, all movies has some, little, to none deeper meaning. some of them telling a good story, others doing their job - entertaining kids.

    Sloth BellySloth BellyDag siden
  • Also I hate the villain in dinosaur the carnotar Because the design of it looks so ugly I mean wtf

    Jennifer RobinsonJennifer RobinsonDag siden
    • Copying others opinions with no reason

      Dino Falls 2021Dino Falls 20216 timer siden
  • You do not said terrible things about brother bear that movie is so amazing especially y with all the hard work that was put into it. The music is amazing as well you are being to mean. You need to take a deeper look into the story and characters. Its a story of love between brothers, a mother and her child and learning about other people history and love of nature.

    shadow knightshadow knightDag siden
  • I find it baffling that so many movie reviewers just Don’t Get steampunk (yes this is about Treasure Planet lol)

    opalcitrineopalcitrineDag siden
  • At least he finds Home on the Range to be a decent movie as well like me

    Michael ButlerMichael ButlerDag siden
  • Brother bear wasn't a bad movie tbh but the second one was kinda shit

    Average GamerAverage GamerDag siden
  • Wtf is that soundbite at 26:54 and why am I crying laughing from it?

    Keith D.Keith D.Dag siden
  • Dinosaur has one thing going for it, the Carnotaurus' design is actually pretty cool looking and even a slight bit intimidating. But the rest of the movie isn't good.

  • Wait, chicken little is bad? Havent seen it in a decade and a half but I thought it at least wasnt that big of a train wreck.

    Byron HoltByron Holt2 dager siden
  • My favourite part is how voiceacting in dubbed versions is so much better than original. I'm often suprised how poorly English-speaking world picks actors, even these days. Genuinly language could flip over half of these films. Even most wooden dialogue or terrible joke can be fixed by a change in script and better voiceactors. Of course nothing will save some productions...

    Albert Jachowicz-BrzezińskiAlbert Jachowicz-Brzeziński2 dager siden
  • Honestly, why the fuck are you calling Disney racist for always turning People Of Color into animals? That's just... So dumb and unnecessarily... what's the word... political. Brother Bear - "White" people didn't exist in that setting at that time so "People Of Color" was just... people... Soul - If they had made a white character be the main character of a movie based on one of the greatest things Black people brought the world then they'd have people with torches and pitchforks outside their offices. Emperor's New Groove - ARE YOU *censored* KIDDING ME?! HE. IS. AZTEC! WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE BE WHITE?!

    Banana CatBanana Cat2 dager siden
  • 9:41 MILDLY???!!!

    René D.René D.2 dager siden
  • Who else thought Atlantis and treasure planet were the same film

    Kermit The frogKermit The frog2 dager siden
  • you missed an extremely goofy movie :(

    itzel alcantaraitzel alcantara2 dager siden
    • That's not by the main animation studio

      Morten AanstadMorten AanstadDag siden
  • How does a masterpiece like Brother Bear only have a 38% on RT's? People overlook breathtaking scenes in that movie like The Transformation and Cave Painting scenes and how could you not love Phil Collins songs!

    Harry Thomas PicturesHarry Thomas Pictures2 dager siden
    • Phil Collins is something I personally don't have as much of a problem with in Disney movies, but I just specifically hate it in this movie because it's simply awful but if you actually listened to this video, you'd actually know the answer to the first part of the question

      I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that2 dager siden
  • I wonder what he thinks of Cinderella: a twist in time? 🤔

    Lady MelodyLady Melody2 dager siden
    • @Mr Afton IMO, it's a good movie. (nice animation, good storyline. (at least what I can remember)

      Lady MelodyLady MelodyDag siden
    • It’s a sequel it doesn’t count it’s also bad or so I’m told

      Mr AftonMr AftonDag siden
  • Okay, to me, Brother Bear deserved to be higher on this list

    CollierCollier2 dager siden
  • lol i tough bolt was an obscure dreamworks movie

    santiago carrersantiago carrer2 dager siden
  • "every disney straight to DVD sequel ranked" Just make it happen man

    ToninTonin2 dager siden
    • @Tonin I don't think it's worth making a long-ass video if you're not gonna do anything informative with it

      I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatDag siden
    • @I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that I mean, they're all bad, but there's some worse than others, I think it would be funny seeing him trying to find something of value in this pile of trash

      ToninToninDag siden
    • 1. Cinderella 3 : A Twist in Time Everything else doesn't matter

      Valen Arts AnimationValen Arts Animation2 dager siden
    • It's kinda pointless to rank a gigantic list of movies that are all bad for similar reasons

      I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that2 dager siden
  • noice

    Payton JohnsonPayton Johnson2 dager siden

    jeonghan supremacistjeonghan supremacist2 dager siden
  • i love bolt 😭

    jeonghan supremacistjeonghan supremacist2 dager siden

    jeonghan supremacistjeonghan supremacist2 dager siden
  • I’m happy to see Atlantis get such a high rank because it’s my 3rd favorite Disney movie. My favorite is Tron and 2nd is Wreck it Ralph.

    Eric BreauxEric Breaux2 dager siden
  • The only thing I remember that I liked about chicken little was the song played when chicken little and his dad arrive home at night

    Solaris 75Solaris 752 dager siden
  • Unpopular Opinion time: -I love Chicken Little.-

    MissMinglesMissMingles2 dager siden
  • Do a vid about the disney channel series

    Nunja BusinessNunja Business2 dager siden
  • I still enjoy Dinosaur and Bolt a lot. I think Dinosaur has some childhood nostalgia thrown in, but I do like the dinosaur plot (I do admit the lemurs are kinda meh). Maybe bc I always liked documentaries and this lowkey has that documentary feel to it. I also deeply enjoy Bolt to this day lmao. Home on the Range was my Chicken Little (tho I also watched that one tons). I'm a weird person bc most people's favorites arent mine? I really cant enjoy Emperor's, the humor and characters just dont work for me. I havent managed to make it past the 30min mark on any of my Atlantis rewatches, and I genuinely dislike Princess and the Frog. From a technical standpoint its beautiful but I just. dont. like it :/ in a personal scale I'd lump it back with Emperor or Atlantis on the lower end of my list. Meanwhile, I really love Meet the Robinsons, Lilo n Stitch is a given and I actually really love Brother Bear! Its not a favorite but it would probably make my top 5 of this decade. I see the tonal dissonances but idk. I like it. This decade is so weird for me and I've yet to find someone with a similar ranking as me, so maybe I'm just weird lmao

    Annie LynchAnnie Lynch2 dager siden
  • I call these 10 disney movies, the disney wanna-sience: ( aka i know some of these movies aren't officially disney, but i don't care) Ducktales the movie Poohs great adventure Doug's 1st movie Toy story Toy story 2 A bugs life fantasia 2000 nightmare before chrisstmas james and the giant peach and Anastasia

    kevin kaluakevin kalua2 dager siden
  • Tiana was doing Naveen a huge favor and it backfired on her FOR WHAT!? Why was it so bad that she had the goal of opening a restaurant at any cost

    Savannah FSavannah F2 dager siden
  • Please make a video on Meet the Robinsons! I love that movie!

    Little miss transgender!Little miss transgender!2 dager siden
    • Did you miss the part where he said he was gonna do that?

      I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that2 dager siden
  • I still love chicken little but watching it as an adult I was like holy SHIZ everyone in this is mf AWFUL. It’s honestly so bad that it’s good. 😂

    wolfylover4everwolfylover4ever2 dager siden
  • There isn't a single thing from dinosaur on the thumbnail and nobody noticed lmao

    this channel is hyper super ultra alpha omega gaythis channel is hyper super ultra alpha omega gay2 dager siden
    • @Silver Something oops didn't notice

      this channel is hyper super ultra alpha omega gaythis channel is hyper super ultra alpha omega gay19 timer siden
    • There's a dinosaur above Pacha

      Silver SomethingSilver Something21 time siden
  • Things I gotta point out in this: I watched treasure planet a few days before watching this, and man did it bring back some good memories, it was shame to hear that it actually did poorly when it came to revenue, although I suppose it was one of those covered gems that could’ve used some work. I’d have to say that Princess and the Frog was a pretty good movie as well, and had one of the most intense villain death scenes I’ve seen in a Disney movie, overall I’d say you did quite with choosing what movie goes where in the ranks, especially 1-5, very good job! I figure I should also mention that seeing some of these movies again really let me get a better view of it, as I’m now 18 and I saw all of these movies as a kid, and man there’s so many hidden things I’ve missed, or how I didn’t take much into note about the environment and characters and etc., overall I’d definitely need to go through all these movies again and see what I missed. As the great mighty Kronk once said: *Oh yeah, it’s all coming together*

    Kaiden SchneiderKaiden Schneider2 dager siden

    GingerMan 308GingerMan 3082 dager siden
  • Dr. Facilier is one of my favorite villains. He is just so smooth.

    Gaming GregGaming Greg2 dager siden
  • I wish more people would get Treasure Planet, it brings tears to my eyes

    Michael CorbalisMichael Corbalis2 dager siden
    • @1992disney I am happy that I decided to step away from your idiotic comments for a day because I don't feel angry about it anymore. I am having a blast watching someone who I never thought could be so arrogant and so blind to the world around him

      I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that15 timer siden
    • @I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that/videos/videos Oh really? You're the one who's being toxic here by being a both smartass and a troll (your channel name says it all, no doubt). If the majority of the public says that a movie like TP is good and underrated, then it's a fact. And if the majority of the public says that a movie like Atlantis is mediocre and forgettable, then it's also a fact. So the majority of what the public says about the quality of movies does matter because it's the only proper way to determine it's actual quality and worth. If you can't accept that fact, then that makes YOU the one who's incapable of accepting facts, not people like me. Did I even say that I own those movies? No I didn't, you moron. I guess you don't take animation seriously and see it as a form of entertainment and a medium for storytelling, do you? And what exactly do you mean that people like me have "no significance" when it comes to both animation and entertainment? What point are you trying to make here?

      1992disney1992disneyDag siden
    • @1992disney There is no such thing as "the truth" when it comes to watching entertainment projected on a screen that is just a bunch of drawings on computer graphics Seriously, for something so simple, you take it way too toxically. It's fine if you love Treasure Planet so much but behavior like this leads up to absolutely nothing. You clearly don't have the capability to accept the fact that you do not own these movies and decide what people should think of them. You're just an individual of over a million here that has no significance

      I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatDag siden
    • @I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that/videos That's because you're not willing to listen to the truth and take valid constructive criticism seriously, especially when it's actually warranted. You honestly think that you know better than people like me? Think again. Facts don't care about your feelings. Deal with it.

      1992disney1992disneyDag siden
    • @I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that/videos Those movies are underrated because of how little love, attention, recognition, credit, and representation they get on a daily basis from the companies that made them. How often do you see any merch of those movies that you mentioned? Not very much. And how often do you see the same companies that produced those movies that you mentioned post about them on their official social media pages on a daily basis? Not very much either. You wanna know why it's always been that way? It's all because of that bogus, delusional, and biased mindset that the greedy higher-ups have that if a movie like TP, Iron Giant, and Megamind bombed at the box-office, then that means it sucks, nobody likes it, and it's not worth caring about at all, when in reality, that's not always the case. Movies like those three that you mentioned were just victims of bad and/or minimal marketing and poor timing, usually due to the lack of faith the execs had on them being blockbuster hits and potential franchises. So they care less about quality and actual audience reception and more about profit, of course. That's why they always rather play it safe than take risks like those same three movies had. They don't want movies that take their audiences seriously nor do they even want to provide ones that are legitimately high-quality, timeless, creative, imaginative, memorable, intelligent, unique, meaningful, wholesome, complex, mature, well-made, well-written, and well-executed with both style AND substance. They only want movies that they believe will get butts in theater seats and especially ones that are more "marketable". And that's exactly why they won't ever bother to give those movies that underperformed a second chance, no matter how much demand there is for them. So saying that they're not underrated just because of their large and devoted fanbases and all the praise they get from those who have discovered and seen them, is just plain ignorant.

      1992disney1992disneyDag siden
  • Rank pokemon movies

    Zachary GateZachary Gate2 dager siden
  • Í lækit 8 7

    Dóra BjörnsdóttirDóra Björnsdóttir2 dager siden
  • growing up i really liked Dinosaur. just goes to show you can't trust kid's opinions whatsoever

    Rachel LRachel L2 dager siden
  • I like that you made a trope about race. What a good little white savior you are.

    VoidakenVoidaken3 dager siden
  • 11:15 Why does that suck? Are you gonna tell me for a baby Twitter reason?

    VoidakenVoidaken3 dager siden
  • It like waching a film for 4 hours and say it’s good

    Spring Trap playerSpring Trap player3 dager siden