Everything GREAT About WandaVision! (Episodes 1-3)

26. mars. 2021
467 707 Ganger

WandaVision! Trying a thing. You look me in the eye tell me this isn't cinema. Or whatever, who cares, you wanted it, here it is. Here's everything right with the first 3 episodes of WandaVision! Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience, Don't Touch That Dial, and Now in Color!
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  • I loved this, PLEASE do the rest of Wandavision and more TV shows that would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! :-D

    pyromaniacpyromaniac11 timer siden
  • You should do Spies in Disguise, it’s an underrated film, and probably Blue Sky’s last.

    Landon GraberLandon Graber12 timer siden
  • You never had a camera inside my Truman Show!

    JoeJoe15 timer siden
  • Cough cough do cough Godzilla cough vs cough Kong cough cough

    Maxtube444Maxtube44417 timer siden
  • Ok, if you are doing tv shows, avatar, it’s a must.

    Matthew WyntonMatthew WyntonDag siden
  • So just wanna say MORE pls

    IPRIPRDag siden
  • Please release you reacting to episodes 3 to 6 then 6 to9

    Saad's GAMING LAND!Saad's GAMING LAND!Dag siden
  • How did I not know until now that all your “For the children,” jokes are referencing Hot Fuzz?

    Unforeseeable 2.0Unforeseeable 2.0Dag siden
  • Loved this, more please and thank you

    Moggy BonesMoggy BonesDag siden
  • Please give me more please please please

    EngeiEngeiDag siden
  • 7:56 Wow the shadow of the bed looks like a witch hat-

    sbsbDag siden
  • love it

    Uffe Kappel skauUffe Kappel skauDag siden
  • You can’t just refer to the butt-legs debate without picking a side. Or can you?

    Onyxx DragonOnyxx DragonDag siden
  • “Because we’re” all in this together, right? Oh he means trapped ahahah

    Abbigayle EspinozaAbbigayle EspinozaDag siden

    Abbigayle EspinozaAbbigayle EspinozaDag siden
  • hehe. Papaya.

    Audrey SunAudrey Sun2 dager siden
  • I’d like to see the rest of the series! This was a lot of fun to watch :)

    Spair MSpair M2 dager siden
  • For the children!! Oh.... Whoopsie..

    CassholevaniaCassholevania2 dager siden
  • If Elizabeth Olsen isn't nominated for an Emmy...? I will...! I will...! Um... I WILL WRITE A STRONGLY WORDED LETTER THEN BITCH ABOUT IT ON FACEBOOK!

    CassholevaniaCassholevania2 dager siden
  • omg the one about the stages of grief...I never really noticed that in the show

    ninetteninette2 dager siden
  • All of the songs from this show have been simultaneously stuck in my head since I watched it and it’s GLORIOUS!

    DesmondDesmond2 dager siden
  • So, I know you probably have some parameters on what qualifies as a “cinematic” tv show, and I honestly don’t really care enough to ask what they are, because Eureka is the exact epitome of the kind of tv show your channel would enjoy, and it’s worth breaking parameters for in my eyes. It’s a great show, and I HIGHLY recommend it, even if not for the channel. But give it a shot if you can!

    The IllusionistThe Illusionist2 dager siden
  • Please do Godzilla VS. King Kong! I think it’s a beautiful film! No only in visuals, but in story and characters! Please consider doing it! :)

    The LagosThe Lagos2 dager siden
  • Another intresting few hints that it's Wanda's chaos magic that people miss is: 1. Mr. Hart has a quick line about all the "chaos" going on in the house. 2. It's only on screen for maybe 5-10 frames, but Mr. Hart is choking on the strawberry Wanda referenced earlier. Originally it was meant for her and vision, but the Harts interrupted them. She then accidentally uses it to keep him from interrupting their life once again.

    August BrownAugust Brown2 dager siden
  • this is great

    FIR4E ProductionsFIR4E Productions2 dager siden
  • If you're willing to do tv reactions I know you did Avatar the last Airbender movie can you react to the actual series?

    alwaysreadinalwaysreadin2 dager siden
  • Lets be real after not just this show, but I guess as far back as Breaking Bad (probably even further back), TV is 100% passable as cinema.

    MissingDinosMissingDinos3 dager siden
  • Could you do the other episodes of Wandavision? Please?

    Anna BroderickAnna Broderick3 dager siden

    JacintaJacinta3 dager siden

    Phoenix LennardPhoenix Lennard3 dager siden
  • every time they say "for the children" i always think of The Stepford Wives

    Phoenix LennardPhoenix Lennard3 dager siden
    • also i don't get the shire jokes that CW keeps making.

      Phoenix LennardPhoenix Lennard3 dager siden
  • Friggin Ralph.

    Anna PAnna P3 dager siden
  • Fun fact if you listen closely at the credits you can hear a woman wailing in sadness so while Wanda may look calm and happy in her false world she is still sad and in greif

    Nicholas MorganNicholas Morgan3 dager siden
    • I’ll have to try that

      Spair MSpair M2 dager siden
  • I am all for "cinema" wins encompassing streaming shows. Bring it on!

    Mark GravesMark Graves3 dager siden
  • Would love to see your thoughts on the secret life of Walter mitty, kathine is in it and is just a beautifully made movie.

    Amy FoodietravelerAmy Foodietraveler4 dager siden
  • I was waiting for this one!

    Rebe RamírezRebe Ramírez4 dager siden
  • 11:53 I can already hear Hank Green running to argue his point

    iListen2SoundiListen2Sound4 dager siden
  • I like how you give small details and expand upon them about what they mean 🙂👍

    Alex AllenAlex Allen4 dager siden

    Carly RosenbloomCarly Rosenbloom4 dager siden
  • But "That was my grandmother's piano." line Had me really hating Wanda when I was rewatching this show. Like did she give him back the piano?

    AzrielliaAzriellia4 dager siden
  • yes i adore wandavision and all that but ummm did cinemawins just make a Hank and John reference???? 11:53 Is BUTT LEGS??!!!! DFTBA

    Kaitlyn BKaitlyn B4 dager siden
  • I don't think Agnes recognized Vision in the first episode she was just confused to who he was.

    Mad Titan ThanosMad Titan Thanos4 dager siden
  • Please do Rango next

    Manuel MoralesManuel Morales5 dager siden
  • Could you please do a everything great about bladerunner or/and bladerunner 2049

    Bunter350nameBunter350name5 dager siden
  • Another time where a character snaps back to reality is during the magic show, when wanda destroys the piano its owner reacts, since it was from his grandma and his way of living

    SasirSasir5 dager siden
  • THIS WAS AWESOME, I loved your analysis comments and having fun with this, I'd definitely want to see the other episodes winned! :)

    The Nerd LOREdThe Nerd LOREd5 dager siden
  • I am a huge fan of haunting of hill house and it's short run time would work well for Cinema wins

    Mason GolliharMason Gollihar5 dager siden
  • Also given the quality this is totally a “cinema” quality content worth winning

    angelstar260angelstar2605 dager siden
  • Really love this overview and so much you picked out and yes Kathryn Is always a win

    angelstar260angelstar2605 dager siden
  • Can’t wait for the rest of these

    Sadiki St. George-NgirwaSadiki St. George-Ngirwa5 dager siden
  • i kinda feel the "for the children" line is referencil to hot fuzz "for the greater good" line

    Quick GamesQuick Games6 dager siden
  • "noping her way to the seventies" is one of the best sentences ive ever heard. have i mentioned how much i love cinemawins?

    a persona person6 dager siden
  • "2020 change the definition of a movie" no better quote ever & FIY I've ALWAYS wanted you to win various tv shows as it's something I do now subconsciously. I.e. Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in ST:TNG giving "Q" the Celie (Character in The Color Purple) hand sign in a different variation. Something I only recognized like mid last year.

    Daniel LandDaniel Land6 dager siden
  • Re: gum animation: Yep, Jetsons: The Movie

    Kalendil ZhaoKalendil Zhao6 dager siden
  • I didn't know that was Anya from BTVS! The whole time I was watching, I knew I saw her from somewhere.

    Amber HarrisAmber Harris6 dager siden
  • The quack maid phenotypically whisper because employer dolly tick towards a murky granddaughter. noxious, rude geranium

    imadeitttimadeittt6 dager siden
  • SPOILERS i am still pissed off about the ending SPOILERS BULLSHIT that wanda was the one who suffered people litterally would rather die then be under her fucking control and that idiot woman says "they'll never know what you sacrificed for them" FUCK RIGHT OFF SHE FUCKING ENSLAVED AND TORTURED THEM TO THE POINT OF THEM WANTING DEATH AND SHE'S THE FUCKING ONE WHO SUFFERED FUCK RIGHT OFF SHOW WANDA IS THE MONSTER HERE

    Drunken AssassinDrunken Assassin6 dager siden
  • Please do WW1984

    Monica DomangueraMonica Domanguera6 dager siden
  • "Wesanford Glousterview" A fun nod to Hot Fuzz...

    Asad Ullah AhmedAsad Ullah Ahmed6 dager siden
  • I like it. Do more 👍🏾

    Anthony ToroAnthony Toro6 dager siden
  • Yes I love this can't wait for the rest

    WoodyWoody6 dager siden
  • I love the experimentation in wanda vision the sitcom style is really something you don't expect

    ChanaBananna HanleyChanaBananna Hanley6 dager siden
  • 12:15 Anya as in Anya the witch Nani? *theme plays* Yare Yare Daze

    Jo Jo_SPJo Jo_SP6 dager siden
  • 3:40 I think you should've put " before the so it says "the office" job

    Jo Jo_SPJo Jo_SP6 dager siden
  • Oh yeah some people (idiots) think this channel and Cinama sins is by the same people

    Jo Jo_SPJo Jo_SP6 dager siden

    LucyboyLucyboy6 dager siden
  • WandaVision ended up being a real joy to watch, I was very interested in the concept of the show, but I didn’t think I would end up loving it as much as I did. I also can’t wait to see you gush over “Agatha All Along,” that song is just so catchy and fun, I am sure that you got a real kick out of hearing it too.

    Morgan YoungMorgan Young6 dager siden
  • "Poor Anya. I mean: Honesty!" You know, if there was a Cinema Wins on the Buffy series, "Anya-sty" would be its own win category.

    Cory StanishCory Stanish6 dager siden
  • Video 28 of asking for Jurassic Park

    M.R. MISMM.R. MISM7 dager siden
  • Thank you so much for doing this. I've watched so many shows wondering what you'd have to say about them. So awesome that you're venturing into this territory :)

    Deepti AmbroiseDeepti Ambroise7 dager siden
  • loved it! im a big fan of the show and your channel, really excited about all the easter eggs you pointed out and even noticed some new stuff i hadn't before! im pumped for the rest of the series xD

    Jaron EllerJaron Eller7 dager siden
  • Oh sick he did Wandavision how can he make this video perfect. "Alexis Rose shoulder shimmy" I would have never made that connection but I will never unsee it.

    Kyle CresswellKyle Cresswell7 dager siden
  • And he did not win the beach Boys song playing in the background

    Alan Fawzi Ma'rufAlan Fawzi Ma'ruf7 dager siden
  • 4:10 The Lego Batman movie

    Spaghettiboi33Spaghettiboi337 dager siden
  • They didn't *steal* that house, silly! *spoilers* Vision bought the deed to that plot of land before he was killed. Wanda is standing there holding it before her breakdown. That really is *their* house, or at the very least their land!

    Arosukir6Arosukir67 dager siden
  • 4:48 Bruh... *Smh.*

    The Yesn't UltraThe Yesn't Ultra7 dager siden
  • High key would love a avatar last Airbender cinema win

    Shawn The CyborgShawn The Cyborg7 dager siden
  • How about Star Trek Discovery?

    Michael PappMichael Papp7 dager siden
  • def think covering shows works for this and the falcon and the winter soldier, and possibly mandalorian but don’t think it should go much farther than that. but honestly if you decide to i think it’ll still be great content, i love your vids

    John BreitbergJohn Breitberg7 dager siden
  • Can you do some videos of mandalorion or falcon and the winter soldier? Just a request, love your content...

    brad the phantom feat.brad the phantom feat.7 dager siden
  • When are you doing the rest of the episodes and the snydercut ?

    maitrey singhmaitrey singh7 dager siden
  • Please, please please do over the garden wall

    Sommer RSommer R7 dager siden
  • Just wanted to say thank you for making this series. CinemaWins is.....ALWAYS a win!

    The After Work ChefThe After Work Chef7 dager siden
  • Please please please please make everything great about Who framed Roger Rabbit!

    O KO K7 dager siden
  • Oooh mortal Kombat next week

    Andrew DembouskiAndrew Dembouski7 dager siden
  • Okay but the first episode was the FIFTIES. Love the video but that was KILLING ME the whole time

    jyjryu22799jyjryu227997 dager siden
  • I love the double meaning of the harts breaks, asking why she would go to this town and to stop the hex

    akaNotGamerakaNotGamer7 dager siden
  • Not a win for the mastication joke?

    Team CyborgTeam Cyborg7 dager siden
  • Please do Everything Great About almost any animated DC movie! I would love it if you chose Justice League vs The Fatal Five!

    auden45auden457 dager siden
  • i love it, cinema can be anything :D

    SpectrumTwelveSpectrumTwelve8 dager siden
  • Does this mean Everything Great about The Mandalorian??????????!???? Please?

    Maas MagdwyerMaas Magdwyer8 dager siden
  • I got so creeped out, when vision’s boss started choking, and the wife started laughing and saying “stop it!”

    Zidane ZayedZidane Zayed8 dager siden
  • This show was very well made. I seriously didnt know what to think of it after the first episode plus I didnt know Agnes true character so like after every episode my mind got blown. Very interesting combination of having past sitcoms into a reasonable "world" with modern mystery and consequences. I first thought it was some kind of prison made by something else to mentally torture Wanda but boy did I not see it coming what the true meaning was.

    WdominoWdomino8 dager siden
  • You should do this for black mirror!

    TheSuperheroNerdTheSuperheroNerd8 dager siden
  • Try to Watch the danish movie Druk/another one

    Nikolaj BisgaardNikolaj Bisgaard8 dager siden
  • Ok i loved this and i am so glad you did it!! WandaVision was amazing and i was hoping you were going to do a video on it (even tho its Cinema wins). I do have an ask for a film to do... maybe the princess bride?

    Charlotte DoranCharlotte Doran8 dager siden
  • Hey there @cinemawins - this is totally out of the blue, but i 1000% think you should cover Arrival. It's one of those movies where the first viewing blows you away, but you gain a deeper appreciation for it the more times you watch it. So many good things to say about the film and I'd love to hear your take

    Brecker FergusonBrecker Ferguson8 dager siden
  • should do an everything great about Tarzan

    Steele XSteele X8 dager siden
  • Surely Mr. Robot All time favorite show / movie / short film

    Rugby BeentjesRugby Beentjes8 dager siden
  • At the start of episode 1 on the bottom of visions newspaper we see the end of episode meal

    Aj the trexAj the trex8 dager siden