Evolution of Fortnite Battle Royale 1990-2021

23. nov.. 2019
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Evolution of Fortnite Battle Royale 1990-2021
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    • yea of course

      Rassim Le magnifiqueRassim Le magnifique12 dager siden
    • This is wheely bet

      Ruben BrouwersRuben BrouwersMåned siden
    • Lol

      Wakolo TanoiWakolo TanoiMåned siden
    • @Erlinda Reyes that copying

      notneverispronotneverispro2 måneder siden
    • It’s not true

      MJ HinojosMJ Hinojos2 måneder siden
  • Fortnite came out in 2017 NOT 1990!

    RedstonePRORedstonePRO2 timer siden
  • Jeez you nailed the old game style perfectly.

    tehcommenterofepictehcommenterofepic4 timer siden
  • Fortnite season 1-8🙂🙂😀😀Fortnite 9 to now🥴🥴🤧🤧🤢🤢🤮🤮🥴🥴

    Meme GangMeme Gang5 timer siden
  • oml the 90s one obviously isn't real, in one seen it litterly shows a john wick skin lol

    NapwaNapwa6 timer siden
  • dude fortnite was made in 2017 not 1990

    Elias GomezElias Gomez9 timer siden
  • 2011 was the start acutly

    Uhh-logiUhh-logi11 timer siden
  • 2006 fortnite was a prototype test

    sebastian romerosebastian romero13 timer siden
  • hey fortnite wasnt even crated on dat time it was created 2017

    Elias Arneving 4Elias Arneving 420 timer siden
  • Lmao people who fell for this ✌️ 👀

    Denise McMahonDenise McMahon23 timer siden
  • Fortnite is made in 2016 or 2017 broo

    eshay bah got a fucking problem ladeshay bah got a fucking problem ladDag siden
  • Dang. I didn’t know Fortnite was a thing in the 1999. I learn something everyday

    BubbleBoiBubbleBoiDag siden
  • The 2011 one was prototype not the real save the world

    ShadowCobraShadowCobraDag siden
  • Lol fornite came out 2017

  • Fortnite came out in 2017

    Cousins DailyCousins DailyDag siden
  • The 2011 is real

    Cozy c1anCozy c1anDag siden
  • En 1990 y'avais pas la saison 4 de fortnite

    coco_te_eezzcoco_te_eezzDag siden
  • Fortnite was made in 2017 lol

    oxar 9000oxar 90002 dager siden
  • Cómo que el 1990 si vas a Google y fornite y te va aparecer cuando salió tonto

    Alfonso ValtierraAlfonso Valtierra2 dager siden
  • Bro it started at 2011

    jasonnetherjasonnether2 dager siden
  • 😐Wait...........what? Fortnite come out in the 90s? I'm born on 1993 which I didn't know that fortnite has been out since 1990

    Anthony Kramer Jr.Anthony Kramer Jr.2 dager siden
    • i cant tell of this is a joke or not

      random godzilla stuff and shitrandom godzilla stuff and shit20 timer siden
  • 1:25 dude that’s the guy from Wolfenstein btw fortnite started in 2017 NOT 1990. I hope you guys know that

    8-bit Sasquatch8-bit Sasquatch3 dager siden
  • The game was made in 2017

    Dylan DurbinDylan Durbin3 dager siden
  • 2006-2021 is nice

    XXXTENTACION is bestXXXTENTACION is best3 dager siden
  • Fortnite's Oldest Video Was Made 6 Years Ago And There Was Fortnite Gameplay

    Ali_ PlayzAli_ Playz3 dager siden
  • Vish FF chora kssk

    REDZINN 007 FFREDZINN 007 FF3 dager siden
  • Its Beautiful! 🤩

    Mrbeast 2.0Mrbeast 2.03 dager siden
  • Why does this exists

    ice-O Antonioice-O Antonio3 dager siden
  • Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this comment! 👊

    OmegaTsuOmegaTsu3 dager siden
    • Early?😂

      Nitro AnimationsNitro Animations2 dager siden
    • Hi

      Improve NowImprove Now2 dager siden
  • Wait john wick didn't exist in 1990

    haruFlashyharuFlashy3 dager siden
  • um fortnite was made in 2017

    Shadow Freddy DuncanShadow Freddy Duncan3 dager siden
  • petenlo a dis like porque todo es falso

    HDavidHDavid3 dager siden
  • Back in 1990

    Rinchu ShuniRinchu Shuni3 dager siden
  • My dad played fortnite when he was 21

    Rinchu ShuniRinchu Shuni3 dager siden
  • Fortnite was made in 2011

    Ethan CollinsEthan Collins4 dager siden
  • Fortnite wasn't even out in 1990😂

    I Am SoulI Am Soul4 dager siden
  • Fortnite wasn't even out in 1990😂

    I Am SoulI Am Soul4 dager siden
  • dude fortnite was made in 2018

    • No sh*t sherlock

      BANANABANANA3 dager siden

    Festus EtukFestus Etuk4 dager siden
  • The old ones looked fun if they existed idk maybe in another universe lmao

    Brian RamirezBrian Ramirez4 dager siden
  • Fortnite was released in 2017...

    KrisiRBLXKrisiRBLX4 dager siden
    • No sh*t sherlock

      BANANABANANA3 dager siden
  • Idk i think Fortnite komms out 2017 🤔

    ElEl4 dager siden
  • that's the fakest evolution of fortnite

    SweetSweet4 dager siden
  • Fornite was never around that time 😒

    Wyatt GordonWyatt Gordon4 dager siden
    • No sh*t sherlock

      BANANABANANA3 dager siden
  • Fortnite was in 2017

    EpicGamer ,EpicGamer ,4 dager siden
    • No sh*t sherlock

      BANANABANANA3 dager siden
  • Imagine if this was real and it was on the n64

    Renegade TrainerRenegade Trainer4 dager siden
  • Sit down and call a doctor if u thought his was real (JK)

    GamnoShortsGamnoShorts4 dager siden
  • pov:5 yr old got phone

    Dawid GrzegorzDawid Grzegorz4 dager siden
  • But I thought it came out 3/4 years ago???or was that just when it came out for more conceals

    Ashton BrooksAshton Brooks5 dager siden
    • I think there was a playable build in 2015

      RyrygamersRyrygamers4 dager siden
  • Does anyone realise his picture his suscribe button is copyright of mr beast

    football sweatfootball sweat5 dager siden
  • 😂😂 I guess they had Unreleased dances

  • ju a gea

    Magnus BergsvikMagnus Bergsvik5 dager siden
  • /s omg i didnt even know fortnite was a thing back then...

    Unlimited_CheemsUnlimited_Cheems5 dager siden
  • I would honestly play it if it existed

    GamerSuperStarrGamerSuperStarr5 dager siden
  • 3:36 the first real one

    Bennett KinnebergBennett Kinneberg6 dager siden
  • fortnite was introduced in 2011... not in 1990 cause the youtubers never existed.. also the so called old ones are fan made and were made prob in 2019 or 2020

    ItsThatMonkeyzTrollItsThatMonkeyzTroll6 dager siden
    • No sh*t sherlock

      BANANABANANA3 dager siden
  • I wonder how many 6 yr olds believed this.

    Deck Da BossDeck Da Boss6 dager siden
  • To who thought this was real in the 90'§

    headshot thotheadshot thot6 dager siden
  • Fonight was that lame

    Selina BoothSelina Booth6 dager siden
  • 2006 is : Rocket Royale and its mobile🤫 i play it and its pretty cute

    altcizgialtcizgi6 dager siden
  • Fornite was made in 2017 🤓

    todotodo6 dager siden

    The Godly GoatThe Godly Goat7 dager siden
  • Yeah right

    Omer KattanOmer Kattan7 dager siden
  • 2017 for 2015, love it (save the world)

    SmellerpeedSmellerpeed7 dager siden
  • lmao i love how they start with the UPDATED victory royale screen

    SmellerpeedSmellerpeed7 dager siden
  • I knew it isn't real but respect

    Tyler PrivatTyler Privat7 dager siden
  • 2017: Bullied for not playing Fortnite 2021: Bullied for playing Fortnite

    Meen JayMeen Jay7 dager siden
  • fortnite was actually made in 2017

    Santiago ForeroSantiago Forero7 dager siden
  • This is cool tho

    MaliceMalice7 dager siden
  • Fortnite was released in the year 2017 by epic games, not 1990.

    Outdoors 193Outdoors 1937 dager siden
  • Most of these are just fortnite ripoffs😂😂

    Michael GornikMichael Gornik7 dager siden
  • Fortnite is Coming 2012?

    ApfelApfel7 dager siden
  • f in the chat for people who thought this was real

    man faceman face7 dager siden
  • Fortnite is created in 2017

    Adriano AstolfiAdriano Astolfi7 dager siden
  • luckily it free but my CRAPPY PC AND IT VERY BIG

    AlanBell GamezAlanBell Gamez7 dager siden
  • do you are have stoopid

    X Scant1 XX Scant1 X7 dager siden
  • Jimmy: mommy why didn't we have 8 bit fortnite Mom: ... Why Jimmy's adopted 1:10

    Joseph Rodriguez Jr.Joseph Rodriguez Jr.7 dager siden
  • When you realise the game was made in 2017😂😂😂😂😂

    FlameThe WolFFlameThe WolF7 dager siden
  • 4:56 music pee

    EZAP ME!EZAP ME!8 dager siden
  • 1:07 Wasn't the orange justice invented in 2019 lol????

    Corey HIgginsCorey HIggins8 dager siden
  • How do u have a scar but still use a pistol

    GV 14GV 148 dager siden
  • The character looks like Lara Croft

    Juice BoxJuice Box8 dager siden
  • I like how he didn’t wanna get copyrighted for the songs so he changed the music

    Kristin Horiuchi-HardyKristin Horiuchi-Hardy8 dager siden
  • 2021 and im still waiting for the macarena emote

    werkazwerkaz8 dager siden
  • Fortinite nem existia nessa época tranlate português for to laguage

    Eduardo Bertasi eduardoEduardo Bertasi eduardo8 dager siden
  • Jhdfjcbgr

    Mark Arion ReyesMark Arion Reyes8 dager siden
  • I honestly did not think fortnite was this old

    Dark_ Fishseal;-;Dark_ Fishseal;-;8 dager siden
  • Bruh the game was made in 2017 bruh

    Bill XiongBill Xiong8 dager siden
  • Epic he builds like mongraal

    Toxic TimmyToxic Timmy8 dager siden
  • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    עידו חביביאןעידו חביביאן8 dager siden
  • The start was EPIC

    Toxic TimmyToxic Timmy8 dager siden
  • Who made the old fortnite anyways Games Epic?!

    NingaWay 10NingaWay 108 dager siden
  • 2011 is real also 2015 and 2017 and the. Everything

    Jonon BilguunJonon Bilguun9 dager siden
  • 2011 is true

    Tennon CollinsTennon Collins9 dager siden
    • @Medmus 2.0 but it is true. This was a trailer for save the world.

      EmmettEmmett5 dager siden
    • yes but it s not from 2011 cuz u rlly think a game can get graphics like these in 2011...

      Medmus 2.0Medmus 2.07 dager siden
  • This

    Garvens ThebaudGarvens Thebaud9 dager siden
  • no

    SaddieeSaddiee9 dager siden
  • Bro fortnite was in 2017 not 1990 dummy

    JacksieJacksie9 dager siden
  • 2006 dance go brrrr

    GerdominikGerdominik9 dager siden
  • Yeah there no way that is real back in 1990 i was playing Mario on nictendion

    Tonya HallTonya Hall9 dager siden
  • Why does 2000s fortnite look like an 80s game lmao

    fullm3tal90fullm3tal909 dager siden