EVERYTHING TO DO At Max Level and What To Do FIRST

28. nov.. 2020
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There's a lot to do at max level in Shadowlands, so lets talk about everything you can do, and what to do first.
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    SignsOfKelaniSignsOfKelani3 måneder siden
    • @Wilder Brodie I am trying it out right now. Looks good so far :)

      Nolan GeorgeNolan George3 dager siden
    • not sure if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal account hacker :)

      Wilder BrodieWilder Brodie3 dager siden
  • You are terrible at explaining this shit

    Sage LifeSage Life4 dager siden
  • I'm returning from a very long break and had to start with a fresh account so I'm definitely working on mount collecting for now.

    ohh whoopsohh whoops14 dager siden
  • I didn't know the guy from digital foundry played WoW.

    IamlegendIamlegendMåned siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    King_King_Måned siden
  • just lost in SL fml

    Phil JayPhil JayMåned siden
  • I take it this lol kicks in once the campaign is finished, as opposed to hitting 60?

    Belfast BikerBelfast BikerMåned siden
  • holding up with my achieves here mostly. So basically doing all in sight :) Ty for the video, very helpfull one

    Billi Babkus1Billi Babkus12 måneder siden
  • I am a new player and just hit 60 thank you for this video

    Raymond WongRaymond Wong2 måneder siden
  • Yo that pvp guy with the arena quest. Gør some reason, whenever i earn honor in unrated arenas i dont get Any progression, anyone have the same problem or a fix?

    ralleksralleks2 måneder siden
  • What are these nice hp bars? Looks tidy

    S LevytskyS Levytsky2 måneder siden
  • Hit max level and 4 seconds later got invited to a heroic raid and downed 3 bosses. I love my guild lol.

    Beaux ClydeBeaux Clyde2 måneder siden
  • Such a worthless garbage fake mmo. I saw three other players from 50 to 60.

    TSIXGamingTSIXGaming2 måneder siden
  • Very helpful and well made. Thanks

    Serpo FiveSerpo Five2 måneder siden
  • Honestly at first all of the new systems hit you in the face like a sucker punch and you are overwhelmed by this new wave of tons and tons of stuff to do. But after you clear that learning curve, everything falls into place in such a nice way that you get to choose on what to progress without getting too far behind on other stuff. And honestly it’s a pretty fun grind so far, i’m having a blast. Though i don’t see myself getting stuff done on an alt for now, i see how it can be kinda easy but at the same time it would get VERY time consuming.

    Breathing DebrisBreathing Debris2 måneder siden
  • Good lord at the number of systems.

    Alex WhiddonAlex Whiddon2 måneder siden
  • So many currencies

    TacticoolGruntTacticoolGrunt3 måneder siden
  • Thank you

    Zephyrine StarZephyrine Star3 måneder siden
  • anyone else still not have a level 60 yet? i've been working a ton lately and haven't been able to quest very much :'(

    Danny SoderbergDanny Soderberg3 måneder siden
    • How is it now?

      Don't trust the NWODon't trust the NWO2 måneder siden
  • Hey Kelani, not sure if you'll read this, but what is the addon you use for enemy healthbars where it clearly displays the debuffs on top?

    Valerie AustValerie Aust3 måneder siden
  • As a casual player who is unlikely to ever raid, there are only 2 covenants that I would even consider - Venthyr or Necrolord. These are the only 2 zones that have been tolerable so far, and I assume that doing things for the covenant requires going back to the respective zone (I assume this but am not sure since I just hit 60). Even though Night Fae is supposed to be best for my hunter, I couldn't wait to get through with that zone and would not be sad if I never had to go back there again. Absolutely horrendous look to the zone (like Ashenvale on candy-coated steroids) and the storyline just seemed phoned in. Besides, no self-respecting orc would ever be a Night Fae. I'd rather be eaten by my own pet. Venthyr zone had a great story and look, but the Necrolord abilities seem a bit better (although the Venthyr blink is kind of cool), so it's a tough choice.

    DocSardoDocSardo3 måneder siden
    • Upon reviewing the armor transmogs and faction mounts, it's Necrolord all the way for my orcs. There really is no other choice.

      DocSardoDocSardo3 måneder siden
  • Sorry but you just start talking about torgast as if we should know wtf it is or how to even find it. what the fuck? are you just trying to show us that you know things or show us how to do things?

    Ryan CalogeroRyan Calogero3 måneder siden
  • Will the Stygia you collected expire if you have to get out of the Maw from Curse of the Jailer before turning it in, or can you just bank it all and turn it in whenever you remember?

    SleepyMoogleSleepyMoogle3 måneder siden
  • too many damned currencies!!!

    IshongarIshongar3 måneder siden
  • I feel like you've released this same video 10 times so far

    Steven BonnellSteven Bonnell3 måneder siden
  • If I only want to PVP, is all this necessary?

    michael danielmichael daniel3 måneder siden
    • You should get soul ash to craft a legendary, there is pvp power for that purpose. i think renown level is also important for being able to upgrade your pvp gear

      Bjørn NilsenBjørn Nilsen3 måneder siden
  • I just hit 60 and was trying to figure out what to work on. I havnt done mythics yet so that's something that could keep me busy

    Sarah PaulSarah Paul3 måneder siden
  • What am I doing? Drowning in all the weekly/daily objectives but still enjoying it all!

    BeutimusBeutimus3 måneder siden
  • Great informative video as usual! Great job! :)

    Andrea ConteAndrea Conte3 måneder siden
  • Renown, aka season-pass

    Willy BeamishWilly Beamish3 måneder siden
  • Hella helpful dude thankyou!

    Kyle GallagherKyle Gallagher3 måneder siden
  • Shameful admission - I didn't even realize there was a downstairs under the inn.

    Callie CCallie C3 måneder siden
    • Nor did I lolol. Just did not bother with the innkeeper's quest line

      Dunanjay ChundurDunanjay Chundur2 måneder siden
  • No :)

    AgarwaenGAgarwaenG3 måneder siden
  • Awesome video my dude!

    RoosterRCRoosterRC3 måneder siden
  • Another endgame expansion? Max level because there isnt anything in between content wise? Sounds like another flop. Ppl will be quiting by next month.

    Sabal MalSabal Mal3 måneder siden
    • Expansions almost always center on endgame, besides that levelling is ridiculously fast. I don't have heirlooms or any sort of help, in BFA it took me months to hit max level. Here it took 2 weeks for 2 characters. Also, the 60 req initially is just for your first character, to establish what is going on in the Shadowlands. After that, right from 50 you can skip the whole questline to jump into covenants and all the endgame content early. Edit: except the Maw. You need to be level 60 for that.

      CrazyDolphinCrazyDolphinMåned siden
  • Thank you for the guide.

    Skilla ThrillaSkilla Thrilla3 måneder siden
  • Did all my dalies and was able to do 3 mythic's at 170 rn and having so much fun with my Prot pally :)

    Daniel MirandaDaniel Miranda3 måneder siden
    • Doing mythics on my prot pala as well, I have to say it's damn fun, I started at 160 something ilvl and it was quite easy, now that I hit 181 it's even easier.

      FriendWithADemonFriendWithADemon3 måneder siden
  • This is stressing me out just listening to all the things you have to do by the end of week. I was thinking about coming back but I don't feel like keeping up with all that.

    Jason SJason S3 måneder siden
    • @Stefan Pavlovic and thats all we do until the next expansion hits in 2 years :D

      Deelight2Deelight23 måneder siden
    • @P4TRICCS I get it. WoW kinda just isn't worth it when you have a limited game time. But I feel this is much better than bfa. You dont have to farm any azerite shit. Just do a couple of quests if you feel like it and bye. But maybe I just haven't played enough to get annoyed 😅

      Stefan PavlovicStefan Pavlovic3 måneder siden
    • @Stefan Pavlovic yeah but still feel overwhelmed and doesn't feel worthy if i have usually around 5-6 hour free time a day and other games to play while this one has subscription 😅 otherwise i wouldn't care a bit about grind problems because i wouldn't feel like i had to kuch things before the end.

      P4TRICCSP4TRICCS3 måneder siden
    • Yeah, I got overwhelmed when I hit 60. But you dont have to do all of it. I usually just do a couple of quests, maybe rbgs and I'm off.

      Stefan PavlovicStefan Pavlovic3 måneder siden
    • Same here. This is still to much

      P4TRICCSP4TRICCS3 måneder siden
  • It feels pretty overwhelming honestly but it might be because I haven’t built a routine yet. I’m sure once I wrap my head around everything there is to do I’d be much less overwhelmed. I noticed there are more weekly based objectives rather than daily objectives this time around which is nice. As always, great video.

    EfritEfrit3 måneder siden
    • How is it now? I am at 60 and already did some stuff but brooooo there is so much to do I am still overwhelmed

      Don't trust the NWODon't trust the NWO2 måneder siden
  • Way too much to do in my opinion

    Eric CecilEric Cecil3 måneder siden
  • im not able to que for specific dungeons.

    Jinxy catJinxy cat3 måneder siden
    • Have you hit the point where you chose a covenant? Also, if you have, check the tiny bar just above the queue screen, that is where to switch from random dungeons to specific ones.

      CrazyDolphinCrazyDolphinMåned siden
  • Thx I didn't know that was a weekly kill in the maw it don't have a weekly boss Icon so it didn't make sense and friend keeps killing it wondering why he gets nothing it isn't explained or showed in game its only weekly i do everything else already day 3 :D

    Kaiser DragonTVKaiser DragonTV3 måneder siden
  • Since there is a hard-cap on renown, will this mean that every alt has to go through the same ~7 weeks of renown gathering?

    ParetozenParetozen3 måneder siden
    • I am hoping not. I think it would be possible to keep going, but, right now the quests are weekly to stay current.

      EgadtheEganEgadtheEgan3 måneder siden
  • @3:42 uhm.... you can DEFINITELY earn more than 610 Soul ash a week. I have 810 (maybe 820). Do not skip any of the Tourgast halls. they ALL provide at LEAST a little soul ash, even if you've done the higher ones.

    Dan TilemDan Tilem3 måneder siden
    • I have read more wowhead and realize that the 200+ soul ash I have came from the weekly quest, not Tougast itself. Now kicking myself for doing all 3 wings for both places but glad for the enjoyment it brought anyway.

      Dan TilemDan Tilem3 måneder siden
  • Hey folks this is Melani :D

    Lechu NSLechu NS3 måneder siden
  • So its basically a full time job again.

    llMcSH4DYllllMcSH4DYll3 måneder siden
  • "Alt friendly" don't get me wrong in loving sl but I aint seeing much time for alts

    ThewestisthebestThewestisthebest3 måneder siden
    • @Plugged In oh yea you got plenty of time to gear up and get into end game, I see people recruiting for heroic prog all the time

      ThewestisthebestThewestisthebestMåned siden
    • Just revved up WoW again after taking the second half of BFA off due to RL commitments. I don’t have time to raid competitively anymore so looking to do mythic + when I can and maybe jumping into some normal / heroic pug raids. Is it still viable to just run mythic plus and have competitive gear?

      Plugged InPlugged InMåned siden
    • @Schmidt Hendrix totally agree

      Liam AlexenderLiam Alexender2 måneder siden
    • Haha same

      Arraney and Co.Arraney and Co.2 måneder siden
    • I agree Big time

      Tomas FloresTomas Flores2 måneder siden
  • What to do first when Level 60? Well, delete the Game, of course!

    MafinekoMafineko3 måneder siden
  • "theres so much to do in shadowlands" video is only 12 mins long, with a full 1 min intro. kek

    Donnie CarlsonDonnie Carlson3 måneder siden
  • Too much to remember as a new player it so overwhelming I’m level 55 and I have no idea what I am gonna do when I hit 60

    CutlerTheCourageous 2CutlerTheCourageous 23 måneder siden
    • @CutlerTheCourageous 2 I play with a couple rl friends. Continue the covenant campaign

      Piccolo’s happy thoughtsPiccolo’s happy thoughts3 måneder siden
    • @Piccolo’s happy thoughts yeah just hit 60 bro and picked night fae I’m desperate for EU players to play with on my twitch streams but can’t find any at all any ideas where to look?

      CutlerTheCourageous 2CutlerTheCourageous 23 måneder siden
    • Just follow the campaign

      Piccolo’s happy thoughtsPiccolo’s happy thoughts3 måneder siden
  • iam still lvling my main:P

    lullecklulleck3 måneder siden
  • so. many. systems.. jesus

    Tor Inge EgebakkenTor Inge Egebakken3 måneder siden
  • Weirdly enough venthir and nightfey I feel are pretty dominant in terms of performance.

    equitine _equitine _3 måneder siden
    • dont forget about kyrian being the dominant dps covenant for most classes lmfao

      Kev EnKev En3 måneder siden
    • Much depends on the class and spec in this regard. I main a resto druid and I find the class covenant ability of Necrolords absolutely awesome. Basically a 20% on-demand increase in HoT healing and also a HoT that counts towards my mastery (increases overall healing to the target for each HoT active on them).

      Макар ЗыряновМакар Зырянов3 måneder siden
  • Oh god, so much to do. Starting to feel overwhelmed. Anima? Renowned?

    jet44444jet444443 måneder siden
    • That's literally all of it. There is just a shit ton of content worth doing for once surrounding those two systems. Dungeons are fun, rares are fun, world quests are fairly decent for once, crafting is fun again(debatable but the crazy prices don't lie), legendaries are fun etc...

      TNTspazTNTspaz3 måneder siden
    • It’s so much stuff I literally for the first time have swapped from considering myself a pvper to a pver. I absolutely fucking love the amount of different types of content there are and it does not feel like I NEED to do something at all!

      SirGoldenPantsSirGoldenPants3 måneder siden
    • @Just Jabbering yeah I hear ya. Grats for the Ding btw!

      Liam AlexenderLiam Alexender3 måneder siden
    • @Liam Alexender I can definitely relate to that. I work and have a couple little ones myself....one of which is 4 months. Pretty much my only play time is if I wake up early while everyone is asleep. I almost didn't buy it because of that. But I'm still having fun...finally hit 60 this morning.

      Just JabberingJust Jabbering3 måneder siden
    • @Just Jabbering yeah looks good but if it takes forever to farm the currency for said vendors then we are always behind. I have a son and full time job. Responsible adults shouldn’t be punished.

      Liam AlexenderLiam Alexender3 måneder siden
  • Dope video did not know about dung and pvp daily

    thelitepredatorthelitepredator3 måneder siden
  • This game sounds more grindy than ever before.

    KimmKimm3 måneder siden
    • most is optional! Only serious pushers have to do all of the content there is.

      Landry MizeLandry Mize3 måneder siden
    • I thought I was the only one that felt this way..

      Offbreed 309Offbreed 3093 måneder siden
  • I got a 101 soul ash mission on my table today. Was pretty surprised

    Cb1scu1tCb1scu1t3 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or is anyone else getting gear with shit stats but need the item level lol

    PotluckPotluck3 måneder siden
  • I feel lost trying to keep track of all the currencies, resources, rep, conduits, soul binds, dailies, weeklies, sanctum upgrades, renown, callings, crafting, legendaries, missions, companions, dungeons, pvp - it's already overwhelming and more keeps showing up. I hope it turns out to be fun, but right now it feels like a second full time job, except I'm more overworked than in my real job.

    syzygy10syzygy103 måneder siden
    • No shit..im already tired of it. =(

      kim quewezancekim quewezanceMåned siden
    • @TheDanish i second this. I have played at my own pace. Like for example first days i was just checking out the systems and seeing what i liked, no thoughts about ilvl or anything. And in the past two days without playing that much i hit ilvl 160 while already having my mats and most of ashes to craft my lego. Now i’ll start mythics as i progress through the weeklies and stuff. It’s a pretty nice flow tbh

      Breathing DebrisBreathing Debris2 måneder siden
    • Thankfully very little of it is "required" for power progression. I feel the opposite, no pressure at all. I can get my mandatory weeklies done at my own pace, and spend a lot more time doing the content I'm really here for (dungeons)

      TheDanishTheDanish3 måneder siden
    • I know right?!

      jet44444jet444443 måneder siden
  • God damnit another xpac they make me run around and do chores..

    fittiskogenfittiskogen3 måneder siden
  • Wich nameplate addons is he using?

    Pedro PolettiPedro Poletti3 måneder siden
    • Threat plates

      lz westsidelz westside3 måneder siden
  • What addon is that that shows the percent bars over enemies?

    Jake RossonJake Rosson3 måneder siden
  • Doing side quests can be useful!! There are quests for the other dungeons you unlock at 60 that reward 750 anima each!

    Julien Cliff-HeraultJulien Cliff-Herault3 måneder siden
  • You should make a spread sheet of sorts. Like a tl:dr of weekly and daily thing. Would be nice to have on other monitor

    Ari MartinezAri Martinez3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for the guide. It sucks to constantly have the mission table every xpac, but I guess some people like it. 🤷‍♂️

    Low LightLow Light3 måneder siden
    • I liked previous iterations of the table. I am not a fan of this one currently. I can't hit the skip sequence fast enough.

      EgadtheEganEgadtheEgan3 måneder siden
  • There is another weekly if you're alliance: "Against overwhelming odds", that rewards 500 anima. It's right next to the weekly BG questgiver.

    werewolf1ewerewolf1e3 måneder siden
  • You are on point with this video. It is 810 soul ash for the week, not 610, though. :) I am enjoying the expansion very much, but I wish that Blizzard would put in the game that there was a cap on Renown of 3. I spent a lot of time grinding out my quests for Renown 4 and kept going to the person for the next step and there was nothing there. Alas, wowhead saved me.

    WolfmanXX77WolfmanXX773 måneder siden
  • I'm having more fun now than I did in bfa and legion. Asking as everything else is good shadowlands might turn out the be an actual good expac

    EazyEazy3 måneder siden
    • The only complaining I've even heard has been about time gateing and then peoples personal gripes over the legendaries. The launch was the smoothest it's been in multiple xpacs and it actually feels worth while prepping for the raid because literally everything is fun. Ironically I think torghast, the system people thought would revive the game, is the thing I want to do the least. They improved so many other things and all the dungeons are crazy fun, with mythics having actual cool mechanics with some working as decent raid prep bosses. Just the first three bosses of the raid look so much fun. Especially the healer focused boss.

      TNTspazTNTspaz3 måneder siden
  • In first 5 minutes there are content like in 2 previous expansions together. So many new things Jesus this can't be finished in first week no way if you're not playing like 6 hours per day. Plus it should be noticed that this expansion, gold is more relevant than ever just because of crafting, so if you;re not into your first couple of milions of gold, you MUST have them if you want to progress with crafting your own legendary. Not mention to craft for your 2-3-4 alts as well, as they also needs to finish everything like main character does. This expansion is straight NUTS.

  • I'm making gold, farming mounts, doing all weekly stuff and leveling alts and I made over 100k in 2 days not bad

    MartinSVKMartinSVK3 måneder siden
    • @JESUS LIFTUS Now he's probably discouraged from playing. Good job bro.

      The Son of SunsThe Son of Suns3 måneder siden
    • How do yo you "make gold" And more important. You lvl alts from 1 to 60? I want to lvl a paladin but im afraid im going to be left behind if i take that much time

      vladimir alvarezvladimir alvarez3 måneder siden
  • So I have to complete all campaign quests to unlock renown quests?

    Bogdan 'Bogdan '3 måneder siden
  • So many lies/unnacurate info in this guy's videos..... I'd recommend you get your Wow information from another channel.

    Raul M.Raul M.3 måneder siden
  • two renown quest???I only got one the 1000 anima quest

    MsbubuMsbubu3 måneder siden
  • What are the signs of kelani?

    Jeswin SamJeswin Sam3 måneder siden
  • I smashed out epic BGs to get all my gear to ilvl 171 then smashed out Mythics to get to a 176 ilvl. BGs was dope!

    James KnightJames Knight3 måneder siden
    • @Nick epic battlegrounds. :)

      James KnightJames Knight3 måneder siden
    • What are epic bgs?

      NickNick3 måneder siden
  • My dad loves your shit.

    BrandonBrandon3 måneder siden
  • "As everyone is hitting end game..." Yeah, I'm still 57.

    EVERSONGEVERSONG3 måneder siden
    • @JezzyHsu I loved BFA, but I'll say this: shadowlands is much, much better.

      EVERSONGEVERSONG3 måneder siden
    • @Simkont how do you lvl alter 1-60?

      vladimir alvarezvladimir alvarez3 måneder siden
    • I haven’t even started. Been busy

      Nathan MillerNathan Miller3 måneder siden
    • @Roland Kovacs Yea that's rough:/ Thankfully my friends all agreed to play on a medium pop server this xpac:)

      SimkontSimkont3 måneder siden
    • @Simkont I’m just getting to 60 since 2 hours queue each day made it a bit difficult to get into the game after work 😅

      Roland KovacsRoland Kovacs3 måneder siden
  • I prefer these so much over bell's ultra long videos

    MangoMango3 måneder siden
    • ​@Mango Your progression is tied with your Renown level,. I don't consider spreading false information about it a "relatively small detail". And you saying that he actually corrected this statement in another one of his vids and didn't change the name of this video makes his purpose quite obvious.

      Raul M.Raul M.3 måneder siden
    • @Raul M. Youre exaggerating first off. It's a relatively minor detail that he's already corrected in one of his other vids. You're getting hung up on a relatively small detail here, unless there's something else pointed out in this vid that is wrong? I like his pace and presentation more and his accuracy is well within the margin of what is acceptable.

      MangoMango3 måneder siden
    • ​@Mango So you are willing to receive false information only because it's better served?

      Raul M.Raul M.3 måneder siden
    • @Raul M. Fair point. Its still a tradeoff im willing to make, though. This vids are way easier to digest and are very accurate save for a few minor details

      MangoMango3 måneder siden
    • Bellular doesnt have false information like Kelani. He said you MUST do things so you dont get left behind when there's actually a catch up system since Day 1 of Shadowlands.

      Raul M.Raul M.3 måneder siden
  • 2:43 "what's the wrath of the jailer event on the map?" "It's his birthday" lol

    Alicia JacobsenAlicia Jacobsen3 måneder siden
  • I wish all quest would be marked on the map, especially those i skipped

    Dome KarlDome Karl3 måneder siden
    • There is an addon which shows you which quests you missed. Think its completionist or something like that

      Patrick KuiperPatrick Kuiper3 måneder siden
  • Did a few heroics and all m0 and already 180. Could even trade 3 items to guildies :)

    Dome KarlDome Karl3 måneder siden
  • Do your covenant stuff and tower....done.

    hvd ivhvd iv3 måneder siden
  • Thanks dude ... love your philosophy regarding the game. Happy hunting and laugh while you’re at it. 😎

    Marauder's WorldMarauder's World3 måneder siden
  • Great video. Just hit max level and finished main story and was kind of confused what to do next. Helped out loads. Cheers

    John McritchieJohn Mcritchie3 måneder siden
  • I'm currently working on my 6th 60 character.

    hypergearhypergear3 måneder siden
  • im struggling to complete the upper breaches as a frost mage :( 165 ilvl.. am i too low?

    ViruxsViruxs3 måneder siden
    • @fuck google It's just having synod as the boss it's difficult. 323k hp as a frost mage is pretty rough. I did it first time i didnt get that boss.

      ViruxsViruxs3 måneder siden
    • @fuck google dude ur the man. *rolls eyes* . guy had issues didn't ask for you to brag like you think you're sweet.

      Jarred WingJarred Wing3 måneder siden
    • @Frank Anderson I didnt really have a problem with the floors. It's just I got synod twice.. which is 326k hp and hardly any single target powers.

      ViruxsViruxs3 måneder siden
    • to the guy saying this is easier as a team: i soloed one wing at level 3 with ilvl 176 (shadowpriest, took two tries cause i had bad powers on my first run), i got it done on the second try easily. then i did the second wing with a dungeon group, myself healing and that was much much harder than soloing.

      LifeloverLifelover3 måneder siden
    • Or try a demon hunter :p vengeance cleara all 3 layers from both sides with mass pulling hehe, with 120 ilvl or so

      ᚨᛚᛃᛖᚾ•ᚠᚨᛒᛖᚱᚨᛚᛃᛖᚾ•ᚠᚨᛒᛖᚱ3 måneder siden
  • Do you have to activate the conductor 10 consecutive days? Or just 10 times total?

    LorenzoLorenzo3 måneder siden
    • 10 times total

      Winth3rWinth3r3 måneder siden
  • Right now I am lvl 59 half way to 60 and just finished the torghast scenario "tutorial". So I got to grind out some side quests to get up to 60. My only real end game things I want to do the rest of the weekend up to reset is get the covenant set up and going and hopefully get torghast done. There is enough endgame stuff to do this expansion that I might writeup a little weekly checklist for myself.

    miker6570miker65703 måneder siden
    • @720shane The way I levelled I only did the main story quests for each zone. And if I need to earn any extra xp after those is when I start on the side quests. I haven't even qued for a dungeon yet. As for revendreath you need to be 60 to pick up the final story quests. So I need to grind out 1/2 a level with the side quests to finish all of the story quests for this expansion (at least on my main ).

      miker6570miker65703 måneder siden
    • You should be level 60 by time you finish the main storyline.

      720shane720shane3 måneder siden
  • Limited play time nowadays i feel like I will be perpetually behind...

    OmnomaxOmnomax3 måneder siden
    • @Omnomax I only have time to practice guitar one hour each week while my friend practices guitar one hour each day. I feel like I’ll always be perpetually behind.... See what I’m saying?

      Darren JonesDarren Jones20 dager siden
    • @Glladorous nono I get that, but how it is rn, you dont get behind on any huge amount. Its like maybe 10-50 dps, and a transmog piece that u wont be able to unlock for maybe another week.

      Brayed KausBrayed Kaus3 måneder siden
    • @Brayed Kaus Well yeah of course but at the same time I think you would agree that I shouldnt be demotivated to play if I wont be able to log on for a week or two.

      GlladorousGlladorous3 måneder siden
    • well people that put in more time should have more stuff

      Brayed KausBrayed Kaus3 måneder siden
    • Meh. Do one mythic 15 dungeon a week eventually and you will never be behind

      Jake K.Jake K.3 måneder siden
  • Man im level 56 and im already bored lmao i guess this game is no longer for me.

    Marcel RodriguezMarcel Rodriguez3 måneder siden
  • On the one hand, i feel bad I haven't got to 60 yet, on the other, I get to watch this before I do!

    scorpious1109scorpious11093 måneder siden
  • I don't mean to be that guy, and I understand it's completely unrelated to the video but.. Does anyone actually look at the names at the end of the video n think 'Yes, I want my name there also' ? Wanting to support is completely different. I'm literally asking if anyone has thought 'I've always wanted my NOtown Account name to be put at the end of a WoW information video'

    Grim Daddy DogGrim Daddy Dog3 måneder siden
  • This is my first wow expansion and this video is still so confusing to me lol I hope it makes sense when I hit 60. Currently 55

    WideEyesGamingWideEyesGaming3 måneder siden
  • If you get the addon named "worldquestlist", you can get a huge list onscreen of all the world quests thats available + its filterable... extremely nice.. The buttons for it is at the top of the world map.

    R ER E3 måneder siden
  • There are so much to do in the expansion like achieve with every other covenant and so on

    EvilspeakEvilspeak3 måneder siden
  • I dont think Shadowlands is gonna be much better than BFA

    Omeid petchamOmeid petcham3 måneder siden
    • 2/10 weak attempt

      KujraKujra3 måneder siden
  • This was so good I watched it twice to I completely get it all and for when guildies keep asking on what is there to do at lvl 60.

    Ardent DfenderArdent Dfender3 måneder siden
  • Your a must watch for every video.

    Ardent DfenderArdent Dfender3 måneder siden
  • Even well explained I’m still fucking confused. This expansion should be called “Systemslands”

    SerenetSerenet3 måneder siden
    • Weekly Maw world quest, Covenant quests, and Oribos Dungeon quest and Torghast which resets weekly as well. Daily covenant quests and Maw World Quests. Lastly, upgrades to your covenant's home base to give some extra things to do.

      CrazyDolphinCrazyDolphinMåned siden
  • I don’t understand this, they make it possible to hit max level in 8 hours if you just do the storyline. I’m almost through the first zone & I am almost lvl 55. Why did they make it so easy to hit max level? Why not make people actually quest through the zones? Now I feel like I have to rush through to keep up with everybody else knowing damn well I will never go back and do all the side quests. Seems pretty stupid to me by the Devs....

    Joe SmithJoe Smith3 måneder siden