Extreme Smelling Bee Challenge

26. nov.. 2020
1 262 801 Ganger

In today's game, we're seeing whose nose knows best. GMM #1863
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  • When link gets frustrated smelling the yeast and Rhett telling him he already said the word is so hilarious 😂

    Nicholas SmithNicholas SmithDag siden
  • On the bright side poop has to be beneficial somehow ..

    EvianEvian5 dager siden
  • Rhett is always milkin it when he starts winning 😂

    Anyah FlintAnyah Flint5 dager siden
  • 15:27

    the random onethe random one7 dager siden
  • The noises Link made when the mayo was poured on Rhett were hilarious.

    Rebekah BurdineRebekah Burdine8 dager siden
  • Rhett made Link say that a word was his guess, whereas Link gives him the letter when he just says it.

    • MrMoolahoola •• MrMoolahoola •12 dager siden
  • Brick I like bricks not on my head tho-a quate from Link neal

    Mary PenningtonMary Pennington14 dager siden
  • I always root for the underdog (link). So satisfying when he actually wins.

    Rick SturzaRick Sturza16 dager siden
  • B E A N S! beans!

    A RA R17 dager siden
  • Look at the bucket at 15:09

    Dens PantsDens Pants21 dag siden
  • Seriously the poop made Rhett look like a sasquatch

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris23 dager siden
  • i need a clip of link saying poop please

    the girl with the sun in her headthe girl with the sun in her head24 dager siden
  • Rhett being like “Irish spring” was very shocking ngl

    Alexis KelleyAlexis Kelley27 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does Link's outfit remind anyone of Steve's outfit from blue's clue

    Scott OsierScott Osier27 dager siden
  • Rhett gets Espresso and Eucalyptus but Link gets stuff like Pickles and Pine Needles? Seems kinda one sided to me.

    Inaren CommanderInaren Commander27 dager siden
  • I somehow found this video in my Music playlist

    serioussenttserioussentt28 dager siden
  • Link cheats at every game

    Marc DavisMarc Davis28 dager siden

    Krista ShawKrista Shaw28 dager siden
  • 6:52 yay I loved that song

    Thehaha GamerThehaha Gamer29 dager siden
  • you guys should use coffee beans as a smelling palate cleanser

    sarahinspacesarahinspace29 dager siden
  • The fact that they quoted "I am a Thoughtful Guy" to one another when giving each other hints is just perfect.

    Samuel SchiltzSamuel Schiltz29 dager siden
  • Is tuna a little fish well saying that there are over 15 species and most of those as adults can get over 150 pounds I don’t this that a tuna is considered a small fish thank you

    Alyssa GAlyssa GMåned siden
  • Hello 👋

    HDGamer YTHDGamer YTMåned siden
  • 4:22 Technically he did say eels 😂

    Miranda CanadayMiranda CanadayMåned siden
  • "It's like a pine smell." .. "Cedar!"

    MondoSquadMondoSquadMåned siden
  • There Link goes cheating again

    Daniel DedeianDaniel DedeianMåned siden
  • I feel like rett gives link like a significantly more advantages than link does to rett. And I watched the other ones before and was the same on those too.

    Cindy HuynhCindy HuynhMåned siden
  • "You've said it before." "Oh gosh, I'm getting yeast...is it dough?" "A handful of nuts is a healthy snack." "What's your guess?" "Oranges" "Ooo it's like a pine scent. Is it cedar?"

    delightfullyawkwarddelightfullyawkwardMåned siden
  • round 3 rhett said "SPEEDRUNNNNN"

    tengku baetengku baeMåned siden
  • Link reminds me of Steve from Blues Clues.

    Lipstick LullabiesLipstick LullabiesMåned siden
  • Rhett looks ridiculous lol

    Lipstick LullabiesLipstick LullabiesMåned siden
  • 15:32. Rhett looks like Peder with a dirt (dirt+shirt) on. You know.. like dorts.

    Siddharth LaddhaSiddharth LaddhaMåned siden
  • Espresso is coffee man...

    Jonas MüllerJonas MüllerMåned siden
  • Netflix: are you still watching Someone’s daughter: 9:50. (Close eyes)

    Pouletbacon CarbonneauPouletbacon CarbonneauMåned siden
  • That link scream represents my life

    Maestro MemeMaestro MemeMåned siden
  • the janitor is gonna have a field day with this

    Jacobskefoulington GoldJacobskefoulington GoldMåned siden
  • I watched this episode for the 5th time now. I liked it so much. The way Link said poop😂

    TechnokiTechnokiMåned siden
  • I think I’d do really/pretty well at this game because I weirdly have a very strong sense of smell. Man, I wanna play this game!

    Carolyn CartoonsCarolyn CartoonsMåned siden
  • Loving this outfit Rhett 😍

    Yasmin GonzalezYasmin GonzalezMåned siden
  • Chase's smile when he threw the poop over Rhett's head xD

    Nadine BrandtNadine BrandtMåned siden
  • Is it me or does Link look like Blues Clues Steve?

    Roger BrayRoger BrayMåned siden
  • is it just me or Dose link look like steave from blues clues witch that clothes

    Mr.paste_ dadofwarMr.paste_ dadofwarMåned siden

    Rman NayrRman NayrMåned siden
  • Why do they look extra handsom here

    ClaudiaClaudiaMåned siden
  • "Its like a pine scent. Is it cedar"

    Tin FoilTin FoilMåned siden
  • 10:02 I forgive u 🥺🥺🥺

    Jimena Gutiérrez CorderoJimena Gutiérrez CorderoMåned siden
  • Link is so generous with Rhett.... he should have given him yeast... and helped him on onions and pine.

    LillerThatIsMeLillerThatIsMeMåned siden

    Austin NightEyesAustin NightEyesMåned siden
  • he is not just john he is john from the Philippines lol

    Bivens PCBivens PCMåned siden
  • link is dressed like the sandman

    Young LuiYoung LuiMåned siden
  • This was a really good episode.

    malmnmalmnMåned siden
  • Rhett looks so majestic and pretty ! I hope he never cuts his hair~ Unless he wants to...

    Zofro2165Zofro2165Måned siden
  • The mayo and poop combo though

    Ava The GSDAva The GSDMåned siden
  • A handful of nuts is a healthy snack.

    dolliemunndolliemunnMåned siden
  • Rhett hair is looking more like the Joker. Lol

    Chloe RandolphChloe RandolphMåned siden
  • 12:34 I honestly thought just for old times sake Rhett would say beans. cause that was for sure a memorable moment from the first smelling bee.

    Rory YoungRory YoungMåned siden
  • Bro 9:50 cracked me TF up

    Gage LongGage LongMåned siden
  • This was hillarious. Yay Linc!!

    ctoitsctoitsMåned siden
  • Rhett is gonna be smelling like that for a month

    Carmen CatherCarmen CatherMåned siden
  • Honestly feel like Rhett shoulda give link yeast

    Noor A.Noor A.Måned siden
  • Why are they dressed like grandpas???? Like for real...

    lenny millerlenny millerMåned siden
  • man I love Link's Steve from Blue's Clues cosplay

    Izzy BartscherIzzy BartscherMåned siden
  • Why does the top of the bucket disappear at 15:10 ???

    Luka MegurineLuka MegurineMåned siden
  • Rhett you’re covered in filth and your favourite word is anarchy? Up the punx my friend

    Anna CastroAnna CastroMåned siden
  • Look at the bucket at 15:11, why do they have a green screen??

    Denise ZimmermanDenise ZimmermanMåned siden
  • Why is Link dressed like the guy from Blue's Clues 😂

    KRL 25KRL 25Måned siden
  • its dec

    Ty KurtzTy KurtzMåned siden
  • Links hints were so much stronger

    drsoup4brainz bdrsoup4brainz bMåned siden
  • Dang Son

    Larry EplingLarry EplingMåned siden
  • This is the best.

    Marcus StaAnaMarcus StaAnaMåned siden
  • I think I've been to a "stank" bar

    Zack SchumannZack SchumannMåned siden
  • "I am a thoughtful guy" quote @6.55 haha

    Lanre LoganLanre LoganMåned siden
  • When Rhett said Mr. Neil, my mind went Mr. Anderson

    Qassayuli JohnQassayuli JohnMåned siden
  • I am amazed at the fabulous games these guys keep dreaming up! Keep it up...Please!

    rhonda90402rhonda90402Måned siden
  • I have the exact same shirt as Rhett. lol

    Julian CarrollJulian CarrollMåned siden
  • bruh link gives rhett all the answers meanwhile link literally says “i’m thinking yeast now” and rhett doesn’t give it to him

    Scrubnut The IIIScrubnut The IIIMåned siden
  • I see Rhett being quite a thoughtful guy with those Almond hints! 😉

    Alexander DamrightAlexander DamrightMåned siden
  • I'll never forget the day that me, at seven, was scrolling through NOtown and saw a picture of a guy with classes and a wierd haircut eating a scorpion and I clicked. Ive watched gmm every single day since then.

    Ferret BoiFerret BoiMåned siden
  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 9:48

    Wah Plays GamesWah Plays GamesMåned siden
  • Looks like Rhett's new nickname is Bif!!! LOL

    Christian SchrullChristian SchrullMåned siden
  • At 15:12 Chases buket is vanishing half! What are they hiding up there? :-)

    PolarwolfPolarwolfMåned siden
  • at 15:10 the bucket fades into the top of the frame... what sorcery is this?!

    Lonnie LudlowLonnie LudlowMåned siden
  • I'm so mad that we didn't get to see Link's reaction about the way he literally said yeast and missed the letter regardless but still won the round

    Jan_iswatchingJan_iswatchingMåned siden
  • After that last round, Rhett looks like a sophisticated caveman

    David BloomDavid BloomMåned siden
  • Rhett is the human reincarnated version of The Cat in the Hat. I'm taking about the movie.

  • link repping the blues clues fit lmao 🔥

    Audrey MillerAudrey MillerMåned siden
  • This is one of my favorite games! I also love the hangman games.

    Megan WhomeverMegan WhomeverMåned siden
  • Man... What other job in the world do you get the chance to dump a bucket of horse sh*t on your boss? 😆

    OGwilikersOGwilikersMåned siden
  • Why does Link look like Steve from Blues Clues?

    Becki FriesenBecki FriesenMåned siden
  • Only if this was made on the 30th. Cuz I had a spelling bee that day. And I got second place!

    random channel on the internetrandom channel on the internetMåned siden
  • Why does Link look kinda normal with his shirt compared to Rhett

    Pams WoodyPams WoodyMåned siden
  • link gives rhett a lot of guesses but rhett don’t give him enough

    Orange PopOrange PopMåned siden
  • I love how Rhett & Link's signs have so many zeroes, but they're the only contestants. XD

    Giggle's VidsGiggle's VidsMåned siden
  • Oh, this has gotta be pickles

    Aaron HarrisAaron HarrisMåned siden
  • Link 2020: I don’t smell nuts

    eclypse 1986eclypse 1986Måned siden
  • Yay I'm glad y'all brought this game back! One of my faves.

    Yakisoba DreamsYakisoba DreamsMåned siden
  • Is that a green screen during the cutaways? It looks weird

    ghaddock142ghaddock142Måned siden
  • With those outfits on Link looks like a youth minister and Rhett looks like he runs a MLM

    J WJ WMåned siden
  • Rhett got way distinctive smells!

    Chetan GuptaChetan GuptaMåned siden
  • Link looks like he should be hosting Blues Clues

    Michael JoèlMichael JoèlMåned siden